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Date Event
1846 Boniface Wimmer leaves Munich for America
1851 Abbott Boniface Wimmer recruits Sisters
1852 Sisters set out from Bavaria
1856 Bill incorporated for Order of St. Benedict in Minnesota and charter for St. John's Seminary
1856 Departure of Benedictine Monks from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Minnesota
1856 First Benedictines arrive in St. Paul, Minnesota
1856 Arrival of first Benedictine Monks in St. Cloud
1856 First public Mass celebrated by Benedictine monks
1856 Dedication of first monastery chapel in St. Cloud Priory
1856 First surprise visit from Abbott Boniface Wimmer
1856 Cornelius Wittmann opens the first school in the city of Saint Cloud
1857 Saint John's Seminary authorized by Willis A. Gorman
1857 Arrival of the Sisters in St. Cloud
1857 St. John's Seminary opens at the Rothkopp property in Saint Cloud on Nov. 10th, 1857
1858 Schools moves to Saint Joseph, Minnesota
1858 Sisters open a frontier school to the public
1859 School returns to Saint Cloud, Minnesota
1862 Othmar Wirtz appointed prior
1862 The Death of Mother Benedicta Riepp
1863 Sisters move to St. Joseph
1864 Old Frame House Completed
1866 Priory and School move to current location
1866 Old Stone House construction begins
1866 St. Cloud Priory raised to Abbey status
1866 Stone House Completed
1866 Rupert Seidenbusch elected first abbot of Saint John's
1867 Holy See authorizes Benedictine Abbey in Minnesota as "Saint Louis on the Lake"
1867 Monastery moves from old Collegeville Farm to Old Stone House
1867 Old Frame House moved to campus site
1867 Arrival of Rupert Seidenbusch to assume Abbot duties
1868 First construction of the Quadrangle begins, South Wing
1868 Watab river dam and mill constructed
1869 East/west central wing added to Quadrangle
1869 First Cemetery Completed
1869 First college catalog published
1869 Seminary allowed to confer degrees
1872 SJU Commercial Department (for business students) is organized
1872 First cornerstone laid for Stella Maris Chapel
1872 Stella Maris Chapel Completed
1874 East Wing of Quadrangle Built
1875 Abbot Rupert Seidenbusch appointed Titular Bishop of Halia and Vicar Apostolic of Northern Minnesota
1875 First Abbey Library Catalog is begun
1875 Abbot Rupert Seidenbusch is consecrated as the first bishop of the new St. Cloud Diocese
1876 Water pump for main buildings installed
1875 Election of Abbot Alexius Edelbrock as second Abbot of Saint John's
1876 New cross added to cemetery and reinterment of monks and students
1877 SJU's Commercial College is organized by Norbert Hofbauer OSB
1878 Collegeville Train Station built
1878 Smoke house and butcher shop built
1878 Rented J. Linnemann House
1878 Ministry to the Indians at White Earth, Minnesota approved
1878 Aloysius Hermanutz arrives to establish first Indian mission
1879 Abbey Church construction begins
1879 Home built for the first Collegeville postmaster
1880 Saint Benedict's Academy
1881 Sisters receive charter
1881 First Commencement at St. Benedict's Academy
1881 Laid cornerstone of first convent building
1879-1882 Completion of St. Cecilia Hall/Main Building
1882 St. John’s University Alumni Association is formed
1882 25 acres from St. John's
1882 Name changes to St. Benedict's Convent and Academy
1882 Consecration of the first abbey church by Bishop Rupert Seidenbusch
1882 Fire destroys saw and grist mills on Watab
1883 Extension to central and north wings; addition of west wing completed
1883 Legal title of Saint John's University approved
1883 Red Lake mission begins
1883 St. John's College becomes St. John's University
1883 Completion and Blessing of St. Benedict's Hall
1884 St. John's Abbey starts novitiate
1885 Opening of St. John's Industrial School for Indian Boys
1886 Fire destroys convent buildings for Native American girls
1886 Dedication of Quadrangle building
1887 Archabbot Boniface Wimmer dies
1888 Construction of the Powerhouse
1888 The Record student newspaper begins
1889 Archbishop Alexius Edelbrock resigns
1890 Bernard Locnikar elected as third Abbot of Saint John's
1890 Construction of Water Tower
1891 First foreign missionary from Saint John's Abbey arrives in Nassau, Bahamas.
1891 Dedication of the original pipe organ
1892 Bakery added (St. Luke Hall)
1892 Blessing of new chapel
1893 Old Stone House demolished
1894 Observatory is completed
1894 Pine trees planted at St. John's
1894 Telegraph Service comes to St. John's
1894 Cyclone hits Saint John's Abbey
1894 Abbot Bernard Locnikar dies. Peter Engel becomes the fourth abbot of Saint John's Abbey.
