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SJU Inventory List

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Object IDTitleCollection
112.0001Alpha Kappa Sigma Constitution 
112.0002Alpha Kappa Sigma Club Catalog 
112.0003Alpha Kappa Sigma Membership 
112.0004Alpha Kappa Sigma Activities 
112.0005Alpha Kappa Sigma Membership form 
112.0006Alpha Kappa Sigma Long-range Goals & Corresp. 
112.0007Alpha Kappa Sigma Minutes 
113.0001Plante, Julian European Travel 
116.0001Apostolic Delegate Archbishop Jean Jadot 
116.0002Associates Day 
116.0003Clergy Day 
116.0004Christmas Tree Lighting, Blessing Ceremony 
116.0006Faculty/Staff Christmas Party 
116.0007Faculty Workshop 
116.0008Graduate School 
116.0010Intercultural Week Abbey 
116.0011May Bowle 
116.0013Parents Day 
116.0014Suenens, Cardinal Leon Josef 
116.0015Summer General 
116.0016Summer Planning Meeting 
116.0017Summer Staff 
116.0018Swayed Pines Folk Festival 
116.0020SJU Center Staff 
117.0001Weather Charts 
118.0001Recommendation to Dr. Perlmutter 
118.0002Hill Program for Individual Learning 
118.0004Minutes of the Advisory Board 
118.0005Administrative Structure 
118.0006Advisory Board: Proceedings 
118.0007Admissions Procedure 
118.0009Educational Policies Committee 
118.0010Evaluation: Academic 
118.0011Evaluation: Economic 
118.0012Econ Evaluation: Project Rocking Chair 
118.0013Evaluation: External 
118.0014Hilary (Hill Tutorial Program) 
118.0015Independent Study 
118.0017Hill Individual Learning Reports and Data 
118.0019Report to Faculty 
118.0020Report to Hill Foundation 
118.0021Report: Georgetown 
118.0022Report to the Faculty 
118.0024Report: Reichart Oregon 
118.0025Hill Comm. (Tutorials) 
118.0026Report to Hill Foundation (January) 
118.0027Report to Hill Foundation (July) 
118.0028Report to Hill Foundation (January) 
118.0029Report to Hill Foundation (August) 
118.0030Report to Hill Foundation (June) 
118.0031Report to Hill Foundation (May) 
123.0001St. Thomas Aquinas Literary Society 
130.0001Parish School Study 
ARC12.0257Preparatory School Class of 1918Journals, Ledgers, and Societies
149.0001Athletic History, SJU 
150.0001Cofell, William L., Correspondence, Papers 
151.0001Cofell, William L., Papers 
151.0002Teacher Education, State Advisory Committee on 
152.0001Cofell, William L., Papers 
152.0002Education Department Reports 
153.0001Cofell, William L., Papers 
153.0002Education, Diocesan Board of 
154.0001Cofell, William L., Papers 
154.0002Education Department Brochures 
155.0001New Rochelle, College of, Trustees 
156.0001Students, Information about 
156.0002Students, Note Cards about Notes for teaching 
156.0003Plays, class materials. "Make-up pamphlets" 
156.0004Keller, Dominic: Educational Materials 
156.0005Music Johnny Fight Song 
156.0006Blanche, Sr., Mt. St. Vincent Correspondence 
156.0008Christmas Blessing of crib and tree 
156.0009Recording Equipment 
156.0010Public Address System 
156.0011National Catholic Theatre Conference 
156.0012Organists, American Guild of 
156.0013Music Appreciation Notes 
156.0014Speech II 
156.0015National Catholic Music Educators Association 
156.0016Desroquette, Dom and Easter Vigil 
156.0017American Educational Theatre Association 
156.0018Scenery Design & Effects 
156.0019Music in Liturgy, Place of 
156.0020American National Theatre and Academy 
156.0021Music Appreciation 
156.0022Wollensack Tape Recorder info 
156.0023Music (original) 
156.0024Johnny Players Senior Council 
156.0025Overhead Projector 
156.0026Johnny Players membership applic., productions 
156.0027Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0028Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0029Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0030Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0031Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0032Music Terms (transparencies) 
156.0033Opera Record Club, The RCA Victor Metropolitan 
156.0034Plays: As You Like It / Juno and the Paycock 
156.0035Music Appreciation Tests 
156.0036KTCA-TV correspondence 
156.0037KTCA-TV correspondence, television hints 
156.0038Shakespeare Living Records 
156.0039Music Baroque 
156.0040Drama Chorus 
156.0041Drama Chorus 
156.0042Catholic Homiletic Society 
156.0043Homiletic Term Papers 
156.0044Homiletic Material 
156.0045Choir Reform of 1948-1964 
156.0046Johnny-Benny Players Productions 
156.0047Movie Selection Guidelines 
156.0048Marat-Sades Invoice 
156.0049Play For the Time Being Narration of 
156.0050Speech Department correspondence 
156.0051Speech Class Material on Elocution 
156.0052Gregorian Chant Class Notes 
156.0053Prayers Benedictine Table 
156.0054Seminary List 
156.0055Gregorian Chant History 
156.0056Delalande O.P., Dominic : "Gregorian Chant" 
156.0057Music Church: History 
156.0058KTCA-TV "The Music of Gregorian Chant" 
156.0059Gajard OSB, Dom: "Ideas About Gregorian Rhythm" 
156.0060Gregorian Chant papers on 
156.0061Gregorian Institute Hymnal 
156.0062Murray, Dom Gregory "Gregorian Rhythm" 
156.0063Gregorian Chant Correspondence 
156.0064Keller OSB, Dominic Correspondence general 
156.0065Gregorian Institute of America correspondence 
156.0066Gregorian Institute of America 
156.0067Movies Shown at SJU 
156.0068Choral Technique 
156.0069Gregorian Chant Records 
156.0070Gregorian Institute of America 
156.0071Gregorian Chant papers 
156.0072Summer School Photos 
156.0073Gregorian Chant Summer School of 
156.0074Summer Schools 
156.0075Gregorian Chant Notes 
156.0076Gregorian Institute of America Printed Material 
156.0077Gregorian Institute of America photos and corres. 
156.0078Keller OSB, Dominic Miscellaneous 
156.0079Keller OSB, Dominic Miscellaneous 
156.0080Music Church 
156.0081Liturgical Music Summer School of handbook 
156.0082Johnny Player Play Tickets 
156.0083Tapes, List of, Card File 
156.0084Phonograph Records Poetry, Speaking 
156.0085Phonograph Records Many singles and church music 
156.0086Phonograph Records 
156.0087Keller OSB, Dominic Personal File 
173.0001Philharmonic Association, Speech 
174.0002Metropolis 1968 
179.0001Grade Books 
186.0001Physical Training Report Form 
189.0001Architectural Designs by Students 
192.0001Saints, The 
194.0001Library Correspondence - BLibrary Director Office
194.0002Benedictine Bibliography CorrespondenceLibrary Director Office
194.0003Benedictine BibliographyLibrary Director Office
194.0004Benedictine Bibliography ChecklistsLibrary Director Office
194.0005Benedictine Bibliography ReviewsLibrary Director Office
194.0006Benedictine Bibliography TestimonialsLibrary Director Office
194.0007Library Correspondence - CLibrary Director Office
194.0008Catholic Encyclopedia (New)Library Director Office
194.0009Catholic Encyclopedia (Youth)Library Director Office
194.0010CorrespondenceLibrary Director Office
194.0011Advisory Committee on Cataloging and ClassificationLibrary Director Office
194.0012Cataloging and Classification SectionLibrary Director Office
194.0013Cataloging and Classification Section NewsletterLibrary Director Office
194.0014CPL/GCL CommitteeLibrary Director Office
194.0015Cataloging "Contact for Catalogers"Library Director Office
194.0016Cataloging "From One Cataloger to Another"Library Director Office
194.0017Cataloging "From One Cataloger to Another"Library Director Office
194.0018Albareda, Abbot Anselmo M. OSBLibrary Director Office
194.0019American Benedictine Academy CorrespondenceLibrary Director Office
194.0020American Benedictine Academy NewsletterLibrary Director Office
194.0021American Benedictine Academy: Library Science SectionLibrary Director Office
194.0022American Benedictine Academy: Library Science Section NewsletterLibrary Director Office
194.0023ALA: Catalog Code Revision CommitteeLibrary Director Office
194.0024Library Articles and PapersLibrary Director Office
194.0025Library Correspondence - SLibrary Director Office
194.0026Library Correspondence - TLibrary Director Office
194.0027CopyrightLibrary Director Office
194.0028International Cataloging ConferenceLibrary Director Office
194.0029Great Books - PlatoLibrary Director Office
194.0030Ellis, John Tracy Centennial AddressLibrary Director Office
194.0031Library Correspondence - ELibrary Director Office
194.0032FoundationsLibrary Director Office
194.0033Great Books - Tacitus HistoriesLibrary Director Office
194.0034Gethsemani Abbey and New Melleray AbbeyLibrary Director Office
194.0035Hawthorn Books Inc.Library Director Office
194.0036Henrich, Margaret MaryLibrary Director Office
194.0037ImprimaturLibrary Director Office
194.0038Knights of MaltaLibrary Director Ofice
194.0039Library ApostolateLibrary Director Office
194.0040Library of CongressLibrary Director Office
194.0041Catholic Librarians View the Draft CodeLibrary Director Office
194.0042Liturgical PressLibrary Director Office
194.0043Lubetzky, SeymourLibrary Director Office
194.0044Lynn, Jeanette M., Alternative ClassificationLibrary Director Office
194.0045Mediator Dei and Mystici Corporis IndexLibrary Director Office
194.0046Microfilm ProjectLibrary Director Office
194.0047Microfilm Project, Colman Barry, OSBLibrary Director Office
194.0048Microfilm Project EndorsementsLibrary Director Office
194.0049Microfilm Project Letters to European AbbotsLibrary Director Office
194.0050Microfilm Project Monte CassinoLibrary Director Office
194.0051Microfilm Project University Microfilm, Ann ArborLibrary Director Office
194.0052Library Correspondence - MLibrary Director Office
194.0053Morse, Arthur L.Library Director Office
194.0054Norberta, Sister M.Library Director Office
194.0055Pittsburgh BibliophilesLibrary Director Office
194.0056Library Correspondence - RLibrary Director Office
194.0057Library CorrespondenceLibrary Director Office
194.0058Religious OrdersLibrary Director Office
194.0059Religious Orders Work MaterialsLibrary Director Office
194.0060St. Benoit-du-Lac, CanadaLibrary Director Office
194.0061St. Benedict's College, AtchisonLibrary Director Office
194.0062Library Correspondence - ULibrary Director Office
194.0063St. John's AbbeyLibrary Director Office
194.0064St. John's Abbey AuthorsLibrary Director Office
194.0065St. John's Abbey LibraryLibrary Director Office
194.0066St. Maur's Priory, KentuckyLibrary Director Office
194.0067St. Vincent College, CorrespondenceLibrary Director Office
194.0068Seminary Librarianship SeminarLibrary Director Office
194.0069St. Paul SeminaryLibrary Director Office
194.0070Special Libraries (periodical)Library Director Office
194.0071SerialsLibrary Director Office
194.0072Sprug, JosephLibrary Director Office
194.0073Subject HeadingsLibrary Director Office
194.0074Subject Headings CircularsLibrary Director Office
194.0075Subject Headings Work MaterialLibrary Director Office
194.0076Union Theological SeminaryLibrary Director Office
194.0077Health, Department ofLibrary Director Office
194.0078Library Correspondence - WLibrary Director Office
194.0079Wimmer Letters ProjectLibrary Director Office
194.0080Zimmermann, Odo 1959Library Director Office
194.0081Cataloging "From One Cataloger to Another"Library Director Office
194.0082American Benedictine Academy: Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0083Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0084Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0085Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0086Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0087Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0088Library Science Section ConventionLibrary Director Office
194.0089C.L.A. Seminary Section Newsletter 1957-1960Library Director Office
194.0090Catholic University of AmericaLibrary Director Office
194.0091Catholic University of America LibraryLibrary Director Office
194.0092College Section NewsletterLibrary Director Office
195.0001Rolfson OSB, Gunther Papers 
2004-004.0012Class Schedule, 2001Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0001Class Schedule, 1990Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0002Class Schedule, 1991Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0003Class Schedule, 1992Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0004Class Schedule, 1993Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0005Class Schedule, 1994Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0006Class Schedule, 1995Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0007Class Schedule, 1996Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0008Class Schedule, 1997Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0009Class Schedule, 1998Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0010Class Schedule, 1999Office of the Registrar
2004-004.0011Class Schedule, 2000Office of the Registrar
2006-002.0001Activities Allocation Board Minutes [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0002Budget [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0003Co-funding Board Process, Policies, and Guidelines 
2006-002.0004Constitution [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0005Judicial Process [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0006Proposal from the Student Initiative Group [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0007Minutes [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0008Notes [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0009Correspondence [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0010Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0011Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0012Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0013Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0014Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0015Student Services Committee [Student Senate/Council] 
2006-002.0016University Liaison Proposal [Student Senate] 
2006-002.0017Various Committee Minutes [Student Senate/Council] 
205.0001Seminary Records 
207.0001Student Drawings 
220.0001St. Benedict Sesquimillenium of T-Shirts 
229.0001Institutional Data Directions for the Future, CSB 
229.0002Cost Analysis, Academic, CSB 
229.0003Credit Hour Production 
229.0004Admissions Reports 
229.0005Rank and Tenure 
229.0007Freshmen Scores 
229.0008Foreign Language Tallies 
229.0009Graduates CSB and SJU 
229.0010Rank and Tenure 
229.0011Registrar's Annual report 
229.0012Education Current Fund Expenditures 
229.0013Credit Production Total and Faculty Count 
229.0014Freshmen Scores CSB 
229.0015Registration Tally 
229.0016Library Report 
229.0017Registrar's Annual Report 
229.0018Registrar's Tally 
229.0019Registrar's Reports 
229.0020Registrar's Report 
229.0021Institutional Data Forms 
229.0022Institutional Data Forms 
229.0023Institutional Data Forms 
229.0024Institutional Data Forms 
229.0025Institutional Data Forms 
229.0026Institutional Data Forms 
229.0027Institutional Data Forms 
229.0028Institutional Data Forms 
229.0029Institutional Data Forms 
229.0030Institutional Data Forms 
229.0031Chemistry Department Stats 
229.0032English Department Stats 
229.0033Education Department Stats 
229.0034Speech and Communication Department Stats 
229.0035Art Department Stats 
229.0036Mathematics Department Stats 
229.0037Biology Department Stats 
229.0038Economics and Business Admin. Department Stats 
229.0039Government Department Stats 
229.0040History Department Stats 
229.0041Music Department Stats 
229.0042Government Department Stats 
229.0043History Department Stats 
229.0044Language Department Stats 
229.0045Physics Department Stats 
229.0046Philosophy Department Stats 
229.0047Physics Department Stats 
229.0048Psychology Department Stats 
229.0049Sociology Department Stats 
229.0050Theology Department Stats 
229.0051Foreign Language Department Stats 
229.0052Executive Governing Board: Board of Regents Manual 
229.0053Institutional Data Budget Information 
229.0057Institutional Research, Association for 
229.0058Institutional Data Coordinator of 
229.0059Institutional Data Correspondence 
229.0060Institutional Data Correspondence 
231.0001CSLG Decision: slides 
231.0002CSLG planning laws: slides 
231.0003CSLG Land use Planning: slides 
231.0004CSLG Subdivision Regulation 
231.0005CSLG Problem Solving: slides 
231.0006CSLG Zoning 
231.0007CSLG Management of Growth 
231.0008CHCD Decision Making: slides 
231.0009CHCD Role of the Board: slides 
231.0010CHCD Labor Relations, Arbitration of a Grievance 
231.0011CHCD Performance Evaluation 
231.0012CHCD Performance Evaluation 
231.0013CHCD Long Range Planning 
231.0014CHCD School/Community Relations: slides 
231.0015CSLG Training 
231.0016CSLG Classification 
231.0017CSLG Performance Evaluation 
231.0018CSLG Personnal Records: slides 
231.0019CSLG Safety in the Public Sector 
231.0020CSLG Introduction to Personnal Management 
231.0021CSLG Labor Relations: slides 
231.0022CSLG Performance Evaluation: Interviewing skills 
231.0023CSLG Labor Relations: Negotiating Techniques 
231.0024CSLG Position Description 
232.0001Textbooks, Early 
247.0001Procurator's Papers 
247.0002Abbey Remodeling 
247.0003Accoustics Associates 
247.0004Administrative Council 
247.0006Library, Alcuin 
247.0007Library, Alcuin 
247.0008Altar Wine 
247.0009Alumni Association 
247.0010Alumni Committee 
247.0011Associates Committee 
247.0012Trustees, Board of Associate 
247.0013Athletic Department 
247.0014Benilde High School 
247.0015Bergstedt, Wahlberg, Bergquist Associates, Inc. 
247.0016Regents, Board of 
247.0017Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. 
247.0018Brothers' Committee 
247.0019Campus Center 
247.0020Campus Coffee House 
247.0021Campus Coordinator 
247.0022Capital Funds 
247.0024Catholic Conference, U.S. 
247.0025Central Assoc. of College, Univ. Business Officers 
247.0026College Association, Central States 
247.0027Dormitories, Co-ed 
247.0028Church Schedules 
247.0029Cold Spring Granite Company 
247.0030Cold Spring Granite Company 
247.0031Community Education Project 
247.0032Community Leadership Training Program 
247.0033St. Benedict, College of 
247.0034Insurance, Continental 
247.0035Contracts, Active 
247.0036Protestant Colleges, Council of 
247.0037Deferred Giving 
247.0038Ecumenical Center 
247.0039Ecumenical Center 
247.0040Employee Affairs 
247.0041Employees Handbook and Relations 
247.0042Executive Governing Board 
247.0043Financial Reports to Community 
247.0044Fire Department 
247.0045Flying Club 
247.0046Food Service 
247.0047Food Service 
247.0048Foussard, Roger P. and Associates 
247.0049Gausman and Moore, Inc. 
247.0050Maintenance, General 
247.0051Gregorian Institute of America 
247.0052Gun Club 
247.0053Health, Education and Welfare, Department of 
247.0054Historic Sites 
247.0055Indian Affairs 
247.0056Indian Upward Bound 
247.0058Institutional Affairs 
247.0059Institutional Coordinator 
247.0060Institutional Research 
247.0061Institutional Study Committee 
247.0062Johnson and Son 
247.0064Lagerquist and Son 
247.0065Leases, Landlord 
247.0066Leases, Landlord 
247.0067Liturgical Press 
247.0069Mall Center 
247.0070Marz-Lundry Report 
247.0071Michelson, Val, and Associates 
247.0072Micro-City Project 
247.0073Microfilm Library 
247.0074Trustees, Board of Minutes 
247.0075Race and Religion, Minnesota Council on 
247.0076Procurator Miscellaneous 
247.0077National Advisory Council 
247.0078Physical Recreation Center 
247.0079Physical Recreation Center 
247.0080Planning Committee 
247.0081Prep School Construction 
247.0082Prep School Construction 
247.0083Prep School Construction 
247.0084Procurators Office 
247.0085Public Information 
247.0086Record, The 
247.0087Regents, Board of Finance Committee 
247.0088Rochester Germicide Company 
247.0089Sauna Bath 
247.0091Senior Council 
247.0092Sewage Plant 
247.0093Windows Stained-glass 
247.0094Student Affairs 
247.0095Student Council 
247.0096Summer Camp 
247.0097Summer Events 
247.0098Summer Work Requests 
247.0099Teacher Course Evaluation 
247.0101St. Thomas, College of Tommy Games Center 
247.0102Tuition Plans 
247.0104Student Government Undergraduate 
247.0105University Boards 
247.0106Urban Dynamics Association 
247.0107Library World Publications 
247.0108Dimension Telephone System 
249.0001Geological Museum 
251.0001Course syllabi, 1967-1969 
256.0001Minorities Committee, Apostolates to 
256.0002Development Staff 
256.0003Educational Policies Committee 
256.0005Faculty Meetings 
256.0006Faculty Workload Committee 
256.0007Finance Committee, 1955-1969 
256.0008Graduate School 
256.0009Grounds and Landscape Committee 
256.0010Library Committee 
256.0011Planning Committee 
256.0012Prep School Advisory Committee 
256.0013Rank and Tenure Committee 
256.0014Recreation Center 
256.0015Recreation Center 
256.0016Procurators Reports Miscellaneous 
256.0017Procurators Reports Miscellaneous 
256.0018Safety Committee 
256.0019Scholarship Committee 
256.0020Science Division Committee 
256.0021Survey Committee 
256.0022Retirement Plans TIAA-CREF 
256.0023Trustees, Board of 
260.0001Curriculum Seminary 
260.0002Holy Hour 
260.0005Guidance Directors form 
260.0006Pre-Divinity Miscellaneous 
260.0008Pre-Divinity Roster 
260.0009St. Andrew's 
260.0010St. Anselm Hall 
260.0012Special Events 
260.0013Student Board 
260.0014Student Board Inactive 
260.0015Student Lists 
260.0019Upper Division 
260.0021Vocations Material 
261.0001Christmas Abbey 
261.0002Music Sheets 
261.0003Christmas Tree 
261.0004Christmas Tree 
261.0005Christmas Tree 
261.0006Christmas Tree Blessing 
261.0007Christmas Tree Blessing 
261.0008Christmas Decorations 
268.0001Class Profiles 
204.0021Bishops SeminarSchool of Theology
272.0001Planned Giving Brochures 
279.0001Alumni Hennessey, Michael 
281.0001Boys, Tim and Boys, Carrie vs. Gohman, Willard 
281.0002Christmas Tree Committee 
281.0003Equal Employment Opportunity Office 
281.0004Legal Services Office 
281.0005Legal Services Office Budgets and Correspondence 
281.0006Legal Services Office Dues and Subscriptions 
281.0007Equal Employment Opportunity Office Correspondence 
281.0008Legal Services Office Recommendations 
281.0009Theology, School of 
281.0010Student Affairs 
281.0011Title IX 
281.0012Prep School Governing Board 
281.0013Title VII Conference 
281.0014Wething, Robert Duane 
283.0001Housing Authority Federal Public 
284.0001Representative, The 
284.0002National Alumni Association Board of Directors 
287.0001Budget Reports 
287.0002Iowa State Bank and Trust Co. Charge-it system 
287.0003Civil Rights 
287.0004Legal Services Office Correspondence 
287.0005Day Care Information 
287.0006Legal Services Office Dues and Subscriptions 
287.0008Hill Monastic Manuscript Library 
287.0009Presidential Search Committee 
287.0011Theology, School of 
287.0013Teaching and Evaluations 
287.0014Kritzeck, James Collection 
287.0015Student Cases 
296.0001Rank and Tenure Committee Papers 
296.0002Compensation Committee Ad Hoc 
296.0003Dosh OSB, Terrence 
296.0004Faculty Wage and Work Load Committee 
296.0005Gonzaga Handbook 
296.0006Handbook Revision 
296.0007Handbook Revision 
296.0008North Central Association 
296.0009Regents, Board of Committee on Academic Affairs 
296.0010Retirement Program TIAA-CREF 
301.0001Events Coordinator 
301.0002Health Service 
301.0005Human Life Center 
301.0006Human Life Center 
301.0007Job Evaluation Forms 
301.0009Life-Safety Services 
301.0010Liturgical Press 
301.0011Media Job Descriptions and Evaluations 
301.0014Prep School 
301.0015President's Office 
301.0017SJU. Center 
301.0018Bell Tele Work Letters 
301.0019Joutros, Dr. Samir 
301.0020Bookstore Grievance Rita Klein 
301.0022Admin. Assembly 
301.0023Payroll Changes 
301.0025Insurance, Buildings 
301.0026Events Coordinator 
301.0028Benefits Group Program 
301.0029Guidelines for Eliminating Discrimination in Pre-Employment Screening 
301.0030Health Maintenance Organization 
301.0031Employees Full-Time 
301.0032Minimum Wage 
301.0034Employees Orientation Meetings for New 
301.0035Personnel Employment Policies 
301.0036Personnel Information 
301.0037Pregnancy / Medical Disability 
301.0038Insurance Group Plans Proposed 
301.0039Salary Programs 
301.0040Salary Surveys 
301.0041Student Employment Policies CSB 
301.0042Unemployment Area 
301.0043Unemployment Laws and Correspondence 
301.0045Wage and Price Controls 
301.0046Worker's Guild 
301.0048Alumni and Development 
301.0049Athletic Department 
301.0050Bookstore Job Evaluations 
301.0051Business Office 
301.0052Campus Ministry 
301.0053CSB Data Sheets 
301.0054Engel Hall 
301.0055Faculty/ Administrative Evaluation Forms 
301.0056Food Service 
301.0057North Central Accreditation 
301.0058Personnel Directors Correspondence 
301.0059Personnel Office Memos 
301.0060Personnel Office Telephone System 
301.0061Personnel Policies 
301.0063Sertoma Club 
301.0064Veterans Administration Apprenticeship 
301.0065Office Supply Equipment Co. Vo-Tech, 
301.0066Softball Womens Team Roger's Dodgers 
301.0067Time Allocation 
323.0001Degrees Academic Latin and EnglishOffice of the Registrar
323.0002Registrar ReportsOffice of the Registrar
323.0003Commencement Diploma Covers, LettersOffice of the Registrar
323.0004Graduation CSB/SJU 1975Office of the Registrar
323.0005Registrar ReportsOffice of the Registrar
323.0006Graduation Requirements in Major FieldsOffice of the Registrar
323.0007SurveysOffice of the Registrar
327.0001Abbey Budgets 
327.0002Administrative Staff Wages 
327.0005Buildings and Grounds 
327.0006Buildings and Grounds 
327.0007Small Colleges, Council for the Advancement of 
327.0008Employee Salary Negotiations 
327.0009Executive Staff 
327.0010Executive Staff 
327.0011Executive Staff 
327.0012Extraordinary Maintenance Priorities Committee 
327.0013Extraordinary Maintenance Priorities Committee 
327.0014Faculty Fringe Benefits and Retirement Programs 
327.0015Faculty Compensation Committee Negotiations 
327.0016Faculty Regents Ad Hoc Compensation Committee 
327.0017Faculty Salary Negotiations 
327.0018Faculty Salary Proposals and Planning 
327.0019Faculty Wage Negotiations 
327.0020Faculty Wage Study 
327.0021Financial Aid Federal Programs Audit 
327.0022Wallin, Hermas Providing Incentives 
327.0023Regents, Board of Finance Committee 
327.0024Regents, Board of Finance Committee 
327.0025Tickton Report Five-year Projection 
327.0026Faculty Salary Negotiations 
327.0027Tickton Report Materials 
327.0028Tickton Reports 
327.0029Workers' Guild Constitution 
332.0001Ecumenical Institute 
332.0002Ecumenical Institute 
332.0003Prep School 
332.0004Regents, Board of 
332.0005Senior Council 
332.0006Board of Regents 
332.0007Board of Regents 
332.0008Board of Regents 
333.0001Baseball and Hockey Scorebooks 
334.0001Wirtz, Edward 
337.0001Radio Club Photographs 
339.0001Education Leadership Seminars, American Council on 
339.0002Course and Major Changes and Additions 
339.0003Faculty Development Fund Requests 
339.0004Faculty Development Fund Itemized List of Outlays 
339.0005January Term Cooperation CSB/SJU 
340.0001Montgomery, Rev. Thomas J. 
340.0002Moore, John 
340.0003Muckerheide, Andrew 
340.0004Muckerheid, Arnold 
340.0005Muehlenkamp, William 
340.0006Mueller, Maurice 
340.0007Mullen, Augustine 
340.0008Mullen, John D. 
340.0009Mulvey, Francis Joseph 
340.0010Mundweil, Fr. Bartholomew 
340.0011Mulkern, J.J. 
340.0012Murphy, Bernard 
340.0013Murphy, William 
340.0014Nahte, R. 
340.0015Nearing, Peter 
340.0016Nemonich, J. 
340.0018Nestor, Frank and Arthur 
340.0019Niles, James 
340.0020Oessiker, E. 
340.0021O'Leary, P. 
340.0022O'Mahoney, P.J. 
340.0023Oman, Edsom Frank 
340.0024O'Reilly, Bishop Joseph 
340.0025O'Rourke, Bernard 
340.0027O'Sullivan, John 
340.0028O'Sullivan, Michael 
340.0029Ott, Leo 
340.0030Ott, Ralph 
340.0031Paalack, Michael F. 
340.0032Paschang, John L. 
340.0033Patnode, Keogh 
340.0034Patzner, Alois 
340.0035Peters, R. Thomas 
340.0036Peterk, William 
340.0037Pesheges, R. Thomas 
340.0040Piekarske, Fr. 
340.0042Plecity, Victor 
340.0043Priley, Carl 
340.0044Proulx, George 
340.0045Rhode, Bishop Paul 
340.0046Radermacher, Werner 
340.0047Rauch, Frederic 
340.0048Rausch, W.J. 
340.0049Reardon, Thomas J. 
340.0051Reed, John 
340.0052Reilly, J. 
340.0053Reilly, T. 
340.0054Renner, Sylvester 
340.0055Rickery, William J. 
340.0056Roller, Jesse 
340.0058Rose, Donald 
340.0059Rose, Francis Daniel 
340.0060Rossi, Joseph F. 
340.0061Roz, Harold 
340.0062Rudolph, William D. 
340.0063Ruemenapp, Leonard 
340.0064Runningen, John 
340.0065Ryan, Patrick 
340.0067St. Ives, Elmer 
340.0068Santo, Vincent 
340.0069Schank, Arthur 
340.0070Scheller, Raymond 
340.0071Schneider, Fred A. 
340.0072Schneider, Stephen 
340.0073Schloaamaker, Stephen 
340.0074Schmelzer, D. 
340.0075Schmitt, Mark 
340.0076Schmitz, Emmanuel 
340.0077Schmitz, Herman 
340.0078Schreiber, Bernard 
340.0079Schueller, Harry 
340.0080Schuh, Earl 
340.0081Schuh, Gerald 
340.0082Schuh, Myron 
340.0083Schulte, Maurice 
340.0085Schumacher, Charles 
340.0086Schweitzer, Adam 
340.0087Seitz, A. 
340.0088Sellen, Herman 
340.0089Shanahan, D. 
340.0090Sherfinski, Alois 
340.0091Sikkes, H. 
340.0092Simonis, William J. 
340.0093Sittard, Cornelius 
340.0094Spaulding, William 
340.0095Spencer, John 
340.0096Stang, Joseph 
340.0097Steckbauer, Linus 
340.0098Steichen, Henry 
340.0099Stellpflug, Leland 
340.0100Stern, Sylvester A. 
340.0101Stieber, Leonard 
340.0102Strandenaes, L. 
340.0103Straub, Alfred 
340.0104Stroeder, James M. 
340.0105Strum, P.M. 
340.0106Sullivan, John 
340.0107Sullivan, Quintin M. 
340.0108Superior, Diocese of 
340.0109Symons, John 
340.0110Tabaka, U. 
340.0111Theis, Clement 
340.0112Thieltges, John 
340.0113Termer, paul 
340.0114Theisen, Donald 
340.0115Theucks, Anthony John 
340.0116Toporowicz, I. 
340.0117Torres, Jesse 
340.0118Tracy, John J. 
340.0119Trompeter, L. 
340.0120Trudeau, C.J. 
340.0121Ubelhoer, K. 
340.0122Vaassen, Bernard 
340.0123Van Nulan, G. 
340.0124Van Sustern, P.A. 
340.0125Varley, Joseph 
340.0126Veach, C. 
340.0127Veit, Louis 
340.0128Verboomen, R. 
340.0129Verhagen, Norbert 
340.0130Villwock, Ralph 
340.0131Visner, Konrad 
340.0132Von Ruden, Norman 
340.0133Wehrle, Bp. 
340.0134Welch, Bishop 
340.0135Wagener, J. 
340.0136Wagner, A. 
340.0137Wajckus, August 
340.0138Wall, J. 
340.0139Walsh, Edward 
340.0140Walsh, James 
340.0141Wasniewski, M. 
340.0142Warzinik, Leon A. 
340.0143Weber, A.J. 
340.0144Wehlage, Henry 
340.0145Wehlitz, J. 
340.0146Weiler, Edward 
340.0147Weishar, Mathias F. 
340.0148Wenier, L.D. 
340.0149Werner, Martin E. 
340.0150Westermann, Bernard 
340.0151Westkaemper, J. 
340.0152Wilger, N. 
340.0153Willitzer, J. 
340.0154Wilkowski, T. 
340.0155Wolf, C.P. 
340.0156Woyak, Hubert 
340.0157Woychik, A. 
340.0159Zellekens, August 
340.0160Zirbes, Erwin 
340.0161Zoll, Francis W. 
342.0001Administrative Council Minutes and Memos 
342.0002Adrian, Herbert correspondence 
342.0003Barry OSB, Colman Correspondence 
342.0004Blecker OSB, Michael 
342.0005Blecker OSB, Michael Memos and Reports 
342.0006Blecker OSB, Michael Reports and Talks 
342.0007Chartres Program 
342.0008Cooperation Institutional Coordinator 
342.0009Faculty Resident Roster 
342.0010Development Fund Report 
342.0011Development Office 
342.0012Directors, Board of Agenda of Meeting 
342.0013Dworschak OSB, Baldwin correspondence 
342.0014Faculty Roster 
342.0015Faculty Meetings 
342.0016Faculty Meetings 
342.0017Food Service 
342.0018Foreign Students 
342.0019Local Government, Center for the Study of 
342.0020Marts and Lundy Fund-raising Survey Report 
342.0021Minority Students Reports correspondence 
342.0022St. Benedict, Order of Inc. Enterprises 
342.0023Trustees, Board of Ad Hoc Committee 
342.0024Trustees, Board of correspondence and reports 
343.0001Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0002Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0003Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0004Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0005Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0006Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0007Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0008Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0009Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0010Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
343.0011Theology, School of , Minnesota Consortium 
347.0001Bus Intercampus Finances 
347.0002Life Safety Services Traffic/Fire Deptartment 
347.0003Residential Programs 
347.0004Room Condition Reports 
347.0005Room Contract Revisions 
347.0006Room Repair Orders 
347.0007Student Post Office 
347.0008Student Post Office 
347.0009Student Senate 
347.0010Student Services Media Billings 
347.0011Student Services memos 
347.0012Student Services memos received 
347.0013Student Services Receipts 
347.0014Student Workers 
364.0001Honors Program ThesesLibrary Director Office
364.0002Honors Program ThesesLibrary Director Office
367.0001Public Information Brochures 
367.0002Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Advisory Board 
367.0003Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Mission Statement 
372.0001Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0002Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0003Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0004Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0005Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0006Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0007Regents, Board of Minutes and Documents 
372.0008Governing Boards Self-Study Criteria for 
384.0001Mission Herald 
384.0002Benedictine Institute of Sacred Theology 
384.0005Henry, Edward 
384.0007Biology Department Joint Chairman Letter 
384.0009Austria Program Catalog 
384.0010Volunteers in Service to Others VISTO 
384.0012Doyle, Leonard "History of Medieval Spirituality" 
384.0013Bauer, Eugene Reprints 
384.0014Vogt Optical 
384.0015Financial Data 
384.0016Prep School Headmaster's Letter to Alumni 
384.0017Campaign for St. John's 
384.0018Cooperation The Joint Library 
384.0019Alcohol Use at St. John's Report 
384.0020Departmental Computer Survey Forms 
384.0021Ecumenical Institute Article on 
384.0022KSJU Data 
384.0023Forum, The Announcements and Articles 
384.0024Lanahan, Dr. William Cologne Archives Report 
384.0025Student Services Office Frank House Remodeling 
384.0026Public Information Office Bob Jenson Director 
384.0027January Term 
384.0028Women's Association 
384.0029Perlmutter, Eila 
384.0030Registrars Office Enrollment 
384.0031Kasling, Dr. K. R. Music Department 
384.0032Department Chairpersons and Committee Members 
384.0033Pedrizetti, Raymond 
384.0034Admissions Personnel and Activities 
384.0035Seton Apartments 
384.0036Athletic Department Evaluation 
384.0038Institutional Advancement Office 
384.0039Joint Academic Affairs Administrators 
384.0040Campaign for St. John's Data and Final Report 
384.0041Engel, Peter Photography Prize 
384.0042Music Department Newsletter 
384.0043Christmas Tree 
384.0044Student Affairs Office 
384.0045Christmas Tree 
384.0046Rank and Tenure Committee 
384.0047Alcohol Use Policy at SJU 
384.0048Women's Week Committee 
384.0049Financial Aid Office 
384.0051Institutional Assessment Matrix 
384.0052Joint Residential Staff Task Force on Gender Bias 
384.0053Administrative Assembly Ad Hoc Steering Committee 
384.0054Academic Vice President Search Committee 
384.0055Kiess OSB, Matthew Testimonials 
384.0056Lower Stumpf Lake Review 
384.0057Parents Day 
384.0058Classics Club 
384.0059Home and Community Service Department Open House 
384.0060Schirber OSB, Martin Correspondence and Memos 
384.0061Gustin OSB, Arno Correspondence and Memos 
384.0062Tucker OSB, Dunstan Correspondence and Memos 
384.0063Thimmesh OSB, Hilary Memos 
384.0064Lange, Dr. John Memos 
384.0065Committes Minutes and Reports 
384.0066Academic Affairs Reports 
384.0067Freshmen Applications, Statistics, etc. 
384.0068Faculty Lists and Appointments 
384.0069Moseley Report on Institutional Cooperation 
384.0070Institutional Cooperation Escher OSB, Firmin 
384.0071Women's Perspectives 
384.0072Lutheran Brotherhood Reformation Research Library 
384.0073Faculty Recommendations 
384.0074Further Study Recommendations, Benedictines 
384.0075North Central Committee 
384.0076Faculty Lists and Assignments 
384.0077Faculty Recommendations Lay and Religious 
384.0078Faculty Reports and Workshops 
384.0079Counseling and Career Services 
384.0080Investment Responsibility Committee 
384.0081Gearhart, Clayton 
384.0082Intercultural Education, Upper Midwest Assoc. for 
384.0083Master of Accounts Degree Diploma 
384.0084Academic Affairs Vice President Sr. Eva Hooker 
384.0085Incinerator Solid Waste 
384.0086University Statutes 
384.0087Minority Students, Association for 
384.0088Poff, James 
384.0089Registrars Office Degrees Conferred 
384.0091Economics and Business Administration Department 
384.0092Jewish Studies Chair 
384.0093Neary, Brad Assisstant to the President 
384.0094Peace and Justice Week 
384.0096Heschel Symposium 
384.0097Swayed Pines Folk Festival 
384.0098Governance Documents 
384.0099Statutes Review Committee 
384.0100Faith and Ferment Project 
384.0102Reserve Officers Training Corps Values Comm. Rept. 
384.0103Campaign for St. John's Phase III Scully Document 
384.0104Campaign for St. John's Phase II Planning Study 
384.0105Seton Apartments 
384.0106Student Affairs Office Coordinating Services 
384.0107Warner Palestra Weight Room 
384.0108Deans Office Report on Classics Program 
384.0109Northwest Area Foundation Core Curriculum Project 
384.0110Student Services Office Resident Assisstants 
384.0111Educational Policies Committee CSB 
384.0112Student Affairs Office Roman Paur OSB 
384.0113Lutheran Brotherhood Microfilm Project / Colman Barry, OSB 
384.0114Education Department Handbook 
384.0115Ministry Preparation Office Lecture Series 
384.0116Student Affirs Office Residential Staff Booklet 
384.0117Winkler, Dr. Gabriele 
384.0118Faculty Workshop 
384.0119Prep School Board of Overseers 
384.0120Registrar Memos 
384.0121Campus Life Office 
384.0122Information Center Memos 
384.0123Foundation Relations Director Lee Hanley 
384.0124Development Fund Reports 
384.0125Faculty Wokshop 
384.0126Faculty Workshop 
384.0127Quantitative Reasoning 
384.0128Auditorium Music Hall Renovation 
384.0130Respect Life Week 
384.0131Minnesota Humanities Commission Newsletter 
384.0132Student Affairs Advisory Council 
384.0133Hill, James J. Correspondence 
384.0134Campus Ministry 
384.0135U.S. Constitution Bicentennial of 
384.0136Faculty and Staff Breakfast Dialogues 
384.0137Human and Community Development Center Manual 
384.0138Academic Computer Services Advisory Committee New Academic Computer 
384.0139Greg House Renovation 
384.0140Human Relations Programs 
384.0141Career Counseling and Placement Office Guidelines 
384.0142Foreign Students Office Immgr. and Natr. Service 
384.0143Alcohol and Drug Abuse Joint Committee on 
384.0144Gregorian Institute Summer School 
384.0145Library Staff Meetings 
384.0146Career Services 
384.0147Frank House Renovation 
384.0148Deans Office Memos 
384.0149Clemens Chair in Economics and Liberal Education 
384.0150Classics Club 
384.0151Theology, School of Workshops 
384.0152Women's Voices Listening to 
384.0153Global Awareness Program 
384.0154Novak, Michael 
384.0155Pelikan, Juroslav Pax Christi Award 
384.0156Institutional Advancement Vice President 
384.0157Honors Program 
384.0158Employment Practices Title IX 
384.0159Parents Newsletter 
384.0160Idzerda, Stanley Addresses and News Items 
384.0161Lee, Bernard 
384.0162Franklin, Dr. William 
384.0163Steck, Daniel 
384.0164Staff Support 
384.0165Running, Thorpe 
384.0166Study Abroad Program 
384.0167Gerberding, Richard 
384.0168Goldberg, Rabbi Michael 
384.0169Hooker CSC, Sr. Eva 
384.0170English Department 
384.0171Academic Departments Chairpersons 
384.0172Reserve Officers Training Corps Debate 
384.0173Warner Lecture 
384.0174Cooperation Student Projects 
384.0175Chorus Chamber Choir 
384.0176Facilities Planning Committee 
384.0177Catudal, Marc 
384.0179Task Team 
384.0180Denery, Msgr. John '28 
384.0181Academic Affairs Advisory Council EPC Joint Comm. 
384.0182Theology, School of 
384.0183Joint Events Council 
384.0184Theology, School of Summer Programs 
384.0185Registrars Office 
384.0186Hill Monastic Manuscript Library 
384.0187Freedman, Barbara 
384.0188Ibes, Willem 
384.0189Music at St. John's from 1867 to 1900 
384.0190Indian Studies Program A Proposal 
384.0191Theisen, Sylvester 
384.0192Academic Affairs Advisory Council EPC Joint Comm. 
384.0193Hinkemeyer, Michael 
384.0194Theisen, Vera 
384.0195McNew, Janet 
384.0196Nathe OSB, Giles Syllabus for Art Section 
384.0197Muench, Aloisius Cardinal Convocation Honoring 
384.0198Catholic Press Association and the Prep World 
384.0199Wasie Foundation Scholars 
384.0200Life-Long Learn. Prog. Twin Cities House Studies 
384.0201Life-Long Learning Program 
384.0202Events Special 
384.0203Academic Computing Needs AssessmentVaria
384.0204Minnesota Humanities Commission Central America 
384.0205Seton Apartments Federal Loan Application 
384.0206Basil, Susan Enrollment and Master Planning 
384.0207Employee Development Programs 
384.0208Media Services 
384.0209Convocations Committee 
384.0210Admissions Memos 
384.0211Intercultural Weeks 
384.0212Atkins, Annette 
384.0213Northwest Area Foundation 
384.0214Rolfson OSF, Helen 
384.0215Teacher Education Program NCATE 
384.0216Finn, Daniel R. 
384.0217Academic Computing Office 
384.0218Humphrey, Stephen 
384.0219Henry, Patrick 
384.0220International Studies Office 
384.0221Development Office 
384.0222Regents, Board of Regents Professors 
384.0223Faculty Welfare Committee on 
384.0224Horiuchi, Toshimi Japanese Poet at St. John's 
384.0225Accreditation NCATE Report 
384.0226Gender and Curriculum Project 
384.0227Ecumenical Institute 
384.0228Shaver Company Report to Regents, Capital Improv. 
384.0229Study Abroad Programs 
384.0230Academic Affairs Vice President Data Book 
384.0231Faculty Handbook 
384.0232Peer Resource Group 
384.0233Kathman, Michael 
384.0235Jewish Studies Phillips Chair of 
384.0236Student Senate 
384.0237Peters, James F. 
384.0238Lindbergh Heritage Week in Minnesota 
384.0239Klimoski, Victor J. MA Program Evaluation 
384.0240Planned Giving Program 
384.0241Summer Events Policies 
384.0242Institutional Data Book 
384.0243Revised Statutes of the University 
384.0244Chapla, Col. Benjamin 
384.0245Stephen B. Humphrey Theater 
384.0246Critical Thinking Chair 
384.0247Tavis OSB, Gordon Board of Regents 
384.0248Author Series 
384.0249National Advisory Council 
384.0250Historical Places National Register of 
384.0251Alumni Association Miscellaneous 
384.0252Alumni Association Committees 
384.0253Alumni Association Meetings 
384.0254Alumni Association Minutes 
384.0255Alumni Association Constitution 
384.0256Alumni Association Calls 
384.0257Training and Development Program 
384.0258Critical Thinking Chair 
384.0259Saint John's Workers' Guild, 1986- 
384.0260Cultural Programming Office of 
384.0261Alumni Class Agents Program 
384.0262Jewish Studies Jay Phillips Chair in 
384.0263Roloff OSB, Ronald SJU Library: An Historical Evaluation 
384.0264SJU Dining Service Catering Handbook 
384.0265Accreditation of Teacher Education, Nat. Council for 
384.0266Cofell, William Training for Elementary Ed. 
384.0267Faculty Developement and Research Committee 
384.0268Latin American Studies Program 
384.0269Theology Requirement at Saint John's 
384.0270Reserve Officers Training Corps Evaluation Report 
384.0271Computer Data 
384.0272Extraordinary Maintainance Priority Committee 
384.0273Sadat, Jehan Honorary Degree and Benefit 
384.0274Schurke, Paul 
384.0276Breen, Robert 
384.0277Minnesota College Republicans 
384.0278Mathematics Department of 
384.0279Gatje, Papachristov Smith Report Alcuin Library 
384.0280Study Abroad Program 
384.0281Alumni Twin Cities Chapter 
384.0282Alumni Twin Cities Chapter 
384.0283Writers Workshop Minneapolis 
384.0284Critical Thinking Summer Workshop 
384.0285Thimmesh OSB, Hilary Report on the Future 
384.0286Administrative Personnel Policies and Procedures 
384.0287Henry, Edward 
384.0288Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Awards 
384.0289Alumni Central Minnesota Chapter 
384.0290Alumni Twin Cities Chapter 
384.0291Thimmesh OSB, Hilary Memos and Releases 
384.0292Long Range Fiscal Planning 
384.0293Prevost, Gary 
384.0294Departmental Data 
384.0295Alumni Correspondence 
384.0296Faculty Workshop 
384.0297Student Affairs Office Releases, Roman Paur OSB 
384.0298Spaeth, Robert Memos and Writings 
384.0299Durenberger, David (Senator) 
384.0300McCarthy, Eugene (Senator) 
384.0301National Alumni Association Board of Directors Data 
384.0302Alumni Office Request for Sagatagan Duplicates 
384.0303Homecoming Data 
384.0304Faculty Study Group on China 
384.0305Alumni Fr. Roger Botz's Correspondence 
384.0306Alumni Senior Relations 
384.0307National Alumni Board 
384.0308Alumni Class Newsletters and Agents 
384.0309Shaver Company Report About Capital Improvements 
384.0311Alumni Miscellaneous 
384.0312Construction Projects 
384.0313College Ratings U.S. News and World Report 
384.0314Chan, David '73 Producer of "Turtles" 
384.0315Hassler, Jon 
384.0316Pax Christi Awards 
384.0317Earth Weeks SJU/CSB 
384.0318Budget SJU 
384.0319Honors Program 
384.0320Murray Norris Case, The 
384.0321Young, Roger Admissions 
384.0322Blacks at SJU 
384.0323Sense of Place II 
384.0324ROTC Contracts and Cross Enrollments 
384.0325Faculty Workshop August 29-30 
384.0326Alumni Board of Directors 
384.0327Student Orientation 
384.0328Lawson, Paul Administrative Fund 
384.0329Associates SJU 
384.0330Libraries CSB-SJU Reports and Misc Data 
384.0331Academic Computing Reports and Misc. 
384.0333Art Center SJU 
384.0334Library Data Fr. Benjamin Stein 
384.0335Minority Affairs Coordinator of 
384.0337Alumni Data 
384.0338Brooks, Patricia Director of Development 
384.0339On Location, The Basilica Series, SJU & CSB 
384.0340Wittrock, Dr. Louis (SJU '38) 
384.0341McDonnell OSB, Kilian Articles "Catholic..." 
384.0342Core Curriculum Joint 
384.0343Third Latin Doggerel Club 
384.0344Parents Weekend 
384.0345Alumni Office 
384.0346Gustin OSB, Arno Misc and Citation 
384.0347Ministry Preparation Program 
384.0348Regents, Board of Memos and Data 
384.0349Tri-College Relations 
384.0350Public Information Office Correspondence 
384.0351Hooker, Sr. Eva VPAA 
384.0352Urban Affairs Higher Education Consurtium for 
384.0353Walsh, Frank E. 1898 SJU Catalogue of 1898 
384.0354Alumni Central Minnesota Chapter 
384.0355Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Research Grant 
384.0356Tri-College News Media Source Book SCSU, SJU, CSB 
384.0357Community Programs America Can A Model 
384.0358Public Information Office Logo Designs 
384.0359Reinhart, Dietrich Dean 
384.0360Homecoming Alumni Office 
384.0361Theology, School of Newsletters 
384.0362Sauer, Richard U of M Interim Pres, March 1988- 
384.0363Writers Conference June 30 - July 2 
384.0364Theology, School of Memos and Misc 
384.0365St. John's Sense of Place Personal Essays About 
384.0366International Studies Program SJU/CSB 
384.0367International Studies Program SJU/CSB 
384.0368Academic Camps Summer 
384.0369Haile, Getatchew 
384.0370Drug and Alcohol Abuse McLaughlin Reports on 
384.0371Student Publications Sensational 
384.0372Dean Search Committe for 
384.0373KSJU Data 
384.0374Faculty Workshop 
384.0375Performing Arts Series 
384.0376Faculty Data 
384.0378Medievalist Guild CSB/SJU 
384.0379Core Curriculum Program 
384.0380Journal, The: Applied Ideas for the Saint John's Academic Community 
384.0381Financial Aid Programs and Audits 
384.0382Powers, J.F. 
384.0383Reger, Walter Distinguished Alumnus Award 
384.0384Commencement Addresses [Garrison Keillor] 
384.0385Decennial Re-Accreditation Visit Self-Study Report 
384.0386Paur OSB, Roman APSA Memos and Releases 
384.0387Elderhostel Part I 
384.0388Elderhostel Part II 
384.0389Convocation Lecture Series SJU 
384.0390Colleges and Schools North Central Association of 
384.0391Special Events and Conferences Office 
384.0392Virgil Michel House 
384.0393Campaign for the 1990's 
384.0394Peace Studies Department 
384.0395North Central Accreditation Self-Study, 1987-1988 
384.0396Alumni Twin Cities Board 
384.0397Basil, Susan Stability Quality Diversity 
384.0398Blecker OSB, Michael Post-mortem Data 
384.0399Merritt, Justine 
384.0400Management Department of 
384.0401Ecumenical Institute Lectures and Misc. 
384.0402Tuition Problem 
384.0403Student Affairs SJU Office of Resource Documents 
384.0404Trenz, Herbert Director of Personnel 
384.0405Black Culture Awareness Week 
384.0406Admissions Brochures and Memos 
384.0407Alumni Data 
384.0408Parents Program 
384.0409CURRENTS St. John's (Annual Fund Quarterly) 
384.0410Swayed Pines Folk Festival 
384.0411Life Safety Services 
384.0412Forum SJU/CSB 
384.0413Academic Summer Camps 
384.0415O'Leary, Rev Jerome O.P. Exec. Ass. to President 
384.0416Cofell, William Varia 
384.0417Spaeth, Robert Publications and Varia 
384.0418Museum Project St. John's Abbey and University 
384.0419Thimmesh, Hilary President Memos and Releases 
384.0420Students Essays 
384.0421Human Rights Officer 
384.0422Faculty Workshop August 30-31 
384.0423Student Affairs Office of Resource Documents 
384.0424Paur, Roman VPSA Memos and Releases 
384.0425St. Benedict, College of Memos and Misc. 
384.0426Virgil Michel Ecumenical Chair 
384.0427Development Office Video Productions 
384.0428Development Office Alcohol and Drug Ed. Program 
384.0429Benedictine Values CSB/SJU Task Team on 
384.0430AWARE Project (Women's Week) 
384.0431University Professors, American Association of 
384.0433Faculty Data 
384.0434Cassidy, Hynes Emerson Letters 
384.0435Annual Fund 
384.0436Minnesota Public Radio 
384.0437Special Events X-Mas Tree Programs and Others 
384.0438Theology, School of Memos and Data 
384.0439University Relations Office of Memos and Data 
384.0440Songs University 
384.0441Administrators SJU - lists for 1990 and 2007 
384.0442Fellows SJU 
384.0443St. Benedict, College of Directions for the Future 
384.0444Learning Enhancement Service 
384.0445Phillips, Jay Chair 
384.0446Financial Aid Office of 
384.0447Convocation Lecture Series 
384.0448Clemens Lecture Series 
384.0449Knights of Columbus SJU Council No. 5136 
384.0450Performing Arts Series 
384.0451Reger, Fr. Walter Alumnus Award 
384.0452Presidential Search Committee 
384.0453Tekakwitha Conference at SJU 
384.0454Christian Humanism Project 
384.0455Christmas Programs 
384.0456Registrar Office of 
384.0457Faculty Data 
384.0458Student Data 
384.0459FIPSE Project U.S. Department of Education 
384.0460Prep School St. John's Releases and Data 
384.0461Ghosts Legends at St. John's 
384.0463Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute for 
384.0464Paur, Roman VPSA Memos and Releases 
384.0465Minnesota Public Radio KSJR and Other Data 
384.0467Eisele, Albert 1958 Conerstone Associates, INC 
384.0468Monastic Experience Class 
384.0469Reinhart, Dietrich 
384.0470Mens Chorus SJU 
384.0471St. Benedict, College of Memos and Misc. 
384.0472Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Annuals Misc. 
