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Student Employment Jobs

Choose a semester:

Summer 2017
  • Summer 2017 jobs are open to students who attended CSB/SJU in Spring 2017 and to students who will be enrolled full time at CSB/SJU in Fall 2017.
2017-18 Academic Year
  • 2017-18 jobs are currently open to incoming students who received a student employment award as part of their financial aid and returning students who worked in a regular student employment position during the 2016-17 academic year.
Temporary Work
  • Temporary positions are open to all CSB/SJU students, excluding RAs.
Work Waiting - 2017-18
  • Work Waiting positions are open to all CSB/SJU students, excluding RAs.
Off Campus
  • Off campus jobs are open to all CSB/SJU students and are not part of the student employment program. Please note that international students would need special authorization to work off campus.

Info & Reminders

If you experience difficulties accessing the jobs position, please contact Angie Mareck.

Remember to complete a Notification of Hiring (NOH) form after you are hired.