1895 Alumni gather for blessing of Abbot Peter Engel
1895 Bishop Rupert Seidenbusch dies
1896 Indian Industrial School closes
1897 First phonograph is played at St. John’s
1898 Ding an Sich
1898 John the Baptist Statue
1898 Powerhouse used to provide electricity for all the buildings
1898 First use of electric lights
1899 Completion of St. Gertrude Hall
1900 Saint John's Athletic Association founded
1901 Election of Cecilia Kapsner, OSB as sixth prioress (and, later, first president of CSB)
1901 Guild Hall (Old Gymnasium) Constructed
1901 Wimmer Hall (Old Library and Museum) is constructed
1901 Collegeville Station Erected
1903 First Lay Teacher Joins SJU Faculty
1903 First automobile at St. John’s
1904 Saint Francis (Frank) House is constructed as a convent
1904 New pipe organ for Chapel
1905 Dominica Borgerding, OSB and Adelgundis Bergmann, OSB propose idea of establishing a college
1905 First provision of electricity by the convent
1906 First power plant built
1907 Saint Gregory (Greg) House Completed
1907 Saint Gregory House is constructed as an infirmary
1907 Re-election of M. Cecilia Kapsner as prioress
1908 Acceptance of first American black student in the St. Benedict's Academy
1908 The football field (Natural Bowl) is constructed
1909 Cold corridor added to Quadrangle
1910 Lourdes Grotto construction begins
1910 Construction begins on first Science Hall (later called Engel, then Simons Hall)
1911 Ground-breaking for Sacred Heart Chapel
1911 First English book read in the Abbey dining room.
1912 Accreditation of St. Benedict's Academy as a 4-year high school
1912 St. Luke Hall Built
1912 Laying of cornerstone of Sacred Heart Chapel
1913 Completion of St. Teresa Hall
1913-1918 Dominica Borgerding, OSB elected as St. Benedict's directress
1913-25 Jeanette Roesch, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1913 The College of St. Benedict opens
1914 Addition added to Saint Francis (Frank) House
1914 Automobile purchased as transportation to Collegeville Train Depot
1914 Flynn & Leonardz Houses, Flynntown
1914 Publication of College Days, the forerunner of the Quarterly
1914 The first Saint John’s University Alumni Directory is published
1914 Monotype installed in St. John’s print shop
1914 Dedication of Sacred Heart Chapel by Bishop Trobec
1914 Reconstruction of old chapel into dormotories
1914 Establishment of a student alumnae association
1915 80-foot steel tower constructed for wireless station
1915 Catholic University Accredits the College
1915 Lady of Lourdes Statue
1915 Stella Maris Chapel Rebuilt
1916 Devil's Tower added to Quadrangle
1916 CSB enrollment is 13 women
1917 Accreditation of College by Catholic University as a 2-year Junior College
1917 College of St. Benedict's First Graduate
1918 College of St. Benedict's First Graduating Class
1918-1921 Jeanette Roesch, OSB serves as directress
1918 Rededication of Stella Maris Chapel by Abbot Peter Engel, OSB
1918 Last day beer is served at table in the Abbey, due to Prohibition
1919 Election of Louise Walz, OSB as seventh prioress and second president of CSB
1919 St. Benedict's Alumnae Association changes name
1919 St. Benedict Student Association is organized
1920 Separation of Deanship in College and Academy
1920 Mr. Flynn (after whom Flynntown is named) leaves St. John's
1920 Fire in the Assembly Hall (stage) of the Academy
1920 First retreat for lay women at St. Benedict's
1920 Sisters Execute Right to Vote for the first time
1921 Abbot Alcuin Deutsch, OSB reorganizes the abbey's educational apostolate
1921 Abbot Peter Engel, OSB dies
1921 Construction of Saint Benet Hall
1921 Father Alcuin Deutsch, OSB is elected fifth Abbot of Saint John's Abbey and fifth president of Saint John's University
1922 Construction of Saint Joseph Hall
1923 Visit from Rural Life Representative Msrg. Luigi Ligutti
1923 St. Benedict's Student Association and St. Benedict Alumnae Association merge
1924 Offering of CSB summer school degree program for sisters (1924-1946)
1925 Liturgical movement at St. John's Abbey and St. Benedict's Convent
1925 Sister Inez Hilger, OSB is appointed dean of St. Benedict's
1925 WFBJ Radio Station begins broadcasting from the science hall
1925 Re-election of M. Louise Walz as prioress
1926 College of St. Benedict name is used for the first time in the Bulletin (Catalog)
1926 Department of Education opened at the College
1926 First Issue of Quarterly
1926 Liturgical Press founded by Virgil Michael
1927 Auditorium and music hall (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater) is constructed