384.0473Global Awareness Project 
384.0474Music Department Memos and Misc 
384.0475Dean of the College Search Committee 
384.0476Idzerda, The Stanley J. Lecture Series 
384.0477Williams, Ralph Class of 1931 
384.0478Reserve Officers Training Corps Program 
384.0479Alumni in the Desert Storm Campaign 
384.0480Reim, Victor Lecture Series 
384.0481Sinner, George 1950 Governor of North Dakota 
384.0482Libraries CSB & SJU Memos and Brochures 
384.0483Sexual Harrassment Policies SJU 
384.0484May Bowle 
384.0485Joint Open Forum Special 
384.0486Chorus Photographs 
384.0487Registrar's Office Annual Reports 
384.0488Ministry Preparation 
384.0489Weaver OSB, Cyprian 
384.0490Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0491Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0492Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0493Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0494Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0495Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0496Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0497Colman Barry Memos to the Faculty 
384.0498Miscellaneous Memos and Report 
384.0499Faculty Meeting Announcement Posters 
392.0001Archival Material 
392.0002Monastic Studies Program Correspondence 
392.0003Monastic Studies Program Correspondence 
392.0004Monastic Studies Program Correspondence 
392.0005Monastic Studies Program Correspondence 
392.0006Monastic Studies Program Financial Arrangements 
392.0007Monastic Studies Program Grant Proposal & Planning 
392.0008Medieval Lecture 
392.0009Monastic Studies Program Miscellaneous 
392.0010Monastic Studies Program Participants & Evaluation 
392.0011Monastic Studies Program Questionnaire 
392.0013Monastic Studies Program Topics and Lectures 
392.0014Monastic Studies Program Work Group Minutes 
393.0001Regents, Board of Minutes Memos and Data 
409.0006Institutional Advancement Brochures Miscellaneous 
409.0007Human and Community Development Center for 
409.0008Enrollment Planning 
409.0010Faculty Handbook Draft 
409.0011Mission Statement Draft 
409.0012Presidents Advisory Council 
409.0013Regents, Board of Executive Committee 
409.0014Regents, Board of Executive Committee 
409.0015Regents, Board of Executive Committee 
409.0016Regents, Board of Executive Committee 
422.0016SesquimillenniumSJP Headmaster Office
422.0017Slide ShowSJP Headmaster Office
422.0018Student Government DaySJP Headmaster Office
422.0020Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)SJP Headmaster Office
438B.0004Prep School Board of Overseers 
443.0001Clippings - June 
443.0002Clippings - July 
443.0003Clippings - August 
443.0004Clippings - September 
443.0005Clippings - October 
443.0006Clippings - November 
443.0007Clippings - December 
444.0001Concert Programs 
444.0002Joint Meetings SJU/CSB 
444.0003Concert Programs 
444.0004Concert Programs 
444.0005Concert Programs 
444.0006Recruitment Off Campus Performances 
444.0007Music Scholarship Applications 
444.0008Concert Programs 
444.0009Concert Programs 
444.0011Scholarships Men 
444.0012Account Deposit Slips 
444.0013Accounts Payable 
444.0014Blecker OSB, Micheal Correspondence 
444.0015Budget Previous 
444.0016Blecker OSB, Michael Memos To and From 
444.0017Accounts Payable 
444.0018Charge Statements 
444.0019Checks Distributed 
444.0020Concert Programs 
444.0022Music Development of Western 
444.0023Events Schedules 
444.0025Music Development of Western 
444.0026High Schoool Orchestra Day 
444.0027Rolfson, Fr. Gunther Memos From 
444.0028Rolfson, Fr. Gunther Memos To 
444.0029Music Building and Equipment 
444.0030Ratelle Scholarship 
444.0031Faculty Meeting CSB 
444.0032Sports Utilization 
444.0033Travel Projects 
444.0034Firmin Memos To and From 
444.0035Earls, J.P. Memos To and From 
444.0036Gunther Memos To and From 
444.0037Scholarships Men 
444.0038Symphony SJU at the 
444.0039Concerts Twin Cities 
444.0040Durken, Dan Memos To and From 
444.0041Upper Division Application 
444.0043Calendar Forms 
444.0044Fettler, Paul 
444.0046Davis Memos To and From 
444.0047Student Workers Past 
444.0048Scholarships Women 
444.0049Summer Camp 
444.0051Appointment Book 
444.0052Faculty Meetings SJU 
444.0054Perlmutter Memos To 
444.0055Perlmutter Memos From 
444.0056NASM (March) 
444.0057Theory Labs etc. 
444.0058Minnesota Arts Board 
444.0060Telephone Expenses 
444.0061Theisen, Sylvester Memos To and From 
444.0062Music Department to APC Material 
444.0063Calendar Committee 
444.0064Class Tallies 
444.0065Liturgy All-College 
444.0066St. Benedict, College of Procedures 
444.0067Recruitment January Term 
444.0068Benedictine Church Musicians 
444.0070Music Department Bookstore Charge Receipts 
444.0071Botz Memos To and From 
444.0072Music Scholarships 
444.0073Music Department Account Deposit Slips 
444.0074Music Department Accounts Payable 
444.0075Boys' Choir 
444.0076Music Department Checks Distributed 
444.0077Music Department Budget Europe Fr. Bob 
444.0078Computer Theory 
444.0079Course Evaluations Music 
444.0080Departmental Degree Audit Music 
444.0081Convocations Possibilities 
444.0082Degree Requirements Fall 
444.0083Contributions Correspondence 
444.0084Contract Estimates and Agreements 
444.0085Concert Programs 
444.0086Music Department Correspondence CSB 
444.0088Event Schedules 
444.0089Absence Forms Excused 
444.0090Guitar Program 
444.0091Key Sign-Out Sheets 
444.0092Music Library CSB 
444.0093Music Through History - Koopman 
444.0094Exam Schedules 
444.0095Library Business 
444.0096Dance Program 
444.0098Music Competencies - Unreviewed 
444.0099Institutional Guidelines 
444.0100Music Competencies - Reviewed 
444.0101Music Department Linda Memos To and From 
444.0102Liturgical Music 
444.0103Faculty Activities 
444.0104Jury Schedules 
444.0105Music Major/Minor Proposal 
444.0106Minnesota Opera Company 
444.0107Music Library 
444.0108Music Newsletters 
444.0109Duplicating Costs 
444.0110January Term 
444.0111Music Department Karen Memos To and From 
444.0112Minnesota Public Radio 
444.0113Graduation Proposals 
444.0114Inter-Department Charges 
444.0116Jazz Program 
444.0117Music Department Jensen Memos To and From 
444.0118Music History Kasling 
444.0119Music Department Miscellaneous 
444.0120Student Advisees Koopman 
444.0121Student Information 
444.0122Scholarship Recommendations 
444.0123Scholarship Application Forms 
444.0124Recruiting Music Department 
444.0125Rank and Tenure 
444.0127Spaeth, Robert Memos To and From 
444.0128Orchestra Days 
444.0130Scholarships Faculty Reviews 
444.0131Scholarships Men 
444.0132Scholarships Women 
444.0134Registrar Memos To and From 
444.0135Student Workers 
444.0136Positions Available (Jobs; Openings) 
444.0137Piano Proficiency 
444.0138Schedules Koopman 
444.0139Recital Forms Thursday Afternoon 
444.0140Upper Division Decisions 
444.0141Budget Current 
444.0142Budget Current 
444.0143Student Employee BAC MN Club 
444.0144Recital Thursday Afternoon 
444.0145Music Department Villette Memos To and From 
444.0146Budget Current CSB 
444.0147Budget Current CSB 
444.0148Budget Current SJU 
444.0149Budget Current SJU 
444.0150Upper Division Applicants 
444.0151Music Department Account Deposit Slips 
444.0152Music Department Accounts Payable 
444.0153Music Department Bookstore Charge Receipts 
444.0154Music Auditions 
444.0155Course Offerings 
444.0156Budget Printouts 
444.0157Chamber Choir and Mens Chorus Press Rel. 
444.0158Music Department Check Requests 
444.0159Class Rosters 
444.0160Class Schedules 
444.0162Music Departmental Correspondence 
444.0163Music Department Minutes 
444.0164Core Curriculum 
444.0165Music Equipment Warranties 
444.0166Music Instrument Inventory Sheets 
444.0167Events Schedules 
444.0168Faculty Activities 
444.0169Music Instrument Inventory Sheets 
444.0170Music Department Mailing List 
444.0171MCUCM - Minnesota College & U. Council of Music A. 
444.0172Music Library 
444.0173Music Department Newsletter 
444.0174Music Department Poster Artwork 
444.0175Publicity Music 
444.0176Recruiting Music 
444.0177Recruitment Letter CSB Music 
444.0178Recruitment Letter SJU Music 
444.0179January Term 
444.0180Liturgical Music Program 
444.0182Opera "Oliver" 
444.0183Music Miscellaneous Handbooks and Guidelines 
444.0184Courses Offered Music 
444.0185Organ Practice Schedule 
444.0186Music Originals 
444.0187Music Department Personal 
444.0188Recital Procedure Outline 
444.0189Scholarships Women Music 
444.0190Music Department Sophomores Juniors Dec.15 
444.0191Student Workers CSB 
444.0192Student Workers SJU 
444.0193Music Department Telephone Expenses 
444.0194Recitals Thusday Afternoon 
444.0195Upper Division Decisions 
444.0196Recital Attendance Froms Thusday Afternoon 
444.0197Convocations I 
444.0198Convocations II 
446.0001Blecker OSB, Michael 
446.0002Blecker OSB, Michael Photographs I 
446.0003Blecker OSB, Michael Photographs II 
454.0001Alumni in Service Correspondence 
454.0002Alumni Association Constitution of 
454.0003Alumni Association Miscellaneous 
454.0004Alumni Association 
454.0005Alumni Data and Reminiscences 
454.0006Alumni Fund Raising Drive 
454.0007Sir Etienne and Lady Dupuch 
454.0008Oster, Peter 
454.0009Walsh, John B. 
454.0010Alumni Items 
454.0011Alumni Association Invitations 
454.0012Alumni Association Clippings 
454.0013Alumni Association Correspondence 
454.0014Alumni Association Photos 
454.0015Alumni Association Programs 
454.0016Alumni Government Service and Chaplains 
454.0017Tembrock, J. Letters 
454.0018Kueffner, Walter 
454.0019Fr. Montgomery, Thomas 
454.0020Diedricks, Sabina 
454.0021President Misc. Newsletters, Article 
454.0022Showalter, Dennis and Deutsch, Harold 
454.0023Yunker, Edward J. 
454.0024Kausch, Rev. Bishop Jammes S. 
454.0025Durenberger, David 
454.0026Frank, Rev. Henry 
454.0027Seminary Colloquium on Alumni Relations 
454.0028Alumni Data Newspapers etc. 
454.0029Alumni Data Clippings 
454.0030McCarthy, Eugene 
454.0031Assumption Abbey 
454.0032Walter Reger Award 
454.0033Alumni Clippings 
454.0034Alumni Printout (Medical, Law, and Teaching) 
454.0035Graduate School and SJU Alumni 
454.0036Graduate Courses 
454.0037Alumni Priests and Religious 
454.0038American Alumni Council Membership Directory 
454.0039Schirber, Nolan 
454.0040Reiser, Rev. Bernard 
454.0041Knoll, Sen. Franklin J. 
454.0042Dosh, Terrence 
454.0043Nuss, John 
454.0044Brutger, Daniel J. 
454.0045Maus OSB, Omer 
454.0046Conboy, Vince Expose 
454.0047McSweeny, Michael J. 
454.0048Adrian, Herbert 
454.0049Class of 1923, in 1972 
454.0050Hunt, Rev. William C. 
454.0051Devitt, Judge Edward J. 
454.0052Class of 1967 
454.0053Sullivan, Robert 
454.0054Schirber, Dr. Martin J. 
454.0055Nolan, Richard 
454.0056Kling, William H. 
454.0057Class Chairmen 
454.0058Marrin, Kevin C. 
454.0059Virnig, Dr. Norman 
454.0060Spaeth, Robert L. 
454.0061Chabot, Irene 
454.0062Civic Issues 
454.0063Hinkmeyer, Michael T. 
454.0064Ebner, Rev. Frank 
454.0065Alumni Activities 
454.0066Alumni Fund 
454.0067Alumni Affairs and Dr. Perlmutter 
454.0068Alumni Board of Directors 
454.0069Nierengarten, Roger 
454.0070Class Chairmen Seminar 
454.0071Alumni Day 
454.0072Berg, Norbert 
454.0073Divinity Alumni Quarterletter 
454.0074Nietfeld, A.B. 
454.0075Twin Tower Club 
454.0076Kustermann, Dr. Stuart D. 
454.0077Eiselle, Chuck Pictures 
454.0078Emmel, Henry J. 
454.0079Dupuch, Eugene 
454.0080Sherman, Rev. William C. 
454.0081Haeg Family 
454.0082Kauffman, Christopher 
454.0083McNally, John "Johnny Blood" 
454.0084Dupuch, Pierre V.L. 
454.0085Leitschuh, Albert 
454.0086National Alumni Association Board of Directors 
454.0087Alumni Survey 
454.0088McRaith, Rev. John J. 
454.0089Johnson, Charles B. 
454.0090Simonett, John 
454.0091Devine, Rev. Patrick 
454.0092Alumni National Board of Directors Minutes 
454.0093Seifert, Donald R. 
454.0094Gaida, Joseph 
454.0095Hogan, Rev. Msgr. Michael 
454.0096Holtz, Harry 
454.0097Hooley, John H. 
454.0098Rooney, J. Patrick 
454.0099Gruenes, David 
454.0100Zins, Edward 
454.0101McCown, Robert 
454.0102Passes Off Campus 
454.0103Student Rosters 
454.0104Disciplinary Regulations and Sanctions 
454.0105Student Rosters 
454.0106Student Council Constitution 
454.0107Faculty Handbook 
454.0108Student Affairs News Items Concerning 
454.0109Convocations and Lectures 
454.0110Dormitories Coed Question 
454.0111Advisory Council Minutes 
454.0112Student Affairs Staff Meetings and Advisory 
454.0113Staff Meetings and Minutes 
454.0115Students Memo to 
454.0116Convocation Committee Minutes 
454.0117Student Affairs Advisory Council Minutes 
454.0118Student Affairs Forms in Use 
454.0119Student Affairs Staff Meetings Minutes 
454.0120Warner Palestra Committee Minutes 
454.0121January Preview CSB/SJU 
454.0122Who's Who in America Colleges and Universities 
454.0123Student Mail Service 
454.0125Reflections II 
454.0126Title VI Information 
454.0127Butler, Patrick Family Foundation Correspondence 
454.0128CLEP Policy 
454.0129Local Government, Center for Cooperation with 
454.0130Copywright and Loyalties 
454.0131Evalution Center Western Michigan University 
454.0132Contacts for the Future 
454.0133Hill Foundation Hilary's Report to 
454.0134Hill Correspondence 
454.0135Hill Memorandums 
454.0136Hill Progress Report 
454.0137Instructional Development Handbook 
454.0138Faculty and Administration Memos to 
454.0139National Science Foundation Proposal 
454.0140News Releases 
454.0141Ober Charitable Foundation Correspondence 
454.0142Employees Potential 
454.0143St. John's ecc 
454.0145Title IV Proposal 
454.0146Regents, Board of 
454.0147Faculty and Staff List of 
454.0148Education Technology Advisory Committee 
454.0149Hill Grant Guidelines for 
454.0150Hill Proposal Draft 
454.0151Learning Resource Center Budget Report 
454.0152Northwest Area Foundation Proposal 
454.0153TV Proposal Becker, Bob 
454.0154Equipment Purchased 
454.0155Hill Miscellaneous Information 
454.0156Hill Program CSB 
454.0157Jerusalem Report Fr. Thomas Wehl 
454.0158Clark, Michael 
454.0159Lilly Foundation Proposal 
454.0160Learning Resource Center Biographies 
454.0161Learning Resource Center Documents 
454.0162Learning Resource Center Forms 
454.0163Learning Resource Center Organization 
454.0164Learning Resource Center Purpose and Objectives 
454.0165Mail Campus Courses Psychology 
454.0166Teaching Effectiveness Measuring 
454.0168Classroom Support Instructional Equipment Proposal 
454.0169Regents, Board of Report to 
454.0170Staff Routing Slips 
454.0171Terminal I.D. 
454.0172Program Evaluator Part I Applicants for 
454.0173Program Evaluator Part II Applicants for 
454.0174Hill Family Foundation Productivity Program - Guba 
454.0175Individual Learning Proposal 
454.0176Academic Vice President's Staff Meetings 
454.0177Individual Learning Projects Part I 
454.0178Individual Learning Projects Part II 
454.0180President Miscellaneous 
454.0181Learning Resources Manual 
454.0182Student Photographs (cabinet cards) 
458B.0001Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0002Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0003Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0004Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0005Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0006Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0007Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0008Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0009Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0010Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0011Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0012Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0013Keogh, Fr. Casper's Notes 
458B.0014Buildings and Grounds 
458B.0015Space Allocation Committee 
458B.0017Stearns County Comprehensive Plan 
458B.0018Dober Report 
458B.0019Recreation Center Committee 
458B.0020Water System Engineer Report 
458B.0021Warner Palestra Plans and Proposals 
458B.0022Dober's Plans For Buildings 
458B.0023Warner Palestra Dedication Pamphlet 
458B.0024Design Committee 
458B.0025Grounds Committee Intern Report 
458B.0026Sagatagan Legal Status of Lake 
458B.0027Dober Proposals Physical Environment 
458B.0028Grounds and St. Joseph Rod and Gun Club 
458B.0029Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic on SJU 
458B.0030I-94 Entrance Motel Proposal 
458B.0031Science Center (Basement Development) 
458B.0032Buildings and Sites, Abbey and University (Paur) 
458B.0033Quadrangle Renovation 
458B.0034National Register of Historic Places Application Saint John's 
458B.0035Auditorium and Butcher Shop Renovations 
458B.0036Resource Recovery Facility 
458B.0037Grounds Committee Memo on the Biological Preserve 
458B.0038I-94 Entrance and Footbridge - articles on 
458B.0039I-94 Negative and Final Environmental Statement 
458B.0040St. Mary's Hall Proposal 
458PB.0001Student National Education Association Future Teachers Charter 
459.0002Diaconal Quarterly 
459.0004Rites Provisional Text 
459.0005Priestly Formation Program of 
459.0006Permanent Deacons Who, What and Why 
459.0007Priesthood Spiritual Renewal of the American 
459.0008Permanent Deacons in the U.S. Guidelines 
459.0009Permanent Diaconate 
459.0010Diaconato in Italion 
459.0011Mannlicke Diakonie 
459.0013Bube und Vergebung 
459.0014Unbehagen an der Kirche 
459.0015Diacres aujourd'hui 
459.0016Effort Diaconal 
459.0017Permanent Diaconate Info. 
459.0019Liturgie und Diakonie 
459.0022Der Diakon 
459.0023Caritative Sorge Der Gemeinde 
459.0024Ungeborenes Leben Rechtos 
459.0025Bishops National Conference Membership Directory 
459.0026Solidaritat Spiritualitat Diakonie 
459.0027Catholic Conference of U.S. Bishops 
459.0028Programmed Instructional Unit On Instruct Planning 
459.0030Permanent Diaconte Canadian Committee Guidance 
459.0031Mission Missions and the Creative Planning Proces 
459.0032Diaconate Summer Program 10-day 
459.0033Green Bay Plan 
459.0034Director, The 
459.0035Permanent Diaconate Supplement to Report 
459.0037Church in Crisis 
459.0038Credentials and Biographical Sketches (NFPA) 
459.0039Williams, Rev. Aidon "Moral Theology" 
459.0040Pollard, Fr. Martin Benedictine History 
459.0041Alexander, Fr. Korte "Course on the Holy Trinity" 
459.0042Zenner, Fr. Ambrose Church History 
459.0043Bishops Committee 
459.0044Theological Schools Midwest Association of (MATS) 
459.0045Permanent Diaconate Progress Report 
459.0046Permanent Diaconate Newsletter 
459.0047Annual M and G 
459.0048Photographs, Publications and Negatives 
459.0049Permanent Diaconate Baltimore - Washington Program 
459.0050Permanent Diaconate Birmingham Program 
459.0051Permanent Diaconate Baton Rouge Program 
459.0052Permanent Diaconate Cheyenne Program 
459.0053Permanent Diaconate Chicago P.D.P. 
459.0054Permanent Diaconate Cleveland P.D.P 
459.0055Permanent Diaconate Dallas Program 
459.0056Permanent Diaconate Des Moines Program 
459.0057Permanent Diaconate Detroit Program 
459.0058Permanent Diaconate El Paso Program 
459.0059Permanent Diaconate Fargo Diocese 
459.0060Permanent Diaconate Fort Wayne - South Bend 
459.0061Permanent Diaconate Green Bay Program 
459.0062Permanent Diaconate Hartford Program 
459.0063Permanent Diaconate Helena Program 
459.0064Permanent Diaconate Houston Program 
459.0065Permanent Diaconate Joliet Program 
459.0066Josephite Training Program 
459.0067Permanent Diaconate Kansas P.D.P 
459.0068Permanent Diaconate Milwaukee P.D.P 
459.0069Permanent Diaconate Newark Program 
459.0070Permanent Diaconate New Ulm Program 
459.0071Permanent Diaconate Oklahoma P.D.P 
459.0072Permanent Diaconate Orchard Lake Program 
459.0073Paterson Diaconate Program 
459.0074Permanent Diaconate Pittsburg Program 
459.0075Permanent Diaconate St. Paul - Minneapolis Program 
459.0076Permanent Diaconate San Diego P.D.P 
459.0077Permanent Diaconate Santa Fe Program 
459.0078Permanent Diaconate Toledo P.D.P. 
459.0079Permanent Diaconate Wheeling P.D.P. 
459.0080Permanent Diaconate Washington D.C. Program 
459.0083Jamaica Archdiocese 
459.0085Freilburg and International Programs 
459.0086Deacones Association, World Federation of 
459.0087German Translations 
459.0088Word of God Institute 
459.0090Permanent Deacons List 
459.0092South America 
459.0093Faculty Memos 
459.0095Fieldwork Report Forms, Planning, Directors, etc. 
459.0097Health Services 
459.0099Washington D.C. - Meetings 
459.0100Students Memos 
459.0101Permanent Diaconate Program Proposed 
459.0102Newsletter Material for 
459.0103Geneva Conference 
459.0104Job Descriptions 
459.0105Moto Propio 
459.0106Petition for Orders 
459.0107Election of National Director 
459.0108Jendrisak, Sr. Josephine 
459.0109Post-Ordination Meetings - Washington D.C. 
459.0110Foundation Directory 
459.0111Directors Meeting, Fourth Annual 
459.0112Future Planning 
459.0113Ministry to the Sick (Questionnaires) 
459.0114Permanent Diaconate Director of Program 
459.0115Permanent Diaconate Reports 
459.0116Permanent Diaconate Resource Material 
459.0117Permanent Diaconate Resource People 
459.0118Permanent Diaconate Statistics 
459.0119Ordination Rites 
459.0120Speaking Engagement 
459.0121Pascal OSB, Fr. 
459.0122Permanent Diaconate Mailing Lists 
459.0123Planning Session 
459.0124Travel Rieran 
459.0125Ziegler, John 
459.0126Permanent Diaconate Tapes 
459.0127Permanent Diaconate Seminar 
459.0128Permanent Diaconate Miscellaneous 
459.0129Permanent Diaconate Original Forms 
459.0131Permanent Diaconate Questionaires 
459.0132Permanent Diaconate Syllabus 
459.0133Theology of Diaconate 
459.0134Permanent Diaconate Candidates 
459.0135Permanent Diaconate Candidates 
459.0136Permanent Diaconate Information Requests 
459.0137Ministry to the Sick and the Deacon's Role 
459.0138Permanent Diaconate Prospective Candidates 
459.0139Permanent Diaconate Publicity 
459.0140Deacons in U.S. Formation 
459.0141Permanent Diaconate Publicity 
459.0142Permanent Diaconate Workshop 
459.0143Permanent Diaconate Workshop Evaluation 
459.0144Veterans Benefits 
459.0145Permanent Diaconate Workshop 
459.0146Permanent Diaconate Workshop Evaluations 
459.0147Permanent Diaconate Workshop 1969 
459.0148Permanent Diaconate Workshop Evaluations 
459.0149Permanent Diaconate Workshop Developments (Chicago 
459.0150Permanent Diaconate Workshop 
459.0151Permanent Diaconate Workshop Convention 
459.0152Permanent Diaconate Workshop For Directors 
459.0153Permanent Diaconate Workshop For Directors 
459.0154Permanent Diaconate Workshop First Year Candidates 
459.0155Permanent Diaconate Workshop 2nd, 3rd, 4th Yr. Can 
459.0156Permanent Diaconate Workshop - Advanced 
459.0157Permanent Diaconate Workshop - Beginners 
459.0158Permanent Diaconate Workshop 
459.0159Permanent Diaconate Workshop - Advanced 
459.0160Permanent Diaconate Workshop - Beginners 
459.0161Permanent Diaconate Workshop 
459.0162Bahamas Program 
459.0165American Indian 
459.0166Bishops Committee 
459.0168Academic Guidelines 
459.0169Permanent Diaconate Questions 
459.0170Book Reports 
459.0171Kieran, Fr. Correspondence 
459.0172Permanent Diaconate Miscellaneous 
459.0173Bishops Committee to Nation Conf. of Bishops 
459.0174Admissions Committee 
459.0175Application Forms 
459.0178Conference Call 
459.0179Permanent Diaconate General Bibliography 1st-4th 
459.0180Permanent Diaconate Current Papers 
459.0181Curriculum and Committee Meeting (Yr. & Summer '72 
459.0182Speltz, Correspondence with Bishop 
459.0183Unterkoelfler, Correspondence with Bishop 
459.0184Wycislo, Correspondence with Bishop 
459.0185William, Correspondence with the National Director 
459.0186Permanent Diaconate General Correspondence 
459.0188Women's Role 
459.0189Deacons Wives 
459.0190CTSA Report 
459.0191Diaconate Programs U.S. 
459.0192Damian, Fr. Dietlein 
459.0193Minority Groups 
459.0194Edward, Sr. Jane 
459.0195Deacons and Candidates Pastoral Report Form 
459.0196Deacon Candidates Present 
459.0197Permanent Diaconate Evaluations (Beginning Candida 
459.0198Permanent Diaconate Reports and Evaluations (Adv. 
459.0199Abraham, William 
459.0200Aloiso, John 
459.0201Angerer, Francis 
459.0202Anderson, Harry 
459.0203Anderson, Robert A. 
459.0204Bals, Jerry 
459.0205Bartholemew, Carroll 
459.0206Beaudry, Glenn 
459.0207Bell, Br. Eric 
459.0208Bechtel, Kenneth C. 
459.0209Bernardi, John 
459.0210Bohner, Dr. Allan 
459.0211Bouldin, James 
459.0212Brown, Fred 
459.0213Burke, William 
459.0214Caluwaert, Maurice 
459.0215Carubic, Lew 
459.0216Cislo, Frank Edward 
459.0217Craig, David J. 
459.0218Cunningham, Thomas 
459.0219D'arche, Wilbur 
459.0220Davison, John 
459.0221DiCrece, Br. Bonaventure 
459.0222Dolan, James 
459.0223Dougherty, J. Patrick 
459.0224Engel, Joseph J. 
459.0225Esposito, Robert 
459.0226Fait, Harold C. 
459.0227Frencel, Robert 
459.0228Fusek, Michael 
459.0229Gondeck, Eric J. 
459.0230Grace, Dr. Warren Lee 
459.0231Gray, Walter P. 
459.0232Huntington, Michael 
459.0233Huestis, Robert 
459.0234Johnson, Charles O. 
459.0235Kashbbohn, Thomas 
459.0236Kemper, Joseph 
459.0237Kempin, Marvin 
459.0238Keable, Michael Eugene 
459.0239Kosta, Thomas N. 
459.0240Le Cong Tam, James 
459.0241Looby, Henry 
459.0242Lucarelli, Carl 
459.0243Miller, Clarence 
459.0244Maloney, John Barret 
459.0245Maloney, John Barret 
459.0246Marabeti, Stephen 
459.0247Meyer, Carl 
459.0248Mich, Lawrence 
459.0249Minor, Carl B.J. 
459.0250Monahan, James K. 
459.0251Mueller, John 
459.0252Newman, Joseph 
459.0253O'brien, Terrance E. 
459.0254Paneratz, Arnold 
459.0255Perkins, Br. Bernard O.C.D 
459.0256Provenza, Dr. D. Vincent 
459.0257Picard, Adrien 
459.0258Postler, Charles A. 
459.0259Raispis, Jerome P. 
459.0260Renville, John R. 
459.0261Rolando, Bernard C. 
459.0262Ryland, Ray 
459.0263Sauer, Sylveter 
459.0264Schmallen, Jerry J. 
459.0265Schubert Paul 
459.0266Scott, John William 
459.0267Scott, John William 
459.0268Shaw, A. Ray III 
459.0269Stolpman, Bernard 
459.0270Statter, Ralph William 
459.0271Sewell, Jack 
459.0272Taylor, Ralph 
459.0273Thorton, James Jr. 
459.0274True, Robert 
459.0275Van Wallene, Matthew 
459.0276Van Wallene, Matthew 
459.0277Funeral Directors The National Assoc. Part I 
459.0278Funeral Directors The National Assoc. Part II 
459.0279St. Christopher's Hospice 
459.0280Bibliography of Society, Ethics + Life Sciences 
459.0281Death and Dying Workshop 
459.0282Moral Issues General 
459.0283Moral Issues Miscellaneous 
459.0284Christian Ethics, American Society of (Part I) 
459.0285Christian Ethics, American Society of (Part 2) 
459.0286Christian Ethics, American Society of (Part 3) 
459.0287Churchs Mission in Town and Country 
459.0288Catholic Hospital Ethics 
459.0289Medical Morals Right to Life Committee 
459.0290Christian Sceptical Destroying Angel, The 
459.0291Hastings Center Studies 
459.0292Hastings Center Report 
459.0293Books, Records, Journals etc. 
459.0294Athletics: Books, Records, Journals, Ledgers, etc. MIAC records 
459.0295Football Statistics 
459.0296Football Complimentary Tickets and Letters 
459.0297Football Newspaper Clippings 
459.0298Football Releases 
459.0299Football Releases 
459.0300Football Releases 
459.0301Football Releases 
459.0303Gagliardi, John Tributes and Data 
459.0304Football Brochures 
459.0305Football Brochures 
459.0306Football Miscellaneous 
459.0307Basketball Score Books 
459.0309Cross Country 
459.0316M.I.A.C. History 
459.0317Physical Education Department 
459.0318Arnold, Dave; Igo, Dave; Kolhorst, Elmer; Miller,G 
459.0319Durenberger, George 
459.0320M.I.A.C. Constitutions 
459.0321M.I.A.C. Meetings Correspondence etc. 
459.0322M.I.A.C. Meetings Correspondence etc. 
459.0323M.I.A.C. Meetings Correspondence etc. 
459.0324M.I.A.C. Meetings Correspondence etc. 
459.0326Athletics Scorebooks 
459.0327Honors Programs Elsewhere 
459.0328Honors Programs 
459.0329Honors Council 
459.0330Annual Reports 
459.0332Curriculum Proposals 
459.0333Sophomore Research Papers 
459.0334Graduates Program 
459.0335Thesis Program 
459.0336Kraker, David L. - Honors Program Paper 
459.0337Lang, Stuart G. - Honors Program Paper 
459.0338Menning, Bruce W. - Honors Program Paper 
459.0339Honors Reports - Class of 1966 
459.0340Honors Current 
459.0341Community Issues of 
459.0343Honors Program SJU 
459.0344Benedicta Arts Center 
459.0345Lively Arts Series 
459.0346Benedicta Arts Center Event Flyers 
459.0347Benedicta Arts Center Calendar of Events 
459.0348Junior Integrated Studies - Search for Meaning 
459.0349Directions for the Future 
459.0350Financial Reports 
459.0351Campus News CSB 
459.0352Freshmen Class Report 
459.0353Independent Study Report 
459.0354Faculty Correspondence with 
459.0355News Clippings 
459.0356Elderhostel Program 
459.0357Idzerda, Stanley 
459.0358Renner, Sr. Emmanuel 
459.0361St. Benedict, College of Today 
459.0364Faculty Handbook 
459.0365Institutional Data 
459.0366Gift Reports 
459.0368Warner Lecture Series 
459.0370Audubon Wildlife Films 
459.0371Books Miscellaneous 
459.0372Pamphlets Misc. etc. 
459.0373Courses offered Miscellaneous Items on 
459.0374Pamphlets, Admissions Forms 
459.0375Photographs Misc. 
459.0377Space Allocation Study 
459.0378Nursing Self-Study 
459.0379Gustin, Fr. Arno Notecards 
459.0382Sermon, First Mass 
459.0384Workshop Address 
459.0385Journalism Lectures 
459.0386Education Address 
459.0387Catholic Education and governance 
459.0388Liturgical Music Summer 
459.0389Benedictine Academy 
459.0390Presidents Report 
459.0391Scriptural Institute 
459.0392Colleges, American Association of Intell. Life 
459.0393Trustees, Board of 
459.0394Alumni Meetings Reports and Materials 
459.0395St. Gregory's 
459.0396Associates Committee 
459.0397Alumni Talks 
459.0398College Series SJU 
459.0399Love, Life, Death Issues; Other Publications 
459.0400Human Life Issues 
459.0401Human Life Center Material 
459.0402Japan Family Life Tour 
459.0403Human Life Center Miscellaneous 
459.0404Human Life Center News Articles 
459.0405Marx OSB, Paul Pamphlets 
459.0406Human Life Center Publications 
459.0407Rath, Martin OSB Rosebud 
459.0408Human Life Center Seminar Information 
459.0409Theologians and Human Life Issues 
459.0410Booklets Various 
459.0411University Professors, American Association of 
459.0412University Professors, American Association of 
459.0413University Professors, American Association of 
459.0414Academic Freedom 
459.0415J-Club Awards and Finances 
459.0416Ice Arena Hockey 
459.0417Hockey News Releases, Lists 
460.0001Adult Education St. Teresa's and Others 
460.0002Adult Education Advertisements and Publicity 
460.0003Adult Education Correspondence 
460.0004Adult Education Finances 
460.0005Adult Education Forms and Letters 
460.0006Adult Education Grants 
460.0007Adult Education Questionaires and Results 
460.0008Adult Education Statistics 
460.0009Adult Education Brochures 
460.0010Adult Education Course Outlines 
460.0011Adult Education Faculty Meetings and Notes 
460.0012Adult Education Mailing Lists 
460.0013Adult Education Commission NCEA 
460.0014Educational T.V., Telecourses 
460.0015Retreats Pastoral Care 
460.0016Lifelong Learning 
460.0017House of Studies Program 
460.0018Human Life Center Brochure 
460.0019International Business Law Institute SJU 
460.0020St. Francis Conferences, Third Order 
460.0021Continuing Education 
460.0022Meinberg OSB, Cloud and Ade Bethune Correspondence 
460.0023Meinberg OSB, Cloud and Rev. John Walch Correspond 
460.0024Catholic Art Quarterly 
460.0025Meinberg OSB, Cloud Notes 
460.0027Membership List 
460.0028Catholic Art Association Brochure 
460.0029Meinberg OSB, Cloud Correspondence, Misc. Photos 
460.0030Meinberg OSB, Cloud and Marcel Breuer Corresp. 
460.0031Art Department Flyers and News Releases 
460.0032Meinberg OSB, Cloud "Art Appreciation" Course 
460.0033Constitution and Misc. 
460.0035Minnesota Private College Council General 
460.0036Minnesota Colleges, Association of 
460.0037Minnesota Colleges, Association of 
460.0038Minnesota Colleges, Association of 
460.0039Minnesota Private College Council 
460.0040Minnesota College Survey Booklets 
460.0041Minnesota Private College Fund - Letters, Reports 
460.0042Minnesota Private College Council 
460.0043Minnesota Private College Council Fund 
460.0044Minnesota Private College Fund Correspondence 
460.0045Minnesota Private College Fund Questionaire 
460.0046Minnesota Private College Fund 
460.0047Minnesota Private College Fund 
460.0048Enrollment Statistics 
460.0049Minnesota Private College Hour 
460.0050Minnesota Private College Council 
460.0051Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Commission 
460.0052Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Committee 
460.0053Teaching Reading 
460.0054Curriculum Special Science 
460.0056Science and Children,Teachers, World, Bulletin 
460.0058Science Booklets 
460.0059Science Curriculum 
460.0060Programmed Learning 
460.0061Hansen, Stewart Class Notes 
460.0062Chemical Education Material Study 
460.0063Education 41D and 45 
460.0065Science Teaching Aids 
460.0066Teacher Education Policies SJU 
460.0067Interest Rates Understanding 
460.0068Physical Science Study Committee 
460.0069Science Problem Solving Through 
460.0070Science Fairs Future Scientists of America 
460.0071Library Mathematics Madison Project 
460.0072Films and Film Strips 
460.0073Education Policies - Individual States Part I 
460.0074Education Policies - Individual States Part II 
460.0075National Education Aviation Council 
460.0076Foreign Countries Positions in 
460.0078Education Miscellaneous Info. 
460.0079North Central Committee 
460.0080Student Teaching Handbook 
460.0081Education Department Staff Meetings 
460.0082Teacher Education Committee 
460.0083N.C.A. Workshop -- Final Report 
460.0084Foreign Students Directory of SJU 
460.0085Joint Council 
460.0086M.I.T.P.A. Placement 
460.0087Accreditation of Teacher Ed., National Council for 
460.0088Faculty Meetings 
460.0089Curriculum Development, Assoc. for Supervision and 
460.0090Colleges for Teacher Ed., American Association of 
460.0091Summer Study Objectives of University 
460.0092Student Teaching, Association for Tri-State 
460.0093Teps Work Conference 
460.0094Curriculum Committee 
460.0095Student Teaching and Education Guides 
460.0096Teacher Supply Study 
460.0097Minnesota Education Association - Survey 
460.0099Teacher Education Examination Program 
460.0100Education Gray Areas in 
460.0101Faculty Lay 
460.0102Faculty Workshop Report to 
460.0103M.H. Program 
460.0104Bibliography of Recommended Works 
460.0105Thesis Writing Form Book 
460.0106Teaching Alumni Study 
460.0107Teacher Education Program 
460.0108Visual Transparency Material 
460.0109Students Residence and Migration of 
460.0110Records Management Journal 
460.0111Minnesota Humanities Commission 
460.0112St. John the Baptist Parish Family Data 
460.0113St. John the Baptist Parish Centennial Celebrate 
460.0114Diocese of St. Cloud Bicentennial Brochure 
460.0116Department of State Brochures 
460.0117Fire Department 
460.0119Summer Camps, etc. 
460.0121Computer Center Log and Budget 
460.0122Swayed Pines 
460.0123Jadot, Archbishop Jean: "A View Towards Rel. Pri." 
460.0124Collegeville Community Credit Union 
460.0125Business Week (Eugene Power & Arthur A. Houghton) 
460.0126Honorary Degrees & Special Events 
460.0127Minnesota Private College Fund Reports Brochures 
460.0128Minnesota Private College Fund Annual Reports 
460.0129Minnesota Private College Fund 
460.0130Minnesota Private College Fund General Corresp. 
460.0131Minnesota Private College Fund Minutes 
460.0132Minnesota Private College Fund 
460.0133Presidents Report 
460.0134Independent College Funds of America 
460.0135Minnesota Private College Fund 
460.0136National Science Foundation 
460.0137Staff Meetings 
460.0138International Milling 
460.0139Foundation Petitions 
460.0140Ford Foundation 
460.0141Alliss Foundation, Charles and Ellora 
460.0142Danforth Foundation 
460.0143Bush Foundation 
460.0144Building Fund - St. Mary's Hall etc. 
460.0145Development Committee Minutes 
460.0146General Miscellaneous 
460.0148John Price Jones Company 
460.0149John Price Jones Company - Correspondence 
460.0151Parent/Student Letters 
460.0152Parents Seminar 
460.0153Development Fund Reports 
460.0154Hill Family Foundation 
460.0155Survey Analysis Plan 
460.0156Alumni Meetings 
460.0157Future of SJU Report 
460.0159Grants SJU/CSB 
460.0160Fellows of SJU (Mike Ricci, Jerome Taylor, E Henry 
460.0161Administrative Services and Development Meetings 
460.0162Annual Fund Report 
460.0163Capital Fund Drive 
460.0164Jerome Foundation 
460.0166Donors Pamphlets, Associates Lists 
460.0167St. John's Associates 
460.0168Solicitation Library 
460.0169Historical File 
460.0170Kapsner, Oliver 
460.0172Library Miscellaneous 
460.0173Building Discussions 
460.0174Anderson OSB, Rev. Canute 
460.0175Trenerry Book Shelf 
460.0176Librarians and Associates List of 
460.0177Library Reports and Data (Microfilm Data) 
460.0178Building Committee Minutes 
460.0179Library Correspondence 
460.0180Library Periodical Collection 
460.0181American Benedictine Academy 
460.0182Library Book Orders and Invoices 
460.0183Library Correspondence and Orders 
460.0184Library Model for Proposed Addition (Photographs) 
460.0185Library Books, Missions, Photo of Pope Paul IV 
460.0186Library Book Sale 3 
460.0187Library Permanent Fixtures 
460.0188Meinrad OSB 
460.0189Building Committee 
460.0190Library of Congress Supplement 
460.0191Library Book Catalogues 
460.0192Annual Reports 
460.0193Library Dedication Planning 
460.0194Library new one for SJU 
460.0195Library Dedication 
460.0196Consultants Report 
460.0197C&PD Budget 
460.0198C&PD Reference 
460.0199Catholic Library Association 
460.0200Catholic Library Association 
460.0201North Central Reports 1948-1970 
460.0202Breuer, Marcel and Associates 
460.0203Hill Family Program - 3M Program (Internships) 
460.0204C&PD Collective Development 
460.0205Small Colleges, Council For the Advancement of 
461.0001Minutes of the Art Department 
461.0003North Central Reports 
461.0004St. John's Self Study Report 
461.0005College Courses and Course Syllabi 
461.0006Community Development 
461.0007Summer Planning Committee Report and Recommendatio 
461.0008Learning Resources Manual 
461.0009Graduate Performance 
461.0010Latin America Plans for 
461.0011Test Results 
461.0012Curriculum Committee 
461.0013Community Education and Continuing Education 
461.0014Institutional Data 
461.0015Divinity, School of Self-study 
461.0016Planning Committee - (Final Report) 
461.0017Community Development Program Proposed (Joint) 
461.0018Curriculum and Program Development 
461.0019Honors Program 
461.0020Calendar Change 
461.0021Freshmen Honors Program 
461.0022Tucker, Fr. Dunstan 
461.0023Honors Committee 
461.0024Asian Studies Committee 
461.0025Intercultural Project 
461.0026Tuscon Project 
461.0027Liberal Arts Requirements 
461.0028Forum, The 
461.0029Graduation Requirements 
461.0030St. John's Story In Computing, The 
461.0031Study Abroad Opportunities 
461.0032Typewriting Department 
461.0034Education White House Conference on 
461.0036Community Issues 
461.0037Salzburg Program (Rolfson-Drekonia Report) 
461.0039Joint Cooperative Treaty 
461.0040Joint Departmental Report 
461.0041Art Department Working Book - Summer 
461.0042Departmental Actions 
461.0044Art Department General Information 
461.0045Traynor, John - Style Analysis of Paul Cezanne 
461.0046Petheo, Bela Shows 
461.0047Petheo, Bela - Personal & Exhibitions 
461.0048Breuer, Marcel Show 
461.0050St. Benedict, College of Minutes 
461.0051Visitor's Album 
461.0052Hendershot, Jim 
461.0053Correspondence and Participation 
461.0054Department Speakers - Parents Day 
461.0055Art Recommendations 
461.0056Art Exhibitions 
461.0057Kathman, Barbara 
461.0058Art Building 
461.0060LaBrone, Oliver 
461.0062Art General 
461.0063Perpich, Gov. Rudy Address on the State of Arts 
461.0064Art Department Correspondence 
461.0065Central Minnesota Creativity at U of M 
461.0066Petheo, Bela and the Salzburg Program 
461.0067Petheo, Bela and the Salzburg Program 
461.0068Petheo, Bela - Minnesota, Columbia, Cornell 
461.0070College Student Test Data 
461.0071Freshmen Analysis Comprehensive Profile 
461.0072Freshmen Transfer and Readmitted Students Data 
461.0073Pamphlets SJU 
461.0074Freshmen Statistics 
461.0076Freshmen Class Reports CSB 
461.0077Preliminary Report 
461.0078News Articles 
461.0079Application Statistics 
461.0081St. Benedict, College of Exchange 
461.0084Joint Committee 
461.0085Education, American Council on 47th Annual Mtg. 
461.0086Curriculum Ad Hoc Committee 
461.0087Joint Summer Study Committee 
461.0088Cooperation Ad Hoc Committee on 
461.0090Coordinating Committee - Joint Administrative 
461.0091Joint Study Committee (Mayhew Report) 
461.0092Joint Study Report 
461.0093Joint Staff 
461.0094St. Benedict, College of 
461.0095Cooperation Committee 
461.0097January Term 
461.0098Grant Applications CSB/SJU 
461.0099Theisen, Dr. Sylvester Coordinator 
461.0100Joint Administrative Staffs 
461.0101Joint Study Committee on Cooperation 
461.0102Cooperative Educational Projects 
463.0001Budget Music Dept. 
463.0002Budget Receipts Music Dept. 
463.0004Art File 
463.0005Choir All-College 
463.0006Advanced Placement 
463.0008Academic Advising 
463.0009Faculty Chairperson Correspondence to 
463.0010Chair Meeting Document 
463.0011Capital Acquisitions 
463.0012Campus Singers 
463.0013Budget Printouts 
463.0014Key Control 
463.0015MRJA Correspondence 
463.0016Keys Issued 
463.0017Liturgical Music Workshop 
463.0018Music Lounge Supplies 
463.0019Music Department Mailing List 
463.0020May Bowle 
463.0022Minnesota Dialogue 
463.0023Murray Jazz Improv. 
463.0024Music Club 
463.0025Music History Exams 
463.0026Music Library 
463.0027Music Requirements 
463.0028Music Through Theory 
463.0030Theological Schools, National Association of 
463.0032Music Department Office Expense 
463.0035Piano Proficiency 
463.0037Music Department Purchase Order Forms 
463.0038Music Department Receptions 
463.0039Music Department Recruitment 
463.0042Salzburg Syllabus 
463.0043Scholarship Applications 
463.0044Scholarship Auditions 
463.0045Scholarships Auditions 
463.0046Scholarship Auditions 
463.0047Scholarship Auditions 
463.0048Scholarship Auditions 
463.0049Scholarship Tape Auditions 
463.0050Wind and Jazz Ensemble 
463.0051Spaeth, Robert Correspondence 
463.0052State Accreditation 
463.0053State Department Program Audit 
463.0054Student Correspondence 
463.0055Student Accounts 
463.0056Student Recommendations 
463.0057Student Transcripts 
463.0058Student Workers CSB Music Library 
463.0059Student Employees 
463.0060Student Workers SJU 
463.0062Music Department Telephone Billings 
463.0063Recitals Thursday Afternoon 
463.0064Music Department Reports 
463.0065Music Schools Directory (U.S. and Canada) 
463.0066Music Department Equipment Plans 
463.0067Events Schedule 
463.0068Music Department Exams 
463.0069Faculty Meeting Minutes 
463.0070Faculty Schedules 
463.0071Gopher Notes 
463.0075Instrument Rentals 
463.0077January Term 
463.0078January Term 
463.0079Jury Forms 
463.0080Jury Results 
463.0081Jury Scedules 
463.0082Chamber Choir and Men's Chorus 
463.0083Chamber Orchestra 
463.0084Music Department Check Requests 
463.0086Department Meetings 
463.0087Degree Audit Requirements 
463.0089Classroom Space/Studios 
463.0090Class Schedules 
465B.0001Title II Grant SJULibrary Director Office
465B.0004Title II Grant CSB LibraryLibrary Director Office
473.0001Honorary Degrees Conferred - Pax Christi Awards 
473.0002Administrative Council 
473.0003Admissions Office 
473.0004Advertising Calendars 
473.0005Advertising Clippings 
473.0006Advertising Miscellaneous 
473.0007Adult Education 
473.0008Affiliates SJU 
473.0009Alpha Phi Omega 
473.0010Boy Scout Troop 
473.0011Alumni Association St. Paul Branch 
473.0012Alumni Association Stationary, Forms 
473.0013Alma Mater Song 1943 
473.0014American Church History Class, Fr. Medric OSB 
473.0015Education, American Council on 
473.0016American Philological Association 
473.0017St. Anselm's Hall 
473.0018Colleges, Association for American 
473.0019Associates SJU 
473.0020Vedie Himsl - Athletics Clippings & Photographs 
473.0021Bavarian Academy to SJU 
473.0022Benedictine School of Theology (Sisters) 
473.0023Discipline, Board of Constitution 
473.0024Discipline, Board of Minutes 
473.0025Studies, Board of Constitution 
473.0026Studies, Board of Minutes 
473.0027Trustees, Board of 
473.0028Bread SJU 
473.0029Building Changes 
473.0030Catholic University of America 
473.0031Catholic College Students, Nat. Fed. Congress @SJU 
473.0032Chaplain Eastern Rites at SJU 
473.0033Classical Conference 
473.0034Ecumenical Theological Colloquy 
473.0035Ecumenical Church Service 
473.0036Commencement Clippings 
473.0037Commencement Invitations 
473.0038Academic Waivers Committee Minutes 
473.0039Admissions Committee 
473.0040Curriculum Committee 
473.0041Campus Center Committee 
473.0042Educations Policies Committee 
473.0043Entertainment Committee 
473.0044Entertainment Committee 
473.0045Entertainment Committee 
473.0046Entertainment Committee 
473.0047Entertainment Committee 
473.0048Entertainment Committee 
473.0049Entertainment Committee 
473.0050Faculty Committee 
473.0051Faculty Studies Committee 
473.0052Program Committee 
473.0053Recreation Center Committee 
473.0054University Research Committee 
473.0055Retirement Committee 
473.0056Scholarship Committee 
473.0057Space Allocation Committee 
473.0058Student Dormitory Committee 
473.0059Commencement Address Edelbrock and Others 
473.0060Commercial Course 
473.0061Conservation Field Day 
473.0062Conventions N.B.E.A.--- A.B.A. 
473.0063International Relations Club 
473.0064Catholic Aid Convention (Vespers) 
473.0066Cooperative Academic Program 
473.0067Alberic, Colhane Acting President 
473.0068Dean of SJU 
473.0069Deans Certificates 
473.0070Dean Class Cards, etc. 
473.0071Deficiency Notices 
473.0072Deans Envelopes, Stationary 
473.0073Deans Notice to Patrons 
473.0074Deans Notes 
473.0076Registration etc. 
473.0077Professor Reports 
473.0078College Prep Notes, etc 
473.0079College Prep Registration 
473.0080Dean of SJU Miscellaneous 
473.0081Fire Drill 
473.0082Dean of Men College 
473.0083Dean College Prep 
473.0084Debate Team 
473.0085Delta Epsilon Sigma Mu Chapter 
473.0086Delta Epsilon Sigma 
473.0087Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of 
473.0089Dramatics Clippings 
473.0090Dramatics Clubs 
473.0091Dramatics Programs 
473.0092Dramatics Programs 
473.0093Dramatics Programs 
473.0094Dramatics Programs 
473.0095Dramatics / Constitution (1948) 
473.0096Economics Club 
473.0098Ecumenical Institute 
473.0100Education Enrollment 
473.0102Education Misc. 
473.0103English Department 
473.0104Entertainment: Banquets 
473.0105Entertainment Dedication 
473.0106Entertainment Elocution 
473.0107Entertainment Farewell 
473.0108Entertainment Jubillee 
473.0109Entertainment Lectures 
473.0110Entertainment Literary 
473.0111Entertainment National Holidays 
473.0112Entertainment Outsiders 
473.0113Entertainment Receptions 
473.0115Farm; Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Reports 1953-1954; Auction, 1958; 
473.0116Film Classic Society 
473.0117Fire Department 
473.0118Theology, Graduate School of 
473.0119Guest Schedule SJU 
473.0120Guestmaster Fr. Fabian 
473.0121Graduate School Workshops 
473.0122Gusetmaster Fr. Fabian Correspondence 
473.0123Guestmaster Correspondence 
473.0125Honorary Degrees Conferred Pax Christi Awards 
473.0126Honors Course 
473.0127Honors Convocation 
473.0129Humanities Christian Culture Major 
473.0130International Relations Club 
473.0131Mental Health, Institute for 
473.0132Cadet, Johnny 
473.0134Educational Television KTCA 
473.0135Schirber, Fr. Martin KTCA 
473.0136Trustees Lay 
473.0137Mail Service 
473.0138Maintenance Manager 
473.0139Science, Academy of 
473.0140Minnesota Catholic Colleges 
473.0142Minnesota College Fund Association 
473.0143Minnesota College Press Association 
473.0144Minnesota Education Association 
473.0145Music Students Band 
473.0146Glee Club, Choir 
473.0147Orchestra University 
473.0148Music Clippings 
473.0149Orchestra Students 
473.0150Concerts Sacred 
473.0151Music Programs 
473.0153Music Appreciation 
473.0154Herring, Frank Music 
473.0155Music Attended by Music Faculty Elsewhere 
473.0156Music Misc. 
473.0157Gregorian Chant 
473.0158Gregorian Institute 
473.0159National Catholic Welfare Conference 
473.0160Liturgical Week 
473.0162Parents Weekend 
473.0163Philosphy Department 
473.0164Prep School Committee 
473.0165Presidents Office Report 
473.0166Presidents Office Cardinal Muench Convocation 
473.0167Deustch, Martin and Arno 
473.0168Kennedy, John F. 
473.0169Ortman, Cyril 
473.0170San Antonio P.R. 
