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Most of the following were initially created as PowerPoint (PPt) "History Lessons" for the CSB and SJU Administrative Assemblies.


100 Years Ago at Saint John’s: Interesting Tidbits from 1917 [2017]
1866 Move from “Indianbush” to “Saint Louis Lake” (Lake Sagatagan) [2016]
Anniversaries in 2015-16 for CSB and SJU [2015]
Benedicta Arts Center at 50: A History [2014]
Benedictine Heritage (Tour) Namesakes at St. Ben's & St. John's [2013]
Benedictine Institute of Sacred Theology (BIST) and Mary Anthony Wagner, OSB [2015]
Benedictine Pioneers in America: Lessons Not in the Books [2017]
Bennie Identity Controversy [2015]
Black Students Occupy President's Office, 1970 [2013] [Updated and available as a video in 2017]
Blazers’ History: CSB’s Athletes Get a Name and a Logo [2017]
Blazers’ New Athletics Director, Glennis Werner ’93 [2016]
Blood Drives on Campus [2013]
Building a College for Women: The Beginnings of St. Ben’s [2015]
Campus Health Centers [2010]
Christmas at Saint John's [2011]
   Related videos: Christmas Tree Journey and Tree Installation
Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research [2011]
Commercial School at St. John's: The Case for the Liberal Arts [2013]
CSB’s Three New (Old) Buildings: St. Wendelin, Caedmon, & the Artisan Studio [2016]
Disabled / Differabilities in CSB History [2015]
Employee Benefits History [2011] CSB/SJU
Fires at St. John's [2014]
Flynntown and Its Namesake, Coach Ed Flynn [2009]
Flynntown Neighborhood Is Home to Nature Conservancy at SJU [2012]
Golfing in Collegeville [2016]
Idzerda, CSB's 8th President [2013]
Indianbush: Where Was It? (Saint John’s first location in Collegeville) [2016]
Jacob Wetterling Case at CSB/SJU [2016]
Lake Sagatagan's Pickerel Point Bridges [2014]
Libraries at St. John’s [2015]
Library Book Moving [2016]
Liturgical Press, Collegeville: A Brief History [2015]
McCarthy's Days at SJU [2010]
Observatory Hill (SJP site) [2014]
Old Stone House [2017]
One Co-operative Venture: The 1960s Planning for CSB/SJU’s Jointness [2017]
Peter Pan Productions at SJP/CSB/SJU [2016]
Prep Puts on “Godspell” Play – Again [2017]
Prep's World [2011]
Promoting Saint John’s: Ads from “Way Back When” [2010]
Residential Life at St. Ben’s in the Early Years [2013]
Residential Life at St. John's in 1920 [2010]
Saint Benedict's 50 Years Ago: 1964-65 [2014]
Saint Benedict's Buildings, Part 1 [2012]
Saint Benedict's Buildings, Part 2 [2012]
Saint Benedict's Buildings, Part 3 [2012]
Saint Benedict's Master Plans (1960s-1990s) [2014]
Saint Benedict's Pageant [2011]
   Note: Short silent videos of the Pageant and Pageant practice are also available.
Saint Benedict's Teresa Hall at 100 [2014]
Saint Ben's Statues [2013]
Saint John’s "Rat" – Johnny Rat History, Part 1 [2012]
Saint John’s First Cemetery [2016]
Saint John’s Football – in 1952 [2015]
Saint John's - 75 years ago (1936) [2011]
Saint John's 13th President, Michael Hemesath [2012]
Saint John's Abbey Woodworking [2013]
Saint John's First "Bible Project" [2011] the Library
Saint John's First Abbot, Rupert Seidenbusch [2012]
Saint John's First Abbot's 1866 Election [2017]
Saint John's First Science Hall [2010]
Saint John's Founder: Boniface Wimmer, in Brief [2013]
Saint John's Gets its Charter: 1857 [2011]
Saint John's Lands & Wetlands: Historical Highlights [2012]
Saint John's Prep Headmasters, Part 1 [2012]
Saint John's Statues [2013]
Snowstorms at Saint John’s [2016]
Sound of Music: CSB/SJU’s Connections to the Movie [2015]
Stephen B. Humphrey and Saint John's Auditorium [2009]
Stickwork - "Lean On Me" - Built at St. John's [2015] [updated 2016]
   Related videos: Stickwork Burn 1.6.2016 and Facebook Goodbye
Student Organizations at CSB - 50 Years Ago [2011]
Sustainability - Sustained for 150+ Years! [2010]
Twins at St. John’s [2014]
United Way Promotion on the Campuses [2014]
Vatican II and Saint John’s / Fr. Godfrey Diekmann [2013]