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Collection 06 - Coordinate Relations

College of Saint Benedict Archives

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Title: Coordinate Relations
Abstract: History of the coordinate relationship between the College of St Benedict and St John's University which evolved from 1963 to the current time. A list of additional documents related to the history of cooperation between the two institutions can be found the History of Cooperation page.

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Collection History

In one sense there has always been cooperation between the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's University (SJU). CSB had had priests as chaplains until recently. From 1913 until the late 1940s two priests from SJU taught in the theology department. Women were not permitted to get degrees in the field of theology until late 1940s when St. Mary's College, Indiana, offered MA and PhD in theology for women religious. Sister Berchmans received her degree from there.

In the 1950s there was some exchange of faculty from one campus to the next: e.g., Social Work, Sociology, Art. Also, in 1954, women and men were permitted to be in plays together.

In Spring 1963, the two presidents and the prioress and abbot met to discuss the possibility of further cooperation, and they agreed to do so on a limited basis. E.g., seniors were permitted to take a course on the other campus which had a small number of students in them. Thus, in Fall 1963, the formal experiment began despite the fact we didn't have a bus service and both campuses taught classes from 8 to 8:50 etc. Nevertheless, the faculty and students found the experience both challenging and worth developing further. It took until the 1990s for several of the administrative offices to become joint or to work closely. In the latter case, the Student Development offices work together when needed but the focus of attention at CSB is on the developmental needs of women students.

This coordinate relationship is unique in American higher education because we rejected the idea of merger or the idea of each college going co-ed. Instead we cooperated for the good of both colleges. We have made the academic departments joint. Faculty assemblies meet together but vote separately. Most faculty committees are joint. The Board of Trustees meet together as well as meeting separately. There are two Board coordinate committees: the Joint Academic Affairs Committee and the Joint Governance committee. Other committees meet together on issues that affect both colleges.

The following offices are coordinate since the 1990s:
Counseling and Health Education
Environmental Health and Safety
Fine Arts Programming
Human Resources
Information Technology
Institutional Planning, Research and Communication
Institutional Student Advising
Multicultural Student Program

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Subject Grouping and Box List

Accession No.     ObjectID

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 01
     Background on early history and summaries on the history of CSB-SJU Coordinate Relationship, 1953 to 2000  

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 02
     Documents on CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1962 to 1969 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 03
     Hill Foundation Grant and Mayhew Report, 1967-1968 and 1968-1969 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 04
     Mayhew Report, 1967-1968 and 1968-1969 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 05
     Institutional Coordinator Sylvester Theisen, 1969-1970 and 1970-1971 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 06
     CSB/SJU Cooperation, Documents of 1970-1971 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 07
     Documents on CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1970-1971 and 1971-1972 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 08
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1972-1973 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 09
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1973-1974 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 10
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1975-1979 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 11
     CSB- SJU Coordinate Relations 1979-1980 and 1980-1981 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 12
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1981-1982 to 1983-1984: 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 13
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Relations, 1986-1987 to 1994-1995: 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 14
     Documents related to Coordinate Relations, 1995 to 2007: 

06.01     AC 06.01 Box 15
     History of Consortia in the United States 

06.01     AC 06.02 Box 01
     CSB-SJU Coordinate Cabinet Meetings and Reports, 1970-1983 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 02
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, 1991-1992 and 1992-1993 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 03
     Joint Presidents' Staff Steering Committees, 1993-1994 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 04
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings and Reports, 1993-1994 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 05
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, July to December, 1994 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 06
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, 2nd Semester, 1994-1995 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 07
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, 1995-1996 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 08
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, Fall Semester, 1996-1997 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 09
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, Spring Semester 1996-1997 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 10
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, Fall Semester 1997-1998 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 11
     Minutes of Coordinate Cabinet, Spring Semester 1997-1998 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 12
     Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, July through December 1998 

06.0     AC 06.02 Box 13
     Coordinate Cabinet Minutes, January to May, 1999 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 14
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, Fall Semester, 1999-2000: 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 15
     Minutes of Coordinate Cabinet, Spring Semester 1999-2000 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 16
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, 2000-2001 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 17
     Minutes and Reports of the Coordinate Cabinet, 2001-2002; 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 18
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, 2002 - 2003; 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 19
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, 2003-2004: 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 20
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet Meetings, 2004-2005 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 21
     Minutes of the Coordinate Cabinet, 2005-2006 

06.02     AC 06.02 Box 22
     Minutes of the Coordinate/Joint Cabinet, 2006-2007 to present 

06.03     AC 06.03 Box 01
     Pappas Consulting Group Report on Organizational Redesign of CSB/SJU Operations, 2000 

06.05     AC 06.04 Box 01
     Presidents' Advisory Council, 1998-2001 

06.05     AC 06.05 Box 01
     Financial Exchange Policies, 1986 to 1997 

06.06     AC 06.06 Box 01
     Documents on the History of CSB/SJU Cooperation