473.0172St. Maur's Priory 
473.0173Cantwell, John 
473.0175Arno, Fr. Varia 
473.0176Arno, Fr. Varia 
473.0178Publicity Important Clippings 
473.0179Renaissance Society of America 
473.0180Lay Retreat Reports 
473.0181KSJR WFBJ 
473.0183Rural Life School Courses 
473.0184Rural Life School Correspondence 
473.0185Reserve Officers Training Corps 
473.0186Rural Life School Conferences 
473.0187Rural Life School Clippings 
473.0188Rural Life School 
473.0189Scholarships Chant 
473.0190Rural Life School 
473.0192Sedes Sapientiae Committee 
473.0194Catholic Action 
473.0195Social Institute Paper Releases 
473.0196Social Institute Programs 
473.0197Social Institute Clippings 
473.0198Social Institute Correspondence 
473.0199Social Institute Delegates 
473.0200Social Institute Misc. 
473.0201Blessed Virgin Mary, Sodality of 
473.0202Special Events Department 
473.0203Spiritual Life Institute 
473.0204Student Aid N.Y.A. and Employment 
473.0205Student Council 
473.0206Teacher Training Program 
473.0207Vocational Material 
473.0208Aviation Cadet Training Program US Army I 
473.0209Cadets 87th CTD 
473.0210Army Air Force Contract Between USA and SJU 
473.0211School Establishment of 
473.0212U.S. Army Air Corps Students Class Schedules 
475.0001Graduation Materials 
475.0002Graduation Materials 
475.0003Programs and Convocation Committee 
475.0004Humanities Requirements Committee For LSP 
475.0005Programs and Convocations 
476.0001News Items (topics) 
476.0002Christmas Tree 
476.0003Buildings News Notes 
476.0004Promotions Administrative 
476.0005Alumni Clerical 
476.0006Alumni Lay 
476.0007Classes Abroad / In other States 
476.0008St. Benedict, College of 
476.0010Educational Programs 
476.0011Experimental Learning 
476.0012Faculty Additions 
476.0013Faculty News Notes 
476.0014Fellows SJU 
476.0015Grants and Fund Drives 
476.0016Mall Center 
476.0017Visitors Outstanding 
476.0018Pax Christi Award 
476.0019Presidential Citations 
476.0020Presidential Honors, Educational & Community Fun 
476.0021President The Newsmaker 
476.0022Regents, Board of 
476.0023Reserve Officers Training Corps 
476.0025Student News Clippings 
476.0026Summer Programs / Activities 
476.0027Newspaper Clippings 
476.0028Newspaper Clippings 
476.0029Newspaper Clippings 
476.0030Newspaper Clippings 
476.0031Newspaper Clippings 
476.0032Newspaper Clippings 
476.0033Newspaper Clippings 
476.0034Newspaper Clippings 
476.0035Newspaper Clippings 
476.0036Newspaper Clippings 
476.0037Newspaper Clippings 
476.0038Newspaper Clippings 
476.0039Newspaper Clippings 
476.0040Newspaper Clippings 
476.0041News Items 
476.0042Newspaper Clippings 
476.0043Newspaper Clippings 
476.0044Newspaper Clippings 
476.0045Newspaper Clippings 
476.0046News Items 
476.0048Abbey Church Consecration of 
476.0049News Items Part I 
476.0050News Items Part II 
476.0051News Items 
476.0052Library Dedication News 
476.0053Athletics Items 
476.0055Newspaper Clippings 
476.0056Newspaper Clippings 
476.0057Human Life Center Clippings 
476.0058Prep School Clippings 
476.0059Divinity, Theology etc. Clippings 
476.0060Newspaper Clippings - Calligraphy Connection 
476.0061Quadrangle Dedication Clippings 
476.0062Sesquimillenium Benedictines and Book, Oliver OSB 
476.0063Mathematics Department News 
476.0065Dupuch, Etienne on Fr. Chrysostem Schreiner OSB 
476.0066Eidenshink OSB, Abbot John and K.C. Meeting 
476.0067Diekmann OSB, Fr. Godfrey 
476.0068Catholic Action News Fr. Arno Gustin 
476.0069Talafous OSB, Fr. Don and Alumni 
476.0070Barry OSB, Colman 
476.0071Roosevelt, Franklin D. to Fr. Dominic Keller OSB 
476.0072Alumni Association Correspondence 
476.0073Alumni Correspondence 
477.0001Blecker OSB, Michael 
477.0002Farrell OSB, Fr. Gerard 
477.0003Schirber OSB, Fr. Martin 
477.0004Harter, Rev. Sylvester Story Ideas and Grades 
477.0005Harter, Rev. Sylvester Diary and Gradebooks 
478.0001Minitex Info LSAT Scores 
478.0002Social Science Division 
478.0003Social Science Major 
478.0004Psychology Comments From Faculty 
478.0005Lab Grants Applications 
478.0006Psychology Graduate School Entrance 
478.0007Presidents Office 
478.0008Educational Policies Committee 
478.0009Deans Office 
478.0010Registrars Office Forms 
478.0011Department Correspondence 
478.0012Space Allocation 
478.0013Gifts Gaida 
478.0014Psychology Department History 
478.0015Psychology Chairman 
478.0016Psychology Careers 
478.0017Humanities Division Meeting 
478.0018PSY Line 
478.0019Psychology Department 
478.0020Psychology Department Data 
478.0021Hansen, Stewart Correspondence (Psychology) 
479.0001Ford Foundation (Micro-City) 
479.0002Moos, Malcolm (Micro-City) 
479.0003Micro-City Study Project I 
479.0004Micro-City Study Project II 
479.0005Micro-City Study Project 
479.0006Community Research Among Colleges, Center for 
479.0007Micro-City in MN Municipalities 
479.0010Rural Crime and Justice Institute 
479.0011Life Long Learning Ad Hoc Policy Committee 
479.0012Community Leadership Education Program Cofell 
479.0013St. Martin MN Study Cofell, William 
479.0014HEW Section 504 
479.0015Life Long Learning Summer Workshop 
479.0016Decision Making Booklets etc. 
479.0017Local Officials Training 
480.0001Presidential Search Committee 
482.0001Academic Records SummaryOffice of the Registrar
482.0002Drinking Behavior SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0003Student Activities SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0004Abbey Apostolate PrioritiesOffice of the Registrar
482.0005Central States College Association Data FormOffice of the Registrar
482.0006St. John's Community Backgrounds and Religious At.Office of the Registrar
482.0007Class of 1972 Characteristics and AptitudesOffice of the Registrar
482.0008Course Enrollment Summaries (Bi-Campus)Office of the Registrar
482.0009Food Service Recommendations Dining FacilitiesOffice of the Registrar
482.0010Institutional Functioning InventoryOffice of the Registrar
482.0011Foreign Language Requirement for a B.A.Office of the Registrar
482.0012Transfer Student AnalysisOffice of the Registrar
482.0013Catholic Women's Colleges Survey of RegistrarsOffice of the Registrar
482.0014Student Questionnaire Part IOffice of the Registrar
482.0015Student Questionnaire Part IIOffice of the Registrar
482.0016Divinity, School of Student Opinions and ValuesOffice of the Registrar
482.0017Counseling and Advising Perceptions by StudentsOffice of the Registrar
482.0018Colleges Student & Parent Opinions aboutOffice of the Registrar
482.0019College Senior Opinions from Senior Survey Supple.Office of the Registrar
482.0020Senior SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0021Senior SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0022Freshmen Survey CSBOffice of the Registrar
482.0023Freshmen Survey SJUOffice of the Registrar
482.0024Freshmen SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0025Freshmen SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0026Freshmen Orientation SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0027Freshmen StatisticsOffice of the Registrar
482.0028MusicOffice of the Registrar
482.0029Institutional Functioning InventoryOffice of the Registrar
482.0030Senior SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0031Freshmen Colloquium SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0032Academic Records SummaryOffice of the Registrar
482.0033IGIOffice of the Registrar
482.0034IGIOffice of the Registrar
482.0035Freshmen SurveyOffice of the Registrar
482.0036Reports MiscellaneousOffice of the Registrar
483.0001Student Council 
483.0002Class Discussion Report By Students 
483.0003Students Letter to 
483.0004Discipline and Counselling 
483.0005Health Service for Students 
483.0006Student Power 
483.0007Student Exchange 
483.0008Students Criticism and Comments 
483.0009Catholic Anti-Intellectualism Survey from Class of 
483.0010Dormitory Minutes From Students 
483.0011Superior Student 
483.0012Seniors Banquet 
483.0014Grade Distribution 
483.0015Deficiency Lists 
483.0016Student Data 
483.0018Freshmen Profiles 
483.0019Freshmen Survey 
483.0020Freshmen Survey 
483.0021Student Opinion about SJU 
483.0022Dorm Lease 
483.0024Band SJU 
483.0025Freshmen Orientation 
483.0026Freshmen Orientation 
483.0027Student Papers 
483.0029Mens Chorus SJU 
483.0030Social Science Club Constitution 
483.0031Freshmen Orientation 
483.0032Social Science Reports 
483.0033Record Data and MN College Press Conference 
483.0034Honors Program James A. Nadeau Paper 
483.0035Senior Survey 
483.0036News Articles and Pamphlets 
483.0037Plays, Concerts, Pictures etc. Part I 
483.0038Plays, Concerts, Pictures etc. Part II 
483.0039SAHMS Vol X no. 1 
483.0040Student Roster and News Items 
483.0041Intercultural Week 
483.0043Psychology Psi Chi 
483.0044Big Brother Program and SJU Students 
483.0046Retreat Schedules 
483.0047Mathematics Society 
483.0048Student Prayer Book 
483.0049Stack, Dan 
483.0050Shop, Greg and Mike 
483.0051Mens Chorus SJU 
483.0052Chorus Data 
483.0053Student Organizations 
483.0054Delta Epsilon Fraternity 
483.0056Play-Back to the Farm 
483.0057Everyman Players Play Production 
483.0058Health, Education and Welfare, Department of 
483.0059Phi Beta Kappa 
483.0060Delta Epsilon 
483.0061Honor Societies 
483.0062KSJU Program 
483.0063American Chemical Society 
483.0064International Peace, Catholic Association for 
483.0065Student Executive Council 
483.0066Student Executive Council Minutes 
483.0067Referendum Results 
483.0068Student Executive Council Activities 
483.0069Student Executive Council Minutes 
483.0070Knights of Columbus Council #5136 
484.0001College Training Detachment (87th) History of 
484.0002Air Crew College Training Detachment Student Regs 
484.0003Reserve Officers Training Corps Inspection, Army 
484.0004Webb, Jack (photograph) 
484.0005Webb, Jack 
484.0006U.S. Army Air Corps Program 
484.0007Reserve Officers Training Corps Army 
484.0008Reserve Officers Training Corps Standing Proc. Org 
484.0009Reserve Officers Training Corps General 
484.0010Reserve Officers Training Corps Survey 
484.0011Reserve Officers Training Corps Pictures w/ Arno 
484.0012Mumm, Col. Material from the 1920's 
484.0013Reserve Officers Training Corps Correspondence 
484.0014Reserve Officers Training Corps Brochure 
484.0015Reserve Officers Training Corps Correspondence 
484.0016Reserve Officers Training Corps Negatives of Pict. 
484.0017Reserve Officers Training Corps Patches 
484.0018Reserve Officers Training Corps Papers 
484.0019Reserve Officers Training Corps Contract Provision 
484.0020College Training Detachment (87th) History of 
484.0021U.S. Army Air Corps Program Photographs 
484.0022Reserve Officers Training Corps Awards Ceremony 
484.0023Cadets News Item on Pre-Flight Cadets at SJU 
484.0024Reserve Officers Training Corps TRIUMVIRATE Paper 
484.0025Reserve Officers Training Corps Commissioning Prog 
484.0026U.S. Army Air Corps Program at SJU 
486.0001Executive Staff 
486.0002Presidents Advisory Council Fiscal 
486.0003Regents, Board of Thru Fiscal 1983 
486.0004Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0005Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0006Handbook for Faculty and Administration 
486.0008Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0009Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0010Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0011Regents, Board of Meeting 
486.0012Regents, Board of Meeting 
486.0013Executive Governing Board Meetings 
486.0014Regents, Board of Meetings 
486.0015University Priorities Committee 
486.0016Institutional Advancement Corresp. 3/1/81--5/27/81 
486.0017Institutional Advancement Corresp. 6/1/80--3/1/81 
486.0018Student Affairs Vice President of 
486.0019Academic Affairs Vice President for 
486.0020Administrative Services Vice President for 
486.0022Admissions Budget Survey and Report 
486.0023Budget Development 
486.0024Budget Development Office 
486.0025Budget Development 
486.0026Budget Development 
486.0027Budget Development 
486.0028Budget Development 
486.0030Budget Development 
486.0033Institutional Advancement Misc. 
486.0037Research and Records 
486.0038Capital Fund Drive-Phase II, Fiscal 1981 
486.0040Campaign for SJU in the 1990's 
486.0041Development Annual Fund 
486.0042Development Annual Fund 
486.0044Annual Fund Fiscal Year 
486.0046Theology, School of Development 1982 and older 
486.0047Foundation and Corporate Relations 
486.0048Planned Giving Office 
486.0049Institutional Advancement Comm. 
486.0050Prsidents Staff 1/86-9/86 
487.0001Administrative Offices 
487.0002Committee on Programs 
487.0003Graduate Studies Committee Minutes 
487.0004Educational Policies Committee Minutes 
487.0005Deferred Giving 
487.0007Development Correspondence 
487.0008Development Raffle, Phy. Ed. Center 
487.0009Development Director of 
487.0010Fund Luncheons 
487.0011St. John's General Background 
487.0012PIO Development and Alumni Staff Meetings 
487.0013Physical Education Center 
487.0014Investors Report to 
487.0015Investors Report to 
487.0016Fellows Day Reception 
487.0017Executive Minutes 
487.0018Presidents Report 
487.0019Fund-Raising Survey Report 
488.0001Centennial Honors Convocation 
488.0002Centennial Mankato State 
488.0003Science Hall Dedication 
488.0004Abbey and University Church Dedicatory Convocation 
488.0005Library Dedication 
488.0006Publications Misc 
488.0008Library VP Humphrey's Speech and Brochures 
488.0010Science Hall 
488.0011Centennial Convocation Series 
488.0012Convocation for Cardinal Muench 
488.0013Bicentennial Flag 
488.0014Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute for 
488.0015Organ Blessing 
488.0016Library Dedication 
488.0017Church Brochure 
489.0001Student Council Constitutions 
489.0002Coffee House Owl's Head 
489.0003Free Yew Publication 
489.0004Free University at SJU 
489.0005Student Council 
489.0006Student Council 
489.0007Student Council 
489.0008Dean of Men 
489.0009Student Executive Council 
489.0010Alpha Kappa Sigma 
490.0001Faculty Study of 
490.0002Building Use Summer Report of 
490.0003Telephone Centrex 
490.0004Data Collection 
490.0005Creative Renewal in a Time of Crisis 
490.0006Budget Comments 
490.0007Financial Resource Administration 
490.0008Financial Statement 
490.0009Insurance Health and Accident SJU 
490.0010Budget Proposal 
490.0012Travis, Gordon Organization for the Future 
490.0013Budget SJU 
490.0014Budget SJU 
490.0015Budget SJU 
490.0016Budget Explanations 
491.0001Financial Statements 1965, 1968, 1969 
491.0002Financial Statements 
491.0003Financial Statements 
491.0004Financial Statements 
491.0005Financial Statements 
491.0006Financial Statements 
491.0007Financial Statements 
491.0008Financial Statements 
491.0009Financial Statements 
491.0010Financial Statements 
491.0011Financial Statements 
491.0012Financial Statements 
491.0013Financial Statements 
491.0014Financial Statements 
491.0015Financial Statements 
491.0016Financial Statements 
491.0017Financial Statements 
491.0018Financial Statement and Audit 
491.0019Financial Aid Programs and Audit 
491.0020Financial Aid Programs and Audit 
491.0021Financial Aid Programs and Audit 
491.0022Financial Statement and Audit--SJU 
491.0023Financial Statement and Audit--SJU 
492.0001Hill Monastic Microfilm Library 
492.0002Monastic Microfilming 
492.0003Monastic Manuscript Microfilm Project 
492.0004Hill Monastic Manuscript Library 
492.0005Malta Report 
492.0006Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Progress Report.. 
492.0007Microfilm Project 
492.0008Ethiopian Program 
492.0009Hill Monastic Manuscript Library 
492.0010Kapsner, Oliver OSB "History of the Microfilm Project" 
492.0011Monastic Manuscript Microfilm Project Hill Found. 
492.0012Hill Monastic Manuscript Library etc. 
492.0013Hill Monastic Manscript Library Misc 
492.0014Studia Codicolegica 
492.0015Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Fowler Letter 
492.0016Ethiopian Patriarch 
492.0017Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Annals 
492.0018Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Progress Report 
492.0019Plante, Julian 
492.0020Hill Monastic Manuscript Library "Friend" Invitat. 
492.0021Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Checklist 
492.0022Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Reports 
492.0023Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Ethiopian Manusc. 
492.0024Microfilm Project History of 
492.0025National Endowment for Humanities 
492.0026St. Benedict Patron of all Europe 
492.0027Plante, Julian 
492.0028Plante, Julian Austria American Institute 
492.0029Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Contents & Discov 
492.0030Medieval Science and Medicine HMML Colloquim on 
492.0031Plante, Julian Curator Data 
493.0001St. John's Brochure 
493.0003Admission for Second Time 
493.0005Student Aid 
493.0010Classes Changes 
493.0011Money Collection 
493.0013Rectors Correspondence 
493.0014Discontinuing School 
493.0015Discontinuing School Poor Work 
493.0016Discontinuing School Runaway 
493.0019Financial Assistance to Students 
493.0021Guest Special 
493.0024Grades Student Reactions 
493.0025Leave of Absense 
493.0026Students Letters about 
493.0027Students Letters concerning 
493.0028Parents Letters to 
493.0029Lost Items 
493.0030Rector Misc. 
493.0031Rector Misc. 
493.0032Parents Requests 
493.0036Rector Help, Requests for, etc. 
493.0037School Work Question about 
493.0038Student Allowance 
493.0039Student Character or Discipline Problems 
493.0040Student Negative Attitudes 
493.0041Permissions Special 
493.0042Students (Requests of or for) 
493.0044Student Problems Unclassified 
493.0045Students (ex) and Crime 
493.0046Student/Parent Concerns 
493.0047Rector Thank You Letters 
493.0050Tuition Requests for Reduction 
493.0051Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0052Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0053Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0054Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0055Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0056Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0057Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0058Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0059Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0060Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0061Advertising (Rector's) 
493.0062Retreat Program for Students, Annual 
493.0063American Colleges, Assoc. of (Rector's Corres) 
493.0064Benedictine Education Association (Rector's Corrs) 
493.0065Catholic University (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0066Commencement (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0067Medals (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0068Memorials Alumni and Soldiers 
493.0069Minnesota Public Health Assn. (Rector's Corresp) 
493.0070Prejudice and Reply (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0071RECORD Support for Non-Censorship Policy 
493.0072Rumors (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0073St. Benedict's Abbey (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0074Summer Work for Students (Rector's Correspondence) 
493.0075Athletic Directors and Coaches (Rector's Corresp) 
493.0076Athletic Directors and Coaches Cassidy, Frank P. 
493.0077Athletic Directors and Coaches Flynn, Ed 1909-29 
493.0078Athletic Directors and Coaches Cahill, Ed 1920-22 
493.0079Athletic Directors and Coaches Sanborn, Fred 
493.0080Athletic Directors and Coaches Aldrich, Eugene 
493.0081Athletic Directors and Coaches Houle, W.T. 
493.0082Accreditation and University of Minnesota 
493.0083Minnesota Constitution Amendment to 
493.0084Administrative Edicts 
493.0085Admissions Rector shows patience w/ Augustin Torr 
493.0086Alumni Association 
493.0087Athletic Policy Opinion 
493.0088Bootleggers a problem 
493.0089Willis, John W. Donations for Priesthood Students 
493.0090Pyne, Herbert Faculty 
493.0091Faculty Interested Applicants 
493.0092Football Game Cancelled 
493.0093Greek Contest 
493.0095Willis, John W. Honorary Degree 
493.0096Rector Misc, Early 1920's 
493.0097Willis, John W. Museum Donor 
493.0098North Central Education Association 
493.0099Minnesota Education Association and N.E.A. 
493.0100North Central Association 
493.0101Students Physical Conditions of 
493.0102Pyne, Herbert Contract 
493.0103QUACK M.D. using St. John's Name 
493.0105St. Mary's College N.D. Closes 
493.0106Theological School St. John's 
493.0107Photographs Aerial 
493.0108Alumni Business 
493.0109Annual Catalog Covers 
493.0111Athletic Equipment Purchase 
493.0112Rector Booklet Order 
493.0113Building Equipment 
493.0114Candy Order 
493.0115Diploma Order 
493.0116Electrial Fan Purchases 
493.0117Electric Lamps 
493.0118Filing Cabinets 
493.0122Rector Misc. Business 
493.0123Rector Picture Order 
493.0124Rectors Fund and Annual Statement 
493.0125Golden Jubilee Souvenior 
493.0126Minnesota, University of 
493.0128Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
493.0129Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
493.0130Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
493.0131Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
493.0132Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
493.0133Recitals, Lectures, Programs 
495.0001Bush Faculty Data and Misc 
495.0002Faculty Development Handbook 
495.0003Atkins, Annette Correspondence 
495.0004Bush Faculty Development Spring 1985 
495.0005Bush Faculty Development Fall 1985 
495.0006Bush Faculty Development Spring 1986 
495.0007Bush Faculty Development Fall 1986 
495.0008Bush Faculty Development Spring 1987 
495.0009Bush Faculty Development Program Acceptances 
499.0001Physics Department Reunion to Fr. Casper Keogh OSB 
503.0001Music Purchase Order Forms 
503.0002Music Receptions 
503.0003Music Recommendations 
503.0004Music Recruitment Originals 
503.0006Music Recruitment Letter CSB 
503.0007Music Repair and Replacement 
503.0008Music Scholarship Applications 
503.0009Music Scholarship Applications 
503.0010Music Scholarship Auditions, March 1 
503.0011Music Scholarship Auditions, March 8 
503.0012Music Lit Music Workshop 
503.0013Music Lounge Supplies 
503.0014Music Mailing List 
503.0015Music Mpls Civic Orchestra Concert 
503.0016Music Minnesota Dialogue 
503.0017Music Miscellaneous 
503.0018Music Musica Femina 
503.0019Music Library 
503.0020Music Musicianship 
503.0021Music N.A.T.S. 
503.0022Music Newsletter 
503.0023Music Originals 
503.0024Music Parents Day 
503.0025Music Pastiche 
503.0026Music Personal 
503.0027Music Piano Proficiency 
503.0028Music Publicity 
503.0029Music Exams 
503.0030Music Gopher Notes AD 
503.0031Music Faculty Recitals 
503.0032Music Guild 
503.0033Music Hooker Correspondence 
503.0034Music Instramental Rentals 
503.0035Music J-Term 
503.0036Music Jazz Education, Murray 
503.0037Music Job Descriptions 
503.0038Music Jury Forms 
503.0039Music Jury Schedules 
503.0040Music Keys Control 
503.0041Music Lesson Inquiries 
503.0042Music Convocations 
503.0043Music Core Curriculum 
503.0044Music Courses Offered 
503.0045Music Department Inquiries 
503.0046Music Scholarship Auditions, March 15 
503.0047Music Scholarship Auditions, March 17 
503.0048Music Scholarship Auds, April 5 
503.0049Music Scholarship Auditions 
503.0050Music State Accredition 
503.0051Music Student Accounts 
503.0052Music Student Inquiries 
503.0053Music Student Workers CSB Music Library 
503.0054Music Student Workers SJU 
503.0055Music Summer Camps 
503.0056Music Telephone Billings 
503.0057Music Wind and Jazz Ensemble 
503.0058Music Auditorium 
503.0059Music Budget Info 
503.0060Music Budget Printouts 
503.0061Music Campus Singers 
503.0062Music Capital Acquisitions 
503.0063Music Chair Correspondence to Faculty 
503.0064Chamber Choir and Men's Chorus 
503.0065Chamber Orchestra 
503.0066Music Check Requests 
503.0067Music Classroom Space/Studios 
503.0068Music Activity Logs 
503.0069Music Admissions 
503.0070Music AGO Original Labels 
503.0071Music All College Choir 
503.0072Music All College Choir 
503.0073Music Alumni Mailing List 
503.0074Music Art File 
503.0075Music Compentencies 
503.0076Music Events Schedules 
503.0077Music Departmental Meetings 
503.0078Music Departmental Reports 
503.0079Music Directory Music Schools, U.S. to Canada 
503.0080Music Equipment Schedule 
503.0081Music Courses Offered 
503.0082Music Department Inquiries 
503.0083Music Department Reports 
503.0084Music Equipment Schedule 
503.0085Music Events Schedule 
503.0086Music Key Control 
503.0087Music Liturgical Music Workshop 
503.0088Music May Bowle 
503.0089Music Miscellaneous 
503.0090Music Minnesota Dialogue 
503.0091Music History Exams 
503.0092Music Library 
503.0093Music Musicianship 
503.0094Music Newsletter 
503.0095Music Recruitment Originals 
503.0096Music Purchase Order Forms 
503.0097Music Receptions 
503.0098Music Recommendations 
503.0099Music Publicity 
503.0100Music Opera 
503.0101Music Originals 
503.0102Music Personal 
503.0103Music Piano Proficiency 
503.0104Music Registrar 
503.0105Music Repair to Replacement 
503.0106Music Scholarship Auditions 
503.0107Music Sophomore Applicants 
503.0108Music Scholarship Appications 
503.0109Music Student Accounts 
503.0110Music Student Employees SJU 
503.0111Music Student Inquiries 
503.0112Music Summer Camps 
503.0113Music Symphonic Band 
503.0114Music Telephone Billings 
503.0115Music Thursday Recitals 
503.0116Music Wind and Jazz 
503.0117Music Faculty Recitals 
503.0118Music Gopher Notes AD 
503.0119Music Guild 
503.0120Music Instrument Rentals 
503.0121Music J-Term 
503.0122Music Jazz Education, \murray 
503.0123Music Job Descriptions 
503.0124Music Jury Forms 
503.0125Music Jury Schedule 
503.0126Music Academic Advising 
503.0127Music All College Choir 
503.0128Music Alumni Mailing List 
503.0129Music Art File 
503.0130Music Auditorium 
503.0131Music Budget 
503.0132Music Budget Printouts 
503.0133Music Campus Singers 
503.0134Music Chair Correspondence 
503.0135Music Classroom Spaces/Studios 
503.0136Chamber Choir to Men's Chorus 
503.0137Music Chamber Orchestra 
503.0138Music Check Requests 
516.0001Investors Report to A 
516.0002St. John's Past Year at 
516.0003Presidents Report 
516.0004Executive Staff Minutes 
516.0005National Advisory Council Report to 
516.0006The Past Year at St. John's 
516.0007Community Newsletter 
516.0008Blecker OSB, Michael Memo to Faculty & Admin. 
516.0009Presidents Reports 
516.0010Fellows of SJU 
516.0011Blecker OSB, Michael Vita of 
516.0013Presidents Report for Chapter Meeting 
516.0014News Items 
516.0015Presidents Reports 
516.0016Myers, John 
516.0017Faculty Salary Letters Concerning 
516.0018Secretary's Week 
516.0019Fellows Day 
516.0020Blecker OSB, Michael 
516.0021Blecker OSB, Michael 
516.0022Blecker OSB, Michael 
516.0023Blecker OSB, Michael 
516.0024Publications Campus 
516.0025Presidential Releases 
516.0026Presidential Releases 
516.0027Presidential Releases 
516.0028Executive Staff Minutes 
516.0029Presidents Advisory Council 
516.0030Administrative Assembly Meetings 
516.0031Minnesota Humanities Commission Fr. Michael 
516.0032Institutional Guidelines 
516.0033Investors Report to A Fr. Colman 
516.0034Executive Staff Report on Policies and Priorities 
516.0035Water Supply MN Dept. of Health Report of SJU 
516.0036Associates Day 
516.0037Blecker OSB, Michael Misc 
516.0039Budget Recommended 
516.0040Presidents Reports 
516.0041Presidents Reports 
517.0001Lutheran Catholic Dialogue on Ecumenical Libraries 
517.0002Lutheran Catholic Dialogue 
517.0003Religion Department of 
517.0004Durken, Daniel "A Permanent Diaconate Program" 
517.0005Divinity, School of 
517.0006Divinity, School of 
517.0007Divinity, School of 
517.0008Divinity, School of 
517.0009Divinity, School of 
517.0010Divinity, School of 
517.0011Divinity, School of 
517.0012Divinity, School of 
517.0013Divinity, School of 
517.0014Divinity, School of 
517.0015Religion Department of 
517.0016Master of Arts in Liturgical Studies 
517.0017Theology Commission, M.A. 
517.0018Master of Arts in Sacred Studies 
517.0019Seminary Drop-Outs 
517.0020Student Forum School of Divinity 
517.0021Cooperative Graduate Theological Program 
517.0022Graduate School Students at 
517.0023Theological Education Survey 
517.0024Theological Program Committee, M.A. 
517.0025Divinity, School of NCA Consultant 
517.0026Seminary Curriculum Revision 
517.0027Curriculum and Policy Questions 
517.0028Graduate Program Proposed in Ministry 
517.0029Seminary Form and Senate 
517.0030Human Vitae Question 
517.0031Seminary "Cluster" 
517.0032Divinity, School of Alumni Relations 
517.0033Seminary N.C. Examiners Report, Febuary 
517.0034Rector Question 
517.0035Ecumenical Dialogue 
517.0036Roman Questionnaire 
517.0037Benedictine Institute of Theology 
517.0038Theology Department and "Firehouse" Incident 
517.0039Graduate School 
517.0040Graduate School 
517.0041Graduate School 
517.0042Graduate School 
517.0043Divinity, School of History of Students 
517.0044Theology Pamphlets 
517.0045Seminary Pictures Dedication of the Seminary 
517.0046Kung, Hans The Catholic Church and Freedom 
517.0047Education for Ecumenism Committee on 
517.0048Publications Miscellaneous 
517.0049Education for Ecumenism Committee on 
517.0050Education for Ecumenism Committee on 
517.0051Education for Ecumenism Committee on 
517.0052Divinity, School of Booklet 
517.0053St. John's Seminary of the Diocese of St. Cloud, 1951-1976 
517.0054Liturgist Visits February 
517.0055Divinity, School of Newsletter, Volume III, IV 
517.0056Graduate School Information 
517.0057Spirituality, Institute for 
517.0058Divinity, School of Annual Report, December 
517.0060Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute for 
517.0061Workshops Summer 
517.0062Christian Spirituality, Institute for 
517.0063Theology, School of Newsletter 
517.0064Oblate Letters 
517.0065Churchs Responsibility to the Minorities 
517.0066Graduate Students Summer 
517.0067Rural Ministry Brochures 
517.0068Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute for Br 
517.0069Divinity, School of Brochures 
517.0070Divinity, School of Self Study 
517.0071Theology, School of Self Study 
517.0072Liturgical Work 
517.0073Divinity Brochures 
517.0074Divinity Manuscripts 
517.0075Marriage Growing in, Barnabas Laubach OSB 
517.0076Theological Enrollments 
517.0077Summer School of Liturgical Music Brochure 
517.0078Price of Peace 
517.0079Pope John Paul's Speech on Monte Cassino 
517.0080Divinity, School of Annual Report 
517.0081Public Worship The Problem of 
517.0082Lay-Folks Week Clifford Howell S.J. 
517.0083Theology, School of Newsletter, January 
517.0084Sesquimillenium of the Birth of St. Benedict 
517.0085St. Benedict Centennary 
517.0086Occasional Papers - Ecumenical Center 
517.0087Ecumenical & Cultural Research, Institute for Rpts 
517.0088Summer School Brochure 
518.0001North Central Accreditation Report, Volume II: Preliminary Departmental Planning 
518.0002North Central Accreditation Report, Volume I 
518.0003Divinity, School of Self Study 
518.0004Institutional Profile 
518.0005St. John's Self Study Report 
518.0006St. John's Statutes and Bylaws Charter 
518.0007St. John's Charter, Values, and Goals of 
518.0008Teacher Education, National Council for Acc.Report 
518.0009Policy Documents 
518.0010North Central Association Correspondence 
518.0011North Central Association Visitation Report 
518.0012Teacher Education, Nat. Counc. Acc. Team Report 
518.0013Accreditation Supplementary Info & Self Study 
518.0014North Central Association Correspondence 
518.0015Accreditation NCATE Report 
518.0016North Central Association 1978-1979 
518.0017North Central Association Review Time Table 
518.0018Co-Institutional Study Report - CSB/SJU 
518.0019Summer Planning Committee Report and Recommendatio 
518.0020Accreditation Reports 
523B.0029GE College Bowl Television Program 
524.0001Accreditation University of Minnesota 
524.0002Accreditation National Commission 
524.0003Accreditation State of Minnesota 
524.0004Accreditation University State of New York 
524.0005California Bar Association 
524.0006American Association Theological Seminar 
524.0007Accreditation St. John's Difficulties 
524.0008Accreditation St. John's Difficulties 
524.0009North Central Association Corresp. & Reactions 
524.0010North Central Accreditation Notice of 
524.0011North Central Association Reports Accreditation 
524.0012Accreditation List 
524.0013North Central Schedules and Report Acced. SJU 
524.0014North Central Association Faculty Records SJU 
524.0015North Central Association Visitation Acced. SJU 
524.0016North Central Theology Program Accreditation 
524.0017North Central Association 
524.0018North Central Fr. Colman's Accreditation Board 
524.0019North Central Michigan State Study 
524.0020North Central Correspondence 
524.0021North Central MA Program 
524.0022Accreditation University of Illinois, General 
524.0023Accreditation Catholic U Affiliation, General 
524.0024Administrative Consulate Service 
524.0025Accreditation National Commission on Accrediting 
524.0026Accreditation New York University of the State 
524.0027National Catholic Education Association 
524.0028Commission Meeting, August 2-3 
524.0029Commission Meeting, August 3-4 
524.0030North Central 
524.0031North Central 
524.0032Accreditation Procedures Associations, N. C. Ass. 
524.0033North Central Association Guide for Evaluations 
524.0034Liberal Arts Study 
524.0035North Central Association Liberal Arts Education 
524.0036North Centeral Ass. Meeting Minutes & Reports 
524.0037North Central Ass. Meeting Minutes and Reports 
524.0038Liberal Arts Study 
524.0039Liberal Arts Study 
524.0040Liberal Arts Study 
524.0041Liberal Arts Study 
524.0042North Central Ass. Survey of Current Trends 
524.0043North Central Association Regis College 
524.0044North Central Schedules for 
524.0045North Central Schedules for 
524.0046Accreditation American Ass. of College for Teaches 
524.0047Accreditation of Teacher Education General 
524.0048North Central Association 
524.0049North Central Association Coordinator's Corresp. 
524.0050North Central Committee 
524.0051North Central Committee 
524.0052North Central Meeting March 
524.0053North Central Correpondence 
524.0054College Teacher Project 
524.0055Teacher Education, National Council for Accredit. 
524.0056Associated Colleges of the Midwest 
524.0057North Central Association of Colleges 
524.0058North Central Visit Report of the Examiners 
524.0059North Central Accreditation Association 
524.0060SJU Task Team on Accreditation 
524.0061Accreditation and Membership 
524.0062North Central Association Revised Manual of Accred 
524.0063North Central Association Annual Meeting Chicago 
525.0001Discipline, Board of 
525.0002Discipline, Board of 
525.0003Studies, Board of 
525.0004Studies, Board of 
525.0005Faculty Meeting Summary 
525.0006Faculty Meeting Minutes 
525.0007Faculty Meetings 
525.0008Faculty Meetings 
525.0009Faculty Meetings Arts and Sciences 
525.0010Faculty Meetings 
525.0011Faculty Meetings 
525.0012Faculty Meetings 
525.0013Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0014Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0015Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0016Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0017Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0018Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0019Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0020Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0021Faculty Assembly Meeting 
525.0031Faculty Assignments 
525.0032Faculty Rural Women's Conference 
525.0033Faculty Directory 
525.0034Faculty Refectory Assignments 
525.0035Faculty Residents 
525.0036Andrews, Dr. Martin Faculty, Psy 
525.0037Blaske, Lee News Items 
525.0038Bresnahan, Richard 
525.0039Catudal, Honore M. "Berlins New Boundries" 
525.0040Charron, Fr. Joseph 
525.0041Coffell, William Social History Stearns County 
525.0042Danzel OSB, Arthur 
525.0043Godfrey OSB, Diekmann Commencement Address 
525.0044Faith, John 
525.0045Henley, Gordan Psychology 
525.0046Herring, B. Frank Mass of the Resurrection 
525.0047Kathman, Jane and Mike. "Management Problems of Student Workers in Academic Libraries" 
525.0048Roloff OSB, Ronald The OBLATE 
525.0049Schirber, Martin Misc 
525.0050Schulmann, Rabbi Nahum 
525.0051Theisen, Sylvester Article 
525.0052Academic Degrees Percentages 
525.0053Board, All University 
525.0054Thimmesh OSB, Hilary Commencement Speech by 
525.0055Alder, Mortimer Commencement Address 
525.0056Educational Policies Minutes 
525.0057Community Development Comments 
525.0058Judicial System SJU 
525.0059Faculty Papers Norman James 
526.0001Faculty Evaluation Form 
526.0002Faculty Evaluation Form Chairman 
526.0003Faculty Evaluation Form 
526.0004Calendar Ad Hoc Committee Minutes 
526.0005Academic Affairs Committee on 
526.0006Faculty Directory 
526.0007Faculty Exchange Programs 
526.0008Faculty Committees 
526.0009Faculty Evaluation Forms 
526.0010Faculty Meetings Division of Humanity 
526.0011Lay Faculty Committee 
526.0012Faculty Exhibits and Publications 
526.0013Faculty Salaries 
526.0014Lay Faculty 
526.0015Lay Faculty Salary 
526.0016Lay Faculty and Retirement Council 
526.0017Faculty Turnover 
526.0018Faculty Surveys 
526.0019Faculty, Load, Criteria, and Suggestions 
526.0020Lay Faculty Committee 
526.0021Lay Faculty 
526.0022International Education Committee on 
526.0023Faculty Workload Committee on 
526.0024Faculty Grant Proposal 
526.0025Food Service Study Committee 
526.0026Vice Presidents Ad Hoc Committee for 
526.0027Food Service Committee 
526.0028Hynes, Emerson 
526.0029Kohorst Issue 
526.0030Lay Faculty 
526.0031Lay Faculty Benedictine Review 
526.0032Library Faculty Committee Meetings 
526.0033Library Joint Committee SJU-CSB Minutes 
526.0034Faculty/Student Affaits 
526.0035Charter Study Sub-Committee of 
526.0036Tri-College Centennial Committee 
526.0037Faculty Orientation Workshops 
526.0038Faculty/Student Affairs Committee 
526.0039Faculty Record Form 
526.0040Faculty Record Form 
526.0041Faculty Summer Study Form 
526.0042Faculty Housing 
526.0043Lay Faculty Committee 
526.0044Faculty Insurance 
526.0045Faculty Rating Scale Forms 
526.0046Campus Center and Unions Committee 
526.0047Faculty Study Committee 
526.0048Faculty Study Committee 
526.0049Franklin, Carmela A. 
526.0050Faculty Media 
526.0051Faculty Committees 
526.0052Faculty Constitution 
526.0053Faculty Affairs 
526.0054Faculty Meetings 
526.0055Faculty Salaries 
526.0056Faculty Workshops 
526.0057Faculty Bibliographies 
526.0058Faculty Workshop 
526.0059Commors Committee 
526.0060Faculty Bulletin 
526.0061Faculty Colloquium 
526.0062Faculty Salary 
526.0063Hynes, Emerson 
526.0064Botanical Reserve St. John's 
526.0065Language Study Proposal 
526.0066Cofell, William L. 
526.0067Hakum, Ali 
526.0068Academic Affairs Advisory 
526.0069Bresnahan, Richard Jr. 
526.0070Hansen, Linda 
526.0071Joyce, Robert 
526.0072Gopaul, Fr. Paul 
527.0002Art Department History 
527.0003Art Department 
527.0004Art Curriculum Outside Dev. & Dis. 
527.0007Faculty Assembly 
527.0009Biology Department Barry Memo To Bertram OSB 
527.0010Biology Department Picture in 1925 
527.0011Psychology Chairman's Meetings and Materials 
527.0013Classics Department History 
527.0014Computer Science 
527.0015Communication Journalism, Publications, Radio 
527.0016Divinity, School of Masters 
527.0017Ad Hoc Convention 
527.0018Economics Department of 
527.0019Economics and Accounting 
527.0020Faculty Divinity Meeting, Minutes of 
527.0021Education, Department of Teacher Education Prgm. 
527.0024Engineering and Mathematics 
527.0026English Department 
527.0028Faculty Graduate Meetings 
527.0030History Staff Applications 
527.0031History Department of 
527.0032Tegeder OSB, Vincent Study History Graduates 
527.0034Humanities Division of 
527.0035Language and Literature Division of 
527.0036Languages Modern 
527.0037Latin Department of 
527.0041Military Science (ROTC) 
527.0043Natural Science 
527.0046Physical Education 
527.0049Religion Department of 
527.0050Social Science 
527.0051Social Science Seminar 
527.0052Science Division 
527.0055Alumni Comments on Economic and Business Depts. 
527.0057St. John's Abroad 
527.0058Educational Policies Committee 
527.0060Peace Corps 
527.0061Carin American Institute 
527.0062Librarians, Institute for 
527.0063Institutional Research 
527.0064Institutional Research 
527.0065Teacher Placement 
527.0066National Catholic Placement Service 
527.0067Student Council Graduate School 
527.0068Department Priorities 
527.0069Physical Education Requirement 
527.0070Grading Study Committee 
527.0071Humanities Division Meetings 
532.0001Athletic Mirror [publication] March 4, 1911 
532.0002Boxing History 
532.0003J-Club Memos 
532.0005Constitution of Spike and Cleat Fraternity 
532.0006Football Awards 
532.0007Press Releases 
532.0008Football Stats 
532.0009Football Stats 
532.0010Basketball Rosters 
532.0011Press Releases 
532.0012Press Releases 
532.0015Athletics Spring 
532.0016Cross Country 
532.0017Cross Country 
532.0018Football Roster 
532.0020Basketball Stats 
532.0021Basketball Individual Stats 
532.0023Football Profiles 
532.0024Track Profiles 
532.0025Golf Profiles 
532.0026Soccer Profiles 
532.0027Tennis Profiles 
532.0028Cross Country Profiles 
532.0032Wrestling Program History and Terry Haws at SJU; Programs; In Memory 
532.0034Press Releases Opponents 
532.0036Baseball Profiles 
532.0037Baseball Profiles 
532.0038Basketball Profiles 
532.0039Athletic Department Memos 
533.0001Campus Guide 
533.0002Deacidified Material 
533.0003Breuer, Marcel 
533.0004St. John's Informational Handout 
533.0005Misc Events 
533.0006Mens Chorus 
533.0007St. John's In and Around 
533.0008St. John's Miscellaneous 
533.0009St. John's This is Informational Brochure 
533.0010St. John's Informational Brochure 
533.0011American Benedictine Academy Newsletter 
533.0012Calendar 200 Year 
533.0013Parish Picnic 
533.0014Record Misc Material, Circa 
533.0015Sagatagan Misc Material 
533.0016Chesterton Club Dinner Golden Jubill of St. Bonif 
533.0017Architecture Studies of SJU Celebration 
533.0018Christmas at St. John's 
533.0019Lifelong Learning Projects 
533.0020Library Lends Art Objects to U of M display 
533.0022Curriculum and Program Development Funding 
533.0023Senior Job Pamphlets 
533.0024Writing Workshop 
533.0025St. John's Maps 
533.0026St. John's University Seal 
533.0027Bus Schedules 
533.0028Minority Week 
533.0029Counseling Service Brochure 
533.0030Art Show Brochure, Bela Petheo 
533.0031UMAIE Winter Abroad Brochure 
533.0032St. John's Abbey Come See Brochure 
533.0033Administrative Assembly Minutes 
533.0034St. Cloud Hospital 
533.0035St. John's Brochure About Us 
533.0036Institutional Data Report College Student Questio 
533.0037Retirement Annuity Benefits Plan for 1978 
533.0038Tuition Payment of John Bettendorf Receipt 
533.0039Student Development, Center for 
533.0040Family Life Brochures 
533.0041Human Life Center Workshops 
533.0042Mental Health, Institute for 
533.0043Music Brochures 
533.0044Tri-College Program Brochure: NOH Theatre 
533.0045Convocations and Lectures 
533.0046Library, Alcuin Patron Handbook and "Library Basics" Workbook 
533.0047Social Science Major Guidelines 
533.0048Faculty Wives and Women's Group Directory 
533.0049Convocation Talk 
533.0050McPherson Fellowship 
533.0051Writing Workshop 
533.0052International Business Law Institute 
533.0053Class of 1974 
533.0054Schachford, Roland Campus Activities for 
533.0055Gallery of Food 
533.0056Directed Studies Memo 
533.0057Hoffmann OSB, Alexius Index to SJU History 
533.0058Alumni Program 
533.0059Reger, Dr. Walter History Class Notes 
533.0060Michelitsch Report Card of 
533.0061Courses Offered 
533.0062Courses Offered 
533.0063EVOLUTION by Rev. James Hansen OSB 
533.0064Benediktiner in Amerika 
533.0065Cofell, William Varia 
533.0066St. John's Abbey Brouchures 
533.0067Alumni Activity 
533.0068Breuer, Marcel in Forum 
533.0069Russian Bishops Visit SJU 
533.0070Minnesota Philosophical Society 
533.0071Charismatic Renewal 
533.0072Organ Recitals [Jean Langlais] 
533.0073Graduate School Brochures 
533.0074Institutional Coordinator Reports 
533.0075Hill Family Foundation 
533.0076Freshmen Class Analysis of 
533.0077Performing Arts 
533.0078Minnesota Department of Conservation Brochure 
533.0079St. Cloud Clippings 
533.0080Benilde High School 
533.0081Memorial Cards 
533.0082League in Schools Pamphlet 
533.0083Hill Family Foundation Productivity Program Findin 
533.0086CHAT Volume V 
533.0087CHAT Volume VI 
533.0088CHAT Volume VII 
533.0089CHAT Volume VIII 
533.0090Renewal Weekends Pamphlet 
533.0091St. John's Facts About 
533.0092Woods, Evelyn Reading Dynamics 
533.0093Turkey to Tinsel, From, Concerts, Lectures, etc... 
533.0094Campus Events February thru May 
533.0095Support One Student 
533.0096Music Department Joint Concert, SJU, March 15 
533.0097Christian Humanism Project 
533.0099FAST (Fundamental Accelerated Skills Training 
533.0100Student Volunteer Program, Fall 
533.0101Human and Community Development, Center for 
533.0102Faculty Wives and Women 
533.0103School Songs 
533.0104History of Western Civilization Heininger, Joeseph 
533.0105National Geographic Japan's "Sky People" 
533.0106Human Relations Department of Education 
533.0107Pitts, Jesse The Canter Culture 
533.0108St. John's University Prospectus of 
533.0109St. Cloud City Home Rule Charter 
533.0110Tegeder, Fr. Vincent Appointment Calendars 
533.0111Minnesota's Leading Colleges 
533.0112Speakers Bureau SJU/CSB:
533.0113Dobis, Richard 
533.0114School of Architecture 
533.0115Calendar of Events 
533.0116St. Cloud Diocese Bicentennial Celebration 
533.0117Human Dissatisfaction Conference 
533.0118Church Clippings and Record Articles 
533.0119Centennial Data and Varia 
533.0120Student Residence Hall Bid for SJU 
533.0121Freshmen Orientation 
533.0122Dworschak, Fr. Baldwin 100th Anniversary of Monks 
533.0123Miscellanous - Kensington Runestone, Alexandria, MN 
533.0124Class of 1966 Profile 
533.0126Tangent and Nonstandard News - Mathematics Society 
533.0127Evaluations of Courses Student 
533.0128Minnesota Private College Fund 
533.0129Clubs SJU Founded 
533.0130Faculty Evaluation Forms 
533.0131January Preview 
533.0132Institutional Coordinator 
533.0133Statutes of St. John's University 
533.0134Big Watab Lake Association 
533.0135Enrollment Forecast and Bus/Train Schedule 
533.0136Einstein, Albert 
533.0137Johnny Yells 
533.0138Norwegian Immigration to America 
533.0139Admissions Memo to Assoc. Board, Rec Center 
533.0140Malik, Dr. Charles A. Speech 
533.0141Association Board Memos 
533.0143Perlmutter, O.W. Eulogy of, Community 
533.0144Melk Program Roger Klassen OSB 
533.0145McCall, Aidan Lecture To Students 
533.0146Perlmutter, Dr. William O. 
533.0147Berchman's Sanctuary Society St. John's 
533.0148Engel, Peter and Thelen, Lambert (Bird Notes) Observations 
533.0149Employee Relations Open Forum 
533.0151Abbey Church Time Capsule Above Cornerstone of 
533.0152CHAT Volume II 
533.0153CHAT Volume IX 
535.0001Programs of Events List, Miscellaneous 
535.0002Programs of Events, Misc. 
535.0003Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0004Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0005Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0006Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0007Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0008Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0009Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0010Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0011Programs of Events, Misc 
535.0012Printed Material, Misc 
535.0013Printed Material, Misc 
535.0014Printed material, Misc 
535.0015Printed Material, Misc 
535.0021Program Mardi Gras 
535.0022Alder, Mortimer J. Time Article of "Paideia" 
535.0023Programs University 
535.0024Programs University 
535.0025Programs University 
535.0026Homecoming Programs 
535.0027Programs Liturgical Day 
535.0028Programs Special 
535.0029Programs Musical 
535.0030Programs University 
535.0031Midwest Midevil Conference 
535.0032Programs and Convocations 
535.0033Programs and Convocations 
540.0001French Studies Fall 
540.0002German Studies 
540.0003Greco-Roman Program 
540.0004London/Dublin Program Fall 
540.0005Salzburg Program Spring 
540.0006Salzburg Program Fall 
540.0007Spanish Program 
540.0008UMAIE J-Term Abroad 
540.0010UMAIE Information 
540.0011UMAIE Applications for January 
540.0012UMAIE Student Applications 
540.0013UMAIE January 
540.0014UMAIE January 
540.0015UMAIE January 
540.0016UMAIE Proposed J-Term Courses 
540.0017UMAIE J-Term Courses 
540.0018Two Thousand Years in Trier, Participants 
540.0019Study Abroad Evaluations 
540.0021Procedures, Manual of SJU/CSB 
540.0022Overseas Correspondence, General 
540.0023Tourist Card Applications 
540.0024Independant Overseas Spring 
540.0025Iowa, University of Regional Study/Travel Wrkshop 
540.0026Goethe Institute Munich 
540.0030Austrian Program 
540.0031Brit Rail 
540.0032Brit Rail 
540.0033Brit Rail 
540.0034Brit Rail 
540.0035Brit Rail 
540.0036Brit Rail 
540.0037French National Railroads Correspondence Orders 
540.0038Brit Rail 
540.0039French National Railroads Agency #102350 
540.0040French National Railroads 
540.0041French National Railroads 
540.0042French National Railroads 
540.0043French National Railroads 
540.0044French National Railroads 
540.0045French National Railroads 
540.0047CIEE Correspondence 
540.0048Faculty Staff Meetings CSB 
540.0049Scholarship Information 
540.0050Administration CSB 
540.0051Jerusalem Accounts and Meetings 
540.0052Basketball Tour 
540.0053Youth Hostels American 
540.0054Youth Hostels American 
540.0055Youth Hostels American 
540.0056Budget Oversea's 
540.0057Mexico Fall 
540.0058France Fall 
540.0059Germany Fall 
540.0060Mexico Applicants for Spring 
540.0061Mexico Spring 
540.0062Mexico Fall 
540.0063Switzerland Fall 
540.0064Academic Cost Analysis 
540.0065Switzerland Fall 
540.0066Switzerland Fall 
540.0067France Fall 
540.0068France Fall 
540.0069France Spring 
540.0070France Interim 
540.0071Summer Programs 
540.0073French National Railroads 
550.0001Faculty Minutes General Meetings 
550.0002Faculty Meeting General 
550.0003Faculty Meetings General 
550.0004Faculty Meetings General 
550.0005Faculty Meetings General 
550.0006Faculty Meetings General 
550.0007Faculty Meetings General 
550.0008Faculty Meetings General 
550.0009Faculty Meetings General 
550.0010Faculty Meetings General 
550.0011Faculty Meetings General 
550.0012Faculty Meetings General 
550.0013Faculty Meetings General 
550.0014Faculty Meetings General 
550.0015Faculty Meetings General 
550.0016Faculty Meetings General 
550.0017Faculty Meetings General 
550.0018Faculty Meetings General 
550.0019Faculty Meetings General 
550.0020Faculty Meetings General 
550.0021Faculty Meetings General 
550.0022Faculty Meetings General 
550.0023Faculty Meetings General 
550.0024Faculty Meetings General 
550.0025Faculty Meetings General 
555.0001Reany, Billie vs SJU, Papers and Court Case Info. 
555.0002Reany, Billie vs SJU, Papers and Court Case Info. 
555.0003Reany, Billie vs SJU, Papers and Court Case Info. 
555.0004Reany, Billie vs SJU, Papers and Court Case Info. 
555.0005Friedl vs. Liturgical Press, August 
555.0006Silvers, Bernie D. vs SJU, August 
555.0007Reany, Billie vs SJU, Faculty Load Report 
559.0001Theology, School of Advisory Board 
559.0002Theology, School of Presidents Advisory Council 
559.0003Theology, School of Student Academic Committee 
559.0004Theology, School of Evaluations 
559.0005Theology, School of Housing and Handbook 
559.0006Theology, School of Minutes 
559.0007Theology, School of Social Justice 
559.0008Theology, School of Misc. Memos, etc. 
580.0001Hynes, Emerson, Rural Community Thesis 
580.0002Hynes, Emerson, Miscellaneous 
580.0003Hynes, Emerson, Rural Community and Small Industry 
580.0004Hynes, Emerson, Ethics 
580.0005Hynes, Emerson, Thesis 
580.0006Hynes, Emerson, Community Projects 
580.0007Hynes, Emerson, Ethics Correspondence 
580.0008Hynes, Emerson, Rights 
580.0009Hynes, Emerson, Wanderer 
580.0010Hynes, Emerson, Duplicates 
580.0011Hynes, Emerson, Rural Community Misc. 