1927 Benefit for St. Cloud Hospital by CSB drama students and St. Cloud Cathedral Players
1927 First separate Commencement for College and Academy
1927 Monastery Bath House Steps
1927 Official Name becomes College of Saint Benedict
1928 Adelgundis Bergmann, OSB becomes dean of St. Benedict's
1928 Auditorium and Music Hall Constructed
1928 Wimmer Hall (Old Library) is renovated
1930 International students come to St. Ben's
1930s The Pine Curtain is planted
1930 Connection between CSB and China begins
1931 George Durenberger '28 is appointed athletic director
1931 Monastery Garden Stone Wall
1931 Stone Arch Gate, West Woods
1931 Re-election of M. Louise Walz for thrid term as prioress
1932 Claire Lynch, OSB becomes CSB's dean
1933 Addition to Saint Gregory (Greg) House
1933 Membership of CSB in North Central Accrediting Association (NCAA)
1933 Monastery Garden and Fountain
1933 Johhnie Fight Song debuts at Homecoming game
1933 SJU purchases first bus for day-time students
1934 The North Central Association Accredits the College of St. Benedict
1934 First performance of the CSB Pageant
1934 CSB Board of Advisors is created
1935 Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, co-founders of the Catholic Worker Movement, visit Saint John's
1935 First "Bennie Bus"
1935 Greg House Stone Wall
1935 Introduction of Oblate program
1935 Eugene McCarthy graduates from SJU
1936 CSB Student Association renamed CSB Alumnae Association
1936-1941 The Handshake is published
1937 Election of Rosamond Pratschner, OSB as eighth prioress and third president of CSB
1937 Guild Hall (Old Gymnasium) moved to current location
1937 First films of Johnnie football game
1938 CSB's first African American students enroll
1938 Fr. Virgil Michael, OSB, dies
1938 First Lay Man Joins CSB Faculty
1938 Marmion Hall christened
1941 Setting up of CSB Red Cross Unit
1940 Delta Epsilon Sigma honor society is founded; CSB's and SJU's are among the first chapters
1941 East Porch of Quadrangle is renovated
1941 Gagliardi House (Benda)
1941-47 Incarnata Girgen, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1941 National Catholic Rural Life Conference summer session begins
1941-69 The Benet is published
1942 Produce Garden House
1942-43 World War II brings enrollment down
1943 Army Air Corps Cadets arrive for college training program; cadet Jack Webb directs on-campus variety show
1943 Consecration of Sacred Heart Chapel
1943 First American black students enter the College
1943 Fr. Walter Reger, OSB, is appointed secretary of Saint John's Alumni Association
1943 Potato (Bee) Cellar
1943 Stella Maris Chapel is renovated
1943 Army Air Force training program begins at SJU
1943 Re-election of M. Rosamond Pratschner
1944 CSB Student wins first prize in The Atlantic Monthly's writing contest
1946 Apple Cellar
1946 Barracks sent to SJU and used as housing
1946-47 CSB enrollment back at high after war
1946 Mexico Mission (Tepeyac) begins
1946 St. Augustine’s Monastery, Bahamas
1947-57 Enid Smith, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1947 Huschle House
1947 Japan Mission (Tokyo) and Puerto Rico Mission begin
1947 St. Augustine's Monastery (Bahamas) founded as a dependent house of St. John's Abbey
1948 Saint Maur's Priory (Kentucky) begins
1948 Initial visit to Puerto Rico, in contemplation of a mission
1948 Silver Streak replaces Blue Goose as bus transportation
1948 First missionaries leave for Puerto Rico
1949 Addition to Guild Hall (Old Gymnasium)
1949 Election of Richarda Peters, OSB as ninth prioress and fourth president of CSB
1949 Saint John's University is accredited by the NCAC
1949 San Antonio Abad, Puerto Rico
1949 SJP commencement held separately from SJU
1949 Beach established
1950 Abbot Alcuin Deustch, OSB resigns and Fr. Baldwin, OSB is elected
1950 CSB/SJU joint operas and plays begin
1950 Opportunity for CSB/SJU campus exchange
1950 Saint John's Seminary Building (Emmaus Hall) is constructed
1950 First issue of Beacon Light
1951 Barracks moved and sold
1951 Saint Mary Hall is constructed
1951 St. Benedict's Monastery's first black sister professes vows
1951 First lay burial in the convent cemetery - Jacob Baumgartner
1951 Saint Mary Hall is dedicated
1952 First CSB/SJU cooperative venture
1952 St. Benedict Alumnae Association becomes Alumnae Association of the College of St. Benedict
1952 S. Johanna Becker, OSB is first woman instructor at SJU
1952 First prioress' retreat at St. Benedict's
1952 Fire in brooder house near incinerator
1953 John Gagliardi begins his career at Saint John's University head football coach
