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Last performance of the CSB Pageant

1965 Sept.

Campus: CSB

From 1934 through 1965, the Pageant was an important part of orientation for first-year students at the College of St. Benedict.  See First performance of the Pageant for a detailed description.

Short videos (without sound) of the Pageant and Pageant practiceare also available.  as is a 1958 radio show about CSB history, to which photos have been added, the last third of which includes a segment on the Pageant.

See also The History of the Pageant by Mariella Gable, OSB and a PowerPoint on it.

And, for some additional indications of why it was ended, see "A Look at the Light", an editorial in the student newspaper The Torch by Eileen Edmunds (May 6, 1966, v. 2, no. 8, p. 2).