580.0012Hynes, Emerson, Eternal Peasant 
580.0013Hynes, Emerson, FAO & NATO 
580.0014Hynes, Emerson, Talks 
580.0015Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, A 
580.0016Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, B 
580.0017Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, C 
580.0018Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, D 
580.0019Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, F 
580.0020Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, G 
580.0021Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, H 
580.0022Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, J 
580.0023Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, K 
580.0024Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, L 
580.0025Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, MN 
580.0026Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, O 
580.0027Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, P 
580.0028Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, S 
580.0029Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, T 
580.0030Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, V 
580.0031Hynes, Emerson, Correspondence, W 
580.0032Hynes, Emerson, Unfinished Articles 
580.0033Hynes, Emerson, Rural Parish 
580.0034Hynes, Emerson, Wanderer, Editorial Material 
580.0035Hynes, Emerson, Black Monks 
580.0036Hynes, Emerson, Catholicism and Americanism 
580.0037Hynes, Emerson, Talks 
580.0038Hynes, Emerson, Talks 
586.0001Proposal McKnight Planning 
586.0002National Endowment for Humanities Thamert 
586.0003Joyce Foundation Satellite 
586.0004Education, U.S. Department of, Kemmerling 
586.0005Minnesota High Tech Council 
586.0006Booth Ferris Foundation 
586.0007Foundation, Bowyer, Ambrose & Gladys 
586.0008Brencanda Foundation 
586.0009Christian Foundation 
586.0010Cuneo Foundation 
586.0011Dell Foundation 
586.0012De Rance Foundation Inc. 
586.0013Engelhard Foundation 
586.0014Galvin Foundation 
586.0015Gleason Foundation 
586.0016Grassman Trust 
586.0017Hale Foundation 
586.0018Ho Chinn Foundation 
586.0019Homeland Foundation 
586.0020Huisking Foundation 
586.0021Kelley Foundation 
586.0022Koch Foundation 
586.0023Laffey McHough Foundation 
586.0024Lewis Foundation 
586.0025Mazza Foundation 
586.0026McCaddin-McQuirk Foundation Inc. 
586.0027McCarthy Charities Foundation Inc. 
586.0028Mullaney, Frank 
586.0029O'Neill Foundation 
586.0030Quinlan Foundation 
586.0031Sage Foundation 
586.0032St. Joseph Foundation Inc. 
586.0033Schmitt Foundation 
586.0034Seymour and Troester Foundation 
586.0035Siragusa Foundation 
586.0036Snite Foundation 
586.0037Sullivan Fund 
586.0038Tracy Fund 
586.0039Trust Funds Inc. 
586.0040Wasie Foundation 
586.0041Walsh Charity Trust 
586.0042White Foundation 
586.0043Wrape Family Charitable Trust 
586.0044Theology, School of Proposals 
586.0045Scholl Foundation 
586.0046Health and Human Services, U.S. Department, Weaver 
586.0047Health and Human Services, U.S. Department,Cyprian 
587.0001Faculty Forum and Assembly 
587.0002Faculty Forum and Assembly 
587.0003Faculty Forum and Assembly 
587.0004Faculty Forum and Assembly 
588.0001Faculty Workshops 
588.0002St. Joseph Hall History and Renovation 
588.0003Ecumenical Institute People Programs & Papers 
588.0004Durenberger, David U.S. Senator (SJU '55) 
588.0005Durenberger, David U.S. Senator (SJU '55) 
591.0001Cassette Tapes (Audiotapes) SEE CASSETTE TAPES INDEX 
593.0001J-Club Aid Application 
593.0002J-Club Members 
593.0003J-Club Letters to Members 
593.0004J-Club Letters to Members 
593.0005J-Club Finances 
593.0006J-Club Business Office Reports 
593.0007Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conf. Constitut 
593.0008J-Club Constitution 
593.0009J-Club Correspondence and Records 
593.0010J-Club Business Office Reports 
593.0011J-Club Newsletter 
594.0001St. John's Mission Statement 
594.0002January Term: The Milwaukee Project 
594.0003Abbots Talk Draft of 
594.0004Franklin, William Syllabus & Reading List 
594.0005St. John's University Information 
594.0006Blecker OSB, Michael Letters from William Franklin 
594.0007Christian Humanism Project Reports Memo to Alberic 
594.0008Humanism & Christian Tradition 4-College Project 
594.0009Humanities Teaching & Tradition (Religious) 
594.0010Christian Humanism Project 
594.0011Christian Humanism Project Letters of Recomm. etc. 
594.0012Humanism & Christian Tradition 
594.0013Christian Humanism Project Letters of Support 
594.0014Augsburg Publishing House Miscellaneous 
594.0015Christian Humanism Case for 
594.0016Christian Humanism Permission for Readings in 
594.0017Christian Humanism Miscellaneous (Erasmus&Worship) 
594.0018National Endowment for Humanities Publicity for 
594.0019Christian Humanism Concordia Book "Special Relat.. 
594.0020Franklin, William Graduate School Notes 
594.0021Behavior Committee ACCU Campus\Committee 
594.0022Christian Humanism Manuscript Publications 
594.0023Christian Humanism Project Letters for 
594.0024Hollas OSB, Eric Essay on Monasticism 
594.0025Franklin, Ralph W. Advisees of 
594.0026Christian Humanism Majors 
594.0027Advisors Manual CSB 
594.0028Christian Humanism Small Foundation Grants for 
594.0029Franklin, William Reported Grades 
594.0030Rehr, David Independent Study 
594.0031Independent Studies Christian Humanism 
594.0032Franklin, William Research Seminar "That Noble.... 
594.0033Franklin, William Religion in America HHTH-408 
594.0034Franklin, William Ireland Rev. & Rel. Class 
594.0035Christian Humanism J-Term Courses 
594.0036Franklin, William European Experience Class 
594.0037Franklin, William Misc. Course Folder 
594.0038Christian Humanism Faculty Senior Seminar 
594.0039Christian Humanism J-Term 
594.0040Christian Humanism Milwaukee Urban Semester J-Term 
594.0041Colonial Church Studies 
594.0042Christian Humanism J-Term 
594.0043Christian Humanism Milwaukee Urban Semester J-Term 
594.0044Christian Humanism Student Recommendations 
594.0045Franklin, William Course Evaluation 
594.0046Theology, School of Graduate Students 
594.0047Franklin, William Research Seminar 
594.0048Franklin, William History of Liturgical Movement 
594.0049Monasticism St. John's Values 
594.0050Christian Humanism J-Term 
594.0051Values Program Christian Humanism 
594.0052Hollas OSB, Eric Courses by 
594.0053Freshmen Colloquia Christian Humanism 
594.0054Franklin, William Humanities 304 
594.0055Franklin, William Values St. John's (Values 308) 
594.0056Values Program 
594.0057Franklin, William Christian Humanist Tradition 
594.0058Franklin, William Research Paper J-Term 
594.0059Franklin, William Western Civilization 
594.0060Franklin, William St. John's History 
594.0061Franklin, William Christian Humanist Tradition 
594.0062Franklin, William Western Civilization 
594.0063Franklin, William Europe 1815 
594.0064Ireland Study Abroad 
594.0065Student Profiles 
594.0066Class Lists 
594.0067Anglican-Roman Catholic Consultation 
594.0068Lutheran and other ecumenical projects 
594.0069Ecumenism Diocesan Day on 
594.0070Widorski, Carl S. Political Science Dept. Prof. 
594.0071Assumption College St. Worcester Mass. 
594.0072Franklin, William Cooperation with CSB 
594.0073St. Catherine's, College of 
594.0074Buzicky, Charles Matter Concerning 
594.0075National Endowment for Humanities St. Olaf College 
594.0076Luther College Information 
594.0077Franklin, William Western Civilization 
594.0078Christian Humanism Events 
594.0079Shaw, Joseph Correspondence with 
594.0080Franklin, William Correspondence A-C 
594.0081Franklin, William Correspondence D-F 
594.0082Franklin, William Correspondence G-K 
594.0083Franklin, William Correspondence L-O 
594.0084Franklin, William Correspondence P-R 
594.0085Franklin, William Correspondence S-V 
594.0086Franklin, William Correspondence W-Z 
594.0087St. Benedict Committee for 15th Century of Birth 
594.0088Spirituality, Institute for 
594.0089Kaasa, Harris Luther College 
594.0090National Endowment for Humanities Grant Consult. 
594.0091National Endowment for Humanities Develop. Grant 
594.0092National Endowment for Humanities Project Eval. 
594.0093National Endowment for Humanities Corresp. with 
594.0094National Endowment for Humanities Research Grants 
594.0095National Endowment for Humanities Proposal Copy 
594.0096National History Day @ St. Cloud Tech. H.S. 
594.0097Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association of 
594.0098Fischer, Balthasar Correspondence with 
594.0099McCarthy, Eugene - transcript of an interview April 14, 1982 with R. W. Franklin 
594.0100Humanities Periodicals, Reports, & Articles about 
594.0101Humanities Periodicals, Reports, & Articles about 
594.0102National Endowment for Humanities Project Grant 
594.0103National Endowment for Humanities Project Grant 
594.0104Franklin, William J-Term Syllabus 
594.0105Franklin, William Freshmen Colloquium Syllabi 
594.0106Franklin, William Freshmen Colloquia 
594.0107Values Seminar Proposed Reading List 
594.0108Franklin, William Values 308 
594.0109Hollas OSB, Eric Monastic History Course 
594.0110Christian Humanism Project Publicity for 
594.0111Christian Humanism Project Activities Summary 
594.0112Anti-Moral Majority Material 
594.0113Franklin, William Speech at Conception Abbey 
594.0114Faculty Workshop Talk by William Franklin 
594.0115Liberal Education Article on 
594.0116Christian Humanism Article on 
594.0117Liturgical Movement Article on 
594.0118Worship books reviewed in 
594.0119Christian Humanism Bibliographic Projects on 
594.0120Franklin, William Bibliographies 
594.0121Christian Humanism Publicity Brochures & News 
594.0122Christian Humansim Projects 
594.0123Christian Humanism Project Information Models on 
594.0124Franklin, William Colonial Church Syllabi 
594.0125Gethsemani Abbey Trappist 
594.0126Conception Abbey 
594.0127Nashotah "1833 Symposium" 
594.0128St. Gregory's Abbey 
594.0129St. Joseph Abbey 
594.0130Christian Humanism and Education Speech 
594.0131Christian Humanism Bibliography of 
594.0132Christian Humanism National Activities Relating to 
594.0133Franklin, William Correspondence on Art. & Lecture 
594.0134Franklin, William Letters to Foundations etc... 
594.0135Franklin, William Letters Inquiring about Project 
594.0136Franklin, William Letters from Project Alumni 
594.0137Coughlin, Ann 
594.0138Flood, Mary 
594.0139Gathje, Peter 
594.0140Molitor, Mark 
594.0141Murphy, Patrick Correspondence with 
594.0142O'Boyle, Mary Fox 
594.0143O'Keefe, Michael 
594.0144Franklin, William Stanley Bibliographies 
594.0145Franklin, William Parishes Misc. 
594.0146North American Academy of Liturgy 
594.0147Franklin, William MPRMHC Commentators Project 
594.0148Minnesota Humanities Commission 
594.0150Holdsworth Visit 
594.0151Hauham, Dean Harold J. 
594.0152Christian Humanism Staff Addresses & Phone #'s 
594.0153Franklin, William Letters Received 
594.0154Franklin, William Office Operation Memos 
594.0155Franklin, William Photos 
594.0156Richmond, Maxine 
594.0157Christian Humanism Student Payroll 
594.0158Christian Humanism Recommedations for Projects 
594.0159Trotter, Jack 
594.0160Christian Humanism Activities and Courses 
594.0161American Lutheran Church 
594.0162Christian Humanism Conference on it in the Church 
594.0163Christian Humanism National Conference Misc. 
594.0164Christian Humanism National Conference Misc. 
594.0165Christian Humanism Festivals 
594.0166Christian Humanism Festivals 
594.0167Christian Humanism Festivals 
594.0168Christian Humanism Festivals 
594.0169Christian Humanism Guest Lectures 
594.0170Theisen OSB, Jerome Abbot 
594.0171Admissions Office 
594.0172Academic Affairs Vice President for 
594.0173Benedictine Studies Committee on 
594.0174Bush Faculty Development Grant 
594.0175Core Curriculum Project 
594.0176Spaeth, Robert College of Arts & Sciences Dean 
594.0177Christian Humanism Dining Service Catering 
594.0178Ecumenical Institute Committee 
594.0179Faculty List 
594.0180Faculty Meeting Minutes 
594.0181Faculty Research and Development Committee 
594.0182Faculty Vitae 
594.0183Theology, School of Memo to the Dean of 
594.0184Theology, School of Graduate School 
594.0185History Department 
594.0186Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Inquiries of Pub. 
594.0187Ministry Preparation Program Eric Hollas 
594.0188Humanities Division 
594.0189Library, Alcuin Memos to 
594.0190Christian Humanism Project Award to Thimmesh 
594.0191Franklin, William Memo to Fr. Prior Gordon O.S.B. 
594.0192Rank and Tenure Committee 
594.0193Regents, Board of Institutional Advancement Comm. 
594.0194Franklin, William Memo to Bill Skudlarek 
594.0195Christian Humanism Foundations not supporting acc. 
594.0196New Directions 
594.0197Christian Humanism Eerdmann Case for 
594.0198Quinson, Dissertation Garland 
594.0199Peoples Work Publishing 
594.0200Liturgical Press 
594.0201Porter, Boone Living Church 
594.0202Lutheran Brotherhood 
594.0203Franklin, William Article Reviews 
594.0204Franklin, William Williams Lecture 
594.0205Worship Series Possible Publishers 
594.0206Franklin, William Business Office Memos & Printout 
594.0207Christian Humanism Check Request Forms 
594.0208Christian Humanism Lay Faculty Salaries for 
594.0209Christian Humanism Lay Supportive Staff Salaries 
594.0210Christian Humanism Student Salaries 
594.0211Franklin, William Travel & Expenses 
594.0212Franklin, William Office Expenses & Phone Bills 
594.0213Franklin, William O Ex Postage 
594.0214Franklin, William O Ex Supplies 
594.0215Franklin, William Internal Consultants 
594.0216Franklin, William Evaluation 
594.0217Franklin, William Festivals & Exchanges 
594.0218Christian Humanism in the College Conference on 
594.0219National Endowment for Humanities Budget Provision 
594.0220National Endowment for Humanities Financial Report 
594.0221National Endowment for Humanities Transaction Rep. 
594.0222National Endowment for Humanities Reimbursment Req 
594.0223National Endowment for Humanities Consult. Grant 
594.0224National Endowment for Humanities Budget Corresp. 
594.0225National Endowment for Humanities Checks to SJU 
594.0226Darby, Rev. Nicholas Correspondence with 
594.0227Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota 
594.0228Christian Humanism Project Book Sales 
594.0229Christian Humanism Project Invoices 
594.0230Franklin, William Budget Correspondence 
594.0231Franklin, William Day of Reflection 
594.0232Franklin, William Related Church Organization 
594.0233Christian Humanism Budget Numbers for Projects 
594.0234Dimmick, William 
594.0236Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota Liturgy & Music 
594.0237Ecumenical Relations Standing Commission Minutes 
594.0238Wright, Robert Correspondence with 
594.0239Minnesota Episcopal Foundation 
594.0240Episcopal Parishes of Minnesota 
594.0241Challenge Retreat Center Collegeville MN 
594.0242Christian Humanism Project An Age of Limits 
594.0243National Endowment for Humanities Docuuments Humanism Project 
594.0244Popular Participation & History of Christian Piety 
594.0245Popular Participation & History of Christian Piety 
594.0246Christian Humanism Bibliography for 
594.0247Christian Humanism Project News Clippings 
594.0248National Endowment for Humanities Xtian Hum. Proj. 
594.0249Christian Humanism Readings in 
594.0250Course Blue Book Volume I 
594.0251Course Blue Book Volume II 
594.0252Franklin, William Posters 
594.0253Franklin, William Student Course Evaluation 
597.0001Franklin, William Modern Church History Evals 
597.0002Franklin, William Western Civilization Evals 
597.0003Franklin, William European History Evals 
597.0004Franklin, William Ireland Rel. & Rev. Evals 
597.0005Franklin, William Church History II Evals 
597.0006Franklin, William Monastic History II Evals 
597.0007Franklin, William Senior Seminar & Monastic Evals 
597.0008Franklin, William European History Evals 
597.0009Franklin, William Worship & Work Evals 
597.0010Franklin, William History Research Seminar Evals 
597.0011Franklin, William Western Civilization Evals 
597.0012Franklin, William Senior Seminar Monastic Evals 
597.0013Franklin, William Modern Church History Evals 
597.0014Franklin, William Religion in American Hist. Evals 
597.0015Franklin, William Western Civilization Evals 
597.0016Franklin, William Religion in American Hist. Evals 
597.0017Franklin, William History Research Seminar Evals 
597.0018Franklin, William Modern Church History Evals 
597.0019Franklin, William Monastic History Evals 
597.0020Franklin, William Western Civilization Evals 
597.0021Franklin, William Liturgy Seminar Evals 
597.0022Franklin, William Irish History Evals 
598.0001Jerusalem Program Documents 
598.0002Jerusalem Program 
598.0003Jerusalem Program 
598.0004Jerusalem Program 
598.0005Lifelong Learning Program 
598.0006Jerusalem Program 
598.0007Wahl, Thomas Old Testament Theology 
598.0008Jerusalem Program 
601.0001Schirber OSB, Martin Class Notes 
601.0002Schirber OSB, Martin Schoolclips 
601.0003Rural Life General 
601.0004Athletics General 
601.0005Baseball and Track 
601.0006Athletics Statistics 
601.0007International Monetary Fund (IMF) Survey 
601.0009Athletics All Sports 
601.0011Football Permanent File 
601.0012Football Clippings and Programs 
601.0013Football Clippings 
603.0004Prep School 
603.0005Minnesota Public Radio 
603.0006Theology, School of Newsletter 
603.0007Events and Programs 
603.0008Events and Programs 
603.0009Faculty and Staff Reports 
603.0010Spaeth, Robert 
603.0011Newsletters Various 
603.0012Human Interest Stories 
603.0013Campus Life Stories on 
603.0014St. John's and Other Colleges, stories about 
603.0015Campus Foundations 
603.0016Development and Training 
603.0017Core Curriculum Committee 
603.0018Mental Health Report 
603.0020Mayo, Hope Frank Kacmarcik Rare Collection Books 
603.0021Microcomputing Services 
603.0022Campaign for the 1990's 
603.0023Franklin, William R. 
603.0024Faculty Colloquim 
603.0025Housing Information 
603.0026Academic Affairs, Vice President, Joseph Friedrich 
603.0027Local Government, Center for Study; Henry,Ed Notes 
603.0028Special Collections/Rare Books 
603.0029Campus Life, Dean of 
603.0030Joint Faculty Workshop August 25-26 
603.0031Hafner, Dr. Rebecca 
603.0032Regents, Board of, List and Years of Service 
603.0033Library, Carol Johnson Papers 
603.0034Alcuin Library Plans, Designs, Samples - 1987 Renovation 
603.0035Cultural Enrichment, Director of 
603.0036International/Minority Student Advisor 
604.0001Campus Ministry Review 
604.0002Campus Ministry It takes more than love 
604.0003Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0004Campus Ministry Newsletter and Misc. 
604.0005Campus Ministry Newsletter and Misc. 
604.0006Campus Ministry Newsletter and Misc. 
604.0007Catholic College Students, National Federation of 
604.0008Campus Ministry Chaplains Letters 
604.0009Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0010Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0011Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0012Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0013Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0014Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0015Campus Ministry Newsletter 
604.0016Campus Ministry Newsletter and Various 
604.0017Campus Ministry Chaplains Letters 
604.0018Campus Ministry Chaplians Letters 
605.0001Faculty and Student Papers A-D 
605.0002Faculty and Student Papers E-J 
605.0003Faculty and Student Papers K-Schmidtbauer 
605.0004Faculty and Student Papers Schoffmann-Z 
605.0005Faculty and Student Papers 
608.0001Weather Degree Days 
608.0002Weather Charts and Data 
608.0003Weather Materials: Stationary Envelopes 
608.0004Weather Records of Neighboring Areas 
608.0005Weather Temperature and Precipitation 
608.0006Weather U.S. Normals 
608.0007Weather Historical Misc. 
608.0008Weather General Information 
608.0009Weather Reports Experimental Farm 
608.0010Geology of the U.S. 
608.0011Weather Observational Data old forms 
608.0012Weather Past Projects 
608.0013Weather Observing Tips 
608.0014Weather News Article 
608.0015Weather Station Record Summary 
608.0016Weather Records 
608.0017Sagatagan Lake Map 
608.0018Weather Correspondence 
608.0019Weather Correspondence 
608.0020Weather Correspondence 
608.0021Weather Correspondence 
608.0022Weather Correspondence 
608.0023Weather Calculations 
608.0024Weather Records of Climatological Observations 
608.0025Weather Station Charts 
608.0026Weather Graphs and Totals 
608.0027Weather Correspondence 
608.0028Weather Correspondence 
608.0029Weather Monthly Summaries 
608.0030Weather Station History 
608.0031Weather Station Comparative Max & Min 
608.0033Weather Monthly Records 
608.0034Weather Manual of Surface Observations 
608.0035Weather Correspondence 
608.0036Weather Articles and Stories 
608.0037Weather Data 
608.0038Weather Station 
609.0001Twin Towers of 1941 
609.0002Twin Towers of 1928 & '29 Jubilee 
609.0003Twin Towers of 1929 
609.0004Twin Towers of 1930 
609.0005Twin Towers of 1931 
609.0006Twin Towers of 1932 
609.0007Twin Towers of 1933 
609.0008Twin Towers of 1934 
609.0009Twin Towers of 1935 
609.0010Twin Towers of 1936 
609.0011Twin Towers of 1937 
609.0012Twin Towers of 1938 
609.0013Twin Towers of 1939 
609.0014Twin Towers of 1940 
609.0015Twin Towers of 1942 
609.0016Prep Life Column 
609.0017Twin Towers Meetings 
610.0001Kochendorfer Letter 
610.0002Minnesota Humanities Commission 
610.0003Glanville Smith Bicentennial Briefs 
610.0004Stearns County Syndrome 
610.0005Anne Lindbergh - Creativity in Central Minnesota 
611.0001High Above the Sagatagan: Vincent Tegeder 
611.0002High Above the Sagatagan: Vincent Tegeder 
611.0003History of SJU; Ch.1 Landscape Paradise research 
611.0004History of SJU; Ch.2 Buildings research 
611.0005History of SJU; Ch.3 Master Plans research 
611.0006History of SJU; 1st Draft High Above the Sagatagan 
611.0007History of SJU; Ch.4 Steel,Granite... research 
611.0008History of SJU; Ch.5 Torch of Learning research 
611.0009History of SJU; Ch.6 Living Tradition research 
611.0010History of SJU; Ch.8 New Directions research 
611.0011History of SJU; Ch.8 New Directions 
611.0012Buildings, Evolution of St. John's buildings 
611.0013Ethnicity & Religion in Amercian Higher Education 
611.0014Benedictine Education 
611.0015Benedictine Education 
611.0016St. John's Charter, copy of 
611.0017Hamline 125th Anniversary 
611.0019Collegeville in 4 townships 
611.0020Collegeville, the name 
611.0021Benedictine Monasticism vision and goals 
611.0022History of St. John's I 
611.0023History of St. John's II 
611.0024History of St. John's III 
611.0025History of St. John's IV 
611.0026Education at SJU Varia 
611.0027History of St. John's Data 
611.0028History of St. John's Data Misc. 
611.0029National Endowment for Humanities Data SJU 
611.0030National Endowment for Humanities Proposal SJU 
611.0031Christian Humanism Readings in (News Release) 
611.0032National Endowment for Humanities Proposal SJU 
611.0033Development St. John's 
611.0034Bread St. John's 
611.0035St. John's Letters, Arts and Sciences 
611.0036Barry OSB, Fr. Colman; Topics on 
611.0037Campaign for St. John's 
611.0038St. Vincent Annual Giving Program 
611.0039Financial Report, consolidated SJU 
611.0040Hill, James J.; Educational views 
611.0041Co-Institutionalism (RADTKE) 
611.0042Liturgical Press, History of 
611.0043St. John's Inspirational & Informational 
611.0044Procurator and Business Office 
611.0045Summer Planning Committee Report & Recommendations 
611.0046Record SJU History 
611.0047St. John's Property Holdings Legal Description 
611.0048St. John's Community & Students Background study.. 
611.0049KSJR Station 
611.0050Historical Review 
611.0051Benedictines in the Upper Midwest 
611.0052Employees, females at SJU 
611.0053Financial Aid 
611.0055Powers, J.F. "The Hair Shirt" from the New Yorker 
611.0056Financial Report OSB Corporation 
611.0057Budget University 
611.0058Financial Statements OSB Inc., Abbey, University 
611.0059Finance Committee 
611.0061Budget and Financing Composite 
611.0062St. John's Institute Guidelines 
611.0063Budget Financial Statement OSB Inc. 
611.0064Budget SJU 
611.0065Woman Secretary 1st @ SJU 
611.0066Presidents Report 
611.0067History of St. John's; Glimpses into the past 1975 
611.0068American College Len Wenc of Carleton 
611.0069Religious preferences of SJU students 
611.0070Blecker OSB, Michael; Presidency of 
611.0071History Department Misc. 
611.0072History Department Evaluation by Richard Current 
611.0073Benedictines in the Upper Midwest 
611.0074History of St. John's; St. Cloud Cathedral 
611.0075Reger OSB, Fr. Walter; Benedictine papers 
611.0076Curricula Aims & Objectives: SJU by James Herzog 
611.0077Commencement Address by Sen. Sam Ervin 
611.0078Financial Aid in today's College by Len Wenc 
611.0080Hill, James J. and SJU 
611.0081Business Office; notes on by James Trobec 
611.0082Monastic Life @ St. John's Abbey; Jerome Theisen 
611.0083State of Abbey Message 
611.0084Hockey at St. John's 
611.0085Visual Arts Variety at St. John's 
611.0086Catalogues St. John's 
611.0087January Term Survey of 1st 
611.0088Professors at St. John's 
611.0089St. John's Miscellaneous 
611.0090Faculty and Administration 
611.0091Faculty Lists 
611.0092Faculty Research Grant Committee 
611.0093Faculty Grant Committee 
611.0094Faculty Research Grant Committee 
611.0095Hansen OSB, Fr. James; Career of 
611.0096Michel, Virgil: A Study of Action by Tim Raths 
611.0097Faculty and Administration Fringe Benefits 
611.0098Faculty and Administration 
611.0099St. John's Officials, List of 
611.0100Administrative Officials 
611.0101Archives Abbey holdings 
611.0102Educational Principles of St. Benedict 
611.0103St. John's 1st student who died 
611.0104Student Life 
611.0105St. John's University 1920-1929 by Maureen Haws 
611.0106Student Mind & Life at St. John's Gari Pagliacetti 
611.0107World War II, effects on SJU by Jeff Lang 
611.0108History of College of St. Benedict Marcia Halligan 
611.0110Plays at St. John's 
611.0111Student Life & Literary Works at SJU 
611.0112Programs and Convocations, List of SJU 
611.0113Student Life 
611.0114St. Boniface Literary Association Funding, Purpose 
611.0115St. John's University in the 50's by Spaniol 
611.0116Fraternities (Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Epsilon Sigma) 
611.0117Record, evaluations of 
611.0118Social Institute 
611.0119"A Short History of Farming at SJU" by Jeffrey Meyer 
611.0120Alumni Association History Induction 
611.0121St. John's, Interviews Holland and Borderding 
611.0122Alumni Survey responses about SJU 
611.0123Alumni in World War I 
611.0124Alumni Gold Stars 
611.0125Alumni Endowment Campaign 
611.0126Public Service Endeavors 
611.0127Public Relations SJU 
611.0128Vietnam War protests SJU, Jeffrey Hagen 
611.0129Journalism Lectures 
611.0130Photographs and Misc. 
611.0131Ecumenical Dialogues 
611.0132Stearns County Historical Society 
611.0133History of St. John's; Ch.10 Satellites 
611.0134Prep School History 
611.0135Ecumenical Center 
611.0136Ecumenics, faculty exchange w/ Luther College 
611.0137North Central Accreditation Evaluation Report 
611.0138North Central Accreditation Evaluation Report 
611.0139Theological Schools, Association of 
611.0140Tegeder, Vincent; Biographical Summary 
611.0141Prep School History 
611.0142Budget History SJU 
611.0143Hearn, research reports 
611.0144St. John's Planning Study 
611.0145St. John's Mission 
611.0146Abbey and University Church History 
611.0147History of St. John's; More History 
611.0148History of St. John's; Ch.1 Environment & Grounds 
611.0149Abbey and University Church History 
611.0150Presidents Report 
611.0151Theology, School of Faculty Minutes 
611.0152News Clippings 
611.0153News Articles on SJU 
611.0154German Americans in Minnesota 
611.0155Mental Health, Institute of 
611.0156Mental Health Clinics, Central Minnesota 
611.0157Cold Spring Granite Co. & Notre Dame Mural 
611.0158Prohibition, Minnesota during by Kevin Ludowese 
611.0159Minnesota and Regional Center News 
611.0160Notes on Edelbrock Letters & Misc. 
611.0161Catholic Aid History 1st Draft 
611.0162St. John's University 100th Anniv. Celebrations 
611.0163Hill, James J. Memorabillia 
611.0164American West Book Review 
611.0166Dean, History Misc. & Prep Misc. 
611.0167Student Life 
611.0168Administrative Officials 
611.0169Divinity School; Study on students of 
611.0170North Central Accreditation Reports 
611.0171St. John's University Liberal Education plan 
611.0172Theological Schools, American Assoc. Visit Report 
611.0173German Immigrants in St. Cloud Business Community 
611.0174St. Cloud Street Car Company History 
611.0175Banking History in St. Cloud 
611.0176Holland, Alias Momentos 
611.0177Lake Sagatagan Map 
611.0178National Advisory Council SJU 
611.0179St. John's, Next Decade at (Report to President) 
611.0180Christian Humanism 
611.0181St. John's Case Statement Draft 
611.0182St. John's Case Statement Draft #3 
611.0183St. John's in 1984 
611.0184Catholic Higher Education Contemporary 
611.0185St. John's University and Community 
611.0186Higher Education in the U.S. 
611.0187Curriculum and Aims SJU 
611.0188Benedictine Heritage (Krey, White) 
611.0189Administrative Council Meetings 
611.0190Student Publications 
611.0191Record, the real one by Alcuin Sebenand 
611.0192Divinity, School of; History 
611.0193Permanent Diaconate, program for 
611.0194Permanent Diaconate Program 
611.0195Divinity, School of; Newsletter 
611.0196North Central Self-Study 
611.0198Abbey, Dialogue at 
611.0199Student Affairs by Walter Trenerry 
611.0201Civil War Roundtable 
611.0202Advertising (Corning Inc.) 
611.0203History of St. John's; Abbey Church & Quadrangle & Brickyards 
611.0204Donations to the Museum as noted in The Record 
611.0205Catholic Aid Project 
611.0206Theology, School of Self-Study 
611.0207Morrison Historical Society 
611.0208Firehouse Theater Performance 
611.0209Class of 1964 & ante intellectualism 
611.0210Student Publications - The Retort and the Eta Nus 
611.0211Senior Survey Comments 
611.0212Campus unrest 
611.0213Humphrey, Stephen B.; interview and Varia 
611.0214From Sagatagan to Saints 1919-1977 by Kay Haws 
611.0215Discipline at SJU 
611.0216Rat Hall (Mark Anthony McCormick) Old Gym Guild Hall 
611.0217St. John's University; Activities w/ St. Ben's 
611.0218Intramurals, history of by Steve Glocke 
611.0219Music at St. John's, 1867-1900, by John Katzner 
611.0220St. John's; School Without Walls by Richard Deuser 
611.0221Discipline at SJU 1969-1982 
611.0222Institutional Data 
611.0223Historical Letters 1857-1891 
611.0224Abbey Church and Lake Scenes; Maple Syrup Project and Solar Apartments 
611.0225Benedictine Leaves 
611.0226Encyclical on St. Benedict by Pope Pius XII 
611.0227Alcuin Library Fundraising Brochure 
611.0228Sign Magazine, reprint from 
611.0229"To Praise the Living God" and clippings 
611.0231St. Cloud Visitor 
611.0232Museum Services, Institute of 
611.0233Sausage Making photos - St. Joe Meat Market? 
611.0234Beer, Cold Spring 
611.0235Medieval Spirituality, History of by Dom Leclercq 
611.0236Museum Registers vols. I, II, III 
611.0237St. Thomas, College of & College of St. Catherine 
611.0238Visitor Registar and Programs 
611.0239Alumni in Graduate School by Paul Theobald 
611.0240Library, Periodicals List for SJU/CSB 
611.0241Museum Registar 
611.0242Prep School Self-Study 
611.0243Spain in the Moslem Countries by John Germain 
611.0244News Clippings 
611.0246Pamphlets, Flyers and Leaflets 
611.0247Century of Living w/ Christ 
611.0248Fraternities; Sigma Phi Sigma Minute Books 
611.0249Minnesota Historical Society 
611.0250Pamphlets and Newsletters 
611.0251St. Cloud, History of Candidates for Office 
611.0252Warner Palaestra Dedication 
611.0254Library Dedication 
611.0256St. John's University Data 
611.0258St. John's University Data 
611.0259St. John's University Biographical Data 
611.0260St. John's University, postcard of 
611.0261Abbey, Architectural Review of 
611.0262Blecker OSB, Michael, articles by and about 
611.0263Education, monastic setting data on 
611.0264Stone House, photo of 
611.0265Registration information 
611.0266Prep School Class of 1918 minutes, memorabilia... 
611.0267Letters and memos 
611.0268Programs and Events 
611.0269Education, St. John's and 
611.0270Flag raising 
611.0271Student Publications 
611.0272History of St. John's; Notecards & Bibliography 
611.0273Commencement Address by Helen White 
612.0001Original Meteorological Observations [May] 
612.0002Signal Service, US Army, Original Record of Observations 
612.0003Dept. of Agriculture, Wind Record (3 versions samples) 
612.0004Wind Recordings 
612.0005Standard Weather Instruments [catalogue] 
612.0006Climatalogical Data, Weather Bureau 
612.0007SJU Weather Bureau Daily Record & Monthly Summary 
612.0008Original Meteorological Observations [October] 
612.0009Original Meteorological Observations [January] 
612.0010Barometer Readings 
612.0011Barometer Readings 
612.0012Anemometer Record Sheet 
612.0013SJU Weather Bureau Daily Record & Monthly Summary 
612.0014Meteorological Record, Observations 
612.0015Meteorological Record, Observations 
612.0016Meteorological Record, Observations 
612.0017Meteorological Record, Observations 
614.0001Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0002Jerusalem Program Consortium 
614.0003Jerusalem Program Budget 
614.0004Jerusalem Program Accounts 
614.0005Jerusalem Program People 
614.0006Jerusalem Program 
614.0007Jerusalem Program 
614.0008Jerusalem Program 
614.0009Jerusalem Program 
614.0010Jerusalem Program Review 
614.0011Jerusalem Program Budget 
614.0012Jerusalem Program Reflection 
614.0013Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0014Jerusalem Program 
614.0015Jerusalem Program Evaluations 
614.0016Jerusalem Program 
614.0017Jerusalem Program Budget 
614.0018Jerusalem Program 
614.0019Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0020Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0021Jerusalem Program 
614.0022Jerusalem Program Budget 
614.0023Jerusalem Program 
614.0024Jerusalem Program 
614.0025Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0026Benedictine Monastery at Mt. Zion, Jerusalem 
614.0027Jerusalem Program Ledger 
614.0028Jerusalem Program 
614.0029Jerusalem Program Proposal for 
614.0030Jerusalem Program Documents 
614.0031Jerusalem Program Documents 
614.0032Jerusalem Program Documents 
614.0033Jerusalem Program Student Papers 
614.0034Jerusalem Program Students 
614.0035Jerusalem Program Students 
614.0036Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
614.0037Jerusalem Program 
614.0038Jerusalem Program Travel 
614.0039Jerusalem Program Travel 
614.0040Jerusalem Program 
614.0041Jerusalem Program 
614.0042Jerusalem Program 
614.0043Jerusalem Program Internship 
614.0044Jerusalem Program Policy 
614.0045Jerusalem Program 
614.0046Jerusalem Program Budget 
614.0047Jerusalem Program Miscellaneous 
621.0002Vocations Directors 
621.0003Theology, School of, Workshops 
621.0004University Allocations 
621.0005Tuition, School of Theology 
621.0006Theilman, Colleen 
621.0008Student Government, School of Theology 
621.0009Prospect Study, SOT 
621.0011Seminary Finances 
621.0013Theology, School of, TACKS 
621.0014McKnight Proposal, active file 
621.0015Theological Schools, Association of 
621.0016Theological Schools, Association of Midwest 
621.0017Advisory Board 
621.0018Consortium McKnight proposal 
621.0019National Catholic Education Association 
621.0020Admissions SOT 
621.0021Consortium Jerusalem Program 
621.0022Rank and Tenure 
621.0023Phillips Chair Jewish Studies 
621.0024Degrees Granted information SOT 
621.0025Development SOT 
621.0027Faculty Development 
621.0028Governance Documents SJU 
621.0029Theological Schools, Association of; Accreditation 
621.0030Alumni, School of Theology 
621.0031Advanced Standing 
621.0032Graduate Schools in Catholic Universities, Assoc. 
621.0033Enrollment SOT 
621.0034Theology, School of, Miscellaneous 
621.0035Calendar Committee 
621.0036Mission Statement, School of theology 
621.0037Computers, School of Theology 
621.0038Ecumenical Institute, Information on 
621.0039Theology, School of, Graphs and Charts on 
621.0040Faculty Development Travel SOT 
621.0041Housing, School of Theology 
621.0042Theology, School of, Costs Comparitive Data 
621.0043Jerusalem Program 
621.0044Lilly Grants 
621.0045Master of Arts in Theology 
621.0046Personnel Office SOT 
621.0047Office Space SOT 
621.0048Phillips Chair 
621.0049Pre-Theology program 
621.0050Preaching Workshop Evaluations 
621.0051Priest Perceiver 
621.0052Rank and Tenure SOT 
621.0053Religious Education for Dialogue and Peace 
621.0054Regents, Board of, List of members 
621.0055Theology, School of, Recruitment 
621.0056Students and Student Life SOT 
621.0057Regents, Board of, Committee on School of Theology 
621.0058Theology, School of, Self-study report 
622.0001President, Correspondence A 
622.0002President, Correspondence B 
622.0003President, Correspondence C 
622.0004President, Correspondence D 
622.0005President, Correspondence E 
622.0006President, Correspondence F 
622.0007President, Correspondence G 
622.0008President, Correspondence H 
622.0009President, Correspondence L 
622.0010President, Correspondence M 
622.0011President, Correspondence R 
622.0012President, Correspondence S 
622.0013Inauguration Invitation Correspondence 
622.0014Inauguration Invitation Correspondence 
622.0015Strategic Planning 
622.0016Joint Fiscal Planning, Coordinate Relations 
622.0017Theisen OSB, Abbot Jerome, Correspondence 
622.0018Minnesota Private College Fund 
622.0019Minnesota Private College Council 
622.0020Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating Board 
622.0021First American Bank Board 
622.0022Campus Compact 
622.0023Sexton Commons 
622.0024Benedictine Values Task Team 
622.0025Admissions Reports 
622.0026Catholic Colleges and Universities, Assoc. of 
622.0027National Collegiate Athletic Association 
622.0028Benedictine Colleges and Universities, Assoc. of 
622.0029Independent Colleges and Universities, Nat. Assoc. 
622.0030President's Calendar 
622.0031Wasie Foundation 
622.0032MacPherson Awards 
622.0033Minnesota Private College Council, Lawsuit 
622.0034Education Department, Report on 
622.0035Investing Activities 
622.0036Benedictine Presidents Meeting 
628.0001Alumni, National Board of Directors, Minutes 
628.0002Sexton Commons, Plans & Specifications 
628.0003Summer Session Bulletins 
628.0004Faculty & Administration List 
628.0005Lifelong Learning & Special Programs 
628.0006Central States College Association 
628.0007Asian Students Association 
628.0008Multicultural Services Center 
631.0001History Department 
631.0002Student Life & Data 
631.0004Joint Committee on Coordinate Relations 
631.0005Events and Programs 
631.0006Summer Orientation 
631.0007Theology, School of, Miscellaneous 
631.0008Capital Campaign In the 1990's, Misc. 
