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  Number   Title
 view  01.01 History of the College of Saint Benedict
 view  01.02 Mission as a Catholic College
 view  01.03 Benedictine Mission of the College of Saint Benedict
 view  01.04 Education for Women
 view  01.05 Liberal Arts College
 view  02.01 Legal Issues
 view  02.02 Financial Audits of CSB
 view  02.03 Financial Aid Audits of CSB
 view  03.01 Monastery/College Relations
 view  04 Board of Trustees
 view  04.01 Minutes of the CSB Board of Trustees
 view  04.02 Joint CSB/SJU Board Minutes
 view  04.03 Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.04 Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.05 Development Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.06 Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.07 Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.08 Early history of the Joint Governance Committee of the Board
 view  04.09 Coordinate Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.10 The Student Development Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.11 The Trusteeship Committee of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.12 Benedictine Tradition and Values was a Coordinate Committee of the CSB and SJU Boards
 view  04.13 General Files - Advisory and Governing Boards of CSB
 view  04.14 Lists of Former Trustees and prospect lists for potential members of the board
 view  04.15 Handbooks of the Board of Trustees
 view  04.16 Policies and Rules of the Board of Trustees
 view  05.01 General Files of the President
 view  05.02 Minutes of the President Staff
 view  05.03 Annual Reports of the College
 view  05.04 Annual Reports of the President
 view  05.05 Annual Reports of the Administrators
 view  05.06 Institutional Goals
 view  05.07 Personnel Handbooks
 view  05.08 Individual Presidents: Sister Remberta Westkaemper, O.S.B., 1957-1958 to 1960-1961 and Sister Linnea Welter, 1961-1962 to 1962-1963
 view  05.09 Individual Presidents: Sister Mary Grell, O.S.B., 1963-1964 to 1967-1968
 view  05.10 Individual Presidents: Dr. Stanley Idzerda, 1968-1969 to 1973-1974
 view  05.11 Individual Presidents: Dr. Beverly White Miller, 1974- 1975 to 1978-1979
 view  05.12 Individual Presidents: Sister Emmanuel Renner, O.S.B., 1979-1980 to 1985-1986
 view  05.13 Individual Presidents: Sister Colman O'Connell, 1986-1987 to 1995-1996
 view  05.14 Individual Presidents: Dr. Mary E. Lyons, 1996-1997 to 2002-2003
 view  05.15 Individual Presidents: Dr. Carol J. Guardo, 2003-2004
 view  05.16 Individual Presidents: Mary Ann Baenninger, 2004-2005 -
 view  05.23 Search for the New President
 view  05.24 Presidential Inauguration
 view  05.25 Dedication of New Buildings
 view  05.26 Commencement
 view  05.27 Multiculturalism
 view  05.28 Foundation and Government Grants
 view  05.30 Ad Hoc Committees
 view  06 Coordinate Relations
 view  06.01 Significant Documents on the History of Coordinate Relations
 view  06.02 Coordinate Cabinet Meetings
 view  06.03 Pappas Consulting Group Report on Organizational Redesign of CSB/SJU Operations
 view  06.05 Financial Exchange Policies
 view  07.01 Provost
 view  07.02 Academic Dean
 view  07.03 Correspondence and Minutes of Academic Affairs Administrators
 view  07.04 Academic Departments: Accounting
 view  07.05 Academic Department: Art
 view  07.06 Academic Department: Asian Studies (Minor)
 view  07.07 Academic Department: Astronomy
 view  07.08 Academic Department: Biology
 view  07.09 Academic Department: Chemistry
 view  07.10 Academic Department: Computer Science
 view  07.11 Academic Department: Communication
 view  07.12 Academic Department: Economics
 view  07.13 Academic Department: Education
 view  07.14 Academic Department: English
 view  07.15 Academic Department: Environmental Studies (Minor)
 view  07.16 Academic Department: Gender and Womens Studies
 view  07.17 Academic Department: Geology
 view  07.18 Academic Department: History
 view  07.19 Academic Department: Home and Community Services
 view  07.20 Academic Department: Humanities Major
 view  07.21 Academic Department: Individualized Major
 view  07.22 Academic Department: Interdisciplinary Studies Department
 view  07.23 Academic Department: Liberal Studies
 view  07.24 Academic Department: Management / Global Business Leadership
 view  07.25 Academic Department: Mathematics
 view  07.26 Academic Department: Modern & Classical Languages (MCL)
 view  07.27 Academic Department: Military Science (and ROTC Program)
 view  07.28 Academic Department: Music
 view  07.29 Academic Department: Natural Science Major
 view  07.30 Academic Department: Nursing
 view  07.31 Academic Department: Nutrition (includes Diatetics)
 view  07.32 Academic Department: Peace Studies
 view  07.33 Academic Department: Philosophy
 view  07.34 Academic Department: Physical Education (includes Equestrian Program)
 view  07.35 Academic Department: Physics
 view  07.36 Academic Department: Political Science/Government
 view  07.37 Academic Department: Psychology
 view  07.38 Academic Department: Social Science (major for Education minors for teaching in h.s.)