1953 Marcel Breuer is selected by the Abbey to design a 100-year construction plan
1953 Mental Health Institution established and runs for 20 years
1953 First print-outs of Immaculate Heart Press displayed
1953 First Opera Performed at SJU
1953 John Gagliardi begins coaching at SJU
1954 Men sing for pageant and women act in Johnny Players production
1954 SJU students get ID cards
1955 Monastery Wing
1955 Opening of first telecast course
1955 St. Cloud Diocesan Continuing Education courses taught by CSB/SJU professors (until 1960)
1955 Johnnie "Rats" get their start
1955 Ground-breaking for Mary Hall Commons
1955 Re-election of Richarda Peters, O.S.B. as prioress and president of the college
1955 New powerhouse - St. Florian Hall - in operation
1956-57 CSB enrollment passes 300 mark
1956 Kateri Tekakwitha Statue is installed
1956 Centennial celebration of St. John's Abbey
1956 Completion of Aurora Hall
1956 Completion of Mary Hall Commons
1957-61 Johanna Becker, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1957 Monastery Pergola
1957 Scriptural Institute begins under direction of Alberic Culhane, OSB
1957 Appointment of Remberta Westkaemper, OSB as the first non-prioress president of CSB
1958 Construction begins on Saint John's Abbey and University Church
1958 Fr. Arno Gustin, OSB is appointed seventh president of Saint John's University
1958 Offering of first tri-college course from CSB/SJU and St. Cloud State Teachers' College
1958 Summer Program in Sacred Studies is launched
1958 Ground-breaking for new laundry - Lourdes Hall
1958 Abbey Church groundbreaking
1958 Enthronement of Sacred Heart Chapel for the Feast ogf Chrsit the King
1959 CSB enrollment passes the 400 mark
1959 Saint Thomas Aquinas Hall is constructed
1959 Walter Reger creates the Saint John's Bread Enterprise
1959 St. Thomas Hall is dedicated
1959 Renewal of Consecration of the Sacred Heart Chapel
1960 Alumnae Association of St. Benedict's High School is formed
1961 Baldwin Park cleared
1961 Completion and Blessing of Second Gym (later renamed Murray Hall)
1961 Completion of Henrita and Richarda Halls
1961 CSB attains the approval list of American Association of University Women (AAUW)
1961 Election of Henrita Osendorf, OSB as tenth prioress
1961 Establishment of Mother Richarda Scholarship Fund
1961-72 Firmin Escher, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1961 Linnea Welter, OSB becomes the sixth president of CSB
1961 Recording of "We Sing Along" by CSB Chorus
1961 Saint John's Abbey and University Church is dedicated
1961 Saint John's University formally opens an office of admission
1961 Separate incorporation of College and the Convent begins
1961 Stained glass window added to Abbey Church
1961 Preparatory School publishes its own yearbook
1961 Abbey Church is consecrated
1961 Opening of new St. Benedict's High School building
1962 Baldwin Park Madonna (Slab Glass) Created
1962 Godfrey Diekmann and Abbot Baldwin participate in the Second Vatican Council
1962 New Prep School Building Created
1963 Completion of Regina Hall
1963 Cooperation between CSB/SJU presidents, academic deans and registrars
1963 Jellum House
1963 Johnny "Blood" McNally, '24 is inducted as a charter member of the National Football League Hall of Fame
1963 Mary Grell, OSB becomes the seventh president of CSB
1963 Renovation of Loretta Hall for CSB education department
1963 Saint John's wins first of three national football championships ( 1963, 1965, 1976)
1963 Slabglass and Bronze Symbols, Lit Press
1964 Alcuin Library is constructed
1964 Completion of the Benedicta Arts Center (BAC)
1964 CSB celebrates the Eucharist in English for the first time
1964 First faculty exchange between CSB/SJU
1964 Mariella Gable, OSB gives "In League with the Future" talk to commemorate 50 years of CSB history
1964 Offering of degrees from both CSB and SJU
1964 SJU receives NCAA accreditation for conferring a Masters of Arts degree in Sacred Studies
1964 Wimmer Hall (Old Library) is renovated
1964 St. Ben's and St. John's begin academic partnership
1964 Addition of New Vaults in Cemetery
1965 Abbot Peter Engel Science Center Construction Begins
1965 Fr. Colman Barry, OSB helps launch the Monastic Manuscript Microfilm Library (Hill Monastic Manuscript Library)
1965 Science Center is constructed
1965 St. Ben's and St. John's combine classes and calendars
1965 More classes and faculty shared between CSB and SJU
1965 Sept. Last performance of the CSB Pageant
1966 Alcuin Library is dedicated in ceremonies featuring Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey (DFL.-Minn.)