631.0009Ecumenical & Cultural Research, Institute for 
631.0010Collegium Summer Institute 
631.0014Class of 1989 
631.0015Class of 1990 
631.0016Class of 1991 
631.0017Faculty Workshop 
632.0001Presidential Search Committee 
636.0001Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0002Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0003Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0004Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0005Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0006Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0007Archives, University, Budget 
636.0008Archives, University, Student Workers 
636.0009Archives, University, Budget 
636.0010Archives, University, Budget 
636.0011Archives, University, Budget 
636.0012Archives, University, Budget 
636.0013Archives, University, Budget 
636.0014Archives, University, Budget 
636.0015Archives, University, Budget 
636.0016Archives, University, Budget 
636.0017Archives, University, Budget 
636.0018Archives, University, Budget 
636.0019Archives, University, Budget 
636.0020Archives, University, Budget 
636.0021Archives, University, Research by Archivists 
636.0022Archives, University, Computer Data 
636.0023Archives, University, Correspondence 
636.0024Archives, University, Correspondence 
636.0025Archives, University, Correspondence 
636.0026Archives, University, Correspondence 
636.0027Archives, University, Correspondence 
636.0028Archives, University, Researchers Completed Forms 
636.0029Archives, University, Inquiries 
636.0030Archives, University, Inquiries 
636.0031Archives, University, Library Meetings 
636.0032Archives, University, Administration 
636.0033Archives, University, Recommendation 
636.0034Archives, University, Finding Aids 
636.0035Archives, University, Administration 
636.0036Archives, University, J-Term ILP 
636.0037Archives, University, Forms and Files 
641B.0009Library-Multi-Type, Library Cooperation 
643.0001Faith and Ferment Conference 
649.0001First Three years of the LeVander Administration 
649.0002Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0003Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0004Speeches: Dave Durenberger Senator 
649.0005Speeches: Dave Durenberger Senator 
649.0006Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0007Environmental Endorsements 
649.0008Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0009Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0010Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0011Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
649.0012Speeches: Dave Durenberger 
654.0001Creative Roots of Central Minnesota, April 21, 1979 
654.0002Ethics in Stearns County, Minnesota, April 22, 1978 
654.0003Century of Brotherhood:Student Development at SJU, 1857-1955 
654.0005John Gagliardi 
654.0006Football ProgramsVaria
654.0007Thomas Gmeinder 
654.0008Thomas Knapp 
654.0009Bresnahan, Richard 
654.0010Cofell, William L. "The Story of My Military Service" 
654.0011Faculty Meetings 
654.0012Toshimi Horivchi 
654.0013Housing Project 
654.0014Room Damage 
654.0015Room Contract Revisions 
654.0017Stylle Band Problems 
654.0018Memos- Outgoing 
654.0019Correspondence- Outgoing 
654.0020Loft Plans 
654.0021Budget Revisions 
654.0022Memos- Outgoing 
654.0023Trobec's Bussing Bills 
654.0024CSB Bussing Billing 
654.0025Housing Correspondence 
654.0026Blood Mobile 
654.0027Exit Interviews/ Fall/Spring 
654.0028Student Post Office 
654.0029Student Work 
654.0030Trobec's Bussing Bills 
654.0031Graduate Housing 
654.0032Student Postal Worker 
654.0033Kanda University 
654.0034Exit Interviews 
654.0035Alex Cole 
654.0036Student Housing 
654.0037Benet Hall 
654.0038Cultural Diversity 
654.0039Housing General 
654.0040Room Billing 
654.0041Budget Revisions 
654.0042Memos Outgoing 
654.0043Jaz Karner 
654.0044Mark Nizer 
654.0046Exit Interviews 
654.0047Housing Memos 
654.0048Discontinuance Report 
654.0050Room Damage 
654.0051CSB Bussing Bills 
654.0052CSB Bussing Bills 
654.0053Memos Received Edelbrock House 
654.0054Memos Outgoing 
654.0055Extend Occupancy 
654.0056Trobec's Bussing Bills 
654.0059Room Lottery 
654.0060Room Billing 
654.0061Discontinued Students 
654.0062Exit Interviews 
654.0063CSB Bussing 
654.0064Trobec Bussing 
654.0065CSB Bussing 
654.0066Trobec Bussing 
654.0067Housing Transfer Students/Cancelations 
654.0068Exit Interviews 
654.0069Exit Interviews 
654.0070Exit Interviews 
654.0071Housing Correspondence Recieved 
654.0073Housing Correspondence Outgoing 
654.0074Memos- Received 
654.0076Memos- Outgoing 
654.0077Housing Correspondence Received 
654.0078Housing Correspondence Outgoing 
654.0079New Housing- Benet Hall Renovations 
98.0001Drama Performances Scrapbook 
98.0002Drama Performances Scrapbook 
98.0003Lycium Programs Scrapbook, news items, and jokes 
98-009.0001Gallery Shows (CSB/SJU) - Art Department 
98-009.0002Master Plan Committee 
98-009.0003Pottery Program at St. John's (Richard Bresnahan) 
98-009.0004Art Center Advisory Council 
noneB.0001Joint Faculty Assembly, Agenda and Minutes 
noneB.0002News Releases - University Relations Office 
91.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
91.0002Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
91.0003Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
91.0004Ad Hoc Committee on Academic PrioritiesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0005Advanced PlacementAcademic Affairs Office
91.0006Advisor's Manual, College of St. BenedictAcademic Affairs Office
91.0007Alcuin LibraryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0008Alcuin LibraryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0009Alcuin Library, Ad Hoc Planning CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0010Alcuin Library, Annual ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0011Alcuin Library, Consultant ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0012Alcuin Library, Educational MediaAcademic Affairs Office
91.0013Alcuin Library, 10-Year Projection PlanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0014All College BoardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0015Atlanta University Exchange ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0016Audio-Visual DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0017Benedictine PersonnelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0018Benedictine Personnel CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0019Biology Department: Curriculum - AIBS Consultants Bureau ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0020Black Student UnionAcademic Affairs Office
91.0021Board of Regents, 2 February 1973Academic Affairs Office
91.0022Board of Regents, 30 July 1973Academic Affairs Office
91.0023Board of Regents, 26 July 1974Academic Affairs Office
91.0024Board of Regents, 18 October 1974Academic Affairs Office
91.0025Budget, Summer ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0026Budget, OverexpendituresAcademic Affairs Office
91.0027Bush ScholarsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0028BylawsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0029Calendar CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0030Campus MinistryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0031Career Planning and Placement, 1972-1975Academic Affairs Office
91.0032Center for the Study of Local GovernmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0033Center for the Study of Local GovernmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0034Center for the Study of Local Government, Community Development ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0035Center for the Study of Local Government, Community Enabler ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0036Center for the Study of Local Government, Drug ClearinghouseAcademic Affairs Office
91.0037Center for the Study of Local Government, Kleinsasser, Dennis, CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0038Center for the Study of Local Government, Land Use Conference, SpringAcademic Affairs Office
91.0039Center for the Study of Local Government, Mall Center Advisory BoardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0040Center for the Study of Local Government, Micro City Project ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0041Center for the Study of Local Government, Miscellaneous PublicationsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0042Center for the Study of Local Government, News ReleasesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0043Center for the Study of Local Government, Olila, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0044Center for the Study of Local Government, Position Paper and StructureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0045Center for the Study of Local Government, Progress Report to the Hill FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0046Center for the Study of Local Government, Progress Report to the Hill FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0047Center for the Study of Local Government, Rural Crime and Justice InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
91.0048Central Minnesota Public Service ConsortiumAcademic Affairs Office
91.0049Central Minnesota Public Service ConsortiumAcademic Affairs Office
91.0050Central Minnesota Public Service Consortium, MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0051Chartres AppraisalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0052Chartres ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0053Chartres Summer ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0054CLEP Tests, College-Level Subject Examinations PolicyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0055Co-Institutional Study ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0056College of St. Benedict, English Department Case StudyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0057Community (Campus Publication)Academic Affairs Office
91.0058Community Studies Program ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0059College of St. Benedict, Competency-Based EducationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0060Computer Science and Data Service CenterAcademic Affairs Office
91.0061Conference on Human Dissatisfaction in the 1970sAcademic Affairs Office
91.0062Convocations and Lectures, Ad Hoc CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0063Cooperative Education Program, CSB/SJUAcademic Affairs Office
91.0064Cost Analysis of SJUAcademic Affairs Office
91.0065Cost Analysis of SJUAcademic Affairs Office
91.0066Cost Analysis of SJUAcademic Affairs Office
91.0067Cost Analysis of SJUAcademic Affairs Office
91.0068Counseling ServiceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0069Course ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0070Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD)Academic Affairs Office
91.0071Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD): Ober Foundation ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0072Department of ArtAcademic Affairs Office
91.0073Department of AthleticsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0074Department of BiologyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0075Department of ChemistryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0076Department of Economics and Business AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0077Department of EducationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0078Department of EnglishAcademic Affairs Office
91.0079Department of Foreign Languages and LiteratureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0080Department of GovernmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0081Department of HistoryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0082Department of MathAcademic Affairs Office
91.0083Department of Military ScienceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0084Department of MusicAcademic Affairs Office
91.0085Department of PhilosophyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0086Department of PsychologyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0087Department of PhysicsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0088Department of SociologyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0089Department of TheologyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0090Departmental Chair CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0091Departmental ChairpersonsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0092East Asian Studies, Tri-College ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0093Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Academic Affairs Office
91.0094England ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0095Establishing PrioritiesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0096Executive Governing Board, MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0097Executive Governing Board, October 25, 1973Academic Affairs Office
91.0098Executive Governing Board, January 25, 1974Academic Affairs Office
91.0099Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
91.0100Executive Staff MeetingsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0101Exxon Grant, Cross-cultural Education Program with Structured Experimental FocusAcademic Affairs Office
91.0102Faculty Handbook - 1968Academic Affairs Office
91.0103Faculty and Administrative HandbookAcademic Affairs Office
91.0104Faculty CompensationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0105Faculty DataAcademic Affairs Office
91.0106Faculty, Distribution of PersonnelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0107Faculty Forum and AssemblyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0108Faculty Salary RecommendationsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0109Faculty WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
91.0110Faculty Workshop, Sample FolderAcademic Affairs Office
91.0111Faculty Workshop CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0112Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActAcademic Affairs Office
91.0113Financial Exigency StatementAcademic Affairs Office
91.0114Foreign Student ClubAcademic Affairs Office
91.0115Forum DebatesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0116Freshman ColloquiumAcademic Affairs Office
91.0117Freshman Humanities Colloquium, Institutional Planning Grant ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0118Freshman OrientationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0119Freshman SurveyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0120Freshman Year CounselingAcademic Affairs Office
91.0121Freshman Year ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0122Fringe Benefits and GuidelinesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0123Glen Arth Chemistry ScholarshipAcademic Affairs Office
91.0124Governance of the UniversityAcademic Affairs Office
91.0125Governing Boards of Benedictine Colleges in the USAcademic Affairs Office
91.0126Grading System RevisionAcademic Affairs Office
91.0127Graduate School of DivinityAcademic Affairs Office
91.0128Graduate School of Theology, Religious Education Planning ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0129Graduate School of TheologyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0130Graduation Requirements Revision CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0131Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
91.0132Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
91.0133Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
91.0134Hill Family Foundation, Productivity Program, BackgroundAcademic Affairs Office
91.0135Honors ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0136Human and Community Development InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
91.0137Human Life Center (HLC)Academic Affairs Office
91.0138Independent Learning ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0139Independent Learning Program: ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0140Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural ResearchAcademic Affairs Office
91.0141Intercultural WeekAcademic Affairs Office
91.0142Institute for Regional CultureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0143Instructional Equipment ReserveAcademic Affairs Office
91.0144January TermAcademic Affairs Office
91.0145January TermAcademic Affairs Office
91.0146January Term: CataloguesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0147January Term: Reports, Studies, AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0148Joint Educational Policies Committee (JEPC): MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0149Joint Study Committee, CSB/SJU CooperationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0150Lifelong Learning: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0151Manual for Freshman Academic AdvisorsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0152Minnesota Education RadioAcademic Affairs Office
91.0153Minnesota Education Radio: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0154Minnesota Humanities CommissionAcademic Affairs Office
91.0155Minority Affairs DirectorAcademic Affairs Office
91.0156Minutes, Administration and CommitteesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0157Minutes, Departments, Faculty, LibraryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0158National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0159National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0160National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0161National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0162National Advisory Council: DataAcademic Affairs Office
91.0163National Advisory Council: 'What is St. John's'Academic Affairs Office
91.0164National Alumni AssociationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0165National Endowment for the Humanities: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0166National Endowment for the Humanities: Proposal, 'Freshmen Colloquium'Academic Affairs Office
91.0167Newman CenterAcademic Affairs Office
91.0168Office of AdmissionsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0169Office of Cross-Cultural, Comparative, and International Education, CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0170Office of Student AffairsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0171Office of the RegistrarAcademic Affairs Office
91.0172Peace Studies DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0173Policy StatementsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0174Preparatory SchoolAcademic Affairs Office
91.0175Public Information OfficeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0176President's CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0177President's CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0178President's CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
91.0179Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0180Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0181Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0182Rank and Tenure MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0183Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
91.0184Religious Education Planning Report (School of Theology)Academic Affairs Office
91.0185Religious Studies MajorAcademic Affairs Office
91.0186Report to Development Committee on Public Relations WorkAcademic Affairs Office
91.0187Respect Life WeekAcademic Affairs Office
91.0188Rolfson OSB, Gunther: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0189Rosters - FacultyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0190Rural Ministry ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0191Saint John's Plan of Liberal Education (Perlmutter)Academic Affairs Office
91.0192SJU/CSB CoordinationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0193St. Cloud Hospital AgreementAcademic Affairs Office
91.0194St. John's Abbey: InternshipsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0195St. John's University: Internships, UndergraduateAcademic Affairs Office
91.0196St. John's University: Priorities, ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0197Student Attitudes on Physical Plant RedevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0198Summer: Planning Committee ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0199Summer ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
91.0200Systematic Curriculum and Program DevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0201Teacher Education: HandbookAcademic Affairs Office
91.0202Tucson ProjectAcademic Affairs Office
91.0203Two-Clustered, Federated College Model StudyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0204Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
91.0205Backes, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
91.0206Bailey, ClarkAcademic Affairs Office
91.0207Beecher, John "Poet in Residence"Academic Affairs Office
91.0208Beique, MichaelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0209Bellis, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0210Benson, DouglasAcademic Affairs Office
91.0211Berg, SoinaAcademic Affairs Office
91.0212Bird, OttoAcademic Affairs Office
91.0213Blackburn, TimothyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0214Blecker OSB, MichaelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0215Botz OSB, PaschalAcademic Affairs Office
91.0216Brinkman, PaulAcademic Affairs Office
91.0217Brownell, DavidAcademic Affairs Office
91.0218Burke OSB, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
91.0219Burns OSB, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0220Charlot, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0221Clark, MichaelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0222Cline, HaroldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0223Collins, MichaelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0224Colvin, GeraldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0225Cregier, DonAcademic Affairs Office
91.0226Cremers, ElmerAcademic Affairs Office
91.0227Deters, FrederickAcademic Affairs Office
91.0228Devine, RichardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0229Diekmann OSB, ConradAcademic Affairs Office
91.0230Dindorf OSB, MeinradAcademic Affairs Office
91.0231Dittberner OSB, JobAcademic Affairs Office
91.0232Dolan, VincentAcademic Affairs Office
91.0233Durenberger, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0234Ebacher, JosephAcademic Affairs Office
91.0235Eichhorst, CalvinAcademic Affairs Office
91.0236Erickson, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0237Fitzgerald, JerryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0238Forestall, SteveAcademic Affairs Office
91.0239Fribley, PeterAcademic Affairs Office
91.0240Fulk, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0241Galarneault, ThomasAcademic Affairs Office
91.0242Garbaty, EdwardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0243Garvin, KarenAcademic Affairs Office
91.0244Gazzuolo, JosephAcademic Affairs Office
91.0245Gibson OSB, JeanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0246Gopaul SSE, PaulAcademic Affairs Office
91.0247Grachek, ArthurAcademic Affairs Office
91.0248Grant, SharonAcademic Affairs Office
91.0249Grelson, DonaldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0250Haeg, LarryAcademic Affairs Office
91.0251Hall OSB, Sr. JeremyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0252Hanssens, AndreAcademic Affairs Office
91.0253Hark, EdwinAcademic Affairs Office
91.0254Harren, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
91.0255Harrington, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0256Hawkins, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0257Haws, TerranceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0258Hearn, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0259Heininger, JosephAcademic Affairs Office
91.0260Hellenberg OSB, AntonyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0261Henry, EdAcademic Affairs Office
91.0262Henry, ElizabethAcademic Affairs Office
91.0263Herring, FrankAcademic Affairs Office
91.0264Hibbard, EdwardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0265Hickey, TomAcademic Affairs Office
91.0266Huebner, CarolAcademic Affairs Office
91.0267Johnson OSB, ByronAcademic Affairs Office
91.0268Julkowski, RogerAcademic Affairs Office
91.0269Jungels, WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
91.0270Kaiser OSB, KurtAcademic Affairs Office
91.0271Keller OSB, DominicAcademic Affairs Office
91.0272Kibarian, BarkevAcademic Affairs Office
91.0273Kieft, DavidAcademic Affairs Office
91.0274Kilzer OSB, ErnestAcademic Affairs Office
91.0275Kling, WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
91.0276Kohorst, ElmerAcademic Affairs Office
91.0277Kopp, MichaelAcademic Affairs Office
91.0278Laird, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0279Langowski, GeraldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0280Lawrence OSB, NealAcademic Affairs Office
91.0281Leitner OSB, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0282Lofgren, HaroldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0283McAlonie, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0284McDonough, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0285McGlothlin OSB, EugeneAcademic Affairs Office
91.0286McKenna, TerrenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0287McKenzie, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
91.0288McKeon, MarkAcademic Affairs Office
91.0289McLean, SusanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0290Meinberg OSB, CloudAcademic Affairs Office
91.0291Meszesan, Sr. PatriciaAcademic Affairs Office
91.0292Monson, DonaldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0293Mustain, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0294Nelson, ConstanceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0295Niggeman OSB, BertramAcademic Affairs Office
91.0296Olila, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0297Pasten, YolandaAcademic Affairs Office
91.0298Perlmutter, O. WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
91.0299Peterson, JeffAcademic Affairs Office
91.0300Petrik, NormanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0301Pettis, DorothyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0302Rademacher OSB, KathleenAcademic Affairs Office
91.0303Ravano, RaoulAcademic Affairs Office
91.0304Redmond, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0305Reinhart OSB, DietrichAcademic Affairs Office
91.0306Reitzel, DavidAcademic Affairs Office
91.0307Scheetz, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
91.0308Schmidt, EdwardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0309Schumacher, DonaldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0310Sellers, HowardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0311Slipy, DavidAcademic Affairs Office
91.0312Steely, StephenAcademic Affairs Office
91.0313Steichen OSB, AlanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0314Steiner OSB, UrbanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0315Subotnik, LenoreAcademic Affairs Office
91.0316Sundby, LawrenceAcademic Affairs Office
91.0317Tavis OSB, GordonAcademic Affairs Office
91.0318Theriault, AurelianAcademic Affairs Office
91.0319Trisko, TomAcademic Affairs Office
91.0320Tucker OSB, DunstanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0321Van Cleve, WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
91.0322Varnum, WalterAcademic Affairs Office
91.0323Vogt, EdwardAcademic Affairs Office
91.0324Waletzko, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0325Warren, PhillipAcademic Affairs Office
91.0326Wasnie OSB, BlaineAcademic Affairs Office
91.0327Weiszhaar, GeraldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0328Wheatley, JohnAcademic Affairs Office
91.0329Wilde OSB, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0330Williams OSB, ZacharyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0331Wilmanowicz, JanAcademic Affairs Office
91.0332Wilmesmeier, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
91.0333Wuller OSB, JeromeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0334Yoos, GeorgeAcademic Affairs Office
91.0335Ziegler, FrancisAcademic Affairs Office
91.0336Hill Family Foundation, Progress ReportAcademic Affairs Office
91.0337Hill Family Foundation, Proposal 'Toward Greater Institutional Productivity'Academic Affairs Office
91.0338Senior SurveyAcademic Affairs Office
91.0339Lassila, DennisAcademic Affairs Office
91.0340Office of the RegistrarAcademic Affairs Office
91.0341Millette, BrianAcademic Affairs Office
91.0342Craven, KentonAcademic Affairs Office
91.0343Yates, DonaldAcademic Affairs Office
91.0344Chamber Choir & Men's Chorus Europe TourAcademic Affairs Office
91.0345Sesquimillenium: Paul FetlerAcademic Affairs Office
91.0346SesquimilleniumAcademic Affairs Office
92.0001Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 1Alumni Office
92.0002Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 2Alumni Office
92.0003Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 2Alumni Office
92.0004Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 2Alumni Office
92.0005Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 4Alumni Office
92.0006Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 5Alumni Office
92.0007Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 7Alumni Office
92.0008Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Area 8Alumni Office
92.0009Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Southern MinnesotaAlumni Office
92.0010Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Brekenridge, NorthweAlumni Office
92.0011Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Alumni lawyers, engiAlumni Office
92.0012Mary Hall Solicitation Lists:Bowlus,Holding.,St.StAlumni Office
92.0013Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: MelroseAlumni Office
92.0014Mary Hall Solicitation Lists:St.Joseph,Cold SpringAlumni Office
92.0015Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: HastingsAlumni Office
92.0016Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: Out of MinnesotaAlumni Office
92.0017Mary Hall Solicitation Lists: MinnesotaAlumni Office
94.0001Career EducationStudent Affairs Office
94.0002Central States College Association HandbookStudent Affairs Office
94.0003Centrex Telephone SystemStudent Affairs Office
94.0004ConvocationsStudent Affairs Office
94.0005Convocations, SJU Concert SeriesStudent Affairs Office
94.0006Department of Campus SecurityStudent Affairs Office
94.0007Development Staff MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
94.0008Dormitory LeaseStudent Affairs Office
94.0009DrugsStudent Affairs Office
94.0010Emergency Notification ProceduresStudent Affairs Office
94.0011Executive StaffStudent Affairs Office
94.0012Faculty Assembly MeetingStudent Affairs Office
94.0013Faculty ResidentsStudent Affairs Office
94.0014Food ServiceStudent Affairs Office
94.0015Graduate School of DivinityStudent Affairs Office
94.0016Head Residents, Job DescriptionsStudent Affairs Office
94.0017Housing Office, MemorandaStudent Affairs Office
94.0018Indemnity AgreementsStudent Affairs Office
94.0019Indian Upward Bound ProgramStudent Affairs Office
94.0020Inter-Campus BusesStudent Affairs Office
94.0021Intercultural WeekStudent Affairs Office
94.0022J-Book, OriginalStudent Affairs Office
94.0023J-ClubStudent Affairs Office
94.0024Job DescriptionsStudent Affairs Office
94.0025Judicial SystemStudent Affairs Office
94.0026MemorandaStudent Affairs Office
94.0027Minority Affairs CoordinatorStudent Affairs Office
94.0028National Entertainment ConferenceStudent Affairs Office
94.0029Office of Admissions, Statistical Analysis of the Freshman ClassStudent Affairs Office
94.0030Office of Student Affairs, Job Description, Minority Affairs CoordinatorStudent Affairs Office
94.0031Office of the Registrar, Annual ReportStudent Affairs Office
94.0032Parents DayStudent Affairs Office
94.0033Parents ProgramStudent Affairs Office
94.0034Rat PackStudent Affairs Office
94.0035RemodelingStudent Affairs Office
94.0036Residence Assistants, Correspondence and Job DescriptionStudent Affairs Office
94.0037Rural Crime and Justice InstituteStudent Affairs Office
94.0038Student Affairs Advisory CouncilStudent Affairs Office
94.0039Student CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
94.0040Student Retention/AttritionStudent Affairs Office
94.0041Study of a Two-Clustered, Federated College ModelStudent Affairs Office
94.0042Summer Planning Committee, Report and RecommendationsStudent Affairs Office
94.0043Warner Palaestra, Dedication, 15 SeptemberStudent Affairs Office
94.0044Ad Hoc Convocations CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
94.0045Administrative Staff MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
94.0046Alcohol PolicyStudent Affairs Office
94.0047Black Student UnionStudent Affairs Office
105.0001Library Documents Section MemosLibrary Director Office
105.0002Library PersonnelLibrary Director Office
105.0003Library JanitorLibrary Director Office
105.0004Kapsner OSB, Oliver - Honored by Catholic Library AssociationLibrary Director Office
105.0005Library Site SelectionLibrary Director Office
105.0006Library Building PlanningLibrary Director Office
105.0007Library Survey of UseLibrary Director Office
105.0008Ad Hoc Committee on Hell LibraryLibrary Director Office
105.0009Construction Progress Monthly ChartLibrary Director Office
105.0010Staff and Facilities StudyLibrary Director Office
105.0011Library Considering the Needs of a New OneLibrary Director Office
105.0012Library Building Equipment Correspondence and PurchasingLibrary Director Office
105.0013Building Committee Minutes, Memos, BudgetLibrary Director Office
105.0014Joint Summer Study Curriculum Committee MinutesLibrary Director Office
105.0015Library Building BidsLibrary Director Office
105.0016Publicity on BuildingLibrary Director Office
105.0017Library Brochure and DedicationLibrary Director Office
105.0018Library Plans and Schematic FloorLibrary Director Office
105.0019Abbey Books: Authors, Editors, and TranslatorsLibrary Director Office
105.0020Catholic Encyclopedia, Certificates from (2)Library Director Office
105.0021Monk Library Directors (Photograph composite)Library Director Office
105.0022Library, The by Alexius Hoffmann OSB, locationsLibrary Director Office
105.0023Biology Department Journals, List ofLibrary Director Office
105.0024Dewey Decimal System, key for marking periodicalsLibrary Director Office
105.0025List of Periodicals and NewspapersLibrary Director Office
105.0026Stein OSB, Benjamin J. - Letter from Hilaire BellocLibrary Director Office
105.0027Report on Space and Cataloging WorkLibrary Director Office
105.0028Stack Room PhotographLibrary Director Office
105.0029Wimmer Hall Blueprint of LibraryLibrary Director Office
105.0030Buildings, Outline of Campus after World War IILibrary Director Office
105.0031Staff List, Staff NeedsLibrary Director Office
105.0032Faculty Meeting MinutesLibrary Director Office
105.0033Administrative CouncilLibrary Director Office
105.0034Library Committee Space, Aims, Comprehensive PlanLibrary Director Office
105.0035Librarian's Report to the DeanLibrary Director Office
166.0001Priestly Formation Bishop's Committee onSchool of Theology
167.0001Divinity School EvaluationSchool of Theology
167.0002Divinity School EvaluationSchool of Theology
167.0003Divinity School EvaluationSchool of Theology
196.0001Advanced Institutional Development Program ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
196.0002Academic Affairs Advisory Council PapersAcademic Affairs Office
196.0003Nakhleh, Dr. Khalil: Palestinian DilemmaAcademic Affairs Office
196.0004Academic Affairs Minutes of MeetingsAcademic Affairs Office
196.0005Executive Staff notesAcademic Affairs Office
196.0006Executive Governing BoardAcademic Affairs Office
196.0007Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
196.0008Academic Vice President, Library File ofAcademic Affairs Office
196.0009Johnson, Stan file of O. William PerlmutterAcademic Affairs Office
196.0010Pitzer, James N.Academic Affairs Office
196.0011Exemption, Academic: requests forAcademic Affairs Office
196.0012Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0013Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0014Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0015Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0016Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0017Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0018Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0019Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0020CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0021CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0022CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0023CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
196.0024Executive Governing BoardAcademic Affairs Office
196.0025Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD):ProjectsAcademic Affairs Office
196.0026President's Advisory Council (PAC)Academic Affairs Office
196.0027President's Advisory Council (PAC)Academic Affairs Office
196.0028Executive Staff MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
196.0029Executive Staff MinutesAcademic Affairs Office
196.0030Minutes of Meetings (General)Academic Affairs Office
196.0031Academic Affairs Advisory CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
196.0032Minutes of Meetings (General)Academic Affairs Office
196.0033Academic Affairs Advisory CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
196.0034Academic Affairs Advisory CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
202.0001Academic Programs AnalysisPresident Office
202.0002Next Decade at St. John's: A Report to the PresidentPresident Office
202.0003University Planning Committee MinutesPresident Office
202.0004Planning Committee Proposed StrategyPresident Office
202.0005Planning Committee Reports - Cooperation CSB/SJUPresident Office
202.0006Program Innovation Subcommittee Meetings and ReportPresident Office
202.0007Report of the Committee on the 'Open College'President Office
202.0008Report of the Subcommittee on Financial ProjectionsPresident Office
202.0009Michael Blecker Talk to Faculty WorkshopPresident Office
202.0010Summary of St. John's Plan of Liberal EducationPresident Office
202.0011Report of the Subcommittee on Minority GroupsPresident Office
202.0012Rank and Tenure Committee MeetingsPresident Office
202.0013Certificates - Governor's Commission on the Arts / Minnesota's FuturePresident Office
202.0014Subcommittee on Administration and InfrastructurePresident Office
202.0015Subcommittee on Student Services/AffairsPresident Office
202.0016Summer Planning Committee MaterialPresident Office
203.0001Financial Feasibility of Proposed Recreation CenterPresident Office
203.0002Institutional Data Forms and Faculty LoadPresident Office
203.0003Class of 1963 Senior Annual Fund Drive RejectionPresident Office
203.0004Gustin, Arno Mary College (North Dakota) CorrespondencePresident Office
203.0005Faculty Study CommitteePresident Office
203.0006Faculty Handbook ProposedPresident Office
203.0007Faculty Handbook MemosPresident Office
203.0008Faculty Handbook Committee RevisionPresident Office
203.0009Faculty Handbook RevisionPresident Office
203.0010Teacher-Course EvaluationPresident Office
204.0001Seminary Customary For Person Residing inSchool of Theology
204.0002United Theological Seminary CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
204.0003Minnesota, University of Correspondence withSchool of Theology
204.0004Divinity School NewsletterSchool of Theology
204.0005Theology Discussion MeetingsSchool of Theology
204.0006January Term Survey of First YearSchool of Theology
204.0007Exchange Program Data School of TheologySchool of Theology
204.0008Theology, School of General InformationSchool of Theology
204.0009January Term Survey of Second YearSchool of Theology
204.0010Theology workshops, programs, etc.School of Theology
204.0011Lutheran-Catholic DialogueSchool of Theology
204.0012Bush Foundation Summer Fellow ProgramSchool of Theology
204.0013Continuing Education Brochures, Deacon WorkshopSchool of Theology
204.0014Exchange Program School of Theology CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
204.0015Luther Theological Seminary DialogueSchool of Theology
204.0016Continuing EducationSchool of Theology
204.0017Theology Lounge CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
204.0018Divinity School Full and Part-time ProfessorsSchool of Theology
204.0019Jewish-Christian Dialogue PapersSchool of Theology
204.0020Permanent Diaconate ProgramSchool of Theology
204.0022Divinity School SpeakersSchool of Theology
211.0001Association of American CollegesPresident Office
211.0002Community Development Master of Arts Degree ProposalPresident Office
211.0003Administrative Council Meeting: October 6, 1971President Office
211.0004Administrative Evaluation CommitteePresident Office
211.0005AuditPresident Office
211.0006Black Students Occupation of President's OfficePresident Office
211.0007Programs for Black StudentsPresident Office
211.0008Faculty WorkshopPresident Office
211.0009Public Service Consortium, Central MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0010Public Service Consortium, Central MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0011Chaplain's LetterPresident Office
211.0012Christmas CardsPresident Office
211.0013Passes, ComplimentaryPresident Office
211.0014CongressmenPresident Office
211.0015Theisen, Sylvester P.President Office
211.0016Continuing Education DirectorPresident Office
211.0017Ecumenical Institute ApplicationsPresident Office
211.0018Education, Department ofPresident Office
211.0019Faculty EvaluationsPresident Office
211.0020Faculty Student DiscussionsPresident Office
211.0021Freshmen OrientationPresident Office
211.0022Foreign StudentsPresident Office
211.0023ForumPresident Office
211.0024History, Department of Division of Social SciencePresident Office
211.0025Educational Research, Development Council, Central MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0026Independent Learning ProjectsPresident Office
211.0027Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute forPresident Office
211.0028Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute forPresident Office
211.0029Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute forPresident Office
211.0030LibraryPresident Office
211.0031Public Address SystemsPresident Office
211.0032Presidents Office MailingPresident Office
211.0033Black Culture CenterPresident Office
211.0034Theology, School of MA ProgramsPresident Office
211.0035Education, Minnesota HigherPresident Office
211.0036Education, Minnesota Higher-Coordinating CommitteePresident Office
211.0037Education, Minnesota Higher-Coordinating CommitteePresident Office
211.0038Private College Fund, MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0039Private College Fund, MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0040Private College Fund, MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0041Private College Fund, MinnesotaPresident Office
211.0042Education, United States Office ofPresident Office
211.0043Music CoordinatorPresident Office
211.0044National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
211.0045Natural Science Division FacultyPresident Office
211.0046National Catholic Educational AssociationPresident Office
211.0047Ad Hoc University Planning CommitteePresident Office
211.0048Planning Committee Press ConferencePresident Office
211.0049Convocations, Programs, CommencementsPresident Office
211.0050RegistrarPresident Office
211.0051Faculty and Students, Report toPresident Office
211.0052Scholarships and FellowshipsPresident Office
211.0053Academic Vice President Search CommitteePresident Office
211.0054StatisticsPresident Office
211.0055Divinity SchoolPresident Office
211.0056Space AllocationPresident Office
211.0057StatisticsPresident Office
211.0058Indian Studies ConsortiumPresident Office
211.0059Student CorrespondencePresident Office
211.0060Student Executive CouncilPresident Office
211.0061Students MiscellaneousPresident Office
211.0062Students ProfilePresident Office
211.0063Ad Hoc CommitteesPresident Office
211.0064Summer ProgramsPresident Office
211.0065Tri-College ExchangePresident Office
211.0066Collegeville Township ZoningPresident Office
211.0067Academic Vice President Staff MeetingsPresident Office
211.0068Academic Vice PresidentPresident Office
211.0069Administrative Services Vice President MeetingsPresident Office
211.0070Administrative Services Vice PresidentPresident Office
211.0071Development and Alumni OfficesPresident Office
211.0072Institutional Advancement Vice President, Staff MeetingsPresident Office
211.0073Student Affairs Vice President Staff MeetingsPresident Office
211.0074Student Affairs Vice PresidentPresident Office
211.0075Faculty MeetingsPresident Office
211.0076Students Attitudes StudyPresident Office
211.0077Freshmen StudyPresident Office
211.0078Freshmen StudyPresident Office
211.0079Freshmen StudyPresident Office
211.0080Freshmen StudyPresident Office
211.0081Religion President Task Force U. of M. reportPresident Office
211.0082Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute forPresident Office
211.0083Education, InternationalPresident Office
211.0084Social Science Major GuidelinesPresident Office
211.0085Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Institute for, AuditPresident Office
211.0086Community Development Feasibility StudyPresident Office
211.0087Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association ofPresident Office
211.0088Physical Education and Athletics, Committee onPresident Office
211.0089Rugby Club BrochurePresident Office
211.0090National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
211.0091National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
211.0092National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
211.0093Athletic Department Correspondence & Miscellaneous InformationPresident Office
211.0094Athletic Department Correspondence & Miscellaneous InformationPresident Office
211.0095National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Financial AidPresident Office
211.0096National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
211.0097Rank and Tenure ReportPresident Office
211.0098LettersPresident Office
211.0099Community RevisedPresident Office
212.0001Dean, College ApplicationPresident Office
212.0002Development ApplicationsPresident Office
212.0003Committees listPresident Office
212.0004Trustees, Board of Coffee House ProposalPresident Office
212.0005Faculty Application Letters (unsolicited)President Office
212.0006Advanced Institutional Development Program Grant ApplicationPresident Office
212.0007Learning Resources ManualPresident Office
212.0008Hill Foundation Productivity Project Directors Evaluation.President Office
212.0009Curriculum and Program Development, Evaluation ReportPresident Office
212.0010Survey, Analysis and Plan for SJUPresident Office
239.0001Administrative CouncilPresident Office
239.0002Administrative SalariesPresident Office
239.0003Administrative SalariesPresident Office
239.0004Alumni DevelopmentPresident Office
239.0005National Alumni AssociationPresident Office
239.0006National Alumni AssociationPresident Office
239.0007National Alumni AssociationPresident Office
239.0008AudiovisualPresident Office
239.0009AudiovisualPresident Office
239.0010Babcock, CatherinePresident Office
239.0011Bailyn, BernardPresident Office
239.0012Bartemeier, Leo, M.D.President Office
239.0013Beck, George (Obed)President Office
239.0014Area Research CenterPresident Office
239.0015Athletic DepartmentPresident Office
239.0016Bicentennial Lecture SeriesPresident Office
239.0017BUSH Program for Continuing Education Interdenominational ClergyPresident Office
239.0018BUSH Program for Continuing Education Interdenominational ClergyPresident Office
239.0019Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
239.0020Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
239.0021Business ManagerPresident Office
239.0022Calendar of EventsPresident Office
239.0023Calendar Daily SchedulesPresident Office
239.0024Campus CoordinatorPresident Office
239.0025Campus MinistryPresident Office
239.0026Capital Fund DrivePresident Office
239.0027Catholic BulletinPresident Office
239.0028Catholic Commission on Intellectual, Cultural AffairsPresident Office
239.0029Health Education Consortium, Central MinnesotaPresident Office
239.0030Chartres ProgramPresident Office
239.0031ComplaintsPresident Office
239.0032Conflict of Interest Policy DevelopmentPresident Office
239.0033Continuing Education ConferencePresident Office
239.0034Presidents Office Correspondence (A)President Office
239.0035Dean of the CollegePresident Office
239.0036East Asian Area Studies Program ProposalPresident Office
239.0037Economics DepartmentPresident Office
239.0038Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
239.0039Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
239.0040Eidenschink OSB, Abbot JohnPresident Office
239.0041Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0042Faculty MinutesPresident Office
239.0043Faculty MeetingsPresident Office
239.0044Faculty MeetingsPresident Office
239.0045Faculty MeetingsPresident Office
239.0046Faculty MiscellaneousPresident Office
239.0047SalariesPresident Office
239.0048Minutes: School of Divinity FacultyPresident Office
239.0049Salary ReviewPresident Office
239.0050Faculty SalariesPresident Office
239.0051Financial AidPresident Office
239.0052Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0053Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0054Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0055Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0056Liberal Studies RevisionPresident Office
239.0057JournalismPresident Office
239.0058J-ClubPresident Office
239.0059Board of Regents, July 13-14, 1977President Office
239.0060Board of Regents, October 13, 1977President Office
239.0061Board of Regents, May 12, 1978President Office
239.0062RegistrarPresident Office
239.0063ROTC-CorrespondencePresident Office
239.0064ROTC-CorrespondencePresident Office
239.0065St. Paul-Minneapolis Committee on Foreign RelationsPresident Office
239.0066Division of Social Sciences (Faculty)President Office
239.0067Social Science MajorPresident Office
239.0068Minnesota Catholic ConferencePresident Office
239.0069Minnesota Council on Economic EducationPresident Office
239.0070Minnesota Education Relations CommitteePresident Office
239.0071Minnesota College Federal CouncilPresident Office
239.0072Minnesota Government College CouncilPresident Office
239.0073Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating CommitteePresident Office
239.0074Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)President Office
239.0075Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)President Office
239.0076Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
239.0077Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
239.0078Minnesota Teacher Education CouncilPresident Office
239.0079Minnesota United SeminariesPresident Office
239.0080Minnesota United SeminariesPresident Office
239.0081Monks of St. John's AbbeyPresident Office
239.0082National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)President Office
239.0083Accrediting Teacher's Education National CouncilPresident Office
239.0084Catholic Bishops, National Council ofPresident Office
239.0085Catholic Bishops, National Council ofPresident Office
239.0086Catholic Bishops, National Council ofPresident Office
239.0087New YorkPresident Office
239.0088North Central PublishingPresident Office
239.0089Northwest Area FoundationPresident Office
239.0090OrientationPresident Office
239.0091Parents and Alumni DayPresident Office
239.0092Parents CouncilPresident Office
239.0093Philosophy DepartmentPresident Office
239.0094LeMay, Donald: Photographs of paintingsPresident Office
239.0095Summer PlanningPresident Office
239.0096Presidents Advisory CouncilPresident Office
239.0097Presidents ReportsPresident Office
239.0098Psychology DepartmentPresident Office
239.0099Public Relations DirectorPresident Office
239.0100Rank and Tenure CommitteePresident Office
239.0101Recreation Center CommitteePresident Office
239.0102Student Administrative BoardPresident Office
239.0103Student DisordersPresident Office
239.0104Minnesota Theological SchoolsPresident Office
239.0105Vice-President for Academic Affairs (memos, correspondence)President Office
239.0106Vice-President for Administrative Services and Development (memos)President Office
239.0107Developmental PlanningPresident Office
239.0108Vice-President of Student Affairs (memos)President Office
239.0109Presidents Office Correspondence (B)President Office
239.0110Presidents Office Correspondence (C)President Office
239.0111Presidents Office Correspondence (D)President Office
239.0112Presidents Office Correspondence (E)President Office
239.0113Presidents Office Correspondence (F)President Office
239.0114Presidents Office Correspondence (G)President Office
239.0115Presidents Office Correspondence (H)President Office
239.0116Presidents Office Correspondence (J)President Office
239.0117Presidents Office Correspondence (K)President Office
239.0118Presidents Office Correspondence (L)President Office
239.0119Presidents Office Correspondence (M)President Office
239.0120Presidents Office Correspondence (P)President Office
239.0121Presidents Office Correspondence (R )President Office
239.0122Presidents Office Correspondence (S)President Office
239.0123Presidents Office Correspondence (Saint)President Office
239.0124Presidents Office Correspondence (T)President Office
239.0125Presidents Office Correspondence (U)President Office
239.0126Presidents Office Correspondence (W)President Office
239.0127Students and Parents correspondencePresident Office
239.0128Day HopsPresident Office
239.0129CSB/SJU Joint Staff CommitteePresident Office
239.0130Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0131Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
239.0132Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
239.0133Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
239.0134Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
239.0135Eidenschink OSB, Abbot JohnPresident Office
239.0136Eidenschink OSB, Abbot JohnPresident Office
239.0137Institute of European StudiesPresident Office
239.0138Educational TelevisionPresident Office
239.0139Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0140Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0141Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0142Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0143Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0144Staff (Vice President) MeetingPresident Office
239.0145Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0146Executive StaffPresident Office
239.0147Faculty ForumPresident Office
239.0148Faculty ForumPresident Office
239.0149Faculty ForumPresident Office
239.0150Faculty ForumPresident Office
239.0151Faculty ForumPresident Office
239.0152College FacultyPresident Office
239.0153Correspondence and other documents (CSB-SJU)President Office
239.0154Gift AcknowledgementsPresident Office
239.0155Haeg, LarryPresident Office
239.0156Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW)President Office
239.0157Study of a Two-Clustered, Federated College Model: CSB and SJUPresident Office
239.0158Hill Cluster StudyPresident Office
239.0159Hill Cluster StudyPresident Office
239.0160Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0161Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0162Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
239.0163Tutorial Program-Hill Family FoundationPresident Office
239.0164Tutorial Program-Hill Family FoundationPresident Office
239.0165Center for Human and Community DevelopmentPresident Office
239.0166Human Life CenterPresident Office
239.0167Human Life CenterPresident Office
239.0168Human Life CenterPresident Office
239.0169Human Life CenterPresident Office
239.0170NEH Proposal, FranklinPresident Office
239.0171NEH Proposal, FranklinPresident Office
239.0172Life-long EducationPresident Office
239.0173LibraryPresident Office
239.0174Institutional ResearchPresident Office
239.0175NEH Proposal-FranklinPresident Office
239.0176NEH Proposal-FranklinPresident Office
239.0177NEH Proposal-FranklinPresident Office
239.0178NEH Proposal-FranklinPresident Office
239.0179ROTC StudyPresident Office
239.0180Educational Policies Committee ReportPresident Office
239.0181ROTCPresident Office
239.0182ROTCPresident Office
239.0183SociologyPresident Office
239.0184StatisticsPresident Office
239.0185Student EmployeesPresident Office
239.0186Graduate School Student Council MeetingPresident Office
239.0187Student Course EvaluationPresident Office
239.0188Student Forum-School of DivinityPresident Office
239.0189Undergraduate Department of TheologyPresident Office
239.0190Undergraduate Department of TheologyPresident Office
239.0191Youth Leadership-MinnesotaPresident Office
239.0192Yzerman's, Rev. Msgr. V.A.President Office
239.0193Guide to General Files in the President's OfficePresident Office
239.0194Administrative CouncilPresident Office
239.0195College-Educational Policies CommitteePresident Office
239.0196School of DivinityPresident Office
239.0197Faculty Residents MemosPresident Office
239.0198Graduate School CommitteePresident Office
239.0199Senior CouncilPresident Office
239.0200Senior CouncilPresident Office
239.0201Theology DepartmentPresident Office
239.0202Board of TrusteesPresident Office
250.0001Art MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0002Art Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0003Biology Adler, Dr. Kraig, Cornell UniversityPresident Office Assistant
250.0004Biology Knudsen, Dr. Jens, Pacific Lutheran CollegePresident Office Assistant
250.0005Communications Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0006Economics/Business Administration MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0007Economics/Business Administration Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0008Economics/Business Administration Voertman, Dr. RobertPresident Office Assistant
250.0009Education Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0010English Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0011Foreign Languages and Literature MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0012Foreign Languages & Literature Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0013Foreign Languages & Literature Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0014Government MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0015Government Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0016History Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0017History MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0018Music MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0019Music Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0020Philosophy MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0021Physics MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0022Physics Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0023Physics Park, Dr. David, Williams CollegePresident Office Assistant
250.0024Physics Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0025Psychology Candland, Dr. Douglas, Bucknell UniversityPresident Office Assistant
250.0026Psychology Cole, Dr. David, Occidental CollegePresident Office Assistant
250.0027Psychology Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0028Psychology Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0029Psychology MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0030Sociology MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0031Sociology Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0032Sociology Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0033Theology MatricesPresident Office Assistant
250.0034Theology Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
250.0035Biology Outside EvaluatorsPresident Office Assistant
250.0036Biology Planning DocumentPresident Office Assistant
255.0001New Generation Case Statement & Fundraising Survey ReportInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0002Parents CouncilInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0003Proposal to the Exxon FoundationInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0004SJU Development OfficeInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0005SJU Student AffairsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0006Summer ProgramsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0007Advisory Council-Institutional DevelopmentInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0008Alumni SponsorshipInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0009HomecomingInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0010President MemosInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0011Community Studies MajorInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0012CorrespondenceInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0013Developmental Office MemosInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0014Developmental Staff MeetingsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0015Development ProposalsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0016Executive StaffInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0017Executive Staff AgendasInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0018Executive Staff MeetingsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0019Expectancies ReportInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0020Fellow's ListInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0021FoundationsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0022Gifts and GrantsInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0023Gift Income-RollingInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0024Hill Family FoundationInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0025Minnesota Colleges and Universities PersonnelInstitutional Advancement Office
255.0026National Alumni AssociationInstitutional Advancement Office
259.0001Quadrangle Renovation Architects CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
259.0002Quadrangle Renovation InvoicesPresident Office Assistant
259.0003Quadrangle Renovation Memos and MinutesPresident Office Assistant
259.0004Quadrangle Renovation MiscellaneousPresident Office Assistant
259.0005Quadrangle Renovation MiscellaneousPresident Office Assistant
262.0001Institutional Advancement: AlumniPresident Office Assistant
262.0002Institutional Advancement: BudgetPresident Office Assistant
262.0003Institutional Advancement: CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
262.0004Institutional Advancement: Development ProgramPresident Office Assistant
262.0005Institutional Advancement: Planned GivingPresident Office Assistant
262.0006Institutional Advancement: Thank-you LettersPresident Office Assistant
262.0007KSJUPresident Office Assistant
262.0008Library, AlcuinPresident Office Assistant
262.0009Presidents Advisory Council (PAC)President Office Assistant
262.0010Parents CouncilPresident Office Assistant
262.0011Planning Case StatementsPresident Office Assistant
262.0012Planning CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
262.0013Planning Faculty SpacePresident Office Assistant
262.0014Planning StatisticsPresident Office Assistant
262.0015Planning SurveysPresident Office Assistant
262.0016Quadrangle RenovationPresident Office Assistant
262.0017Rank and TenurePresident Office Assistant
262.0018Admissions: Comprehensive ProfilePresident Office Assistant
262.0019RegistrarPresident Office Assistant
262.0020RegistrarPresident Office Assistant
262.0021Rugby TournamentPresident Office Assistant
262.0022ScrimpPresident Office Assistant
262.0023Senior SurveyPresident Office Assistant
262.0024Student EmployeePresident Office Assistant
262.0025Theology DepartmentPresident Office Assistant
262.0026Visiting CommitteePresident Office Assistant
262.0027Admissions: Freshmen Class ProfilesPresident Office Assistant
262.0028Annual Fund PlanningPresident Office Assistant
262.0029Board of Regents: Data BookPresident Office Assistant
262.0030Board of Regents: Data Book-AcademicsPresident Office Assistant
262.0031Board of Regents: Book-DevelopmentPresident Office Assistant
262.0032Board of Regents: Book-FacultyPresident Office Assistant
262.0033Board of Regents: Book-FinancesPresident Office Assistant
262.0034Board of Regents: Book-GeneralPresident Office Assistant
262.0035Board of Regents: Book-StudentsPresident Office Assistant
262.0036Budgets: CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
262.0037Budgets: DepartmentsPresident Office Assistant
262.0038Budgets: ReportsPresident Office Assistant
262.0039Butcher Shop RenovationPresident Office Assistant
262.0040Capital Fund DrivePresident Office Assistant
262.0041CommitteesPresident Office Assistant
262.0042Data Book - InstitutionalPresident Office Assistant
262.0043Development Feasibility Study for Capital ImprovementsPresident Office Assistant
262.0044Development Office Staff MeetingsPresident Office Assistant
262.0045Equal Employment Opportunity Program PolicyPresident Office Assistant
262.0046Faculty MemosPresident Office Assistant
262.0047Faculty MemosPresident Office Assistant
262.0048Faculty Profile with Administration ListsPresident Office Assistant
262.0049Financial ExigencyPresident Office Assistant
262.0050Housing Committee University (Ad Hoc)President Office Assistant
262.0051Human Life CenterPresident Office Assistant
262.0052Musical EntertainmentPresident Office Assistant
262.0053President's Office CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
262.0054Regents: Academic AffairsPresident Office Assistant
262.0055Regents: House CommitteesPresident Office Assistant
262.0056Academic CorrespondencePresident Office Assistant
262.0057Academic ReportsPresident Office Assistant
262.0058Academic ReportsPresident Office Assistant
262.0059Administrative AssemblyPresident Office Assistant
262.0060AdministrativePresident Office Assistant
262.0061Admissions: Comparison of Applications ProcessedPresident Office Assistant
263.0001Establishing PrioritiesPresident Office
263.0002St. John's Preparatory SchoolPresident Office
263.0003Quadrangle Renovation Ad Hoc Committee MinutesPresident Office
263.0004Quadrangle Renovation Ad Hoc Committee Proposals and TimetablePresident Office
263.0005AlumniPresident Office
263.0006University BudgetPresident Office
263.0007Minnesota Clean Indoor Air ActPresident Office
263.0008Co-ed Housing [coeducational]President Office
263.0009Co-education [coeducational]President Office
263.0010CommencementPresident Office
263.0011Commencement 1978-1979President Office
263.0012College Resident PoliciesPresident Office
263.0013Coordinator Residence ProgramPresident Office
263.0014Corporate Finance CommitteePresident Office
263.0015Corporate TreasurerPresident Office
263.0016Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)President Office
263.0017Academic Personnel PoliciesPresident Office
263.0018Academic Teaching and Student InstructionPresident Office
263.0019Academic Vice President and Dean of FacultiesPresident Office
263.0020Academic Vice President and Dean of FacultiesPresident Office
263.0021Academic Vice President and Dean of FacultiesPresident Office
263.0022Academic Vice President and Dean of FacultiesPresident Office
263.0023Acting Vice President of Administrative ServicesPresident Office
263.0024Acting Academic Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0025Ad Hoc Faculty Workshop CommitteePresident Office
263.0026Vice President for Administrative Services and DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0027Administrative AssemblyPresident Office
263.0028Administrative PoliciesPresident Office
263.0029Administrative StaffPresident Office
263.0030AdmissionsPresident Office
263.0031AdmissionsPresident Office
263.0032Alonzo Stagg BowlPresident Office
263.0033Undergraduate Alumni ProgramPresident Office
263.0034AlumniPresident Office
263.0035Analysis of Values CoursesPresident Office
263.0036Art and ArchitecturePresident Office
263.0037Arts and Science Faculty MeetingsPresident Office
263.0038Art DepartmentPresident Office
263.0039Associate Vice President for the CollegePresident Office
263.0040Associate Vice President for the CollegePresident Office
263.0041Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association ofPresident Office
263.0042Association of Minority StudentsPresident Office
263.0043Athletic CorrespondencePresident Office
263.0044Ad Hoc Committee on Benedictine StudiesPresident Office
263.0045BicentennialPresident Office
263.0046BiologyPresident Office
263.0047BishopsPresident Office
263.0048Black ProtestPresident Office
263.0049Blacks & MinoritiesPresident Office
263.0050BookstorePresident Office
263.0051Buckley AmendmentPresident Office
263.0052Buckley-Harrington DebatePresident Office
263.0053Compensation CommitteePresident Office
263.0054Education BureauPresident Office
263.0055Business ManagerPresident Office
263.0056Business ManagerPresident Office
263.0057Business OfficePresident Office
263.0058Educational and Business PlacementPresident Office
263.0059College of St. BenedictPresident Office
263.0060College of St. BenedictPresident Office
263.0061CSB, Dr. IdzerdaPresident Office
263.0062College of St. BenedictPresident Office
263.0063College of St. BenedictPresident Office
263.0064Campus CoordinatorPresident Office
263.0065Campus MinistryPresident Office
263.0066Capital Fund DrivePresident Office
263.0067Career CenterPresident Office
263.0068Center for Human ResourcesPresident Office
263.0069Center for the Study of Local GovernmentPresident Office
263.0070Center for the Study of Local GovernmentPresident Office
263.0071Center for the Study of Local GovernmentPresident Office
263.0072Chairmen's MeetingPresident Office
263.0073Chamber of CommercePresident Office
263.0074ChemistryPresident Office
263.0075ChristmasPresident Office
263.0076ChristmasPresident Office
263.0077ChristmasPresident Office
263.0078Church and College RelationsPresident Office
263.0079Communications DirectorPresident Office
263.0080Communication/Speech ReorganizationPresident Office
263.0081Communication and TheatrePresident Office
263.0082Communication and Media DepartmentPresident Office
263.0083Community RelationsPresident Office
263.0084Community EducationPresident Office
263.0085Complementary PassesPresident Office
263.0086Computer SciencePresident Office
263.0087Counseling ServicePresident Office
263.0088Cowan, Mike: Student DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0089Dean-School of DivinityPresident Office
263.0090Delta Epsilon Sigma, 1959-1965President Office
263.0091Departmental ChairmenPresident Office
263.0092Departmental ChairmenPresident Office
263.0093Developmental Career Planning ProgramPresident Office
263.0094Director, Church, and Civic ServicePresident Office
263.0095Director of College of Seminarian AffairsPresident Office
263.0096Director of CommunicationsPresident Office
263.0097Director of Corporate EnterprisesPresident Office
263.0098Director of Comparative, Cross-Cultural, and International EducationPresident Office
263.0099Director of Student AffairsPresident Office
263.0100Director of University EnterprisesPresident Office
263.0101Dr. Alfon GoppelPresident Office
263.0102Economics and Business AdministrationPresident Office
263.0103J.P. EarlsPresident Office
263.0104Ecumenical Institute AdmissionsPresident Office
263.0105Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural ResearchPresident Office
263.0106English DepartmentPresident Office
263.0107Establishing PrioritiesPresident Office
263.0108Executive Director for DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0109Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0110Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0111Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0112Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0113Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0114Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0115Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0116Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0117Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0118Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0119Exit InterviewsPresident Office
