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The Death of Mother Benedicta Riepp


Campus: CSB

In 1852 Benedicta Riepp, at the age of 27, was sent with two other sisters from Saint Walburg Abbey, Eichstätt, Bavaria (Germany), to Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania, to help educate German immigrants and to spread the Benedictine way of life.  She joined the newly founded community in St. Cloud in the spring of 1858, and died there four years later on March 15, 1862. Her death was depicted in a sculpture by CSB artist Joseph O’Connell, "Moment of Death",” which is displayed in the Monastery’s Gathering Place.  No photos of Mother Benedicta are known to exist.

Mother Benedicta Riepp’s years of leadership were embroiled in controversy with church authorities over who had jurisdiction of Benedictine women in the United States, a struggle that took her case to the Vatican, removed her from office and sent her into exile.

In 1884, Mother Benedicta’s remains were moved from St. Cloud to the monastery cemetery in St. Joseph.  She is credited as their foundress and as the foundress of Benedictine women in America.

The Grave of Mother Benedicta Riepp, for more photos visit the Monastery's cemetary page

Benedicta Riepp
Nata.28 Jun.1825
Prof.9 Jul.'46  [age 21]
Mort.15 Mart.1862  [age 36]

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