 view  07.39 Academic Department: Social Work
 view  07.40 Academic Department: Sociology
 view  07.41 Academic Department: Theater
 view  07.42 Academic Department: Theology
 view  07.43 Academic Department: Undergraduate Research [Steve Stelzner]
 view  07.44 Syllabi
 view  07.45 CSB General Education/ Core Curriculum
 view  07.46 January Term
 view  07.47 Bahamas Program
 view  07.48 Continuing Education
 view  07.49 Honors Program
 view  07.50 International Education - Semester-long Study-Abroad Program
 view  07.51 Internships
 view  07.52 Tri-College Program
 view  07.53 Service Learning Program
 view  07.54 Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)
 view  07.55 Academic Skills
 view  07.56 Academic Advising
 view  07.57 Faculty Assembly
 view  07.58 Academic Assessment Committee
 view  07.59 Academic Budget and Planning Committee
 view  07.60 Committee on Academic Policies and Standards [formerly Educational Policies Committee]
 view  07.61 Committee on Academic Computing
 view  07.62 Core Curriculum Committee
 view  07.63 CSB Rank and Tenure Committee [formerly Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee]
 view  07.64 Curricular Strategic Planning Committee [formerly Academic Priorities Commiteee]
 view  07.65 Faculty Compensation Committee
 view  07.66 Faculty Governance Coordinating Committee [formerly Executive Committee of the Corporate Faculty]
 view  07.67 Faculty Handbook Committee
 view  07.68 Faculty Development and Research Committee [formerly Faculty Research and Development Committee and prior to that Faculty Development]
 view  07.69 reserved for additional topic
 view  07.70 reserved for additional topic
 view  07.71 Learning Communities
 view  07.72 Grants and Gifts to Faculty and Departments
 view  07.77 Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society
 view  07.78 Library and Media
 view  07.79 Literary Arts Program
 view  07.81 North Central Accreditation
 view  07.82 Registrar
 view  08.01 Administrative Student Development Staff (Minutes and Annual Reports)
 view  08.02 Campus Ministry
 view  08.03 Counseling Services
 view  08.04 Career Services
 view  08.05 International/ Multicultural Student Programs
 view  08.06 Residential Life and Housing
 view  08.07 Leadership Development
 view  08.08 Student Activities
 view  08.09 Student Government
 view  08.10 Student Handbooks: Every Woman's Guide
 view  08.11 Parents' Newsletter
 view  09.01 Student Newspapers
 view  09.02 Student Literary Magazines
 view  09.03 Student Year Books
 view  09.04 Faculty/Staff Publications
 view  09.05 Campus Newsletters
 view  09.06 Administrative Office Publications
 view  09.07 Student Development Publications
 view  09.08 Admissions Office Publications
 view  09.09 Alumnae Office Newspapers and Magazines
 view  09.10 saved for future topic
 view  09.11 Publications by Alumnae
 view  09.12 Telephone Directories
 view  10.01 Directions for the Future
 view  10.02 saved for future topic
 view  10.03 Planning Committees and Task Teams
 view  10.04 Saved for reorganization of planning
 view  10.05 Strategic Planning
 view  11.01 Institutional Research Reports
 view  11.02 Freshman Profiles and Surveys
 view  11.03 Dehne Reports
 view  11.04 Institutional Research Reports
 view  11.05 CSB/SJU Trends 2000-2007
 view  12.01 Office of Communication and Marketing Services (complete record of their work from ca 1998 to 2002)
 view  12.02 Scrap Books of Newspaper Stories on CSB
 view  13.01 Admissions/Enrollment
 view  13.02 Fast Forward Youth Program
 view  13.03 Marketing
 view  13.04 Retention/Attrition Reports
 view  13.05 Annual Reports
 view  13.06 Budget Issues
 view  13.07 Brochures and Videos
 view  13.08 Financial Aid Reports and Memos
 view  14.01 Alumnae Relations
 view  14.02 Annual Fund
 view  14.03 Capital Campaign
 view  14.04 Corporations and Foundations
 view  14.05 Planned giving/endowment
 view  14.06 Development Office
 view  14.07 Goals and Objectives of the Development Office
 view  15.01 Administrative Services
 view  15.02 Reports and Memos of Information Technology (Administrative and Academic areas)
 view  15.03 Administrative Services: Human Resources
 view  15.04 Administrative Services: Telecommunications
 view  15.05 Administrative Services: Controller
 view  15.06 Administrative Services: Food Service
 view  15.07 Administrative Services: Annual Budget Issues and Reports
 view  15.08 Budget Committee Minutes, Memos, & Reports
 view  16 Campus Building and Grounds
 view  16.01 Planning process for new buildings
 view  16.02 Renovation of old buildings
 view  16.03 Master plans and reports
 view  16.04 Buildings, space, and grounds committee
 view  16.05 Facilities Management Areas
 view  16.06 Miscellaneous issues and plans for new buildings, renovated spaces
 view  16.07 History of CSB Buildings and Major Renovations
 view  17.01 Blazer Sports - Basketball
 view  17.02 Blazer Sports - Cross Country
 view  17.03 Blazer Sports - Golf
 view  17.04 Blazer Sports - Ice Hockey
 view  17.05 Blazer Sports - Nordic Skiing
 view  17.06 Blazer Sports - Soccer
 view  17.07 Blazer Sports - Softball
 view  17.08 Blazer Sports - Swimming and Diving
 view  17.09 Blazer Sports - Tennis
 view  17.10 Blazer Sports - Indoor, Outdoor Track and Field
 view  17.11 Blazer Sports - Volleyball
 view  17.12 Intercollegiate Meetings, Minutes, Annual Reports, SAAC and Correspondence of Athletic Staff
 view  17.13 Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
 view  17.14 CSB Athletic eligibility
 view  17.15 Blazer athletic awards programs
 view  17.16 General sports information
 view  17.17 Sports releases
 view  17.18 photos
 view  17.19 Student athletic health forms
 view  18.01 Benedicta Arts Center (BAC)
 view  18.02 Special Events of the College
 view  18.03 Lecture Series
 view  18.04 General Special Events (Events and Conferences, CSB)