263.0120Experimental EducationPresident Office
263.0121FacultyPresident Office
263.0122Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty CompensationPresident Office
263.0123Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
263.0124Fund Drive PlanningPresident Office
263.0125Gallo Wine BoycottPresident Office
263.0126Gay LiberationPresident Office
263.0127ReflectionsPresident Office
263.0128Government DepartmentPresident Office
263.0129Graduate SchoolPresident Office
263.0130Workers' GuildPresident Office
263.0131History, Saint John's, List of DatesPresident Office
263.0132Faculty ResidentsPresident Office
263.0133Financial AidPresident Office
263.0134Financial AidPresident Office
263.0135Financial AidPresident Office
263.0136Fire DepartmentPresident Office
263.0137Foreign StudentsPresident Office
263.0138SJU FoundationPresident Office
263.0139Freshman ProgramPresident Office
263.0140Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML) Advisory BoardPresident Office
263.0141Monastic Manuscript Microfilm LibraryPresident Office
263.0142HomecomingPresident Office
263.0143House of Studies ProposalPresident Office
263.0144Honors ProgramPresident Office
263.0145House of Studies Twin CitiesPresident Office
263.0146Housing OfficerPresident Office
263.0147Howard Southwest ProposalPresident Office
263.0148Huber, Mr. Paul J.President Office
263.0149Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0150Budget-Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0151Human Life Center, Father Paul Marx, OSBPresident Office
263.0152Human Life Center, Father Paul Marx, OSBPresident Office
263.0153Human Life Center, Job DescriptionsPresident Office
263.0154Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0155Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0156Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0157Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0158Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0159Human Life Center - Advisory BoardPresident Office
263.0160Human Life Center - Advisory BoardPresident Office
263.0161Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0162Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0163Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0164Human Life CenterPresident Office
263.0165Institute for SpiritualityPresident Office
263.0166Intercultural WeekPresident Office
263.0167International Administration ProgramPresident Office
263.0168Office of International StudiesPresident Office
263.0169InternshipsPresident Office
263.0170Faculty AffairsPresident Office
263.0171Joint Graduate SchoolPresident Office
263.0172Klinger ReportPresident Office
263.0173Language and LiteraturePresident Office
263.0174Learning Resource CenterPresident Office
263.0175LegislatorsPresident Office
263.0176Liturgical PressPresident Office
263.0177Lower Stumpf Lake ReviewPresident Office
263.0178Mall CenterPresident Office
263.0179Institutional Management Guideline Questionnaire and ResultsPresident Office
263.0180Mathematics DepartmentPresident Office
263.0181May BowlePresident Office
263.0182Father Michael Blecker's Daily Schedule [calendar]President Office
263.0183MIAC MinutesPresident Office
263.0184Minnesota Area Peace StudiesPresident Office
263.0185Minnesota Humanities CommissionPresident Office
263.0186Quadrangle Renovation: Design, Logistics, Space AllocationPresident Office
263.0187Quadrangle Renovation: Departmental Space NeedsPresident Office
263.0188NCAA-NAIA Controversy AthleticsPresident Office
263.0189Recreational Physical Education Center Building CommitteePresident Office
263.0190Garbage Recycling FacilityPresident Office
263.0191Board of Regents, October 3-4, 1978President Office
263.0192Board of Regents, February 1, 1978President Office
263.0193Board of Regents, Workshop/Retreat, July 6-7, 1978President Office
263.0194Amnesty InternationalPresident Office
263.0195Assistant to the President for Planned GivingPresident Office
263.0196Executive Director for University DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0197Letters to and from Parents of StudentsPresident Office
263.0198National Conference of Catholic BishopsPresident Office
263.0199National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
263.0200North Central AccreditationPresident Office
263.0201Oktoberfest (1970s?)President Office
263.0202Open Door InquiriesPresident Office
263.0203OSB Personnel DirectorPresident Office
263.0204Warner Palaestra DedicationPresident Office
263.0205Parents Council / ProgramsPresident Office
263.0206Permanent Diaconate ProgramPresident Office
263.0207Physical Education DepartmentPresident Office
263.0208Physics DepartmentPresident Office
263.0209Plant ManagerPresident Office
263.0210Policy Statement - OSB Tenured PersonnelPresident Office
263.0211Quadrangle Renovation: BlueprintsPresident Office
263.0212Registrar MemosPresident Office
263.0213Registrar Enrollment StatisticsPresident Office
263.0214Registrar Enrollment StatisticsPresident Office
263.0215Religion and Human Development (Sipe)President Office
263.0216Registrar MemosPresident Office
263.0217President ReportsPresident Office
263.0218Board of Regent RetreatsPresident Office
263.0219Rolfson OSB, GuntherPresident Office
263.0220Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)President Office
263.0221Sagatagan (Yearbook)President Office
263.0222SJU Information CenterPresident Office
263.0223St. John's AbroadPresident Office
263.0224St. John's Parish (Collegeville)President Office
263.0225SJU Information CenterPresident Office
263.0226Scholarship CommitteePresident Office
263.0227St. Joseph-Cold Spring Area Medical Planning CouncilPresident Office
263.0228Sculpture 'Athlete' by Breuer for Warner PalaestraPresident Office
263.0229Secretarial Typing ServicePresident Office
263.0230Senior Council and Board of Directors MinutesPresident Office
263.0231Incorporation Separate (Kling)President Office
263.0232Shaver, C.W. and CompanyPresident Office
263.0233Soccer TeamPresident Office
263.0234Social Science - Theology DialoguesPresident Office
263.0235SociologyPresident Office
263.0236Space PlanningPresident Office
263.0237StatisticsPresident Office
263.0238International Association of Students in Econ./Business (AIESEC)President Office
263.0239Student Activities DirectorPresident Office
263.0240Student Affairs Vice President (Earls)President Office
263.0241Student CorrespondencePresident Office
263.0242Student Council (Senate) CorrespondencePresident Office
263.0243Graduation Requirements Revision CommitteePresident Office
263.0244Summer Planning CommitteePresident Office
263.0245Summer Teaching (Harvard, Blecker)President Office
263.0246Summer Term Far East InternationalPresident Office
263.0247TepeyacPresident Office
263.0248TrapshootingPresident Office
263.0249Tucson Proposal, Thomas More InstitutePresident Office
263.0250Tucson Proposal, Thomas More InstitutePresident Office
263.0251Tuition PlanningPresident Office
263.0252Television Facilities on CampusPresident Office
263.0253Summer Program UndergraduatePresident Office
263.0254Revised BudgetPresident Office
263.0255Legal CounselPresident Office
263.0256University GovernancePresident Office
263.0257Administrative Services Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0258Vice President's Advisory CouncilPresident Office
263.0259Development Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0260Institutional Advancement Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0261Student Affairs Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0262Visiting CommitteePresident Office
263.0263Visiting CommitteePresident Office
263.0264Warner FoundationPresident Office
263.0265Financial Aid (Mike White)President Office
263.0266Quadrangle Renovation: CorrespondencePresident Office
263.0267Quadrangle Renovation: Cost SpreadsheetsPresident Office
263.0268Problem StudentsPresident Office
263.0269Prospective Members - Visiting CommitteePresident Office
263.0270Psychology DepartmentPresident Office
263.0271Board of Regents, October 17-18, 1979President Office
263.0272Board of Regents, 1979President Office
263.0273Saints (Yearbook)President Office
263.0274Roger SchererPresident Office
263.0275Visiting Committee Meeting TranscriptPresident Office
263.0276DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0277DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0278DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0279DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0280Executive Director for DevelopmentPresident Office
263.0281Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML) Advisory BoardPresident Office
263.0282Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML) Advisory BoardPresident Office
263.0283Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
263.0284Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)President Office
263.0285Academic Vice PresidentPresident Office
263.0286Academic Vice President, Gunther RolfsonPresident Office
263.0287Indian Education ProjectPresident Office
263.0288January TermPresident Office
263.0289Warren Janzen MemosPresident Office
263.0290Jerusalem ProjectPresident Office
263.0291Job DescriptionsPresident Office
263.0292Alcuin LibraryPresident Office
263.0293Alcuin LibraryPresident Office
263.0294Joint Library ConsultationPresident Office
263.0295Library ExpansionPresident Office
263.0296Lifelong LearningPresident Office
263.0297McNeely ForumPresident Office
263.0298St. John's Men's ChorusPresident Office
263.0299St. John's Mental Health InstitutePresident Office
263.0300Father Michael Blecker's Daily Schedule [calendar]President Office
263.0301Moonbounce Physics ProjectPresident Office
263.0302Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
263.0303Minnesota Public RadioPresident Office
263.0304Minnesota Public RadioPresident Office
263.0305Minnesota Public RadioPresident Office
263.0306Music DepartmentPresident Office
263.0307National Association of Independent Colleges and UniversitiesPresident Office
264.0001Advanced Institutional Development ProgramStudent Affairs Office
264.0002Assorted CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
264.0003Athletic DepartmentStudent Affairs Office
264.0004Athletic Committee (WILF)Student Affairs Office
264.0005Athletic Spectators Guidelines for GamesStudent Affairs Office
264.0006Athletic DepartmentStudent Affairs Office
264.0007Athletic DepartmentStudent Affairs Office
264.0008AthleticsStudent Affairs Office
264.0009Benet Hall StaffStudent Affairs Office
264.0010Bernard Hall StaffStudent Affairs Office
264.0011Black Student Union / Upward Bound Indian ProjectStudent Affairs Office
264.0012Budget GoalsStudent Affairs Office
264.0013BudgetsStudent Affairs Office
264.0014Campus BoardStudent Affairs Office
264.0015Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
264.0016Capital Funds DriveStudent Affairs Office
264.0017Career PlacementStudent Affairs Office
264.0018Censorship Study CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
264.0019ConvocationsStudent Affairs Office
264.0020CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
264.0021CounselingStudent Affairs Office
264.0022Counseling ServiceStudent Affairs Office
264.0023DisciplineStudent Affairs Office
264.0024Food ServiceStudent Affairs Office
264.0025Foreign Student AdvisorStudent Affairs Office
264.0026Freshman LetterStudent Affairs Office
264.0027Discontinued StudentsStudent Affairs Office
264.0028Grounds CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
264.0029Hall BoardsStudent Affairs Office
264.0030Housing MemosStudent Affairs Office
264.0031Housing (Student Letters)Student Affairs Office
264.0032Housing MemosStudent Affairs Office
264.0033J-BookStudent Affairs Office
264.0034Job DescriptionsStudent Affairs Office
264.0035KSJUStudent Affairs Office
264.0036MemosStudent Affairs Office
264.0037Minority AffairsStudent Affairs Office
264.0038Minutes, Student AffairsStudent Affairs Office
264.0039Memos and LettersStudent Affairs Office
264.0040Minutes for the Censorship Study CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
264.0041Security and TrafficStudent Affairs Office
264.0042Student Affairs Advisory Council MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
264.0043Student Executive CouncilStudent Affairs Office
264.0044Student Affairs Staff MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
264.0045Student Executive CouncilStudent Affairs Office
264.0046Counseling PersonnelStudent Affairs Office
264.0047Executive StaffStudent Affairs Office
264.0048Faculty Resident CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
264.0049Fall Student OrientationStudent Affairs Office
264.0050Foreign Student AdvisorStudent Affairs Office
264.0051Incoming StudentsStudent Affairs Office
264.0052Publication BoardStudent Affairs Office
264.0053Parents ProgramStudent Affairs Office
264.0054Patrick / Boniface StaffStudent Affairs Office
264.0055PlacementStudent Affairs Office
264.0056Presidential LettersStudent Affairs Office
264.0057The Record (Newspaper) MemosStudent Affairs Office
267.0001Permanent DiaconateSchool of Theology
267.0002Rector ApplicationsSchool of Theology
267.0003Rector ApplicationsSchool of Theology
267.0004Berendt, RobertSchool of Theology
267.0005Britz, FrancisSchool of Theology
267.0006Rector CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
267.0007Demuth, ErnestSchool of Theology
267.0008Bismarck DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0009Dubuque DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0010Fargo DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0011Green Bay DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0012La Crosse DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0013Madison DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0014St. Cloud DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0015Sioux Falls DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0016Superior DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0017Winona DioceseSchool of Theology
267.0018Fire CommitteeSchool of Theology
267.0019Fisher, GeorgeSchool of Theology
267.0020Hentges, DonaldSchool of Theology
267.0021Hinger, GeorgeSchool of Theology
267.0022Kujawa, RichardSchool of Theology
267.0023Malik, JohnSchool of Theology
267.0024Mauel, JohnSchool of Theology
267.0025Rector Miscellaneous MaterialSchool of Theology
267.0026Mitchell, JohnSchool of Theology
267.0027Religion and Mental Health, National Academy ofSchool of Theology
267.0028National Catholic Welfare ConferenceSchool of Theology
267.0029PublicationsSchool of Theology
267.0030Rector MinutesSchool of Theology
267.0031RetreatsSchool of Theology
267.0032Benedictine Institute of Sacred TheologySchool of Theology
267.0033Schener, GeraldSchool of Theology
267.0034SeminarySchool of Theology
267.0035Simon, AloysiusSchool of Theology
267.0036Rector TranscriptsSchool of Theology
267.0037Vande Walle, KennethSchool of Theology
267.0038VariaSchool of Theology
267.0039Walljasper, CarrollSchool of Theology
267.0040Wheel, BernardSchool of Theology
267.0041Wichtermann, ElvinSchool of Theology
267.0042Permanent Diaconate - Aloiso, JohnSchool of Theology
267.0043Permanent Diaconate - Association of Program DirectorsSchool of Theology
267.0044Permanent Diaconate - Special Articles onSchool of Theology
267.0045Permanent Diaconate - Extension Academic TeamSchool of Theology
267.0046Permanent Diaconate - Extension ProgramSchool of Theology
267.0047Permanent Diaconate - Fiedler, Msgr. ErnestSchool of Theology
267.0048Midwest Permanent Diaconate DirectorsSchool of Theology
267.0049Permanent Diaconate ProgramSchool of Theology
267.0050Permanent Diaconate Program - Deacon ArticlesSchool of Theology
267.0051Permanent Diaconate - Retreats - Ordained DeaconsSchool of Theology
267.0052Permanent Diaconate - Rector Regional Meetings 1975School of Theology
267.0053Permanent Diaconate - St. Cloud ProgramSchool of Theology
267.0054Permanent Diaconate Workshop 1976School of Theology
267.0055Diaconia Quarterly - Permanent Diaconate ProgramSchool of Theology
267.0056Permanent Diaconate - Rector PhotographsSchool of Theology
267.0057Sedes Sapientia CommitteeSchool of Theology
267.0058Seminary Altar Consecration / Stained Glass / MuralsSchool of Theology
269.0001Academic Affairs Advisory CouncilSchool of Theology
269.0002Academic Affairs Advisory CouncilSchool of Theology
269.0003American Association of Theological SchoolsSchool of Theology
269.0004Theology, School of Academic EvaluationsSchool of Theology
269.0005Theology, School of AccountsSchool of Theology
269.0006Theology, School of Accounting LedgerSchool of Theology
269.0007Little Rock Diocese CYO Yearbook AdSchool of Theology
269.0008Advisory Board DivinitySchool of Theology
269.0009Advisory Board DivinitySchool of Theology
269.0010Alumni AssociationSchool of Theology
269.0011Alumni Listed in Zip Code OrderSchool of Theology
269.0012American Association of Theological SchoolsSchool of Theology
269.0013Avery OSB, Benedict (Ray)School of Theology
269.0014Bakken, NormanSchool of Theology
269.0015BibliographiesSchool of Theology
269.0016BibliographiesSchool of Theology
269.0017Brusselman, Christiane NotesSchool of Theology
269.0018Burgess, JosephSchool of Theology
269.0019Budget School of TheologySchool of Theology
269.0020Budget School of TheologySchool of Theology
269.0021Budget School of TheologySchool of Theology
269.0022Charlot, JohnSchool of Theology
269.0023Coder, RichardSchool of Theology
269.0024Theology, School of Comprehensive TopicsSchool of Theology
269.0025National Federation of Catholic SeminariansSchool of Theology
269.0026Theology, School of Discussion PapersSchool of Theology
269.0027Eichorst, CalvinSchool of Theology
269.0028Theology, School of Election ProceduresSchool of Theology
269.0029Theology, School of Exchange w/ St. OlafSchool of Theology
269.0030Theology, School of MemosSchool of Theology
269.0031Reserve Officers Training Corps ReevaluationSchool of Theology
269.0032Financial ProgramSchool of Theology
269.0033Forum CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
269.0034Forum SpeakersSchool of Theology
269.0035Forum ConstitutionSchool of Theology
269.0036Graduate Faculty MeetingsSchool of Theology
269.0037Summer Graduate SessionSchool of Theology
269.0038Hausen, OlafSchool of Theology
269.0039Heidt OSB, WilliamSchool of Theology
269.0040House EvaluationsSchool of Theology
269.0041Theology, School of Inter-Seminary DealingsSchool of Theology
269.0042IsraelSchool of Theology
269.0043January TermSchool of Theology
269.0044Jerusalem Program CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
269.0045Kavanagh OSB, AidanSchool of Theology
269.0046Macomber, WilliamSchool of Theology
269.0047McGill, ArthurSchool of Theology
269.0048National Federation of Catholic Seminaries: Mediation Proc.School of Theology
269.0049Student Forum MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0050Theology, School of MemosSchool of Theology
269.0051Theology, School of MemosSchool of Theology
269.0052Forum MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0053Forum MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0054Forum MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0055Forum MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0056Planning Committee MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0057Theology MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0058Seminarian National ConventionSchool of Theology
269.0059North Central AssociationSchool of Theology
269.0060North Central Self StudySchool of Theology
269.0061Planning CommitteeSchool of Theology
269.0062Plante, JulianSchool of Theology
269.0063National Federation of Catholic Seminaries PlatformSchool of Theology
269.0064Presidents Advisory CouncilSchool of Theology
269.0065Presidents Advisory CouncilSchool of Theology
269.0066Presidents Advisory CouncilSchool of Theology
269.0067Curriculum and Program Development ProposalsSchool of Theology
269.0068Presidents FileSchool of Theology
269.0069Quinn, JohnSchool of Theology
269.0070Rademacher, KathleenSchool of Theology
269.0071Rausch, JamesSchool of Theology
269.0072Regents, Board ofSchool of Theology
269.0073Religious Studies CommitteeSchool of Theology
269.0074National Union of Theological Students and SeminariansSchool of Theology
269.0075Theology, School of ReportsSchool of Theology
269.0076Theology, School of ReportsSchool of Theology
269.0077University ReportsSchool of Theology
269.0078Skudlarek OSB, WilliamSchool of Theology
269.0079Theology, School of Self StudySchool of Theology
269.0080Theology, School of Retention StudySchool of Theology
269.0081Theology, School of Faculty MeetingsSchool of Theology
269.0082Schoenberg, MarlinSchool of Theology
269.0083Theology, School of AccountsSchool of Theology
269.0084Theology, School of Faculty MeetingsSchool of Theology
269.0085Theology, School of GeneralSchool of Theology
269.0086Theology, School of BibliographiesSchool of Theology
269.0087Theology, School of Seminar DescriptionsSchool of Theology
269.0088Sipe OSB, AquinasSchool of Theology
269.0089Sontaag, FrederickSchool of Theology
269.0090Sobik, EdwardSchool of Theology
269.0091Theology, School of SpeakersSchool of Theology
269.0092Student Aid VietnamSchool of Theology
269.0093Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0094Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0095Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0096Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0097Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0098Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0099Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0100Student Forum MeetingSchool of Theology
269.0101Summer SessionSchool of Theology
269.0102Summer SyllabiSchool of Theology
269.0103Theology First SyllabusSchool of Theology
269.0104Divinity School SyllabusSchool of Theology
269.0105Teacher Course EvaluationsSchool of Theology
269.0106Tekippe, TerrySchool of Theology
269.0107Theology, School of Faculty MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0108Theology, School of Faculty MinutesSchool of Theology
269.0109Theology Department ProfileSchool of Theology
269.0110Theology, School of Methodology BibliographySchool of Theology
269.0111Theology Majors UndergraduateSchool of Theology
269.0112Undergraduate ActivitiesSchool of Theology
269.0113Waldron, KatharynSchool of Theology
269.0114Wallace, JamesSchool of Theology
269.0115Watters, Bishop LorasSchool of Theology
269.0116Ministry, Doctor ofSchool of Theology
269.0117Dean TheologySchool of Theology
270.0001Abbey Planning CommitteePresident Office
270.0002Theisen OSB, Abbot JeromePresident Office
270.0003Academic Affairs CommitteePresident Office
270.0004Ad Hoc Committee on Athletic PolicyPresident Office
270.0005Administrative AssemblyPresident Office
270.0006Administrative Assistant (Linus Ascheman, OSB)President Office
270.0007Administrative Services Council MeetingPresident Office
270.0008Administrative Services Vice President (Warren Janzen)President Office
270.0009AlumniPresident Office
270.0010Annual FundPresident Office
270.0011Assistant V.P. for Personnel and Consumer Relations (White)President Office
270.0012Auxiliary Enterprises (Weber)President Office
270.0013Prep School Alumni Association Board of DirectorsPresident Office
270.0014C&PD Proposals Reallocation Funds RequestsPresident Office
270.0015Cancelled StudentsPresident Office
270.0016Board Members Lists and Faculty SabbaticalsPresident Office
270.0017CatalogPresident Office
270.0018Analysis of Values ProgramPresident Office
270.0019Class ChairmanPresident Office
270.0020Scholarships and Student Aid CommitteePresident Office
270.0021Scholarships and Student Aid CommitteePresident Office
270.0022Executive Staff Marathon, NovemberPresident Office
270.0023Institutional Data CoordinatorPresident Office
270.0024Student Services CoordinatorPresident Office
270.0025Corporate Enterprises DirectorPresident Office
270.0026Corporate TreasurerPresident Office
270.0027Credit Hour ImbalancePresident Office
270.0028President Daily Schedule CalendarPresident Office
270.0029Dean, CollegePresident Office
270.0030Executive Staff, September 6President Office
270.0031Economics and Business Administration DepartmentPresident Office
270.0032Executive Staff MiscellaneousPresident Office
270.0033Events CoordinatorPresident Office
270.0034Executive StaffPresident Office
270.0035Executive Staff Marathon, March 25President Office
270.0036Executive Staff IdeasPresident Office
270.0037Executive Staff Marathon, February 28President Office
270.0038Executive Staff CSB/SJUPresident Office
270.0039Executive Staff October 27President Office
270.0040Executive Staff September 11 & October 6President Office
270.0041Executive Staff March 23President Office
270.0042Extraordinary Maintenance Priorities CommitteePresident Office
270.0043Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
270.0044Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
270.0045Faculty DataPresident Office
270.0046Faculty ForumPresident Office
270.0047Faculty ForumPresident Office
270.0048Faculty SalariesPresident Office
270.0049Faculty SalariesPresident Office
270.0050Faculty SalariesPresident Office
270.0051Financial AidPresident Office
270.0052Food ServicePresident Office
270.0053Grounds CommitteePresident Office
270.0054Honorary Degrees - Library DedicationPresident Office
270.0055Institutional Goals InventoryPresident Office
270.0056Internship/Placement (Gregory)President Office
270.0057Joint Committee on SexismPresident Office
270.0058Liturgical Research CenterPresident Office
270.0059Theology, School MA ProgramsPresident Office
270.0060MacPherson Fellowship ApplicationsPresident Office
270.0061Proposed Job Descriptions, AVP and DeanPresident Office
270.0062Recommendation's Special DistinctionsPresident Office
270.0063RegistrarPresident Office
270.0064Registration ActPresident Office
270.0065Residential Programs DirectorPresident Office
270.0066Ricci, MichaelPresident Office
270.0067School of Theology Student GovernmentPresident Office
270.0068School of DivinityPresident Office
270.0069Faculty Reviews Schedule 5th YearPresident Office
270.0070School of TheologyPresident Office
270.0071Memorandum on FacultyPresident Office
270.0072Salary Negotiations and Faculty ReviewsPresident Office
270.0073SecurityPresident Office
270.0074Institutional Advancement Vice PresidentPresident Office
270.0075Vice President for Administrative servicesPresident Office
270.0076Director of SafetyPresident Office
270.0077StatisticsPresident Office
270.0078Student Affairs Vice PresidentPresident Office
270.0079Center for Student DevelopmentPresident Office
270.0080Student Executive CouncilPresident Office
270.0081Garbage IncineratorPresident Office
270.0082President Travel and Daily SchedulePresident Office
270.0083TuitionPresident Office
270.0084Vice PresidentsPresident Office
270.0085Academic Affairs Vice PresidentPresident Office
270.0086Warner PalaestraPresident Office
270.0087Wilderness Inquiry IIPresident Office
270.0088Wollmering OSB, Bruce, Tucson ProjectPresident Office
270.0089National Advisory CouncilPresident Office
270.0090Minnesota Higher Education Coordinating CommissionPresident Office
270.0091Admissions: Enrollment StatisticsPresident Office
270.0092Alumni AssociationPresident Office
270.0093Censorship Study CommitteePresident Office
270.0094Church and Civic Service (Siebenand)President Office
270.0095Executive Staff, JunePresident Office
270.0096Executive Staff, CSB/SJUPresident Office
270.0097Executive Staffs, JointPresident Office
270.0098Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
270.0099Finance Aid Committee (Board of Regents)President Office
270.0100Handicapped: New Federal RegulationsPresident Office
270.0101Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
270.0102News ServicesPresident Office
270.0103Opening University MassPresident Office
270.0104Planning Departmental and AdministrativePresident Office
270.0105School of Theology DevelopmentPresident Office
270.0106National Advisory Council [Barbara Kerkhoff]President Office
273.0001Capital Fund DriveInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0002Continuing EducationInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0003Deferred GivingInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0004Fund Raising Survey Report Future of Saint John's UniversityInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0005George Lum Capital CampaignInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0006Leadership ConferenceInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0007Marts and LundyInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0008Men's ChorusInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0009Physical Education BuildingInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0010Progress ReportsInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0011Second Century FundInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0012Twins Area MeetingInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0013Capital Fund DriveInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0014Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0015Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0016Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0017Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0018Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0019Fellows DayInstitutional Advancement Office
273.0020St. Joseph-Cold Spring Area Medical Planning CouncilInstitutional Advancement Office
274.0001C & PD Program GrantDean of the College Office
274.0002Curriculum StudyDean of the College Office
274.0003Institutional Goals Inventory ReportDean of the College Office
274.0004NEH Colloquium GrantDean of the College Office
274.0005Philosophy Department Self StudyDean of the College Office
275.0001Engelsviken, TormodEcumenical Institute Office
275.0002Esbjornson, Robert G.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0003Everett, William W. and Thomas John BachmeyerEcumenical Institute Office
275.0004Fitch, Robert E.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0005Ford, Lewis S.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0006Friesen, Duane K.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0007Garrett, James LeoEcumenical Institute Office
275.0008Gaughan, James A.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0009Gibbs, John G.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0010Glover, Willis B.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0011Holt, GrahamEcumenical Institute Office
275.0012Groh, Dennis EdwardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0013Hatchett, Marion J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0014Hay, David H.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0015Hessert, PaulEcumenical Institute Office
275.0016Holte, Carlyle W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0017Huebner, Roberto G.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0018Huffman, Herbert B.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0019Huswit, RonaldEcumenical Institute Office
275.0020Irwin, KeithEcumenical Institute Office
275.0021Jackson, Herbert C.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0022Janzen, WaldemarEcumenical Institute Office
275.0023Jordahl, LeighEcumenical Institute Office
275.0024Kaasa, Harris E.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0025Groppe, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0026Gustafson, Henry A.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0027Kirby, JamesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0028Kastner, Patricia WilsonEcumenical Institute Office
275.0029Kinzie, CharlesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0030Klinefelter, Donald S.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0031Lee, RaymondEcumenical Institute Office
275.0032Lindbeck, Mrs. GeorgeEcumenical Institute Office
275.0033Lindbeck, GeorgeEcumenical Institute Office
275.0034Maier, JamesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0035Mariante, Benjamin R.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0036Mertens, GeraldEcumenical Institute Office
275.0037Middaugh, John ThomasEcumenical Institute Office
275.0038Minear, PaulEcumenical Institute Office
275.0039Motter, AltonEcumenical Institute Office
275.0040O'Hare, MichaelEcumenical Institute Office
275.0041Olsen, Glenn W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0042Ortmayer, LouisEcumenical Institute Office
275.0043Patterson, WebsterEcumenical Institute Office
275.0044Pugh, Thomas J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0045Peter, Carl JEcumenical Institute Office
275.0046Pixley, George VailEcumenical Institute Office
275.0047Quinn, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0048Robbins, VernonEcumenical Institute Office
275.0049Roth, Wolfgang M.W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0050Ruether, Rosemary R.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0051Saarinen, Martin F.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0052Sandu, SwaranEcumenical Institute Office
275.0053Sankovitz, John PatrickEcumenical Institute Office
275.0054Seasoltz, KevinEcumenical Institute Office
275.0055Scheef, Richard L.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0056Schmidt, JoachimEcumenical Institute Office
275.0057Shapiro, EdwardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0058Sinclair, Lawrence A.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0059Sipe, A.W. RichardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0060Sneen, DonaldEcumenical Institute Office
275.0061Spaeth, RobertEcumenical Institute Office
275.0062Stevick, Daniel E.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0063Stewardson, Jerry LeoEcumenical Institute Office
275.0064Stuempfle, Herman G., Jr.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0065Swindler, LeonardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0066Swing, Thomas KaehaoEcumenical Institute Office
275.0067Tate, MarvinEcumenical Institute Office
275.0068Taylor, RichardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0069Teikmanis, Arthur L.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0070Tekippe, Terry J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0071Vogel, Dwight W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0072Vogel, Linda J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0073Weaver, F. EllenEcumenical Institute Office
275.0074West, EllisEcumenical Institute Office
275.0075Williams, Daniel D.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0076Williams, RodmanEcumenical Institute Office
275.0077Wills, David W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0078Woelfel, James W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0079Anderson, RogerEcumenical Institute Office
275.0080Clymer, Wayne K.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0081Davis, HortonEcumenical Institute Office
275.0082Deegan, ThomasEcumenical Institute Office
275.0083Diekmann, GodfreyEcumenical Institute Office
275.0084Du Plessis, David J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0085Dworschak, BaldwinEcumenical Institute Office
275.0086Flemming, Arthur S.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0087Jackson, A.B.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0088Littell, FranklinEcumenical Institute Office
275.0089Lowe, Arthur HilmarEcumenical Institute Office
275.0090Lund, RhondaEcumenical Institute Office
275.0091Marshall, Robert J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0092Hernandez Alonso, Juan JoseEcumenical Institute Office
275.0093Abd El Sayed, Hakim AmeenEcumenical Institute Office
275.0094Beardslee, WilliamEcumenical Institute Office
275.0095Beisheim, PeterEcumenical Institute Office
275.0096Beveridge, LowellEcumenical Institute Office
275.0097Bird, Otto A.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0098Bittlinger, ArnoldEcumenical Institute Office
275.0099Bloede, Louis W.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0100Boney, William JerryEcumenical Institute Office
275.0101Booth, Harry F.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0102Bourg, CarrollEcumenical Institute Office
275.0103Bryant, Robert H.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0104Carey, John J.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0105Carroll, CharlesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0106Cherry, Charles C.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0107Collins, PatrickEcumenical Institute Office
275.0108Cowley, ThomasEcumenical Institute Office
275.0109Crouter, RichardEcumenical Institute Office
275.0110Cruikshank, MargaretEcumenical Institute Office
275.0111Dyek, CorneliusEcumenical Institute Office
275.0112Eklund, EmmetEcumenical Institute Office
275.0113McClendon, JamesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0114Mears, NormanEcumenical Institute Office
275.0115McCarthy, AbigailEcumenical Institute Office
275.0116McCord, JamesEcumenical Institute Office
275.0117Middaugh, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0118Morris, Raymond P.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0119Minus, PaulEcumenical Institute Office
275.0120Meyendorff, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0121Moorhead, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0122O'Hanlon, DanielEcumenical Institute Office
275.0123Parish, JohnEcumenical Institute Office
275.0124Pelikan, JaroslavEcumenical Institute Office
275.0125Peterson, LloydEcumenical Institute Office
275.0126Rausch, James S.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0127Ridder, RobertEcumenical Institute Office
275.0128Rogness, Alvin N.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0129Shapiro, Max A.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0130Svendsbye, LloydEcumenical Institute Office
275.0131Thompson, Wayne E.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0132Thompson, William P.Ecumenical Institute Office
275.0133Financial StatementsEcumenical Institute Office
275.0134Ecumenical DirectionsEcumenical Institute Office
275.0135Saint John's -- Ecumenical DirectionsEcumenical Institute Office
275.0136Moorhead ConsultationEcumenical Institute Office
275.0137Minneapolis -- Ecumenical DirectionsEcumenical Institute Office
275.0138Duluth -- Ecumenical DirectionsEcumenical Institute Office
276.0001AviationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0002Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
276.0003Benilde-St. Margaret High School ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0004Continuing Legal Education BrochureAcademic Affairs Office
276.0005Life-Long Learning: Brochure LayoutAcademic Affairs Office
276.0006Life-Long Learning: Brochure SamplesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0007Broda, James J.Academic Affairs Office
276.0008BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
276.0009BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
276.0010BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
276.0011BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
276.0012Seiferts Inc. Budgeting for Business WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
276.0013Business Values AnalysisAcademic Affairs Office
276.0014Regional Culture Center for the Study ofAcademic Affairs Office
276.0015Local Government, Center for the Study ofAcademic Affairs Office
276.0016Child AbuseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0017Community Communication with Event CoordinatorAcademic Affairs Office
276.0018Communications LectureAcademic Affairs Office
276.0019Communications and MarriageAcademic Affairs Office
276.0020ComputerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0021Computer Science Department: L113 Basic Programming IAcademic Affairs Office
276.0022Theology Department: Contemporary Ecumenical WorldAcademic Affairs Office
276.0023Continuing Education Programs Other InstitutionsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0024Divinity School Continuing Education ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0025Continuing Education ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0026Continuing Education UniteAcademic Affairs Office
276.0027Life-Long Learning: ContractsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0028Life-Long Learning: Contracted ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0029Life-Long Learning: Contracted ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0030Life-Long Learning: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0031Life-Long Learning: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0032Life-Long Learning: Correspondence- SummerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0033Life-Long Learning: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0034Life-Long Learning: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0035Cost-Benefit AnalysisAcademic Affairs Office
276.0036Courses CompletedAcademic Affairs Office
276.0037Certified Public Accountant Review CourseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0038Certified Public Accountant Review CourseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0039Certified Public Accountant Review CourseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0040Certified Public Accountant Review Winter Regstr.Academic Affairs Office
276.0041Credit OfferingsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0042Crisis CounselorsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0043Cross, PatriciaAcademic Affairs Office
276.0044St. Benedict, College of: Work Study ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
276.0045Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
276.0046Women Battered Abusive BehaviorAcademic Affairs Office
276.0047Academic Affairs Accounts Receivable SummerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0048Academic Affairs Accounts ReceivableAcademic Affairs Office
276.0049AccreditationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0050Administrative AssemblyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0051AdolescenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0052Adult Development The Middle YearsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0053Adult Education CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0054Adult Piano ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0055Adult Training ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0056Advisory CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0057Area Health Education ConsortiumAcademic Affairs Office
276.0058Area Health Education Consortium ApplicationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0059Area Health Education Consortium Med TechAcademic Affairs Office
276.0060Alumni Study VacationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0061Alumni Continuing Education ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0062Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0063Life-Long Learning: ApplicationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0064Life-Long Learning :ApplicationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0065Associate of Arts MaterialAcademic Affairs Office
276.0066Assertiveness TrainingAcademic Affairs Office
276.0067Men Assertiveness forAcademic Affairs Office
276.0068Life-Long Learning Summer Programs DirectorAcademic Affairs Office
276.0069Dosh OSB, Terrence L.Academic Affairs Office
276.0070Education Participants-InAcademic Affairs Office
276.0071Education Participants-InAcademic Affairs Office
276.0072Education Parent-ChildAcademic Affairs Office
276.0073Evening College CSB-SJUAcademic Affairs Office
276.0074Symphony Evening atAcademic Affairs Office
276.0075Symphony Evening atAcademic Affairs Office
276.0076Symphony Evening atAcademic Affairs Office
276.0077Theology Department: ContemporaryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0078FacultyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0079Schedule Fall-termAcademic Affairs Office
276.0080Family Budgeting ManualAcademic Affairs Office
276.0081Family Enrichment ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
276.0082Family Financial Planning (Fall)Academic Affairs Office
276.0083Family InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
276.0084Family InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
276.0085Family LifeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0086Family Life Pope John XXIIIAcademic Affairs Office
276.0087Family Preparing for MarriageAcademic Affairs Office
276.0088Fire Protection CourseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0089Course Offerings Form ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0090Magi to ManagerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0091Grade ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0092Grade ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0093Grade ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0094Grants InformationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0095Graduate School RequirementsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0096German A New Approach to Language of GrandfathersAcademic Affairs Office
276.0097Graduate Studies CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0098Gifts to Make and Give They Just Look ExpensiveAcademic Affairs Office
276.0099House of Studies ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0100Herman-Elbow LakeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0101Higher Education Coordinating BoardAcademic Affairs Office
276.0102Historical SocietyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0103Catholicism History of AmericanAcademic Affairs Office
276.0104Art HistoryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0105House of StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0106House of StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0107House of Studies Credit ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0108Stress Executive How to handleAcademic Affairs Office
276.0109Human and Community Development InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
276.0110Humanities CommissionAcademic Affairs Office
276.0111Human Life Center (HLC)Academic Affairs Office
276.0112Human Relations Classroom Teachers-ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0113Income Tax Preparation for the Non-PractitionerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0114Independent Learning ProjectAcademic Affairs Office
276.0115Pastoral Studies, Institute for AdvancedAcademic Affairs Office
276.0116Institute ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0117Education IntergenerationalAcademic Affairs Office
276.0118Family TherapyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0119Family Therapy IntroductionAcademic Affairs Office
276.0120Life-Long Learning: Invoices PaidAcademic Affairs Office
276.0121Jerusalem Bible WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
276.0122Parent Education Program Pope John XXIIIAcademic Affairs Office
276.0123Kaufman OSB, Philip S. InquiriesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0124Kaufman OSB, Philip S.Academic Affairs Office
276.0125Labore, GaryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0126Layton, TedAcademic Affairs Office
276.0127Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0128Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0129Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0130Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0131Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0132Legal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0133Legal Education: Evaluation FormsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0134Legal WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0135Life-Long LearningAcademic Affairs Office
276.0136Advisory CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0137Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0138Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0139Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0140Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0141Life-Long Learning: BrochuresAcademic Affairs Office
276.0142Fall CoursesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0143Policies OfficialAcademic Affairs Office
276.0144Life-Long Learning: StipendsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0145Area Health Education Consortium WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0146Area Health Education Consortium CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0147January TermAcademic Affairs Office
276.0148Ministry ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
276.0149Life-Long Learning: MemosAcademic Affairs Office
276.0150Senior CitizensAcademic Affairs Office
276.0151Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
276.0152Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
276.0153Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
276.0154Life-Long Learning: StipendsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0155Graduate Program StipendsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0156Liturgical MusicAcademic Affairs Office
276.0157Area Health Education Consortium Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0158St.Paul Archdiocese of Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0159Regents, Board of Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0160Chamber of Commerce Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0161Cost Accounting Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0162Deacons Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0163Diocese Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0164Graduate School Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0165Legal Education: Banks Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0166Legal Education: Drafts Mailing ListsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0167Legal Education: Pres. of Corp. Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0168Legal Education: Attorneys Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0169Continuing Adult Education Minnesota AssociationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0170Mental HealthAcademic Affairs Office
276.0171Attorneys Mailing ListAcademic Affairs Office
276.0172Bar MinnesotaAcademic Affairs Office
276.0173Council of Churches MinnesotaAcademic Affairs Office
276.0174New AdditionsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0175Churches Protestant and CatholicAcademic Affairs Office
276.0176Religious Education CoordinatorsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0177Religious Education Coordinators: St. CloudAcademic Affairs Office
276.0178Attorneys St.CloudAcademic Affairs Office
276.0179School DistrictsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0180FacultyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0181House of StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0182SummerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0183Summer: AdditionsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0184Summer Programs: Welfare DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0185Summer Workshops: RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0186Management by Objectives First American BankAcademic Affairs Office
276.0187Academic Affairs Memos and MeetingsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0188Miller, BruceAcademic Affairs Office
276.0189Merten, DonaldAcademic Affairs Office
276.0190Seminary Faculties, Minnesota Consortium ofAcademic Affairs Office
276.0191Academic Affairs MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
276.0192Vienna Modern IdeasAcademic Affairs Office
276.0193Needs Assesment SurveyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0194Needs Assesment Survey: St.CloudAcademic Affairs Office
276.0195Newgate ReformatoryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0196Newman CenterAcademic Affairs Office
276.0197Newman CenterAcademic Affairs Office
276.0198Courses Non-CreditAcademic Affairs Office
276.0199Courses Non-CreditAcademic Affairs Office
276.0200National Science FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0201Oriental CookingAcademic Affairs Office
276.0202Oregon StateAcademic Affairs Office
276.0203Academic Affairs Outstanding BillsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0204Parents DayAcademic Affairs Office
276.0205Homecoming PanelAcademic Affairs Office
276.0206Parents Day: Faculty ResponsesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0207Parent-Child RelationshipsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0208Parent-Child-Teacher CommunicationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0209Area Health Education Consortium ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0210Human Relations ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0211Human Relations ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0212Family Therapy ParticipantsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0213Interpersonal Relations: Marx OSB, PaulAcademic Affairs Office
276.0214Therapist and the Family SystemAcademic Affairs Office
276.0215Family Psychology ofAcademic Affairs Office
276.0216Therapy IntensiveAcademic Affairs Office
276.0217Church and MoralityAcademic Affairs Office
276.0218Scripture Studies: New TestamentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0219Scripture Studies: Old TestamentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0220Moral IssuesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0221SpiritualityAcademic Affairs Office
276.0222Marriage and Family LifeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0223Interpersonal RelationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0224Planning Your FinancesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0225Plants for the HomeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0226Plants for the HomeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0227Organization ProfessionalAcademic Affairs Office
276.0228Writing ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
276.0229Public Service ConsortiumAcademic Affairs Office
276.0230Publications CatalogsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0231Physics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0232Physics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0233Student Course Evaluations: PsychologyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0234Psychology and ReligionAcademic Affairs Office
276.0235Psychology and ReligionAcademic Affairs Office
276.0236Registration MaterialsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0237Piano Beginning RegistrationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0238Scripture Studies: Exodus RegistrationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0239Summer Workshops: RegistrationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0240Religious Faith in the Modern WorldAcademic Affairs Office
276.0241Religious Responses to the WorldAcademic Affairs Office
276.0242Read Right toAcademic Affairs Office
276.0243Rural Ministry WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0244SacramentsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0245Mall Center St. John'sAcademic Affairs Office
276.0246Schules, WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
276.0247Schultz, William H.Academic Affairs Office
276.0248Scripture Studies: GenesisAcademic Affairs Office
276.0249Scripture StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0250Scripture StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0251Scripture Studies: PaulAcademic Affairs Office
276.0252Scripture StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0253Scripture Studies: ExodusAcademic Affairs Office
276.0254Shifting BeersAcademic Affairs Office
276.0255Skilled HelperAcademic Affairs Office
276.0256Skilled HelperAcademic Affairs Office
276.0257Skilled HelperAcademic Affairs Office
276.0258Smith, ElaineAcademic Affairs Office
276.0259Sociology DemographyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0260Sociology Department: MarriageAcademic Affairs Office
276.0261Sociology Department: SexualityAcademic Affairs Office
276.0262Space Available: ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0263Space Available: ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0264Space Available: ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0265Space Available: ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0266Space Available: ClassesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0267Spring InformationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0268Planning State AgencyAcademic Affairs Office
276.0269Study VacationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0270Academic Affairs Subscriptions OrderedAcademic Affairs Office
276.0271SummerAcademic Affairs Office
276.0272Summer: CalenderAcademic Affairs Office
276.0273Summer: InformationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0274Summer: Life-Long LearningAcademic Affairs Office
276.0275Summer Programs: UndergraduateAcademic Affairs Office
276.0276Summer ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0277Summer: RegistrationsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0278Summer WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0279Summer WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0280Workshops SupervisoryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0281Workshops SupervisoryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0282Tarleton OSB, AllenAcademic Affairs Office
276.0283Tegeder OSB, VincentAcademic Affairs Office
276.0284Tennis CourseAcademic Affairs Office
276.0285Therapist and the Family SystemAcademic Affairs Office
276.0286Theology Department: ResumeAcademic Affairs Office
276.0287Theology of SexualityAcademic Affairs Office
276.0288Thompson, MarjorieAcademic Affairs Office
276.0289Tole, PaintingAcademic Affairs Office
276.0290Tole, PaintingAcademic Affairs Office
276.0291Topicar, JamesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0292Transactional Analysis: WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0293Transactional AnalysisAcademic Affairs Office
276.0294Treiber, AlanAcademic Affairs Office
276.0295Intercultural Education, Upper Midwest Assoc. forAcademic Affairs Office
276.0296Values ClarificationAcademic Affairs Office
276.0297ValuesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0298Vogel, Lee MarieAcademic Affairs Office
276.0299Wells, Paul E.Academic Affairs Office
276.0300Values: What Do We Value?Academic Affairs Office
276.0301Inservice Health Care Educators WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
276.0302Summer WorkshopsAcademic Affairs Office
276.0303Wulfsberg, GaryAcademic Affairs Office
276.0304Yamagishi, AcquinAcademic Affairs Office
276.0305Zip CodesAcademic Affairs Office
276.0306Catalog District 742Academic Affairs Office
285.0001Board of Regents AppointmentStudent Affairs Office
285.0002Center for Student DevelopmentStudent Affairs Office
285.0003Club CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
285.0004Convocation Committee MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
285.0005EMPC MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
285.0006Parents Council MeetingStudent Affairs Office
285.0007Parents ProgramStudent Affairs Office
285.0008Presidents Advisory CouncilStudent Affairs Office
285.0009Publication BoardStudent Affairs Office
285.0010Quadrangle Renovation CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
285.0011Student Affairs Staff MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
285.0012Student Affairs Advisory CouncilStudent Affairs Office
285.0013Student Executive CouncilStudent Affairs Office
285.0014Task Team on AccreditationStudent Affairs Office
285.0015University Housing CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
286.0001HousekeepingStudent Affairs Office
286.0002Old Gym FacilitiesStudent Affairs Office
286.0003Alcohol Policy CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
286.0004Campus Boards MinutesStudent Affairs Office
286.0005Academic Vice PresidentStudent Affairs Office
286.0006Administrative Vice PresidentStudent Affairs Office
286.0007Faculty ResidentsStudent Affairs Office
286.0008Fire and SafetyStudent Affairs Office
286.0009Food ServiceStudent Affairs Office
286.0010Residential ProgramsStudent Affairs Office
288.0001Academic Cost AnalysisPresident Office
288.0002Long Range Fiscal Study CommitteePresident Office
288.0003Long Range Fiscal Study CommitteePresident Office
288.0004Agenda CommitteePresident Office
288.0005Library, Alcuin Annual ReportsPresident Office
288.0006CasePresident Office
288.0007Compensation CommitteePresident Office
288.0008Computation Lab AccountPresident Office
288.0009President CorrespondencePresident Office
288.0010Design CommitteePresident Office
288.0011Enrollment ProjectionsPresident Office
288.0012FacultyPresident Office
288.0013Faculty Assembly and ForumPresident Office
288.0014FellowsPresident Office
288.0015Grounds CommitteePresident Office
288.0016Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPresident Office
288.0017Housing and Urban Development Low Interest LoanPresident Office
288.0018Interdesign Inc.President Office
288.0019MediaPresident Office
288.0020President MiscellaneousPresident Office
288.0021Perlmutter, O. WilliamPresident Office
288.0022BudgetPresident Office
288.0023Rank and Tenure CommitteePresident Office
288.0024SpeechesPresident Office
288.0025Student EmployeesPresident Office
288.0026Evaluations Third YearPresident Office
288.0027Tuition Enrollment etc.President Office
289.0001Alumni Meeting in Denver and West CoastAlumni Office
289.0002Alumni Association Mason City, IowaAlumni Office
289.0003Alumni Association Des Moines, IowaAlumni Office
289.0004Alumni Association Kansas City, KansasAlumni Office
289.0005Alumni Association MichiganAlumni Office
289.0006Alumni Association Boston, MassachusettsAlumni Office
289.0007Alumni Association Detroit, MichiganAlumni Office
289.0008Arizona Alumni AssociationAlumni Office
289.0009Bahamas Alumni Association (Photographs)Alumni Office
289.0010Alumni Association California, Los AngelesAlumni Office
289.0011Alumni Association California, San Francisco,Alumni Office
289.0012Alumni Association California, San Diego,Alumni Office
289.0013Alumni Association Denver, ColoradoAlumni Office
289.0014Alumni Association IndianaAlumni Office
289.0015Alumni Association Cedar Rapids, IowaAlumni Office
289.0016Alumni Association Albany, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0017Alumni Association Big Stone City, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0018Alumni Association West Central MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0019Alumni Association Central Stearns County, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0020Alumni Association Brainerd-Little Falls, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0021Alumni Association Duluth, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0022Alumni Association Fox River Valley, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0023Alumni Association Iron Range, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0024Alumni Association Marschall, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0025Alumni Association Sauk Valley, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0026Alumni Association Sioux Falls, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0027Alumni Association Sioux Falls, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0028Alumni Association Southern MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0029Alumni Association Western Stearns County, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0030Alumni Association Twin Cities, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0031Alumni Association St. Cloud, MinnesotaAlumni Office
289.0032Alumni Association California, San Francisco,Alumni Office
289.0033Alumni Association Winona-La Crosse, WisconsinAlumni Office
289.0034Alumni Association Minnesota ValleyAlumni Office
289.0035Alumni Association MontanaAlumni Office
289.0036Alumni Association New YorkAlumni Office
289.0037Alumni Association Bismarck-Mandan, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0038Alumni Association Devil's Lake, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0039Alumni Association Fargo-Moorhead, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0040Alumni Association Grand Forks, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0041Alumni Association Green Bay, WisconsinAlumni Office
289.0042Alumni Association Milwaukee, WisconsinAlumni Office
289.0043Alumni Association Jamestown, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0044Alumni Association Minot, North DakotaAlumni Office
289.0045Alumni Association OhioAlumni Office
289.0046Alumni Association Portland, OregonAlumni Office
289.0047Puerto Rico, Alumni AssociationAlumni Office
289.0048Alumni Association Washington, DCAlumni Office
289.0049Alumni Association Washington, SeatleAlumni Office
289.0050Alumni Association Eau Claire, WisconsinAlumni Office
289.0051Alumni Association Madison, WisconsinAlumni Office
289.0052Alumni Association Chicago, IllinoisAlumni Office
290.0001Presidential Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
290.0002Presidential Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
290.0003Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
290.0004Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
290.0005Joint Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
290.0006Regents, Board ofAcademic Affairs Office
291.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
291.0002Academic CalendarAcademic Affairs Office
291.0003Academic CalendarAcademic Affairs Office
291.0004Academic Productivity Studies CSBAcademic Affairs Office
291.0005Cross-Cultural ComparativeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0006Culhane OSB, AlbericAcademic Affairs Office
291.0007Danforth Associates ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
291.0008Dean of Arts and Sciences Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0009Drop and Add PolicyAcademic Affairs Office
291.0010Events Coordinators OfficeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0011Faculty EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0012FacultyAcademic Affairs Office
291.0013Grounds CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0014Northwest Area Foundation: Hill FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0015Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
291.0016Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
291.0017Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
291.0018House of StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
291.0019Instructional DevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
291.0020International Business AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0021January TermAcademic Affairs Office
291.0022Japan FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0023Kellogg FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0024Krems Summer ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
291.0025Leave of Absence RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0026Lilly EndowmentAcademic Affairs Office
291.0027MacPherson FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0028Course ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0029Planning DocumentsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0030Presidential EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
291.0031Presidential SearchAcademic Affairs Office
291.0032Connolly OSB, Isaac memos from President's OfficeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0033PromotionsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0034Rank and Tenure CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
291.0035Regents, Board ofAcademic Affairs Office
291.0036Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
291.0037Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
291.0038Salzburg ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
291.0039Salzburg ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
291.0040Salzburg ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
291.0041Salzburg Program, 1979-1980, 1983Academic Affairs Office
291.0042Student ProblemsAcademic Affairs Office
291.0043Intercultural Education, Upper Midwest Assoc. forAcademic Affairs Office
292.0001AAAC Analysis of Values ProgramDean of the College Office
292.0002AAAC Case Statement: Alcuin LibraryDean of the College Office
292.0003AAAC Case Statement: Economics DepartmentDean of the College Office
292.0004AAAC Case Statement: Government DepartmentDean of the College Office
292.0005AAAC Case Statement: History DepartmentDean of the College Office
292.0006AAAC Case Statement: Modern and Classical Languages DepartmentDean of the College Office
292.0007AAAC Case Statement: Office of the RegistrarDean of the College Office
292.0008AAAC Case Statement: Physics DepartmentDean of the College Office
292.0009AAAC Faculty ProposalsDean of the College Office
292.0010AAAC New Course Offering RequestDean of the College Office
292.0011Academic Affairs Advisory Council MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0012Academic Affairs Advisory Council MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0013Academic Affairs Advisory Council Minutes Dean of the College Office
292.0014Board of RegentsDean of the College Office
292.0015Executive Staff Institutional GuidelinesDean of the College Office
292.0016Executive Staff MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0017Executive Staff MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0018Executive Staff MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0019Exigency and Retrenchment StatementDean of the College Office
292.0020Faculty Data and ProjectionsDean of the College Office
292.0021Institutional Data BookDean of the College Office
292.0022Joint Academic Affairs Administrators MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0023Joint Academic Affairs Administrators MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0024Joint Executive Staff MinutesDean of the College Office
292.0025Journal Copy, Robert Spaeth [Correspondence]Dean of the College Office
292.0026National Advisory Council HandbookDean of the College Office
292.0027Northwest Area Foundation Supplementary and Final ReportsDean of the College Office
292.0028Policy DocumentsDean of the College Office
292.0029President's Advisory Council (PAC)Dean of the College Office
292.0030President's Advisory Council (PAC)Dean of the College Office
292.0031Rank and TenureDean of the College Office
292.0032Rank and TenureDean of the College Office
292.0033Regents Academic Affairs CommitteeDean of the College Office
292.0034Status Reports & PlanningDean of the College Office
293.0001Art DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0002Biology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0003Chemistry DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0004Communications and MediaAcademic Affairs Office
293.0005Computer Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0006St. Benedict, College of: Academic Affairs VPAcademic Affairs Office
293.0007Economics and Business Administration DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0008Modern and Classical Languages DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0009Psychology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0010Sociology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0011EducationAcademic Affairs Office
293.0012English DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0013Liberal StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
293.0014Mathematics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0015Department ChairpersonsAcademic Affairs Office
293.0016Theology Department: InformationAcademic Affairs Office
293.0017Theology Department: InformationAcademic Affairs Office
293.0018Military Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0019Music DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
293.0020Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
293.0021Rank and TenureAcademic Affairs Office
293.0022Athletics MemosAcademic Affairs Office
294.0001Botz, JulianPublic Relations Office
294.0002DeChaine, JimPublic Relations Office
294.0003Davis, RichardPublic Relations Office
294.0004Durenberger, GeorgePublic Relations Office
294.0005Fallace, CarmenPublic Relations Office
294.0006Forsythe, JohnPublic Relations Office
294.0007Gregory, MichaelPublic Relations Office
294.0008Henry, EdwardPublic Relations Office
294.0009Hynes, EmersonPublic Relations Office
294.0010Klett, WilliamPublic Relations Office
294.0011Kristo OP, JurePublic Relations Office
294.0012Kuhl, JimPublic Relations Office
294.0013McKenna, TerrencePublic Relations Office
294.0014McKeon, MarkPublic Relations Office
294.0015Marx OSB, PaulPublic Relations Office
294.0016Marx OSB, PaulPublic Relations Office
294.0017Marx OSB, PaulPublic Relations Office
294.0018Melloh SM, John A.Public Relations Office
294.0019Millette, Gordy and LorettaPublic Relations Office
294.0020Moorse, ChuckPublic Relations Office
294.0021Nakhleh, KhalilPublic Relations Office
294.0022Nathe, JoelPublic Relations Office
294.0023Nichol, ThomasPublic Relations Office
294.0024Papesh, MikePublic Relations Office
294.0025Rasmussen, Roy (Skip)Public Relations Office
294.0026Rhodes, TerryPublic Relations Office
294.0027Schilmoeller, LeonPublic Relations Office
294.0028Schmidtman, Lt. Col. MichaelPublic Relations Office
294.0029Stuhlmueller, Fr. CarrolPublic Relations Office
294.0030Track, GerhardPublic Relations Office
294.0031Wakefeild, Fr. AlfredPublic Relations Office
294.0032Wulfsberg, GaryPublic Relations Office
294.0033Yates, DonaldPublic Relations Office
294.0034Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
294.0035Athletics Data and PhotographsPublic Relations Office
294.0036Academic InformationPublic Relations Office
294.0037Human Resources CenterPublic Relations Office
294.0038Student Development CenterPublic Relations Office
294.0039Chartres, FrancePublic Relations Office
294.0040Commencement Address by Harlan ClevelandPublic Relations Office
294.0041Faculty, Former: PhotographsPublic Relations Office
294.0042Ecumenical InstitutePublic Relations Office
294.0043Lewis Carroll FestivalPublic Relations Office
294.0044Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Microfilming ProgPublic Relations Office
294.0045Medical School Students from St. John'sPublic Relations Office
294.0046Mental Health InstitutePublic Relations Office
294.0047Micro-City ProjectPublic Relations Office
295.0001Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association of, Task ForcePresident Office
295.0002AdmissionsPresident Office
295.0003Admissions Marketing ApproachPresident Office
295.0004American Benedictine Review, Timothy Fry, OSBPresident Office
295.0005American ExpressPresident Office
295.0006ArtPresident Office
295.0007Berger, BenPresident Office
295.0008BiologyPresident Office
295.0009Byrne, John F.President Office
295.0010Campus MinistryPresident Office
295.0011Campus MinistryPresident Office
295.0012Apostolate, Center for Applied Research inPresident Office
295.0013Catholic Aid AssociationPresident Office
295.0014Centenary CommitteePresident Office
295.0015ChapterPresident Office
295.0016Foreign Relations, Chicago Council ofPresident Office
295.0017ChristmasPresident Office
295.0018ChristmasPresident Office
295.0019Clergy DayPresident Office
295.0020CommencementPresident Office
295.0021CommencementPresident Office
295.0022Communications/Grant Support, Director ofPresident Office
295.0023Communications and MediaPresident Office
295.0024Condolence LettersPresident Office
295.0025Congressmen and SenatorsPresident Office
295.0026Continental BankPresident Office
295.0027Cooperative Programs SJU/CSBPresident Office
295.0028Corporate EnterprisesPresident Office
295.0029President CorrespondencePresident Office
295.0030President CorrespondencePresident Office
295.0031President CorrespondencePresident Office
295.0032Curriculum and Program DevelopmentPresident Office
295.0033Culhane OSB, Alberic SpeechesPresident Office
295.0034Day CarePresident Office
295.0035President Daily SchedulePresident Office
295.0036DeChaine, JamesPresident Office
295.0037Design CommitteePresident Office
295.0038DijonPresident Office
295.0039Diocesan Pastoral CouncilPresident Office
295.0040Economics and Business AdministrationPresident Office
295.0041EuropePresident Office
295.0042EvaluationsPresident Office
295.0043Faculty DevelopmentPresident Office
295.0044Financial AidPresident Office
295.0045Financial ExchangePresident Office
295.0046Fine Arts Building (Proposed)President Office
295.0047Fleckenstein, Lambert W.President Office
295.0048Floor VisitsPresident Office
295.0049Food ServicePresident Office
295.0050Foreign Relations, Committee onPresident Office
295.0051Foreign Student AdvisorPresident Office
295.0052Formation CommitteePresident Office
295.0053ForumPresident Office
295.0054Gaida, Joseph and Naomi and Joseph Jr.President Office
295.0055Gallen SJ, JohnPresident Office
295.0056GovernmentPresident Office
295.0057Griffin, TomPresident Office
295.0058Griffith, Chuck Albany Area SchoolsPresident Office
295.0059Grounds CommitteePresident Office
295.0060Hanley, LeePresident Office
295.0061Harvard Club of MinnesotaPresident Office
295.0062Hasselquist, Maynard B.President Office
295.0063Health Education and Welfare, Department ofPresident Office
295.0064Health Education and Welfare, Department ofPresident Office
295.0065Urban Affairs, Higher Education Consortium forPresident Office
295.0066Hilger, AndyPresident Office
295.0067Hoeft, LeonardPresident Office
295.0068HousekeepingPresident Office
295.0069Hubbs, Mr. and Mrs. RonPresident Office
295.0070Inaugural InvitationsPresident Office
295.0071IncineratorPresident Office
295.0072Institutional AdvancementPresident Office
295.0073Interdesign Inc.President Office
295.0074January TermPresident Office
295.0075Janzen, WarrenPresident Office
295.0076Student Exchange Program JapanPresident Office
295.0077Jacobs, Don and VirginiaPresident Office
295.0078JayceesPresident Office
295.0079Juniorate Day of ReflectionPresident Office
295.0080Kapsner, Mr. and Mrs. CharlesPresident Office
295.0081Katz, HelenPresident Office
295.0082Knights of ColumbusPresident Office
295.0083LaCrosse, WisconsinPresident Office
295.0084LecturesPresident Office
295.0085Mabon, Mr. and Mrs. JamesPresident Office
295.0086McNally, Frank E.President Office
295.0087Management Resource ServicePresident Office
295.0088Mears, Hella (Mrs. William F. Hueg, Jr.)President Office
295.0089President MemosPresident Office
295.0090Midwest Medieval ConferencePresident Office
295.0091Miniat, RonPresident Office
295.0092Minnesota ClubPresident Office
295.0093Minnesota Historical SocietyPresident Office
295.0094Minnesota Kicks, Freddie Goodwin, Jack CrockerPresident Office
295.0095Music DepartmentPresident Office
295.0096National Alumni AssociationPresident Office
295.0097Nemeth, GaborPresident Office
295.0098New York Athletic ClubPresident Office
295.0099Nielsen, Carl F.President Office
295.0100Minnesota Private College Council NorthwesternPresident Office
295.0101Phillips Dinner and AwardPresident Office
295.0102Planned Giving Assistant to Donald LeMay, OSBPresident Office
295.0103Planned GivingPresident Office
295.0104Blecker, Michael, Daily Appointment BookPresident Office
295.0105Presidents ReportPresident Office
295.0106Priest SenatePresident Office
295.0107RegistrarPresident Office
295.0108Residential ProgramsPresident Office
295.0109Ricci, MichaelPresident Office
295.0110Richter, Mrs. Herbert P.President Office
295.0111Riesman, Dr. DavidPresident Office
295.0112Rolfson OSB, GuntherPresident Office
295.0113Rooney, FlorencePresident Office
295.0114Eastman, Kermit Superintendent, District #742President Office
295.0115Notre Dame SistersPresident Office
295.0116Science Center RenovationPresident Office
295.0117Science Hall ModificationsPresident Office
295.0118ScriptoriumPresident Office
295.0119Dean of College Search CommitteePresident Office
295.0120SecurityPresident Office
295.0121Slater, Lee H.President Office
295.0122Incinerator Solid WastePresident Office
295.0123StaffPresident Office
295.0124St. Mary's SeminaryPresident Office
295.0125St. Paul Academy and Summit SchoolPresident Office
295.0126St. Paul Academy and Summit SchoolPresident Office
295.0127St. Scholastica, College ofPresident Office
295.0128Student AffairsPresident Office
295.0129Swearer, Howard H.President Office
295.0130Theology Program Self-StudyPresident Office
295.0131Theology, School ofPresident Office
295.0132Theology, School ofPresident Office
295.0133Theology, School ofPresident Office
295.0134Retirement Program TIAA-CREFPresident Office
295.0135United Way Campaign Don WatkinsPresident Office
295.0136University ClubPresident Office
295.0137Housing CommitteePresident Office
295.0138Minnesota, University ofPresident Office
295.0139Values ProgramPresident Office
295.0140Young, RogerPresident Office
299.0001Alumni Directors, Board ofAlumni Office
299.0002ConstitutionAlumni Office
299.0003Executive CommitteeAlumni Office
299.0004CollegesAlumni Office
299.0005Alumni Committee MeetingsAlumni Office
299.0006Alumni ProgramsAlumni Office
299.0007Alumni VolunteersAlumni Office
299.0008Alumni Activities: Central MinnesotaAlumni Office
299.0009Alumni New MembersAlumni Office
299.0010Alumni Association: Officer's CorrespondenceAlumni Office
299.0011Alumni ReactivationAlumni Office
299.0012Alumni Branch: OfficersAlumni Office
299.0013Alumni Class ChairmenAlumni Office
299.0014Alumni Class Chairmen: Meeting and ManualAlumni Office
299.0015Class RepresentativesAlumni Office
299.0016Alumni Committees and CouncilAlumni Office
299.0017Alumni Constitution and By-LawsAlumni Office
299.0018Alumni Class Chairmen: Meeting and ManualAlumni Office
299.0019Alumni Twin CitiesAlumni Office
299.0020National Alumni AssociationAlumni Office
299.0021National Alumni Board CommitteesAlumni Office
299.0022Alumni Twin Cities: Class RepresentativesAlumni Office
302.0001AdmissionsPresident Office
302.0002Presidents of Independent College and Universities American AssociationPresident Office
302.0003Education, American Council onPresident Office
302.0004Ecumenical Institute Applications for FellowshipPresident Office
302.0005Colleges, Association of AmericanPresident Office
302.0006Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association ofPresident Office
302.0007Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, AssociationPresident Office
302.0008Minnesota Post-Secondary Educational Institute, AssociationPresident Office
302.0009Local Government, Center for the Study ofPresident Office
302.0010Public Service Consortium Governing Board Central MNPresident Office
302.0011Central States College Association Board MinutesPresident Office
302.0012Central States College Association CorrespondencePresident Office
302.0013Central States College Association CorrespondencePresident Office
302.0014College Facts ChartsPresident Office
302.0015Government Relations CommitteePresident Office
302.0016President CorrespondencePresident Office
302.0017President CorrespondencePresident Office
302.0018Dober and AssociatesPresident Office
302.0019Educational Facilities Laboratories Inc.President Office
302.0020Regents, Board of, Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
302.0021Regents, Board of, Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
302.0022Faculty Study CommitteePresident Office
302.0023Grace SummaryPresident Office
302.0024Grace SummaryPresident Office
302.0025Hill Family FoundationPresident Office
302.0026Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
302.0027International Education, Institute ofPresident Office
302.0028Institutional DataPresident Office
302.0029Institutional ProfilePresident Office
302.0030Colleges of Teacher Education, Minnesota Association ofPresident Office
302.0031Higher Education Coordinating CommissionPresident Office
302.0032Higher Education Coordinating CommissionPresident Office
302.0033Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
302.0034Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
302.0035Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
302.0036Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
302.0037Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPresident Office
302.0038Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPresident Office
302.0039Independent Colleges and Universities National Association ofPresident Office
302.0040Independent Colleges and Universities National Association ofPresident Office
302.0041Independent Colleges and Universities National Association ofPresident Office
302.0042National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
302.0043President Report to "Next Decade at St. John's"President Office
302.0044Dean of College of Arts and Sciences - Nominations / ElectionPresident Office
302.0045North American GroupPresident Office
302.0046North American GroupPresident Office
302.0047North Central Association QuarterlyPresident Office
302.0048St. Cloud State UniversityPresident Office
302.0049St. Paul Athletic ClubPresident Office
302.0050Divinity SchoolPresident Office
302.0051Student Executive CouncilPresident Office
302.0052Surveys and QuestionnairesPresident Office
302.0053Surveys and QuestionnairesPresident Office
302.0054TheologyPresident Office
303.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
303.0002American Colleges, Association of Denver MeetingAcademic Affairs Office
303.0003American Colleges, Association ofAcademic Affairs Office
303.0004Academic Vice Presidents and Deans, Institute forAcademic Affairs Office
303.0005American Colleges, Association ofAcademic Affairs Office
303.0006Albany High SchoolAcademic Affairs Office
303.0007Art DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0008Biology Department: EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0009Biology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0010BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
303.0011Budget RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0012BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
303.0013Bush FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0014Capital CampaignAcademic Affairs Office
303.0015Human and Community Development InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
303.0016Public Service Consortium: Central MinnesotaAcademic Affairs Office
303.0017Chemistry DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0018Class ListsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0019Colloquium InstructorsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0020CompensationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0021Computer Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0022Computer Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0023Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0024Course EnrollmentsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0025Course Evaluation CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0026Course Evaluation ProcessAcademic Affairs Office
303.0027Dean of the College of Arts and SciencesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0028Department EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0029Economics and Business Administration DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0030Executive Governing Board and StaffAcademic Affairs Office
303.0031Faculty DevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0032Faculty Forum and AssemblyAcademic Affairs Office
303.0033Faculty Merit PointsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0034Faculty Self-StudyAcademic Affairs Office
303.0035Faculty WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
303.0036FacultyAcademic Affairs Office
303.0037FellowshipsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0038Financial and Compensation CommitteesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0039ForumAcademic Affairs Office
303.0040Freshmen Colloquium correspondenceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0041Freshmen ColloquiumAcademic Affairs Office
303.0042Freshmen Honors ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
303.0043Education General ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
303.0044Education GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
303.0045General and Liberal Studies, Association forAcademic Affairs Office
303.0046Gonzaga UniversityAcademic Affairs Office
303.0047Government DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0048Higher EducationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0049History DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0050Honors ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
303.0051HumanitiesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0052Ecumenical InstituteAcademic Affairs Office
303.0053Institutional GuidelinesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0054International StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0055InternshipsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0056Life-Long Learning: Invoices for Summer SessionAcademic Affairs Office
303.0057January TermAcademic Affairs Office
303.0058January TermAcademic Affairs Office
303.0059January TermAcademic Affairs Office
303.0060Joint Cooperation CSB/SJUAcademic Affairs Office
303.0061Liberal EducationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0062Liberal StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0063Life-Long LearningAcademic Affairs Office
303.0064MacPherson Fellowship: CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
303.0065Mathematics Department: AstronomyAcademic Affairs Office
303.0066Military Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0067Academic Affairs MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
303.0068Academic Affairs MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
303.0069Academic Affairs CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0070Departmental ProceduresAcademic Affairs Office
303.0071Modern and Classical Languages DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0072Nakhleh, Dr. KhalilAcademic Affairs Office
303.0073National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
303.0074North Central ReviewAcademic Affairs Office
303.0075Northwest Area Faculty: Development GrantAcademic Affairs Office
303.0076Northwest Area FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0077Speaker Regulation PanelAcademic Affairs Office
303.0078Philosophy DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0079Physics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0080Presidents CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0081Academic Affairs Programs MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
303.0082Program AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0083Program AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
303.0084Psychology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
303.0085ResidentialAcademic Affairs Office
303.0086Sabbatical LeavesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0087Senior Seminar: Student EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0088Social ScienceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0089Sociology Department: Social WorkAcademic Affairs Office
303.0090Honors SophomoreAcademic Affairs Office
303.0091SpaceAcademic Affairs Office
303.0092Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
303.0093Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
303.0094Space AvailableAcademic Affairs Office
303.0095Student RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0096Student RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0097Study GuidesAcademic Affairs Office
303.0098Summer ProgramsAcademic Affairs Office
303.0099Iowa TripAcademic Affairs Office
303.0100Values Analysis ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
303.0101Values ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
304.0001Regents, Board of Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0002Regents, Board of Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0003Foundations ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0004Drekonja, Otmar Benedictine StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
304.0005Reaney, Billie Ann: BiologyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0006Computer Assisted Studies James PetersAcademic Affairs Office
304.0007Budgets C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
304.0008Budgets Reallocated Funds of C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
304.0009Lenz, Jerry History of MathematicsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0010Elementary Science Methods, Improvement ofAcademic Affairs Office
304.0011Administration International Program ofAcademic Affairs Office
304.0012Learning and Resource Center: Tavis OSB, GordonAcademic Affairs Office
304.0013Proposals: Non-fundedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0014Public Administration Program of Lucy LarsonAcademic Affairs Office
304.0015Field Biology Research Projects Norman FordAcademic Affairs Office
304.0016Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0017Information GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
304.0018Computer Assisted Studies Individual LearningAcademic Affairs Office
304.0019Nolan OSB, Kieran American Social ResponsibilityAcademic Affairs Office
304.0021Biology Department: Lab ManualAcademic Affairs Office
304.0022Chemistry Department: Computer Workshop Mark HughesAcademic Affairs Office
304.0023Chemistry Department: ScientificAcademic Affairs Office
304.0024BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
304.0025EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0026Administration International Program of Ali HakamAcademic Affairs Office
304.0027Teacher Info. Management System: Joe FriedrichAcademic Affairs Office
304.0028Teacher Info. Management SystemAcademic Affairs Office
304.0029Foreign Languages Lab Tapes John KulasAcademic Affairs Office
304.0030Foreign Languages Video Tapes Otmar DrekonjaAcademic Affairs Office
304.0031History Department: Summer Slide Program Dave BennetsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0032Lenz, Jerry History of MathematicsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0033Physics Department: Instructional Dialogue Leonard ValleyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0034Administration International EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0035LearningAcademic Affairs Office
304.0036Mathematics Department: Computer Techniques Jerry LenzAcademic Affairs Office
304.0037Mathematics Department: Numerical Analysis John LangeAcademic Affairs Office
304.0038Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML): Princeton IndexAcademic Affairs Office
304.0039Projects Non-refundedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0040Proposals: Non-fundedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0041ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0042Religious Education M.Anthony,OSB / P.Berres,OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0043Biology Department: 111 Lab Improvement D. Plantenberg, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0044Theology Near Eastern History A. Culhane, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0045Rural Ministry Program: Blane WasnieAcademic Affairs Office
304.0046Anthropology Slide Sets Khalil NakhlehAcademic Affairs Office
304.0047Chemistry Department: Advanced Analytical Robert FultonAcademic Affairs Office
304.0048Biology Department: 115Academic Affairs Office
304.0049Biology Department: 111 Final Evaluation ReportAcademic Affairs Office
304.0050Biology Department: 111 Lab Improvement D. Plantenberg, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0051Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0052Administration International Ali HakamAcademic Affairs Office
304.0053Biology Department: Field Norman FordAcademic Affairs Office
304.0054Funding Application Procedure AnnouncementAcademic Affairs Office
304.0055Administration GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
304.0056Liturgical StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
304.0057Business Administration International ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
304.0058Business Administration International Program EvalAcademic Affairs Office
304.0059Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0060Academic Affairs Advisory Council MeetingAcademic Affairs Office
304.0061Academic Affairs Advisory Council MeetingAcademic Affairs Office
304.0062Learning and Resource Center: Computer TerminalAcademic Affairs Office
304.0063Architecture Modern Slides Alan Reed, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0064Music Department: Electronic Piano Lab Bob Koopman, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0065ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0066Proposals: RejectedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0067Rural Ministry Education Materials ProjectAcademic Affairs Office
304.0068Chemistry Department: Senior Research Ted BartlettAcademic Affairs Office
304.0069Sociology Department: Computer Equipment Tom Thole OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0070Theology Near Eastern Field Study A.Culhane, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0071Chemistry Department: Advanced Analytical Robert FultonAcademic Affairs Office
304.0072Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0073Biology Department: 111 Lab Improvement D. Plantenberg, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0074Literature Comparative: Ned DubinAcademic Affairs Office
304.0075Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0076Dance and Music Axel TheimerAcademic Affairs Office
304.0077English Department: Workshop Hilary Thimmesh, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0078Administration GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
304.0079Government Simulation GamesAcademic Affairs Office
304.0080Honors Program: Bibliographic DocumentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0081Honors Program: Jim MurphyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0082Administration International Ali HakamAcademic Affairs Office
304.0083Library: Use InstructionAcademic Affairs Office
304.0084Liturgical Studies: M. Wagner, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0085Academic Affairs Advisory Council MaterialsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0086Theology Near Eastern Field Study A.Culhane, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0087EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0088ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0089Proposals: RejectedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0090Tissue Culture Technology: Billie ReaneyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0091Academic Affairs Travel FundAcademic Affairs Office
304.0092Academic Affairs Advisory Council RatingsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0093AdministrativeAcademic Affairs Office
304.0094Chemistry Department: Advanced Analytical Robert FultonAcademic Affairs Office
304.0095Washington D.C. Another BoondoggleAcademic Affairs Office
304.0096Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0097Proposals: BudgetedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0098Literature Comparative: Ned DubinAcademic Affairs Office
304.0099Computer Science Department: decalabAcademic Affairs Office
304.0100Rural Ministry Educational Material DevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0101Shaft Tomb Project EBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0102Economics & Business Admin. Dept. Business RetreatAcademic Affairs Office
304.0103EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0104Freshmen ColloquiumAcademic Affairs Office
304.0105Administration GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
304.0106Government Simulation GamesAcademic Affairs Office
304.0107Library: Reference ImprovementAcademic Affairs Office
304.0108Library: Use Instruction Connie MillerAcademic Affairs Office
304.0109Academic Affairs Advisory Council MaterialsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0110Theology Near Eastern Field Study A.Culhane OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0111Proposals: Non-fundedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0112Proposals: PendingAcademic Affairs Office
304.0113ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0114Rating FormsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0115Proposals: RejectedAcademic Affairs Office
304.0116Senior Seminar: Interdisciplinary IntegrationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0117Tissue Culture Technology: Billie ReaneyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0118Academic Affairs Travel FundAcademic Affairs Office
304.0119Writing Workshop: Hilary Thimmesh, OSBAcademic Affairs Office
304.0120Class LoadsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0121Class Schedules, Fall 1974 through Fall 1975Academic Affairs Office
304.0122Committee MembershipsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0123Faculty Profiles and Fact SheetsAcademic Affairs Office
304.0124Registrar: Miscellaneous dataAcademic Affairs Office
304.0125Art DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0126AstronomyAcademic Affairs Office
304.0127Biology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0128Chemistry DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0129Communications and TheatreAcademic Affairs Office
304.0130Computer Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0131Economics and Business Administration DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0132EducationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0133English DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0134Foreign languages and LiteratureAcademic Affairs Office
304.0135Government, 1972 - Ed HenryAcademic Affairs Office
304.0136History DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0137Honors ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
304.0138IndexAcademic Affairs Office
304.0139Mathematics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0140Music DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0141Philosophy DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0142Physical Education DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0143Physics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0144Psychology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0145Theology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0146Biology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0147Chemistry DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0148Computer Science DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0149IndexAcademic Affairs Office
304.0150Mathematics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0151Physical Education DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0152Physics DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0153North Central Accreditation ReviewAcademic Affairs Office
304.0154North Central Accreditation ReviewAcademic Affairs Office
304.0155Economics and Business Administration DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0156EducationAcademic Affairs Office
304.0157History DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0158IndexAcademic Affairs Office
304.0159Psychology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
304.0160Sociology DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
305.0001Regents, Board of, Academic AffairsPresident Office
305.0002AdjunctsPresident Office
305.0003AdmissionsPresident Office
305.0004St. Benedict, College ofPresident Office
305.0005College Facts ChartsPresident Office
305.0006President Daily SchedulesPresident Office
305.0007President Directions for the FuturePresident Office
305.0008Financial StatementPresident Office
305.0009Financial StatementPresident Office
305.0010Financial StatementPresident Office
305.0011Human Life Center, Paul Marx, OSBPresident Office
305.0012Investment Responsibility, Committee onPresident Office
305.0013J-ClubPresident Office
305.0014Higher Education Coordinating BoardPresident Office
305.0015Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
305.0016Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
305.0017Minnesota Private College Council, Marion Shane DirectorPresident Office
305.0018Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
305.0019Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
305.0020Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
305.0021Minnesota Private College Fund, Alberic Culhane, OSBPresident Office
305.0022ScholarshipsPresident Office
305.0023Regents, Board of, Student Affairs CommitteePresident Office
305.0024President SecretariesPresident Office
305.0025Senior SurveyPresident Office
305.0026Student Representatives to Regent CommitteesPresident Office
305.0027Van PoolingPresident Office
305.0028Wilderness Inquiry IIPresident Office
305.0029WorkshopsPresident Office
307.0001Activities Allocation BoardPresident Office Assistant
307.0002Co-Institutional Study Separate IncorporationPresident Office Assistant
307.0003Co-Institutional Study CommitteePresident Office Assistant
307.0004Cooperation SJU/CSB SubcommitteePresident Office Assistant
307.0005Mayhew Report Cooperative Project SJU/CSBPresident Office Assistant
307.0006Coordination SJU/CSBPresident Office Assistant
307.0007Coordination SJU/CSBPresident Office Assistant
307.0008College Federated Model StudyPresident Office Assistant
307.0009Mental Health WorkshopsPresident Office Assistant
307.0010Mental Health WorkshopsPresident Office Assistant
307.0011Mental Health WorkshopsPresident Office Assistant
307.0012Planning CommitteePresident Office Assistant
307.0013RentPresident Office Assistant
307.0014St. Michael ShopPresident Office Assistant
307.0015Incorporation SeparatePresident Office Assistant
307.0016Admissions: ReportPresident Office Assistant
307.0017Athletic Department Ad Hoc CommitteePresident Office Assistant
307.0018Benefits Faculty and AdministrationPresident Office Assistant
307.0019Faculty CompensationPresident Office Assistant
307.0020Faculty HandbookPresident Office Assistant
307.0021Financial AidPresident Office Assistant
307.0022Fine Arts CenterPresident Office Assistant
307.0023Faculty HandbookPresident Office Assistant
307.0024Committee Membership RostersPresident Office Assistant
307.0025Tavis OSB, Tavis Organization for the FuturePresident Office Assistant
307.0026Presidents Advisory CouncilPresident Office Assistant
307.0027University and Abbey Graphical DataPresident Office Assistant
307.0028Budget and FinancePresident Office Assistant
307.0029ServicesPresident Office Assistant
309.0001Alumnae-Alumni Awards SurveyAlumni Office
309.0002Alumni Branch: GuideAlumni Office
309.0003Alumni Central Minnesota BoardAlumni Office
309.0004Alumni Central Minnesota BoardAlumni Office
309.0005Homecoming: Combined Board of Directors CSB/SJUAlumni Office
309.0006Alumni WeekendsAlumni Office
309.0007Alumni Association: Minnesota Chapter AreasAlumni Office
309.0008Alumni Association: Nationwide Alumni AreasAlumni Office
309.0009Alumni Board of DirectorsAlumni Office
309.0010Alumni Summer Weekends and ReunionsAlumni Office
309.0011Alumni WeekendsAlumni Office
309.0012Alumni Bavarian TourAlumni Office
309.0013HomecomingAlumni Office
309.0014Alumni Award: Walter Reger DistinguishedAlumni Office
309.0015Alumni Central Minnesota Board of Directors MeetinAlumni Office
309.0016Faculty AssemblyAlumni Office
309.0017FootballAlumni Office
309.0018Alumni Central Minnesota Board: Stag and Board MeetingAlumni Office
309.0019Chamber of CommerceAlumni Office
309.0020Chicago-Loyola GameAlumni Office
309.0021Class ChairmenAlumni Office
309.0022Directory UniversityAlumni Office
309.0023Alumni DistinguishedAlumni Office
309.0024Alumni EventsAlumni Office
309.0025FacultyAlumni Office
309.0026Homecoming: ExpensesAlumni Office
309.0027ReunionAlumni Office
309.0028Senior Program Central Minnesota StagAlumni Office
309.0029AthleticsAlumni Office
309.0030Freshmen Summer RegistrationAlumni Office
309.0031Track Alumni vs. VarsityAlumni Office
309.0032Alumni Twin CitiesAlumni Office
309.0033Alumni Association: Twin Cities ChapterAlumni Office
309.0034Homecoming: Reunion of 1954Alumni Office
309.0035Institutional Advancement OfficeAlumni Office
309.0036Lonning EventAlumni Office
309.0037May BowleAlumni Office
309.0038Alumni Board of Directors: Meeting w/ Jerry TerharrAlumni Office
309.0039Alumni Board: NationalAlumni Office
309.0040Alumni Board: NationalAlumni Office
309.0041RegentAlumni Office
312.0001Academic Deans, American Council ofDean of the College Office
312.0002Academic Organizations AddressesDean of the College Office
312.0003Academic ProbationDean of the College Office
312.0004Academic ProbationDean of the College Office
312.0005AdministrativeDean of the College Office
312.0006Administrative Council MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0007AdmissionsDean of the College Office
312.0008Admissions and ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0009Adult EducationDean of the College Office
312.0010Alpha Phi OmegaDean of the College Office
312.0011Alumni Association MeetingsDean of the College Office
312.0012American Benedictine AcademyDean of the College Office
312.0013American Benedictine Academy NewsletterDean of the College Office
312.0014American Benedictine Academy NotificationDean of the College Office
312.0015American Educational Research AssociationDean of the College Office
312.0016Art ClubDean of the College Office
312.0017Art DepartmentDean of the College Office
312.0018Art Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0019Art Department Instructor ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0020Art Department Texne SocietyDean of the College Office
312.0021Athletic CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0022Athletic Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0023Athletic Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0024AthleticsDean of the College Office
312.0025Augsburg College ChoirDean of the College Office
312.0026Bands ConstitutionDean of the College Office
312.0027Biology Application Dolores Ahles OSFDean of the College Office
312.0028BudgetingDean of the College Office
312.0029CalendarDean of the College Office
312.0030Campus Center Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0031Catalogs College and UniversityDean of the College Office
312.0032Catalogs College and UniversityDean of the College Office
312.0033Catholic Aid Scholarships Michael EttelDean of the College Office
312.0034Catholic College Students, National Federation ofDean of the College Office
312.0035Catholic College Students, National Federation ofDean of the College Office
312.0036Catholic Education Association NationalDean of the College Office
312.0037Catholic Education Association NationalDean of the College Office
312.0038Catholic Education Association, National Foreign StudentsDean of the College Office
312.0039Central States College AssociationDean of the College Office
312.0040Central States College Association InvitationDean of the College Office
312.0041Central States College Association. Committee BulletinsDean of the College Office
312.0042Central States College Association. Minutes and ReportsDean of the College Office
312.0043Chan, Dr. To-YiDean of the College Office
312.0044Chemistry Department Robert GarvinDean of the College Office
312.0045Chinese and Russian ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0046ClubsDean of the College Office
312.0047College Admissions, Association ofDean of the College Office
312.0048College Entrance Exam. Board: Scholarship ServiceDean of the College Office
312.0049College State of theDean of the College Office
312.0050Colleges OtherDean of the College Office
312.0051Colleges, Association of AmericanDean of the College Office
312.0052Colleges, Association of AmericanDean of the College Office
312.0053Colleges, Association of Minnesota PrivateDean of the College Office
312.0054Colleges, Association of Minnesota PrivateDean of the College Office
312.0055Continuing Education Agricultural Extension Serv.Dean of the College Office
312.0056ConvocationDean of the College Office
312.0057Convocation ProgramsDean of the College Office
312.0058ConvocationsDean of the College Office
312.0059Convocations AdministrativeDean of the College Office
312.0060Convocations SpeakersDean of the College Office
312.0061Counselor Principal's DayDean of the College Office
312.0062Course DescriptionsDean of the College Office
312.0063Course Offerings and ListingsDean of the College Office
312.0064CurriculumDean of the College Office
312.0065Curriculum CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0066Curriculum CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0067Curriculum Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0068Curriculum Committee Minutes and MemosDean of the College Office
312.0069Curriculum Evaluation ofDean of the College Office
312.0070Curriculum ReformDean of the College Office
312.0071Curriculum Reform Ad Hoc Curriculum Study Comm.Dean of the College Office
312.0072Curriculum Reform InformationDean of the College Office
312.0073Curriculum RevisionDean of the College Office
312.0074Curriculum Revision SurveyDean of the College Office
312.0075Curriculum Study CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0076Curriculum Study Committee Background MaterialsDean of the College Office
312.0077Curriculum Study Committee Calendar RevisionDean of the College Office
312.0078Curriculum Study Committee CSBDean of the College Office
312.0079Curriculum Study Committee CSBDean of the College Office
312.0080Curriculum Study Committee Curricular RevisionDean of the College Office
312.0081Curriculum Study Committee Curriculum RevisionDean of the College Office
312.0082Curriculum Study Committee Interim Term at CollegesDean of the College Office
312.0083Curriculum Study Committee Responses to PlanDean of the College Office
312.0084DanteDean of the College Office
312.0085DanteDean of the College Office
312.0086Dante The Divine ComedyDean of the College Office
312.0087Deans Applications MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
312.0088Deans OfficeDean of the College Office
312.0089Deans Office BookedDean of the College Office
312.0090Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0091Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0092Deans Office MemosDean of the College Office
312.0093Deans Office MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
312.0094Deans Office MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
312.0095Deans Office Studies miscellaneousDean of the College Office
312.0096Degrees Conferred by Universities and CollegesDean of the College Office
312.0097Degrees Conferred by Universities and CollegesDean of the College Office
312.0098Delta Epsilon SigmaDean of the College Office
312.0099Department OfferingsDean of the College Office
312.0100Department Offerings and CurriculumDean of the College Office
312.0101Dismissal LettersDean of the College Office
312.0102Dodson OSB, RobertDean of the College Office
312.0103Education Beyond High School President's Comm.Dean of the College Office
312.0104Education International MaterialDean of the College Office
312.0105Education TeachingDean of the College Office
312.0106Education, American Council onDean of the College Office
312.0107Education, American Council onDean of the College Office
312.0108Employment Recommendations forDean of the College Office
312.0109Employment Recommendations forDean of the College Office
312.0110Employment Recommendations forDean of the College Office
312.0111Employment Recommendations forDean of the College Office
312.0112Engineering Graduate StudyDean of the College Office
312.0113English DepartmentDean of the College Office
312.0114English Department Donald CoughlinDean of the College Office
312.0115English Department Julien FournierDean of the College Office
312.0116English Department Robert L. HornDean of the College Office
312.0117Enrollment in Colleges and UniversitiesDean of the College Office
312.0118Enrollment Minnesota College and UniversityDean of the College Office
312.0119Examination BooksDean of the College Office
312.0120Examinations Final ScheduleDean of the College Office
312.0121Exchange StudentsDean of the College Office
312.0122FacultyDean of the College Office
312.0123Faculty and Employees' SonsDean of the College Office
312.0124Faculty Assignments and Workload FormsDean of the College Office
312.0125Faculty CommitteesDean of the College Office
312.0126Faculty CommitteesDean of the College Office
312.0127Faculty Compensation National SurveyDean of the College Office
312.0128Faculty Marking ReportsDean of the College Office
312.0129Faculty Meeting MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0130Faculty RecruitingDean of the College Office
312.0131Faculty Work Loads QuestionnairesDean of the College Office
312.0132Farmer, JamesDean of the College Office
312.0133Financial Aid to AthletesDean of the College Office
312.0134Financial ArrangementsDean of the College Office
312.0135Foreign StudentsDean of the College Office
312.0136Foreign StudentsDean of the College Office
312.0137Fox OSB, AdrianDean of the College Office
312.0138French Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0139French Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0140French Department Frank NecciDean of the College Office
312.0141French InstructorDean of the College Office
312.0142Freshmen DataDean of the College Office
312.0143Freshmen ProfilesDean of the College Office
312.0144Freshmen StatisticsDean of the College Office
312.0145Freshmen Statistics ACE TestsDean of the College Office
312.0146Freshmen Tests ACE, etc.Dean of the College Office
312.0147Frey, Paul Letters to ParentsDean of the College Office
312.0148German Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0149Grade Point Averages for AthletesDean of the College Office
312.0150Professors' Grades, 1949-1958Dean of the College Office
312.0151Grades sent to High SchoolsDean of the College Office
312.0152Graduate QuestionnaireDean of the College Office
312.0153Graduate Record ResultsDean of the College Office
312.0154Graduate RecordsDean of the College Office
312.0155Graduate StudyDean of the College Office
312.0156GraduatesDean of the College Office
312.0157GraduatesDean of the College Office
312.0158GraduationDean of the College Office
312.0159GraduationDean of the College Office
312.0160Graduation dataDean of the College Office
312.0161Graduation Duties of the DeanDean of the College Office
312.0162Graduation ListDean of the College Office
312.0163Grande, Dr. Peter P. Associate Prof. of Psych.Dean of the College Office
312.0164High School College RegulationsDean of the College Office
312.0165Higher Education Liason Committee Report onDean of the College Office
312.0166Higher Education, Association forDean of the College Office
312.0167Higher Education, Institute ofDean of the College Office
312.0168Higher Education, National Conference onDean of the College Office
312.0169History DepartmentDean of the College Office
312.0170History Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0171HomecomingDean of the College Office
312.0172Honors Tri-CollegeDean of the College Office
312.0173Information Request forDean of the College Office
312.0174Institutional Information NarrativeDean of the College Office
312.0175Institutional ResearchDean of the College Office
312.0176Inter-Institutional Graduate Cooperation, Study ofDean of the College Office
312.0177International Relations ClubDean of the College Office
312.0178Issues Critical Zimmerman, JohnDean of the College Office
312.0179J-ClubDean of the College Office
312.0180J-Club business and lettersDean of the College Office
312.0181JournalismDean of the College Office
312.0182Klingensmith, JohnDean of the College Office
312.0183Knights of ColumbusDean of the College Office
312.0184Law Graduate Study and correspondence., scholarships, etc.Dean of the College Office
312.0185Law School Representatives VisitsDean of the College Office
312.0186Learned Societies, American Council ofDean of the College Office
312.0187Learning and Life Institute Aquinas Sipe, OSBDean of the College Office
312.0188Liberal Arts GeneralDean of the College Office
312.0189Liberal Arts SyllabiDean of the College Office
312.0190Library, AlcuinDean of the College Office
312.0191Library, AlcuinDean of the College Office
312.0192Look Out! Faculty Spoof NewsletterDean of the College Office
312.0193Lyons, PatDean of the College Office
312.0194Madeira, JeanDean of the College Office
312.0195Marciniak, E.Dean of the College Office
312.0196Mathematics Department Comparison of Grades with SATDean of the College Office
312.0197Mathematics Department Richard JarvinenDean of the College Office
312.0198Mathematics Department Vincent KinneyDean of the College Office
312.0199Medical Colleges, Association of American ReportsDean of the College Office
312.0200Medical School ReportsDean of the College Office
312.0201Medicine and Dentistry Graduate StudyDean of the College Office
312.0202Mens ChorusDean of the College Office
312.0203Minnesota Colleges, Association ofDean of the College Office
312.0204Minnesota Education AssociationDean of the College Office
312.0205Minnesota Private College CouncilDean of the College Office
312.0206Minnesota Private HourDean of the College Office
312.0207Minnesota, University of StudiesDean of the College Office
312.0208Modern Languages correspondenceDean of the College Office
312.0209Modern Languages correspondence, films and tapesDean of the College Office
312.0210Modern Languages correspondence, LaboratoryDean of the College Office
312.0211Modern Languages Hill Family FoundationDean of the College Office
312.0212Modern languages HiringDean of the College Office
312.0213Monastic-College CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0214MoonmistersDean of the College Office
312.0215Musical ConcertsDean of the College Office
312.0216National Merit Scholarship CorporationDean of the College Office
312.0217National Science FoundationDean of the College Office
312.0218North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary SchoolsDean of the College Office
312.0219North Central Association Policies ofDean of the College Office
312.0220Norton, Maurice L. Psychotic ApplicantDean of the College Office
312.0221OrientationDean of the College Office
312.0222OrientationDean of the College Office
312.0223Pershing RiflesDean of the College Office
312.0224Phi Delta KappaDean of the College Office
312.0225Philosophy Department Patrick CoffeyDean of the College Office
312.0226Physical Education and Athletics Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0227Physical Education Department B. KukarDean of the College Office
312.0228Physical Facilities StudyDean of the College Office
312.0229Physics Department Gerard AndersonDean of the College Office
312.0230Physics Department Mike GarrityDean of the College Office
312.0231Physics Department Nelson, De VaughnDean of the College Office
312.0232Physics HiringDean of the College Office
312.0233Placement BureauDean of the College Office
312.0234Placement Offices in UniversitiesDean of the College Office
312.0235Political Science HiringDean of the College Office
312.0236Presidents OfficeDean of the College Office
312.0237ProbationDean of the College Office
312.0238Probation CurrentDean of the College Office
312.0239Probation List FormsDean of the College Office
312.0240Probation ListsDean of the College Office
312.0241Probationary LettersDean of the College Office
312.0242Programs 1958-1966Dean of the College Office
312.0243Programs and ConvocationsDean of the College Office
312.0244Programs and Convocations Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0245Programs Booked and CompletedDean of the College Office
312.0246Programs CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0247Psychology Department Karl VanderhorckDean of the College Office
312.0248Psychology Department Nathaniel Pallone, PhDDean of the College Office
312.0249Psychology Department NegotiationsDean of the College Office
312.0250Public RelationDean of the College Office
312.0251Public Relations Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
312.0252Radio ClubDean of the College Office
312.0253Radio FM ProgramDean of the College Office
312.0254Reading Improvement ProgramsDean of the College Office
312.0255Guest Refectory (Refectories), 1951-52, 1956-57Dean of the College Office
312.0256Student Refectory (Refectories) 1955Dean of the College Office
312.0257RegistrationDean of the College Office
312.0258Registration and AdministrationDean of the College Office
312.0259Registration InformationDean of the College Office
312.0260Registration ProceduresDean of the College Office
312.0261Research CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0262Reserve Officers Training CommissionDean of the College Office
312.0263Reserve Officers Training CommissionDean of the College Office
312.0264Reserved Book-Open Problem Ad Hoc CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0265Reserved Officer Training general info & correspondence.Dean of the College Office
312.0266Retreat StudentDean of the College Office
312.0267RingsDean of the College Office
312.0268RingsDean of the College Office
312.0269Scholarships Aid NotesDean of the College Office
312.0270Scholarships CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0271Scholarships CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0272Scholarships CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0273Scholarships Committee FreshmenDean of the College Office
312.0274Scholarships Committee UpperclassmenDean of the College Office
312.0275Scholarships Foreign and Indian StudentsDean of the College Office
312.0276Scholarships PoliciesDean of the College Office
312.0277Scholarships SpecialDean of the College Office
312.0278Scholarships Stevans Brothers FoundationDean of the College Office
312.0279Scholarships Student Aid General InformationDean of the College Office
312.0280School Colleges and Universities, Association of StaffingDean of the College Office
312.0281Selective Service Bills and Public LawsDean of the College Office
312.0282Selective Service clippings and articlesDean of the College Office
312.0283Selective Service correspondenceDean of the College Office
312.0284Selective Service correspondenceDean of the College Office
312.0285Selective Service Divinity School CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0286Selective Service Public Law #550Dean of the College Office
312.0287Selective Service Reserve Forces ActDean of the College Office
312.0288Sociology HiringDean of the College Office
312.0289Sophomore ComprehensiveDean of the College Office
312.0290Spanish DepartmentDean of the College Office
312.0291Spanish Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0292Spanish Department ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0293Spanish Department Applications and corres.Dean of the College Office
312.0294Spanish Department Margaret BeesonDean of the College Office
312.0295Speech ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0296Speech Terry OstermeierDean of the College Office
312.0297Sports Writers Applications forDean of the College Office
312.0298St. Benedict, College ofDean of the College Office
312.0299St. Cloud Civic Music AssociationDean of the College Office
312.0300St. John's and General Information BulletinDean of the College Office
312.0301St. Michael BookshopDean of the College Office
312.0302Stadium FundDean of the College Office
312.0303Student Affairs and Outside ActivitiesDean of the College Office
312.0304Student Association, United States NationalDean of the College Office
312.0305Student CabinetDean of the College Office
312.0306Student CouncilDean of the College Office
312.0307Student CouncilDean of the College Office
312.0308Student DataDean of the College Office
312.0309Student DataDean of the College Office
312.0310Student Evaluation FormDean of the College Office
312.0311Student Faculty Affairs CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0312Student Faculty Affairs CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0313Student Government Arno Gustin, OSBDean of the College Office
312.0314Student Government ConstitutionDean of the College Office
312.0315Student GradesDean of the College Office
312.0316Student Loan PlanDean of the College Office
312.0317Student TeachersDean of the College Office
312.0318Students Non-returning reasonsDean of the College Office
312.0319Students Study ofDean of the College Office
312.0320Students SuperiorDean of the College Office
312.0321Students SuperiorDean of the College Office
312.0322Survey CommitteeDean of the College Office
312.0323SyllabusDean of the College Office
312.0324Teachers Hiring ofDean of the College Office
312.0325Teaching ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0326Teaching ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0327Teaching Education DepartmentDean of the College Office
312.0328Teaching Salaries and TurnoversDean of the College Office
312.0329Tests ACTDean of the College Office
312.0330Tests and Counseling Robert D. BrownDean of the College Office
312.0331Tests and MeasurementsDean of the College Office
312.0332Theological Education Graduate StudyDean of the College Office
312.0333Theology Department Thomas SchenringDean of the College Office
312.0334Tri-College ProgramDean of the College Office
312.0335Tri-College ProgramDean of the College Office
312.0336Trustees Administrative Lay Board of ReportDean of the College Office
312.0337Trustees, Board of BusinessDean of the College Office
312.0338Tucker OSB, Dunstan CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0339Tucker OSB, Dunstan CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0340Tucker OSB, Dunstan CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
312.0341University Professors, American Association ofDean of the College Office
312.0342University Professors, American Association ofDean of the College Office
312.0343Upper Division ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0344VotingDean of the College Office
312.0345Wahl OSB, Caedmon (Thomas)Dean of the College Office
312.0346Warner, Thomas AthleticsDean of the College Office
312.0347White House Conference StudiesDean of the College Office
312.0348Yearbook Advertising, Materials, ExpensesDean of the College Office
312.0349Young Christian ScientistsDean of the College Office
312.0350Zamkochian, BerjDean of the College Office
312.0351Zoology ApplicationsDean of the College Office
312.0352Zoology Department, Childs, MikeDean of the College Office
312.0353Zoology Department, Sullivan, John O.Dean of the College Office
313.0001Religion and Development ProgramStudent Affairs Office
313.0002Residency ProgramStudent Affairs Office
313.0003Student Affairs Staff MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
313.0004Student Affaris Advisory CouncilStudent Affairs Office
313.0005Student Executive ConcilStudent Affairs Office
314.0001Benda, JoeyDean of the College Office
314.0002Butler, JohnDean of the College Office
314.0003Calendar Academic 4-1-4 SystemDean of the College Office
314.0004Central States College Association Business, DeansDean of the College Office
314.0005Christian Culture ProgramDean of the College Office
314.0006Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
314.0007Emmel, JamesDean of the College Office
314.0008Incorporation of SJUDean of the College Office
314.0009Kao, MichaelDean of the College Office
314.0010Kelley, ToddDean of the College Office
314.0011Koinange, StephenDean of the College Office
314.0012Kuelbs, JohnDean of the College Office
314.0013Layer, TerrenceDean of the College Office
314.0014McKoewn, JamesDean of the College Office
314.0015Mella, JohnDean of the College Office
314.0016Moore, JohnDean of the College Office
314.0017North Central Study ProjectDean of the College Office
314.0018Okibedi, AlphonsusDean of the College Office
314.0019Ortman, MichaelDean of the College Office
314.0020Prefects Reports DisciplineDean of the College Office
314.0021Robles, AlonsoDean of the College Office
314.0022Rollins, RichDean of the College Office
314.0023Vaux, DonaldDean of the College Office
315.0001Admissions ApplicationsDean of the College Office
315.0002Admissions Applications (St. Mary's, St. Olaf)Dean of the College Office
315.0003Admissions Committee Class RankingsDean of the College Office
315.0004Admissions Student Test ScoresDean of the College Office
315.0005Dante 700th Birthday CommemorationDean of the College Office
315.0006Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0007Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0008Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0009Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0010Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0011Deans Office CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
315.0012Freshmen Multiphase Tests of IncomingDean of the College Office
315.0013Placement Offices Biology Department PositionDean of the College Office
315.0014St. Benedict, College of Cooperation withDean of the College Office
315.0015Student Academic Morale ProblemDean of the College Office
315.0016Student InterviewsDean of the College Office
315.0017Students ProspectiveDean of the College Office
317.0001Reports to the University of MinnesotaSJP Headmaster Office
317.0002Minnesota Catholic Education AssociationSJP Headmaster Office
317.0003Reports to the University of MinnesotaSJP Headmaster Office
317.0004Student Registers (Registration)SJP Headmaster Office
318.0001AthleticsStudent Affairs Office
318.0002Blecker OSB, Michael CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
318.0003Student Services Approved BudgetStudent Affairs Office
318.0004Residential Programs Approved BudgetStudent Affairs Office
318.0005Budget General InformationStudent Affairs Office
318.0006Budget October ProposedStudent Affairs Office
318.0007Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
318.0008Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
318.0009Career ServicesStudent Affairs Office
318.0010Counseling ServicesStudent Affairs Office
318.0011Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
318.0012Student Affairs Director Kirk LambStudent Affairs Office
318.0013Student Affairs Director Michael Laux, OSBStudent Affairs Office
318.0014Student Affairs Director Finian McDonald, OSBStudent Affairs Office
318.0015Student Affairs Director Robert PhelenStudent Affairs Office
318.0016Executive Staff Dr. Jim DeChaineStudent Affairs Office
318.0017Executive Staff William Skudlarek, OSBStudent Affairs Office
318.0018Executive Staff Gordon Tavis, OSBStudent Affairs Office
318.0019Executive Staff Sylvester TheisenStudent Affairs Office
318.0020Joint Events CouncilStudent Affairs Office
318.0021Life Safety Services DispatchStudent Affairs Office
318.0022Life Safety Services EmergenciesStudent Affairs Office
318.0023Life Safety Services Fire DepartmentStudent Affairs Office
318.0024Life Safety ServicesStudent Affairs Office
318.0025Life Safety Services Safety InspectionsStudent Affairs Office
318.0026Life Safety Services SecurityStudent Affairs Office
318.0027Life Safety Services Traffic and ParkingStudent Affairs Office
318.0028Student Affairs OfficeStudent Affairs Office
318.0029Registrar Annual ReportsStudent Affairs Office
318.0030Residential Programs Student Special IssuesStudent Affairs Office
318.0031Student Affairs Director Judy KaraschStudent Affairs Office
318.0032Student GrievancesStudent Affairs Office
318.0033Student SenateStudent Affairs Office
320.0001Bresnahan, RichardPresident Office
320.0002St. Benedict, College of CooperationPresident Office
320.0003Faculty Compensation Study CommitteePresident Office
320.0004Institutional Development Program Grant ApplicationPresident Office
320.0005Faculty Addition/Replacement GuidelinesPresident Office
320.0006Faculty HandbookPresident Office
320.0007Regents, Board of, MeetingsPresident Office
320.0008Accreditation Report for ApplicationPresident Office
321.0001Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0002Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0003Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0004Public Information ClippingsPublic Relations Office
321.0005Amato, JosephPublic Relations Office
321.0006Brever, ThomasPublic Relations Office
321.0007Desy, ElizabethPublic Relations Office
321.0008Germscheid, PeterPublic Relations Office
321.0009Jeffery, PeterPublic Relations Office
321.0010Jensen, RichardPublic Relations Office
321.0011Kingsbury, HaroldPublic Relations Office
321.0012Lamb, KirkPublic Relations Office
321.0013Macomber, WilliamPublic Relations Office
321.0014Palmer, RobertPublic Relations Office
321.0015Palmer, RobertPublic Relations Office
321.0016Reaney, BilliePublic Relations Office
321.0017Runty, CarolPublic Relations Office
321.0018Sutter, BartonPublic Relations Office
321.0019Walker, GregoryPublic Relations Office
321.0020Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0021Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0022Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0023Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0024Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0025Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
321.0026Press ReleasesPublic Relations Office
322.0001Academic Advisors ListsAcademic Affairs Office
322.0002Faculty Compensation CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0003Dean Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0004Forum DebatesAcademic Affairs Office
322.0005Forum DebatesAcademic Affairs Office
322.0006Forum DebatesAcademic Affairs Office
322.0007Department Chairpersons memos toAcademic Affairs Office
322.0008Department Profiles (Art-GED)Academic Affairs Office
322.0009Department Profiles (History-MCL)Academic Affairs Office
322.0010Department Profiles (Nursing-Theater)Academic Affairs Office
322.0011Equal Opportunity CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0012Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
322.0013Faculty Development (Art-Honors)Academic Affairs Office
322.0014Faculty Development (Math-Theology)_Academic Affairs Office
322.0015Faculty EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
322.0016Faculty Evaluations by StudentsAcademic Affairs Office
322.0017Faculty Evaluations by StudentsAcademic Affairs Office
322.0018Human Life Center (HLC)Academic Affairs Office
322.0019Human Life Center (HLC)Academic Affairs Office
322.0020Spirituality, Institute for CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0021Kim OSB, Chrysostom Discrimination CaseAcademic Affairs Office
322.0022Marx OSB, PaulAcademic Affairs Office
322.0023Presidents Advisory Council (PAC)Academic Affairs Office
322.0024Presidential Assessment: CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
322.0025Presidential Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0026Rank and Tenure CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
322.0027Profiles and ProjectionsAcademic Affairs Office
324.0001Alcohol CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
324.0002BudgetsStudent Affairs Office
324.0003Butcher ShopStudent Affairs Office
324.0004CommunityStudent Affairs Office
324.0005Student Services Correspondence GeneralStudent Affairs Office
324.0006Student Services CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
324.0007Housing Correspondence from students, parentsStudent Affairs Office
324.0008Housing CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
324.0009Housing memos, outgoingStudent Affairs Office
324.0010Housing memos receivedStudent Affairs Office
324.0011Housing off-campus listingStudent Affairs Office
324.0012Insurance Accident FormsStudent Affairs Office
324.0013Bus Intercampus CSBStudent Affairs Office
324.0014Bus Intercampus TrobecStudent Affairs Office
324.0015January Term Alcohol StudyStudent Affairs Office
324.0016Joint Events CouncilStudent Affairs Office
324.0017KSJUStudent Affairs Office
324.0018KSJU correspondenceStudent Affairs Office
324.0019Life Safety ServicesStudent Affairs Office
324.0020Life Safety EvaluationStudent Affairs Office
324.0021Loft Policy ImplementationStudent Affairs Office
324.0022Student Services Memos outgoingStudent Affairs Office
324.0023Student Services Memos receivedStudent Affairs Office
324.0024Student Services MiscellaneousStudent Affairs Office
324.0025Student Services ReceiptsStudent Affairs Office
324.0026Record, TheStudent Affairs Office
324.0027Student Services Check RequestsStudent Affairs Office
324.0028Room Damage BillsStudent Affairs Office
324.0029Room Payment ListsStudent Affairs Office
324.0030Housing Assignments Study Abroad, ReadmitsStudent Affairs Office
324.0031Student Affairs Advisory CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
324.0032Student Affairs Staff MeetingStudent Affairs Office
324.0033Student Executive CouncilStudent Affairs Office
324.0034Student WorkersStudent Affairs Office
325.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
325.0002Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
325.0003Academic Affairs Journal of CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
325.0004Academic Affairs Journal of CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
325.0005Admissions CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
325.0006Academic Affairs Change of Status Within RankAcademic Affairs Office
325.0007Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
325.0008Executive StaffAcademic Affairs Office
325.0009Curriculum Internationalizing theAcademic Affairs Office
325.0010Presidential EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
325.0011Presidents Advisory Council (PAC)Academic Affairs Office
325.0012Rank and Tenure CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
325.0013Regents, Board ofAcademic Affairs Office
325.0014Regents, Board of Academic and Student LifeAcademic Affairs Office
325.0015Student Course Evaluations Ad Hoc Committee onAcademic Affairs Office
325.0016Trees and LeavesAcademic Affairs Office
325.0017Handicapped Students Access to Higher EducationAcademic Affairs Office
325.0018Diploma Cases emptyAcademic Affairs Office
325.0019Faculty Rules and RegulationsAcademic Affairs Office
325.0020St. Benedict, College of: Annual ReportAcademic Affairs Office
325.0021Students Knowledge and BeliefsAcademic Affairs Office
325.0022Faculty Development HandbookAcademic Affairs Office
325.0023Presidential AssessmentAcademic Affairs Office
326.0001Abbey InformationPresident Office
326.0002Administrative Productivity Ad Hoc Committee onPresident Office
326.0003Presidents of Independent Colleges and Universities AssociationPresident Office
326.0004Colleges, Association of AmericanPresident Office
326.0005Benedictine CraftsPresident Office
326.0006Berlin, LeePresident Office
326.0007President Appointment BooksPresident Office
326.0008Beaudette, KarenPresident Office
326.0009Bonds, WilliamPresident Office
326.0010Churchill, W.J.President Office
326.0011Engel, Wilfred and BernardPresident Office
326.0012Finucan, Fr. J. ThomasPresident Office
326.0013Hawks, Mrs. Stanley (Peggy)President Office
326.0014Hilgers, TomPresident Office
326.0015Idzerda, StanleyPresident Office
326.0016Moran, Tom and PeggyPresident Office
326.0017Peyton, Mrs. William ClairPresident Office
326.0018Schmidt, Ruth (Tante Rudi)President Office
326.0019Schweich, JeromePresident Office
326.0020Schultenover, Steve and KathyPresident Office
326.0021Shemesh, Dr. and Mrs. AlvinPresident Office
326.0022Wilson, Dee Dee (Mrs. Nathaniel)President Office
326.0023Bush Discretionary FundPresident Office
326.0024Capital Fund Drive Administrative PrioritiesPresident Office
326.0025St. John's Case Study forPresident Office
326.0026Area Health Education Consortium Central MNPresident Office
326.0027Higher Education Current Issues inPresident Office
326.0028Christian Humanism ProgramPresident Office
326.0029Community Development Graduate ProgramPresident Office
326.0030Community Studies MajorPresident Office
326.0031Community Studies ReportPresident Office
326.0032Cost Analysis of CSB Firmin Escher, OSBPresident Office
326.0033Cost Analysis of SJU Firmin Escher, OSBPresident Office
326.0034Cross Cultural ProgramPresident Office
326.0035Northwest Area Foundation Proposal Curriculum RevisionPresident Office
326.0036Department ChargesPresident Office
326.0037Departmental Statistics Credits taught, ratiosPresident Office
326.0038Educational Research and Development ProgramPresident Office
326.0039Athletics Enhancing the Values at Small CollegesPresident Office
326.0040Enrollment Post-SecondaryPresident Office
326.0041Priorities EstablishingPresident Office
326.0042Microfilming Program Ethiopian ManuscriptPresident Office
326.0043Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
326.0044Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
326.0045Executive StaffPresident Office
326.0046Executive StaffPresident Office
326.0047Executive Staff Report on Policies and PrioritiesPresident Office
326.0048Education Director Proposal forPresident Office
326.0049Faculty MonksPresident Office
326.0050Faculty Forum and AssemblyPresident Office
326.0051Minnesota Private College Council, Financial AnalysisPresident Office
326.0052Financial Planning DocumentsPresident Office
326.0053Freshmen Humanity ColloquiumPresident Office
326.0054Interstate 94 North Entrance FundingPresident Office
326.0055Graduate School Five Year ProjectionPresident Office
326.0056Graduate School Religious Education Planning TeamPresident Office
326.0057Higher Education Current Issues inPresident Office
326.0058Hill Monastic Manuscript Library CorrespondencePresident Office
326.0059Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Grant ApplicationsPresident Office
326.0060Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPresident Office
326.0061Hill Productivity Program Application DraftPresident Office
326.0062House of Studies Strategy Proposal by AlumniPresident Office
326.0063Report How Successful Executives Handle PeoplePresident Office
326.0064Human Life Center Board of DirectorsPresident Office
326.0065University Professors, American Association MiscellaneousPresident Office
326.0066Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
326.0067Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
326.0068January Term Joint Study CommitteePresident Office
326.0069KSJUPresident Office
326.0070Liberal Studies the Freshman Humanities ColloquiumPresident Office
326.0071MacPherson Fellowship CommitteePresident Office
326.0072MacPherson Fellowship CommitteePresident Office
326.0073Liturgical Studies Master of Arts program inPresident Office
326.0074Meyers DinnerPresident Office
326.0075Foundations Minnesota Council onPresident Office
326.0076Higher Education Coordinating BoardPresident Office
326.0077Higher Education Coordinating BoardPresident Office
326.0078Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
326.0079Minnesota Private College CouncilPresident Office
326.0080Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
326.0081Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)President Office
326.0082Monasticism and Some Possible Neo-Monastic FormsPresident Office
326.0083Independent Colleges and Universities National Association ofPresident Office
326.0084Independent Colleges and Universities National Association ofPresident Office
326.0085Higher Education Current Issues inPresident Office
326.0086Higher Education and Government RelationshipsPresident Office
326.0087North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary SchoolsPresident Office
326.0088Butler Family Found. Curriculum & Program DevelopmentPresident Office
326.0089Ober Charitable Foundation Curriculum & Program DevelopmentPresident Office
326.0090Post-secondary Education Improvement FundPresident Office
326.0091Lilly Endowment Practice Based Seminary EducationPresident Office
326.0092Presidential EvaluationPresident Office
326.0093Presidents Advisory CouncilPresident Office
326.0094Recommendation LettersPresident Office
326.0095Recommendation LettersPresident Office
326.0096Recommendation LettersPresident Office
326.0097Regents, Board ofPresident Office
326.0098Regents, Board ofPresident Office
326.0099Religion and Industrialization Proposal forPresident Office
326.0100Master of Arts in Religious Education ProposalPresident Office
326.0101Investors Report toPresident Office
326.0102Resource Allocation Management ProgramPresident Office
326.0103Rural Ministry Program Ad Hoc Committee ReportPresident Office
326.0104Henry, Edward L. SJU the Liberal Arts TraditionPresident Office
326.0105Perlmutter, O.W. SJU Plan of Liberal EducationPresident Office
326.0106Seminary and Theology School BudgetPresident Office
326.0107Social Work Accreditation CSBPresident Office
326.0108Summer Planning Committee Report RecommendationsPresident Office
326.0109January Term Survey of the Second YearPresident Office
326.0110Tertiary Education Commission on MN's futurePresident Office
326.0111Hill Family Foundation Institutional ProductivityPresident Office
326.0112Priorities Ad Hoc Committee on UniversityPresident Office
326.0113Minnesota Post-secondary Enrollment SurveyPresident Office
326.0114Report of Minnesota Higher Education BoardPresident Office
326.0115Post-secondary Education Enrollment SurveyPresident Office
326.0116Executive Governing Board, Resource BookPresident Office
328.0001ConvocationsStudent Affairs Office
328.0002Joint Events Council EventsStudent Affairs Office
328.0003Joint Events Council Minutes and AgendasStudent Affairs Office
328.0004Parents CouncilStudent Affairs Office
328.0005Parents DayStudent Affairs Office
328.0006Paur OSB, Roman CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
328.0007Student SenateStudent Affairs Office
329.0001Faith and Ferment Design GroupEcumenical Institute Office
329.0002Faith and Ferment Pilot StudyEcumenical Institute Office
329.0003Faith and Ferment Pilot Study ReportEcumenical Institute Office
329.0004Faith and Ferment Pilot Study ReportsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0005Fulton, Robert PublicationsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0006Faith and Ferment Project Description & Work PlanEcumenical Institute Office
329.0007Faith and Ferment Project Development AppealsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0008Faith and Ferment Project Development Shannon J.PEcumenical Institute Office
329.0009Schaefer, Paul D. ArticlesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0010Gerlach, Luther P. ArticlesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0011Hastings, DonaldEcumenical Institute Office
329.0012Hausmann, JeromeEcumenical Institute Office
329.0013Sorem, AnthonyEcumenical Institute Office
329.0014Faith and Ferment Appeal and Document LettersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0015Faith and Ferment Questionnaire Development ofEcumenical Institute Office
329.0016Faith and Ferment Basic GuideEcumenical Institute Office
329.0017Faith and Ferment Committee NotesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0018Fulton, Robert Version MeetingEcumenical Institute Office
329.0019Faith and Ferment Pilot DraftEcumenical Institute Office
329.0020Bilheimer, Robert Chittister Corrections DraftEcumenical Institute Office
329.0021Faith and Ferment Draft RevisedEcumenical Institute Office
329.0022Faith and Ferment Draft PreliminaryEcumenical Institute Office
329.0023Faith and Ferment Questionnaire to Sentinel Print.Ecumenical Institute Office
329.0024Faith and Ferment Questionnaire Church CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0025Faith and Ferment Questionnaire ReturnedEcumenical Institute Office
329.0026Faith and Ferment Churches to be SampledEcumenical Institute Office
329.0027Faith and Ferment List of First 210 ChurchesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0028Faith and Ferment Form Letters SentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0029Faith and Ferment Acceptance ListsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0030Faith and Ferment Sample List SecondEcumenical Institute Office
329.0031Owen, Greg Alternate ListsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0032Faith and Ferment Alternates Letters SentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0033Faith and Ferment Acceptance List Code NumberEcumenical Institute Office
329.0034Faith and Ferment Interview VolunteersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0035Faith and Ferment CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0036Faith and Ferment Questionnaire Doc. A and BEcumenical Institute Office
329.0037Faith and Ferment Questionnaire Documents A, B, CEcumenical Institute Office
329.0038Owen, Greg General Frequencies Code BookEcumenical Institute Office
329.0039Faith and Ferment Code Book Doc. A by ChurchesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0040Faith and Ferment Code Book Doc. A Working PapersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0041Faith and Ferment Code Book Doc. B Working PapersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0042Faith and Ferment Code Book Doc. B by ChurchesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0043Faith and Ferment Joint OutlinersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0044Faith and Ferment Critical Life QuestionsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0045Faith and Ferment Board of Directors SubcommitteeEcumenical Institute Office
329.0046Brudos, Margaret ExpensesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0047Fulton, Robert and Owen, Greg ExpensesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0048Gerlach, Luther and Radcliffe, Betty ExpensesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0049Brudos, Margaret CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0050Chittister OSB, Joan - CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0051Fulton, Robert CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0052Gebhardt, LaurieEcumenical Institute Office
329.0053Gerlach, Luther CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0054Meehl, Paul CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0055Owen, Greg CorrespondenceEcumenical Institute Office
329.0056Radcliffe, BettyEcumenical Institute Office
329.0057Theisen OSB, JeromeEcumenical Institute Office
329.0058Fulton, Robert and Owen, Greg Report DraftEcumenical Institute Office
329.0059Gerlach, Luther & Radcliffe, Betty Prelim. ReportEcumenical Institute Office
329.0060Chittister OSB, Joan Draft / R.S. Bilheimer NotesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0061Marty, Martin ManuscriptEcumenical Institute Office
329.0062Brudos, Margaret Interviews Draft of AbstractEcumenical Institute Office
329.0063Brudos, Margaret Interviews Final AbstractEcumenical Institute Office
329.0064Faith and Ferment Publication ContributorsEcumenical Institute Office
329.0065Bilheimer, R. Revision of Chittister IntroductionEcumenical Institute Office
329.0066Faith and Ferment PapersEcumenical Institute Office
329.0067Faith and Ferment Review of Study & Book ArticlesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0068Faith and Ferment Manuscript Draft w/ Ed. NotesEcumenical Institute Office
329.0069Faith and Ferment Final Report of ResearchEcumenical Institute Office
329.0070Faith and Ferment Sociological SurveyEcumenical Institute Office
329.0071Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0072Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0073Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0074Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0075Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0076Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0077Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0078Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0079Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0080Transcripts of Taped Interviews, Faith and FermentEcumenical Institute Office
329.0081Abstracts of 101 InterviewsEcumenical Institute Office
331.0001AthleticsStudent Affairs Office
331.0002BudgetsStudent Affairs Office
331.0003Gagliardi, JohnStudent Affairs Office
331.0004Housing Memos OutgoingStudent Affairs Office
331.0005Insurance Accident Report FormsStudent Affairs Office
331.0006Life Safety Services Fire-TrafficStudent Affairs Office
331.0007Student Affairs Memos OutgoingStudent Affairs Office
331.0008Student Affairs ReceiptsStudent Affairs Office
331.0009Record, TheStudent Affairs Office
331.0010Residential Programs RetentionStudent Affairs Office
331.0011Student Affairs Advisory CouncilStudent Affairs Office
336.0001Academic Affairs Regents Board onPresident Office
336.0002BudgetPresident Office
336.0003BudgetPresident Office
336.0004BudgetPresident Office
336.0005Budget Over ExpendituresPresident Office
336.0006Buildings and GroundsPresident Office
336.0007Capital Campaign Final ReportPresident Office
336.0008Capital Campaign Corporations and FoundationsPresident Office
336.0009College Recruiting and Selection Focus Group ResearchPresident Office
336.0010Cooperation CSB/SJUPresident Office
336.0011President MiscellaneousPresident Office
336.0012President MiscellaneousPresident Office
336.0013North Central Association of College and Secondary SchoolsPresident Office
336.0014Investors Report toPresident Office
336.0015Abbey Vocation BrochuresPresident Office
336.0016Theology, School of Self-StudyPresident Office
336.0017Student AffairsPresident Office
336.0018Student Financial Aid Planning Educational PolicyPresident Office
336.0019Institutional AdvancementPresident Office
336.0020Institutional AdvancementPresident Office
336.0021Cooperation CSB/SJUPresident Office
336.0022Cooperation CSB/SJUPresident Office
336.0023Departmental Reports on CooperationPresident Office
336.0024St. Paul's Epistles, R.J. DillonPresident Office
336.0025HMML, Catalogue of Ethiopian ManuscriptsPresident Office
338.0001Catholic Liberal Education Articles onPresident Office Assistant
338.0002Executive Research Service John Minter AssociatesPresident Office Assistant
338.0003Executive Research Service John Minter AssociatesPresident Office Assistant
338.0004Independent Colleges and Universities, Commission forPresident Office Assistant
338.0005Minter, John & Bowen, Howard Ind. Higher EducationPresident Office Assistant
338.0006National Endowment for Humanities Freshmen ColloquiumPresident Office Assistant
338.0007Long-range Fiscal Planning CommitteePresident Office Assistant
338.0008Independent Colleges and Universities Report onPresident Office Assistant
338.0009Higher Education Independent State Policy IssuesPresident Office Assistant
339.0008Faculty Development Fund RequestsDean of the College Office
339.0006Faculty Development Fund RequestsDean of the College Office
339.0007Faculty Development Fund RequestsDean of the College Office
341.0001Athletic Department Budget InfoStudent Affairs Office
341.0002Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
341.0003Activities CSB/SJU BrochureStudent Affairs Office
341.0004Counseling Services CooperationStudent Affairs Office
341.0005Employees and Monks Directory 1980Student Affairs Office
341.0006St. Benedict, College of Everywoman's Guide to CSBStudent Affairs Office
341.0007Foreign Student Advisor Tom Thole, OSBStudent Affairs Office
341.0008Graduate School HousingStudent Affairs Office
341.0009Human Resources Center forStudent Affairs Office
341.0010Human Resources Center for correspondenceStudent Affairs Office
341.0011Human Resources Center for TGIF Business AgendaStudent Affairs Office
341.0012Insurance and Accident Report FormsStudent Affairs Office
341.0013J-Book RevisionsStudent Affairs Office
341.0014J-Book RevisionsStudent Affairs Office
341.0015KSJUStudent Affairs Office
341.0016OrientationStudent Affairs Office
341.0017Resident Assistant InformationStudent Affairs Office
341.0018RetreatsStudent Affairs Office
341.0019St. Joseph Hall Renovation Not Completed on TimeStudent Affairs Office
341.0020Student Affairs Misc......Student Affairs Office
341.0021Student DevelopmentStudent Affairs Office
345.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council (AAAC)Academic Affairs Office
345.0002Curriculum and Program DevelopmentAcademic Affairs Office
345.0003Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD)Academic Affairs Office
345.0004Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD): Mardag Found.Academic Affairs Office
345.0005Greenhouse and PlantingsAcademic Affairs Office
345.0006Joint Academic Affairs (JAA): CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
345.0007Joint Academic Affairs (JAA): CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
345.0008MacPherson FellowshipAcademic Affairs Office
345.0009Macpherson Fellowship: ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
345.0010MacPherson Fellowship: ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
345.0011Theisen, Dr. Sylvester: Journal CopiesAcademic Affairs Office
345.0012Faculty Assignment SheetsAcademic Affairs Office
346.0001Cost Analysis of St. John's Data CollectionPresident Office Assistant
346.0002Cost Analysis of St. John's Data CollectionPresident Office Assistant
346.0003Enrollment Projections Public Post Secondary EducationPresident Office Assistant
346.0004Aptitude Test Scores by High School Juniors ReportPresident Office Assistant
346.0005Soil Exploration Program Proposed Stair TowerPresident Office Assistant
346.0006College Model Two-clustered FederatedPresident Office Assistant
349.0001Graduate School Acceptance Letter FormsSchool of Theology
349.0002Housing CommitteeSchool of Theology
349.0003Admissions StatisticsSchool of Theology
349.0004Faculty/Staff Meetings Agendas and MinutesSchool of Theology
349.0005Baptism Armenian Rite ofSchool of Theology
349.0006Graduate Religious Educ. Prog. Assoc. of Direc.School of Theology
349.0007Graduate School BibliographiesSchool of Theology
349.0008Graduate School Bibliography ListsSchool of Theology
349.0009Breitenbeck, Bishop. Joseph correspondenceSchool of Theology
349.0010BudgetSchool of Theology
349.0011BudgetSchool of Theology
349.0012Budget FormsSchool of Theology
349.0013Budget PrintoutsSchool of Theology
349.0014Calendar Academic YearSchool of Theology
349.0015Calendar School of TheologySchool of Theology
349.0016Catalogue RevisionSchool of Theology
349.0017Graduate Theological Studies Chairman CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0018Theology, School of Check RequestsSchool of Theology
349.0019Theology, School of Check RequestsSchool of Theology
349.0020Theology, School of Check RequestsSchool of Theology
349.0021Class SchedulesSchool of Theology
349.0022Co-Institutional Study CSB/SJUSchool of Theology
349.0023St. Catherine, College ofSchool of Theology
349.0024St. Teresa, College of Winona, MinnesotaSchool of Theology
349.0025Community DevelopmentSchool of Theology
349.0026Community Development Report by L.A. BlaskeSchool of Theology
349.0027Examinations ComprehensiveSchool of Theology
349.0028Examinations ComprehensiveSchool of Theology
349.0029Examinations Comprehensive PoliciesSchool of Theology
349.0030Examinations Comprehensive Information, memosSchool of Theology
349.0031Consultants / Visitors MeetingsSchool of Theology
349.0032Theology, School of Questions Copies of CurrentSchool of Theology
349.0033Theology, School of CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0034Theology, School of CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0035Theology, School of CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0036Master of Arts Graduates CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0037Regina Mundi Accreditation with Catholic University of AmericaSchool of Theology
349.0038Courses ScheduledSchool of Theology
349.0039Theology, School of Desk InformationSchool of Theology
349.0040Graduate Students DirectorSchool of Theology
349.0041Graduate Students Director correspondenceSchool of Theology
349.0042FacultySchool of Theology
349.0043Faculty ListsSchool of Theology
349.0044Faculty MeetingsSchool of Theology
349.0045Faculty MeetingsSchool of Theology
349.0046Faculty Written ComprehensivesSchool of Theology
349.0047Students Communication toSchool of Theology
349.0048Film FestivalSchool of Theology
349.0049Financial AidSchool of Theology
349.0050Theology, School of Forms for Office UseSchool of Theology
349.0051Gender Bias Task Force Drafts and ReportsSchool of Theology
349.0052Summer Session Registration InformationSchool of Theology
349.0053Summer Session Registration InformationSchool of Theology
349.0054Graduate School QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0055Graduate Studies Committee MinutesSchool of Theology
349.0056Graduate Theological Studies CommitteeSchool of Theology
349.0057Graduation CandidatesSchool of Theology
349.0058Summer School HandoutsSchool of Theology
349.0059Higher Education Coordinating CommissionSchool of Theology
349.0060Human Relations ProgramSchool of Theology
349.0061Human Relations Program & Staff Development ConferenceSchool of Theology
349.0062Information FormsSchool of Theology
349.0063Examinations Comprehensive Integrated OptionsSchool of Theology
349.0064Human Relations InterculturalSchool of Theology
349.0065Jerusalem Program Student InquiriesSchool of Theology
349.0066Jewish InstituteSchool of Theology
349.0067Joint Graduate ProgramSchool of Theology
349.0068Language ExamsSchool of Theology
349.0069Laporte, Fr. Jean "Women in the Ministry"School of Theology
349.0070Liturgical Press Employment ApplicationsSchool of Theology
349.0071Liturgy WorkshopsSchool of Theology
349.0072Marriage and Family Life Education WorkshopSchool of Theology
349.0073Marriage and Family Life Education WorkshopSchool of Theology
349.0074Theology, School of Memberships SubscriptionsSchool of Theology
349.0075Summer Session MemosSchool of Theology
349.0076Faculty MemosSchool of Theology
349.0077Faculty MemosSchool of Theology
349.0078Students MemosSchool of Theology
349.0079Summer Faculty MemosSchool of Theology
349.0080Mental Health CoursesSchool of Theology
349.0081Theology, School of MiscellaneousSchool of Theology
349.0082Music WorkshopSchool of Theology
349.0083News ReleasesSchool of Theology
349.0084Theology, School of Notices PostedSchool of Theology
349.0085Master of Arts in PsychologySchool of Theology
349.0086Psychological and Educational TestingSchool of Theology
349.0087Publicity Promotion School of TheologySchool of Theology
349.0088Theology, School of QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0089Communication Arts QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0090Theology, School of Questionnaire DirectorSchool of Theology
349.0091Summer Session QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0092Divine Office and Vernacular QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0093Examinations Reading Lists for ComprehensivesSchool of Theology
349.0094Registration and Orientation PacketSchool of Theology
349.0095Registration PacketSchool of Theology
349.0096Master of Arts in Religious EducationSchool of Theology
349.0097Master of Arts in Religious EducationSchool of Theology
349.0098Master of Arts in Religious EducationSchool of Theology
349.0099Religious Studies ProgramSchool of Theology
349.0100Rural Ministry CourseSchool of Theology
349.0101SchedulesSchool of Theology
349.0102SchedulesSchool of Theology
349.0103Summer Session School of TheologySchool of Theology
349.0104Scriptural Bibliography Computer Service ControlSchool of Theology
349.0105Scripture SyllabusSchool of Theology
349.0106Student / Faculty ListsSchool of Theology
349.0107Student Council Minutes and GuidelinesSchool of Theology
349.0108Student Course EvaluationsSchool of Theology
349.0109Student SurveysSchool of Theology
349.0110StudentsSchool of Theology
349.0111Enrollment in School of TheologySchool of Theology
349.0112Summer Faculty Schedule etc.School of Theology
349.0113Summer Housing for FacultySchool of Theology
349.0114Summer Planning Committee Report RecommendationsSchool of Theology
349.0115Summer Pre-RegistrationSchool of Theology
349.0116Summer Pre-RegistrationSchool of Theology
349.0117Summer QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0118Summer RegistrationSchool of Theology
349.0119Summer Registration and Orientation PacketSchool of Theology
349.0120Summer SessionSchool of Theology
349.0121Summer SessionSchool of Theology
349.0122Summer Session CorrespondenceSchool of Theology
349.0123Summer Session Course InformationSchool of Theology
349.0124Summer Session Desk InformationSchool of Theology
349.0125Summer Session misc.School of Theology
349.0126SundownerSchool of Theology
349.0127SundownerSchool of Theology
349.0128Syllabi Office HoursSchool of Theology
349.0129Time Share CoursesSchool of Theology
349.0130Theological Competencies QuestionnaireSchool of Theology
349.0131Master of Arts in TheologySchool of Theology
349.0132Transactional Analysis CoursesSchool of Theology
349.0133Tucson, Arizona Thomas More InstituteSchool of Theology
349.0134Tucson Extension PossibilitiesSchool of Theology
349.0135Tutorial Studies Interim ProjectsSchool of Theology
349.0136Summer School Typewriter RentalsSchool of Theology
349.0137University Planning and ReportsSchool of Theology
350.0001Barry OSB, Colman PhotographsPublic Relations Office
350.0002Budget Information and PrintoutsPublic Relations Office
350.0003Foundations and DonorsPublic Relations Office
350.0004Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPublic Relations Office
350.0005Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPublic Relations Office
350.0006Bishops National AssemblyPublic Relations Office
350.0007National Endowment for Humanities Classics Prop.Public Relations Office
350.0008Public Information Office Negatives misc.Public Relations Office
352.0001Academic Affairs Advisory Council Art DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
352.0002Academic Affairs Advisory Council NotesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0003Academic Affairs Officers List of DutiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0004Academic CalendarsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0005Administration ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0006Administration ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0007Administration Program Feasibility StudyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0008Administrative Handbook CSBAcademic Affairs Office
352.0009AdmissionsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0010Chemistry Department: Advanced AnalyticalAcademic Affairs Office
352.0011Chemistry Department: Advanced AnalyticalAcademic Affairs Office
352.0012Advising Manual, College of St. BenedictAcademic Affairs Office
352.0013Alumni ReportAcademic Affairs Office
352.0014Values Analysis of Robert SpaethAcademic Affairs Office
352.0015Grant Application Program DatabaseAcademic Affairs Office
352.0016Art DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
352.0017Asia Bibliography and Information onAcademic Affairs Office
352.0018Bahamas ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0019Black Student Union Minority IssuesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0020Blecker OSB, Michael President's MemosAcademic Affairs Office
352.0021Blecker OSB, Michael President's CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
352.0022Bresnahan, RichardAcademic Affairs Office
352.0023Budget RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0024Capital AcquisitionsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0025Capital AcquisitionsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0026Capital Acquisitions RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0027Capital Acquisitions Summary SheetsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0028Capital CampaignAcademic Affairs Office
352.0029Presidency Candidates forAcademic Affairs Office
352.0030Catholic Colleges CharterAcademic Affairs Office
352.0031ChairpersonsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0032ChairpersonsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0033National Endowment for Humanities: Classics GrantAcademic Affairs Office
352.0034CommitteesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0035CommitteesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0036Literature ComparativeAcademic Affairs Office
352.0037Literature ComparativeAcademic Affairs Office
352.0038Computational GraphicsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0040ComputerAcademic Affairs Office
352.0041Computer MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
352.0042Computer ArticlesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0043Computer EquipmentAcademic Affairs Office
352.0044Computer LiteracyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0045Computer Requirements of CSB/SJU Sy TheisenAcademic Affairs Office
352.0046Computer Science Department: 120Academic Affairs Office
352.0047Computer Science Department: Computation LabAcademic Affairs Office
352.0048Computers Pat HolmayAcademic Affairs Office
352.0049Computers Jim PetersAcademic Affairs Office
352.0050Computers Jerry VogtAcademic Affairs Office
352.0051Control DataAcademic Affairs Office
352.0052Control DataAcademic Affairs Office
352.0053Cooperation CSB/SJUAcademic Affairs Office
352.0054Cooperation CSB/SJU Policy Issues, PrinciplesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0055Curriculum Development Information onAcademic Affairs Office
352.0056Curriculum and Program Development (C&PD)Academic Affairs Office
352.0057Values Analysis of Robert SpaethAcademic Affairs Office
352.0058Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0059Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0060Annual ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0061Washington D.C. Another BoondoggleAcademic Affairs Office
352.0062Applications Rating ofAcademic Affairs Office
352.0063Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0064Budget InformationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0065Budget Requests and Transfers Check RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0066Budget SummaryAcademic Affairs Office
352.0067BudgetAcademic Affairs Office
352.0068Physics Department: Curriculum Comprehensive Steck, DanielAcademic Affairs Office
352.0069Computer Science Department: Course James PetersAcademic Affairs Office
352.0070Computer Utilization in Teaching MathematicsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0071Government Department Curriculum RevisionAcademic Affairs Office
352.0072Database Searching Mike KathmanAcademic Affairs Office
352.0073Database Searching Mike KathmanAcademic Affairs Office
352.0074Tomb Early Bronze ShaftAcademic Affairs Office
352.0075Tomb Early Bronze ShaftAcademic Affairs Office
352.0076Ecology Center Jim PoffAcademic Affairs Office
352.0077Evaluation ReportAcademic Affairs Office
352.0078Psychology Department: An Experimental ApproachAcademic Affairs Office
352.0079Evaluation ExternalAcademic Affairs Office
352.0080Accounting Program Five-year Paul PladsonAcademic Affairs Office
352.0081Funding Proposals forAcademic Affairs Office
352.0082AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0083Business Office General AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0084McCarthy, Mark General AdministrationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0085Grant ApplicationsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0086Laboratory Automation through Computer InterfacingAcademic Affairs Office
352.0087Language Proficiency Exam Ned DubinAcademic Affairs Office
352.0088Library: Collection Values Sylvester TheisenAcademic Affairs Office
352.0089Liturgical Music: Kim KaslingAcademic Affairs Office
352.0090Mathematics Department: Curriculum StudyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0091Academic Affairs MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
352.0092Thornbury, Charles: Reading...American Short StoryAcademic Affairs Office
352.0093Grant Application Forms Suggestions for CompletionAcademic Affairs Office
352.0094Tissue Culture CollectionAcademic Affairs Office
352.0095Tissue Culture TechnologyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0096Tissue Culture Technology: Billie ReaneyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0097Spaeth, Robert: C and PD MaterialsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0098Proposals: C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0099Proposals: C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0100Proposals: C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0101Clark, Michael "C and PD at SJU: An Evaluation"Academic Affairs Office
352.0102Travel Fund C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0103Travel Fund C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0104Database Searching Mike KathmanAcademic Affairs Office
352.0105Declab James PetersAcademic Affairs Office
352.0106Declab 11/03 in Computer ScienceAcademic Affairs Office
352.0107Enrollment Demographic Change and its Impact onAcademic Affairs Office
352.0108Department PlanningAcademic Affairs Office
352.0109Departmental Credit HoursAcademic Affairs Office
352.0110Dimmick, Bp. WilliamAcademic Affairs Office
352.0111Ecology CenterAcademic Affairs Office
352.0112Ecology Center Jim PoffAcademic Affairs Office
352.0113Rural Ministry Educational Development ofAcademic Affairs Office
352.0114Educational Policies Committee (EPC): New CoursesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0115English Department: BrochureAcademic Affairs Office
352.0116English Department: MergerAcademic Affairs Office
352.0117Faculty EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0118Faculty AnalysisAcademic Affairs Office
352.0119Faculty Fringe BenefitsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0120Faculty HiringAcademic Affairs Office
352.0121Faculty ListsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0122Faculty MeetingsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0123Faculty Merit Pay PolicyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0124Faculty Office SpaceAcademic Affairs Office
352.0125Faculty Print-OutAcademic Affairs Office
352.0126Faculty SalariesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0127Faculty StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0128Faculty Self-Study ReportAcademic Affairs Office
352.0129Faculty WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
352.0130Orientation Program: FallAcademic Affairs Office
352.0131Murphy OSB, Jeremy Law DayAcademic Affairs Office
352.0132Forum TopicsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0133Franklin, BillAcademic Affairs Office
352.0134Freshmen ClassAcademic Affairs Office
352.0135Freshmen Colloquium ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0136Freshmen ProfileAcademic Affairs Office
352.0137Administration GeneralAcademic Affairs Office
352.0138Advanced Institutional Development ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0139Grants WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
352.0140Greco-Roman ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0141Haverford College - Bryn Mawr College CooperationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0142Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML): Julian PlanteAcademic Affairs Office
352.0143Hiring GuidelinesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0144Hiring Policies of Other Colleges and UniversitiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0145Human Life Center (HLC)Academic Affairs Office
352.0146International Studies: Roger KlassenAcademic Affairs Office
352.0147January TermAcademic Affairs Office
352.0148January TermAcademic Affairs Office
352.0149Janzen, WarrenAcademic Affairs Office
352.0150Joint Faculty Agenda Steering CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
352.0151Library, Joint: Mike KathmanAcademic Affairs Office
352.0152Biology Department: Laboratory ExperiencesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0153Murphy OSB, Jeremy Law DayAcademic Affairs Office
352.0154Library: Analysis of Values CollectionAcademic Affairs Office
352.0155Liturgical MusicAcademic Affairs Office
352.0156Liturgical MusicAcademic Affairs Office
352.0157MacPherson FellowshipAcademic Affairs Office
352.0158Majors Earned by GraduatesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0159Media CenterAcademic Affairs Office
352.0160Medieval StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0161Academic Affairs Meeting MaterialsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0162Minnesota Public RadioAcademic Affairs Office
352.0163Master of Arts in Monastic StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0164Mosley ReportAcademic Affairs Office
352.0165Music DepartmentAcademic Affairs Office
352.0166Myers ChairAcademic Affairs Office
352.0167Myers ChairAcademic Affairs Office
352.0168National Advisory CouncilAcademic Affairs Office
352.0169Near Eastern Field StudyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0170Northwest Area Foundation: GrantsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0171Ober FoundationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0172Ober Foundation Proposal toAcademic Affairs Office
352.0173Pax Christi Award: RecommendationsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0174Personnel Services Paul LawsonAcademic Affairs Office
352.0175Phillips Chair in Jewish StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0176Phillips Chair in Jewish Studies: Search CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
352.0177Mathematics Department: Polycarp ForumAcademic Affairs Office
352.0178Mathematics Department: Polycarp Forum Gerald LenzAcademic Affairs Office
352.0179Social Work: Program and Field ManualAcademic Affairs Office
352.0180Graduation Requirements Revision CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
352.0181Project EvaluationsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0182Project ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0183Project ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0184Project ReportsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0185PromotionsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0186Proposals: Submitted C and PDAcademic Affairs Office
352.0187Thornbury, Charles: American Short StoryAcademic Affairs Office
352.0188RegistrarAcademic Affairs Office
352.0189Registrars Annual ReportAcademic Affairs Office
352.0190Van Cleve, William: RegistrarAcademic Affairs Office
352.0191Registrar: EvaluationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0192Reserve Officers Training CorpsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0193Reserve Officers Training CorpsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0194Reserve Officers Training Corps Final Report onAcademic Affairs Office
352.0195Retention StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0196Retirement PoliciesAcademic Affairs Office
352.0197Rhodes ScholarshipsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0198Van Kempen OSB, Margaret: Rocks IdentificationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0199Macpherson Fellowship: Application Thorpe RunningAcademic Affairs Office
352.0200Sabbatical ApplicationsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0201Perlmutter, O. William "SJU Plan of Lib. Educ."Academic Affairs Office
352.0202Salzburg ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0203Sexual & Gender Harassment InformationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0204Sexual & Gender Harassment PolicyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0205Social Work: AccreditationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0206Social Work: CertificationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0207SpaceAcademic Affairs Office
352.0208Summer: RegistrationAcademic Affairs Office
352.0209McNew, Janet Teaching WritingAcademic Affairs Office
352.0210Tenure Profile CSB/SJUAcademic Affairs Office
352.0211Theisen, Dr. SylvesterAcademic Affairs Office
352.0212Theisen, Dr. Sylvester: Budget RequestsAcademic Affairs Office
352.0213Theology Library Collection: Development PolicyAcademic Affairs Office
352.0214Theology Library Collection: Vic KlimoskiAcademic Affairs Office
352.0215Theology, School of: MiscellaneousAcademic Affairs Office
352.0216Values Analysis ProgramAcademic Affairs Office
352.0217Values Library CollectionAcademic Affairs Office
352.0218Word ProcessingAcademic Affairs Office
352.0219Writing WorkshopAcademic Affairs Office
353.0001Class ReunionAcademic Affairs Office
353.0002St. Benedict, College of: Development ObjectivesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0003Commencement InformationAcademic Affairs Office
353.0004Computer ExpensesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0005Course ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
353.0006Asian East StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0007Equal Employment Opportunity Program OfficerAcademic Affairs Office
353.0008Faculty Development Forms OldAcademic Affairs Office
353.0009Faculty Forum FormatAcademic Affairs Office
353.0010Health Education and Welfare, Department ofAcademic Affairs Office
353.0011Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML)Academic Affairs Office
353.0012Independent Learning ProjectAcademic Affairs Office
353.0013Majors IndividualizedAcademic Affairs Office
353.0014Institutional Advancement: Planning DocumentsAcademic Affairs Office
353.0015Cooperation InstitutionalAcademic Affairs Office
353.0016Cooperation InstitutionalAcademic Affairs Office
353.0017Institutional GuidelinesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0018International StudiesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0019Lodestar ProjectAcademic Affairs Office
353.0020Majors AwardedAcademic Affairs Office
353.0021North Central Publishing CompanyAcademic Affairs Office
353.0022Academic Affairs Personal CorrespondenceAcademic Affairs Office
353.0023Personnel PoliciesAcademic Affairs Office
353.0024Physical PlantAcademic Affairs Office
353.0025Plato TerminalAcademic Affairs Office
353.0026Storage SpaceAcademic Affairs Office
353.0027Staff Supportive HandbookAcademic Affairs Office
353.0028Theology, School of: Planning CommitteeAcademic Affairs Office
354.0001Administrator Ex-President Office
354.0002Alvarez, JeanPresident Office
354.0003Anderson, DerwynPresident Office
354.0004Aurelius, BernadettePresident Office
354.0005Avery, RaymondPresident Office
354.0006Bartlett, WilliamPresident Office
354.0007Brisson OSB, PaschalPresident Office
354.0008Brummer, JamesPresident Office
354.0009Brunik, Paul H.President Office
354.0010Bucher OSB, VitusPresident Office
354.0011Cady, Marshall P. Jr.President Office
354.0012Charron CPPS, JosephPresident Office
354.0013Coppock, HenryPresident Office
354.0014Cowsert, TeresaPresident Office
354.0015DeForest, FrankPresident Office
354.0016Dildine, Robert A.President Office
354.0017Doll OSF, AlicePresident Office
354.0018Doremus, Darrel D.President Office
354.0019Eckroth OSB, RichardPresident Office
354.0020Fallace, CarmelloPresident Office
354.0021Farrell OSB, GerardPresident Office
354.0022Fashbaugh, JackPresident Office
354.0023Gadbois, CharlesPresident Office
354.0024Gerberding, RichardPresident Office
354.0025Harris, DonaldPresident Office
354.0026Heidt OSB, WilliamPresident Office
354.0027Helgeland, JohnPresident Office
354.0028Hoffman, JamesPresident Office
354.0029Howard, JohnPresident Office
354.0030Kanner, Leonard J.President Office
354.0031Karile, JamesPresident Office
354.0032Lamb, RandallPresident Office
354.0033Lanahan, Fr. WilliamPresident Office
354.0034Lickteig OSB, SamuelPresident Office
354.0035Ludenia, KristaPresident Office
354.0036Maeder OSB, MichaelPresident Office
354.0037Mancini, BrucePresident Office
354.0038Mayer, John A.President Office
354.0039Mayo, HopePresident Office
354.0040Melloh, John A.President Office
354.0041Miller, ConniePresident Office
354.0042Miller, JanetPresident Office
354.0043Murphy OSB, MalachyPresident Office
354.0044Ortmayer, LouisPresident Office
354.0045Olsberg, MichaelPresident Office
354.0046Olson, GaylePresident Office
354.0047Orzechowski, ThomasPresident Office
354.0048Otis, LeahPresident Office
354.0049Peifer, RichPresident Office
354.0050Pitzer, JamesPresident Office
354.0051Plantenberg OSB, GonzagaPresident Office
354.0052Pucel, JohnPresident Office
354.0053Roehl, FrankPresident Office
354.0054Schoffman, FrancisPresident Office
354.0055Smith, MauricePresident Office
354.0056Abzug, BellaPresident Office
354.0057Academic Affairs, Sylvester TheisenPresident Office
354.0058Academic and Student LifePresident Office
354.0059Administrative Vice President, Warren JanzenPresident Office
354.0060AdmissionsPresident Office
354.0061Alcohol and Drug Use CommitteePresident Office
354.0062Library, Alcuin, Michael KathmanPresident Office
354.0063Alumni ActivitiesPresident Office
354.0064Education, American Council onPresident Office
354.0065Education, American Council onPresident Office
354.0066ArboretumPresident Office
354.0067Colleges, Association of AmericanPresident Office
354.0068Catholic Colleges and Universities, Association ofPresident Office
354.0069Athletics Ad Hoc Committee onPresident Office
354.0070AuditPresident Office
354.0071BahamasPresident Office
354.0072Bush Foundation Proposals and correspondencePresident Office
354.0073Bush Foundation Proposals and correspondencePresident Office
354.0074Bush Foundation Proposals and correspondencePresident Office
354.0075Cambridge UnionPresident Office
354.0076Campaign for St. John's, Phase IIPresident Office
354.0077Campus DirectoryPresident Office
354.0078Capital Campaign CSBPresident Office
354.0079Capital Campaign CorrespondencePresident Office
354.0080Capital CampaignPresident Office
354.0081Capital Needs SurveyPresident Office
354.0082Catholic LeaguePresident Office
354.0083Chader Business EquipmentPresident Office
354.0084Christian Humanism ProjectPresident Office
354.0085ChristmasPresident Office
354.0086CommencementPresident Office
354.0087CommencementPresident Office
354.0088Connors OSB, CletusPresident Office
354.0089Control DataPresident Office
354.0090Faculty Correspondence IPresident Office
354.0091Faculty Correspondence IIPresident Office
354.0092Faculty Correspondence IIIPresident Office
354.0093Faculty Correspondence IVPresident Office
354.0094Faculty Correspondence VPresident Office
354.0095Curriculum Research and Development ProgramPresident Office
354.0096Dean College, Robert SpaethPresident Office
354.0097Departmental Case StatementPresident Office
354.0098Departmental Case StatementPresident Office
354.0099Departmental EvaluationsPresident Office
354.0100Departmental and Office ChargesPresident Office
354.0101Der KellerPresident Office
354.0102Directors, Board of MemosPresident Office
354.0103Dupuch, EtiennePresident Office
354.0104Ecumenical InstitutePresident Office
354.0105Executive CommitteePresident Office
354.0106Executive Governing BoardPresident Office
354.0107Executive Governing Board, Executive Committee ofPresident Office
354.0108Executive StaffPresident Office
354.0109Executive StaffPresident Office
354.0110Executive StaffPresident Office
354.0111Faculty Hiring Information onPresident Office
354.0112Faculty AssemblyPresident Office
354.0113Faculty Forms and AssembliesPresident Office
354.0114Faculty HandbookPresident Office
354.0115Faculty HandbookPresident Office
354.0116Fellows Day and MiscellaneousPresident Office
354.0117FinancePresident Office
354.0118Regents, Board of, Finance CommitteePresident Office
354.0119Regents, Board of, Finance CommitteePresident Office
354.0120Financial AidPresident Office
354.0121Long Range Fiscal Study CommitteePresident Office
354.0122Foundation RelationsPresident Office
354.0123Frank House RenovationPresident Office
354.0124Government Department ChairPresident Office
354.0125Hamazano UniversityPresident Office
354.0126Hartshorne, CharlesPresident Office
354.0127Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryPresident Office
354.0128Human Life CenterPresident Office
354.0129Human Life CenterPresident Office
354.0130Human Life CenterPresident Office
354.0131Incinerator ProjectPresident Office
354.0132Institutional Advancement Office ofPresident Office
354.0133Institutional Advancement Vice President forPresident Office
354.0134Institutional GuidelinesPresident Office
354.0135Institutional GuidelinesPresident Office
354.0136Institutional GuidelinesPresident Office
354.0137Investment SubcommitteePresident Office
354.0138Joint Executive StaffPresident Office
354.0139Joint Executive StaffPresident Office
354.0140Student Judicial SystemPresident Office
354.0141KSJUPresident Office
354.0142Absence Leaves ofPresident Office
354.0143Legal ServicesPresident Office
354.0144Long Range Faculties PlanningPresident Office
354.0145Long Range PlanningPresident Office
354.0146MacPherson Fellowship Application "Psychobiology"President Office
354.0147Management Support Study for St. John's UniversityPresident Office
354.0148Media Board BylawsPresident Office
354.0149MembershipPresident Office
354.0150Mind Power WeekPresident Office
354.0151Higher Education Coordinating BoardPresident Office
354.0152Higher Education Coordinating BoardPresident Office
354.0153Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
354.0154Minnesota Private College FundPresident Office
354.0155Minnesota Public RadioPresident Office
354.0156President MiscellaneousPresident Office
354.0157National Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0158National Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0159National Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0160National Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0161National Alumni AssociationPresident Office
354.0162Colleges and Universities, National Association of IndependentPresident Office
354.0163National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)President Office
354.0164National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
354.0165National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
354.0166National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)President Office
354.0167National Endowment for HumanitiesPresident Office
354.0168National Endowment for Humanities, Bill FranklinPresident Office
354.0169National Science Foundation ProposalPresident Office
354.0170North Central Association of Colleges, Secondary SchoolsPresident Office
354.0171Northwest Area FoundationPresident Office
354.0172Northwest Area FoundationPresident Office
354.0173Premed Ad-Hoc Committee onPresident Office
354.0174Presidents Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0175Presidents Advisory CouncilPresident Office
354.0176Quadrangle RenovationPresident Office
354.0177Rank and Tenure CommitteePresident Office
354.0178Regents, Board of, QuestionnairePresident Office
354.0179Regents, Board ofPresident Office
354.0180Regents, Board ofPresident Office
354.0181Regents, Board ofPresident Office
354.0182RegistrarPresident Office
354.0183Registrars Office StatisticsPresident Office
354.0184Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)President Office
354.0185Sabbatical LeavesPresident Office
354.0186Sabbatical LeavesPresident Office
354.0187Sabbatical LeavesPresident Office
354.0188Probation ScholasticPresident Office
354.0189Senior SurveyPresident Office
354.0190Spirituality, Institute forPresident Office
354.0191Student Course EvaluationsPresident Office
354.0192Student Affairs Vice President, Roman Paur, OSBPresident Office
354.0193Student Development Center forPresident Office
354.0194Curriculum and Program Development EvaluationPresident Office
354.0195Theology, School ofPresident Office
354.0196Theology, School ofPresident Office
354.0197Tucson ProgramPresident Office
354.0198Archives University, Vincent Tegeder, OSBPresident Office
354.0199Development Trust UniversityPresident Office
354.0200Up With PeoplePresident Office
354.0201Upper Division StandingPresident Office
354.0202VrasenkaPresident Office
354.0203Word ProcessingPresident Office
354.0204Word ProcessingPresident Office
354.0205Word Processing PanelPresident Office
354.0206Word Processing System Chader Business EquipmentPresident Office
354.0207Word Processing System Design StudyPresident Office
355.0001OrientationStudent Affairs Office
355.0002Events Coordinator Arrangements WithStudent Affairs Office
355.0003Orientation MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
355.0004Orientation MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
355.0005Orientation MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
355.0006Orientation MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
355.0007Orientation MemosStudent Affairs Office
355.0008Orientation LettersStudent Affairs Office
355.0009Orientation Posters and InformationStudent Affairs Office
355.0010Resident Assistant FoldersStudent Affairs Office
355.0011Resident Staff OrientationStudent Affairs Office
356.0001Faculty Resident SelectionStudent Affairs Office
356.0002Paur OSB, Roman CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
356.0003Paur OSB, Roman CorrespondenceStudent Affairs Office
356.0004Paur OSB, Roman Residential Staff OrientationStudent Affairs Office
356.0005Resident Assistant ApplicationsStudent Affairs Office
356.0006Resident Assistant ApplicationsStudent Affairs Office
356.0007Resident Assistant MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
356.0008Residential ProgramsStudent Affairs Office
356.0009Residential ProgramsStudent Affairs Office
356.0010Residential Staff MaterialsStudent Affairs Office
357.0001Janzen, WarrenAcademic Affairs Office
357.0002Music Department: ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
357.0003Proposal Rating FormsAcademic Affairs Office
357.0004ProposalsAcademic Affairs Office
357.0005Sociology Department: ProposalAcademic Affairs Office
357.0006Spaeth, RobertAcademic Affairs Office
357.0007Reports year-endAcademic Affairs Office
358.0001Absence ListDean of the College Office
358.0002Academic Cooperation Committee SJU/CSBDean of the College Office
358.0003Academic Council DecisionsDean of the College Office
358.0004Academic Council MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0005Academic Exchange Program with CSBDean of the College Office
358.0006Administration CurrentDean of the College Office
358.0007Administrative CouncilDean of the College Office
358.0008Administrative Council MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0009Admissions CollegeDean of the College Office
358.0010Admissions Policies Committee MeetingsDean of the College Office
358.0011Advanced PlacementDean of the College Office
358.0012Advanced Placement ExamsDean of the College Office
358.0013Advertising MaterialsDean of the College Office
358.0014American ViewpointDean of the College Office
358.0015Barat Glee ClubDean of the College Office
358.0016Browne LecturersDean of the College Office
358.0017Bruce Publishing CompanyDean of the College Office
358.0018BudgetDean of the College Office
358.0019Bugbee, HenryDean of the College Office
358.0020Calendar of EventsDean of the College Office
358.0021Catholic University TrioDean of the College Office
358.0022ChaplainDean of the College Office
358.0023Christian Culture ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0024College Board CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
358.0025College Entrance Exam. Board Graduate RecordDean of the College Office
358.0026College Entrance Examination Board Advanced PlacementDean of the College Office
358.0027College Entrance Examination Board College AptitudeDean of the College Office
358.0028College NewsletterDean of the College Office
358.0029College Ranks and AveragesDean of the College Office
358.0030Concordia Band ExpensesDean of the College Office
358.0031Cooperative Academic Program Faculty QuestionnaireDean of the College Office
358.0032Curriculum CommitteeDean of the College Office
358.0033Curriculum CommitteeDean of the College Office
358.0034Curriculum Committee MeetingsDean of the College Office
358.0035Curriculum NewDean of the College Office
358.0036Curriculum Study Committee MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0037Danforth FoundationDean of the College Office
358.0038Daylight Saving TimeDean of the College Office
358.0039Dean Contracts Programs CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
358.0040Dean In-ServiceDean of the College Office
358.0041Dean MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
358.0042Dean MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
358.0043Deans Office Check RequestsDean of the College Office
358.0044Deans Office Checks RequestedDean of the College Office
358.0045Deficiency ListsDean of the College Office
358.0046DevelopmentDean of the College Office
358.0047Development ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0048Diocesan ReportsDean of the College Office
358.0049Disciplinary CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
358.0050Disciplinary RulesDean of the College Office
358.0051DisciplineDean of the College Office
358.0052DisciplineDean of the College Office
358.0053DisciplineDean of the College Office
358.0054Education LegislationDean of the College Office
358.0055Education Special StudiesDean of the College Office
358.0056Educational Testing ServiceDean of the College Office
358.0057EnrollmentDean of the College Office
358.0058Enrollment SurveyDean of the College Office
358.0059Exchange of Persons PublicationsDean of the College Office
358.0060FacultyDean of the College Office
358.0061Faculty AssignmentsDean of the College Office
358.0062Faculty CommitteesDean of the College Office
358.0063Faculty DinnerDean of the College Office
358.0064Faculty HandbookDean of the College Office
358.0065Faculty HandbookDean of the College Office
358.0066Faculty HandbookDean of the College Office
358.0067Faculty HandbookDean of the College Office
358.0068Faculty ListDean of the College Office
358.0069Faculty MeetingsDean of the College Office
358.0070Faculty Meetings MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0071Faculty Orientation ProgramsDean of the College Office
358.0072Faculty PlanningDean of the College Office
358.0073Faculty RecordsDean of the College Office
358.0074Faculty Workload QuestionnaireDean of the College Office
358.0075Faculty WorkshopDean of the College Office
358.0076Fire DrillDean of the College Office
358.0077Fire Prevention SuggestionsDean of the College Office
358.0078French TestDean of the College Office
358.0079German TestDean of the College Office
358.0080Ginn and Company "What the Colleges are Doing"Dean of the College Office
358.0081Grade DistributionDean of the College Office
358.0082Grade Point AveragesDean of the College Office
358.0083Grade Point AveragesDean of the College Office
358.0084Grade Point Averages and Honor RollsDean of the College Office
358.0085Grade Point Averages of all StudentsDean of the College Office
358.0086Grade Point Averages of all StudentsDean of the College Office
358.0087Grade Point Studies AthleticsDean of the College Office
358.0088Grades First Mid-termDean of the College Office
358.0089Graduate Education Problems of State Colleges, ConferenceDean of the College Office
358.0090GraduationDean of the College Office
358.0091Graduation DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0092Health ServiceDean of the College Office
358.0093Helen Hayes Repertory TheatreDean of the College Office
358.0094High School-College Relations CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
358.0095High School-College Relations Questionnaire ReturnDean of the College Office
358.0096Honor Study ReportsDean of the College Office
358.0097Honors Program FreshmanDean of the College Office
358.0098Honors Reading ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0099Honors Reading ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0100Housing Off-CampusDean of the College Office
358.0101Housing Off-CampusDean of the College Office
358.0102Humanities ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0103Humanities ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0104Iberian Dance TheatreDean of the College Office
358.0105J-Club LettersDean of the College Office
358.0106Latin American ProjectDean of the College Office
358.0107Master of Arts in Sacred StudiesDean of the College Office
358.0108Master of Arts in TheologyDean of the College Office
358.0109McKiernan, JohnDean of the College Office
358.0110McMullin, Fr. ErnanDean of the College Office
358.0111Merit ScholarshipDean of the College Office
358.0112Minneapolis Civic OrchestraDean of the College Office
358.0113Modern Language DepartmentDean of the College Office
358.0114National Defense Education ActDean of the College Office
358.0115National PlayersDean of the College Office
358.0116National Science FoundationDean of the College Office
358.0117National Science FoundationDean of the College Office
358.0118North Central AssociationDean of the College Office
358.0119North Central Association TodayDean of the College Office
358.0120North Central Association WorkshopsDean of the College Office
358.0121OrientationDean of the College Office
358.0122Orientation Program Changes inDean of the College Office
358.0123Parent-Student LettersDean of the College Office
358.0124Physical Education and Athletics Committee onDean of the College Office
358.0125Probation Students onDean of the College Office
358.0126Professors NewDean of the College Office
358.0127Programs and Convocations Attendance atDean of the College Office
358.0128Programs Committee on MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0129Programs PossibleDean of the College Office
358.0130Programs ProposedDean of the College Office
358.0131Pryor-Menz OfferingsDean of the College Office
358.0132Public Address SystemDean of the College Office
358.0133RadioDean of the College Office
358.0134RecommendationsDean of the College Office
358.0135RecommendationsDean of the College Office
358.0136RecommendationsDean of the College Office
358.0137RecommendationsDean of the College Office
358.0138RecruitmentDean of the College Office
358.0139RecruitmentDean of the College Office
358.0140Reporter, TheDean of the College Office
358.0141Rural EducationDean of the College Office
358.0142Schools OtherDean of the College Office
358.0143Science Research AssociatesDean of the College Office
358.0144Senncourt, RobertDean of the College Office
358.0145Sound Craft Company LecternetteDean of the College Office
358.0146Space AllocationDean of the College Office
358.0147Space Allocation MeetingDean of the College Office
358.0148Speech DramaDean of the College Office
358.0149St. Procopius AbbeyDean of the College Office
358.0150Student BodyDean of the College Office
358.0151Student Data BooksDean of the College Office
358.0152Student Data BooksDean of the College Office
358.0153Student Discipline Rules RevisionDean of the College Office
358.0154Student Faculty MeetingsDean of the College Office
358.0155Student RecordsDean of the College Office
358.0156Students Letters to DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0157Students Letters to Parents of DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0158Students Letters to Parents of DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0159Students Letters to Parents of DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0160Students Letters to Parents of DeficientDean of the College Office
358.0161Study AbroadDean of the College Office
358.0162Summer Curriculum WorkshopDean of the College Office
358.0163Summer Faculty WorkshopDean of the College Office
358.0164Teacher ProgramDean of the College Office
358.0165Teacher Training Council on Cooperation inDean of the College Office
358.0166Teaching Programs OregonDean of the College Office
358.0167Tennis CourtsDean of the College Office
358.0168TheologyDean of the College Office
358.0169Tri-College Program Correspondence, ReportsDean of the College Office
358.0170Trimester Subcommittee MinutesDean of the College Office
358.0171University Incorporation of Fred HughesDean of the College Office
358.0172Winter, Paul SextetDean of the College Office
358.0173Woodrow Wilson FoundationDean of the College Office
358.0174Yepes, NarciscoDean of the College Office
359.0001Campaign for St. John's ContributionsInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0002Coughlin, JohnInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0003Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0004Hill Monastic Manuscript LibraryInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0005Gifts Major ProspectsInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0006Scully, Robert CorrespondenceInstitutional Advancement Office
359.0007Scully, Robert CorrespondenceInstitutional Advancement Office
361.0001Academic AdvisingStudent Affairs Office
361.0002Alcohol PolicyStudent Affairs Office
361.0003Athletic Committee Ad HocStudent Affairs Office
361.0004Campus MinistryStudent Affairs Office
361.0005Campus Ministry Weddings SJUStudent Affairs Office
361.0006Catholic University Counselor TrainingStudent Affairs Office
361.0007Class Evaluation SpringStudent Affairs Office
361.0008Student Development Monthly Calendar CSBStudent Affairs Office
361.0009Design CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
361.0010Freshmen SurveyStudent Affairs Office
361.0011Housing AssignmentsStudent Affairs Office
361.0012Housing CommitteeStudent Affairs Office
361.0013Human and Community Development Inst. ProposalStudent Affairs Office
361.0014Human Resources Center for Egypt ToursStudent Affairs Office
361.0015Human Resources Center for Lifelong LearningStudent Affairs Office
361.0016Human Resources Center for Lifelong LearningStudent Affairs Office
361.0017Human Resources Center for Deacon WorkshopStudent Affairs Office
361.0018Human Resources Center for Workshop InvitationsStudent Affairs Office
361.0019Human Resources Center for WorkshopsStudent Affairs Office
361.0020HypnosisStudent Affairs Office
361.0021Institutional GuidelinesStudent Affairs Office
361.0022Minnesota Charities Review CouncilStudent Affairs Office
361.0023Student Affairs MiscellaneousStudent Affairs Office
361.0024Monastic EssaysStudent Affairs Office
361.0025Monastic Dining Room Diagrams ofStudent Affairs Office
361.0026Monastic Reflection ReportStudent Affairs Office
361.0027Kasper, Walter " A New Dogmatic Outlook..."Student Affairs Office
361.0028Paur OSB, Roman Correspondence, LettersStudent Affairs Office
361.0029Paur OSB, Roman Correspondence, Univ... ApartmentsStudent Affairs Office
361.0030Paur OSB, Roman Vice-Presidential AppointmentStudent Affairs Office
361.0031Phelan, RobertStudent Affairs Office
361.0032Psychology Department CurriculumStudent Affairs Office
361.0033Psychology Department MeetingsStudent Affairs Office
361.0034Regents, Board ofStudent Affairs Office
361.0035Regents, Board ofStudent Affairs Office
361.0036Chronology SJUStudent Affairs Office
361.0037Seminar PapersStudent Affairs Office
361.0038Sexuality CelibacyStudent Affairs Office
361.0039Spirituality ProgramsStudent Affairs Office
361.0040Student Affairs Staff MinutesStudent Affairs Office
361.0041Student Development Center forStudent Affairs Office
361.0042Student Development Center for Career ProgramsStudent Affairs Office
361.0043Education Developmental Education, Inc.Student Affairs Office
361.0044Student Development Center for PlansStudent Affairs Office
361.0045Student Development Center for Program EvaluationStudent Affairs Office
361.0046Student Development Self-Help Resource RoomStudent Affairs Office
361.0047Student Services LoftsStudent Affairs Office
362.0001Bahamas ProgramDean of the College Office
362.0002Blandin FoundationDean of the College Office
362.0003BudgetDean of the College Office
362.0004Budget DataDean of the College Office
362.0005Capital AcquisitionsDean of the College Office
362.0006Catholic Colleges, Association ofDean of the College Office
362.0007Chapman CollegeDean of the College Office
362.0008Colleges, Association of AmericanDean of the College Office
362.0009Curriculum and Program Development ProposalsDean of the College Office
362.0010Dean CorrespondenceDean of the College Office
362.0012Dean MiscellaneousDean of the College Office
362.0013Education, United States Department ofDean of the College Office
362.0014Faculty Merit PointsDean of the College Office
362.0015Faculty ProductivityDean of the College Office
362.0016Forum Liberal Arts DebateDean of the College Office
362.0017Government DepartmentDean of the College Office
362.0018Honors ProgramDean of the College Office
362.0019January TermDean of the College Office
362.0020January TermDean of the College Office
362.0021January Term Instructor QuestionnaireDean of the College Office
362.0022January Term Review CommitteeDean of the College Office
362.0023January Term Review CommitteeDean of the College Office
362.0024Kim OSB, Chrysostom, Sex DiscriminationDean of the College Office
362.0025Library, AlcuinDean of the College Office
362.0026Modern and Classical languagesDean of the College Office
362.0027MusicDean of the College Office
362.0028Northwest Area FoundationDean of the College Office
362.0029Preparatory SchoolDean of the College Office
362.0030Seminars and WorkshopsDean of the College Office
362.0031Sinclair Lewis FoundationDean of the College Office
362.0032SociologyDean of the College Office
362.0033St. Anselm's CollegeDean of the College Office
362.0034St. Olaf CollegeDean of the College Office
362.0035Student Executive CouncilDean of the College Office
362.0036SymposiumDean of the College Office
362.0037TheologyDean of the College Office
362.0038Thomas Aquinas CollegeDean of the College Office
362.0039Tri-College Faculty ForumDean of the College Office
362.0040Values Analysis ProgramDean of the College Office
362.0041Visiting CommitteeDean of the College Office
362.0042Writing ProgramsDean of the College Office
362.0043Writing WorkshopDean of the College Office
MC04.363.0001Bishop's StatementMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0002Charismatic Renewal Grottoferratta, ItalyMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0003Charismatic Renewal Guidelines forMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0004Malines DocumentMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0005Ecumenical Dialogue ManuscriptsMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0006Ecumenical Dialogue ManuscriptsMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0007Ecumenical Dialogue ManuscriptsMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0008Ecumenical Dialogue MiscellaneousMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0009Sullivan, Mother KathrynMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0010Ecumenical DialogueMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0011Ecumenical DialogueMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0012Fischer, BalthasarMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0013Ecumenical Dialogue InternationalMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0014Ecumenical Dialogue International MeetingMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0015Ecumenical Dialogue MiscellaneousMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0016Du Plessis, David J.McDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0017Synan, VinsonMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0018Catholic InfallibilityMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0019Catholic ReflectionsMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0020Eucharist and MinistryMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0021Eucharistic MinistryMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0022Catholic InfallibilityMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0023JustificationMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0024Lima InvestigationMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0025Lutheran-Catholic DialogueMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0026Lutheran OrdersMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0027Lutheran ReflectionMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0028Evangelism A Monthly Newsletter AboutMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0029Ecumenical Dialogue MinutesMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0030Lutheran-Catholic DialogueMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0031Ecumenical Dialogue MiscellaneousMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0032Papal PrimacyMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0033Papal PrimacyMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0034Ecumenical Dialouge New Orleans PapersMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0035Ecumenical Dialogue PhoenixMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0036Princeton Theological SeminaryMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0037Ecumenical Dialogue WashingtonMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0038Ecumenical Dialogue WashingtonMcDonnell Kilian Papers
MC04.363.0039Ecumenical National Dialogue LettersMcDonnell Kilian Papers