1966 FM Tower
1967 January Term is introduced as SJU and CSB adopt systematic coordination
1967 Minnesota Education Radio (Minnesota Public Radio) begins broadcasting from SJU
1967 Saints Bernard, Patrick and Boniface halls are constructed
1967 St. Ben's and St. John's Publish First Catalog and Joint Student Directory
1967 Minnesota Public Radio gets its start at SJU's KSJR station
1967 SJU establishes the Center for the Study of Local Government
1968 CSB President's House is provided for the first non-monastic president (Idzerda House)
1968 Ecumenical Institute
1968 Senator Eugene McCarthy '35, (DFL-Minn.) runs for the presidency
1968 The Ecumenical Institute Center is dedicated
1968 Use of Loretta Hall as CSB residence
1968 January Interim is added to the joint curriculum
1968 Dr. Stanley Idzerda is CSB's first lay person and male to serve as President
1968 Mrs. de Pintado is the first teacher hired jointly by SJU and CSB under the cooperation program
1969 Abadia del Tepeyac, Mexico
1969 Appointment of Imogene Blatz, OSB as joint head librarian
1969 CSB and SJU reject merger as advised by outside consultants and opt for coordinate relationship
1969 Dr. Sylvester Theisen is appointed as Coinstitutional Cooperation Coordinator
1969 Introduction of Campus Ministry Program
1969 Permanent Diaconate program begins in Collegeville
1969 Saint John's is the first training center for permanent deacons in the United States
1969 St. Benedict's Today begins publication
1969 The Jay Phillips Chair of Jewish Studies is established
1969 First group of students study abroad
1969 CSB/SJU Registration office becomes one office
1969 Hill Family Foundation awards St. John's $142,000
1969 Monastic Manuscript Microfilm Library receives first shipment of manuscripts
1969 Completion of Corona Hall
1970 Dolores Super, OSB is selected as joint chair of CSB/SJU music departments; Frank Herring is selected as Associate Chair
1970 Fire Station
1970 Interim approval of CSB nursing program
1970 Der Keller opens
1971 Abbot Baldwin Dworschak, OSB resigns and Fr. John Eideschink, OSB is elected seventh abbot of Saint John's Abbey
1971 First campus celebration of Earth Day
1971 Fr. Michael Blecker, OSB is appointed ninth president of SJU
1971 The modern day University Board of Regents is created
1971 The SJU Alumni Association establishes the Fr. Walter Reger Award to recognize distinguished alumni volunteers
1971 Trailers are added as additional on-campus housing
1971 The six-day class cycle is implemented
1971 Completion of West Apartments (Schumacher, Smith, Sohler, Gable, Girgen, Westkaemper)
1972 Completion of Horse Barn and Hay Storage; Horsemanship program begins
1972 Dining room renovation in the Quadrangle
1972-74 Mary David Olheiser, OSB serves as CSB's Vice President of Academic Affairs
1972 Opening of CSB Department of Nursing
1972 Seidenbush Apartments
1972 Study Abroad programs during January Interim begin with UMAIE
1972 Students blockade SJU roads to protest Vietnam War
1973 Completion of CSB swimming pool
1973 Election of Evin Rademacher, OSB as eleventh prioress
1973 Warner Lecture Series begins (1973-1988)
1973 Warner Palaestra Completed
1973 Closing of St. Benedict's High School
1973 Minnesota's legal drinking age is lowered from 21 to 18
1973 ROTC program admits CSB students
1973 Use of Henrita and Richard Hall given to College
1973 Semester-long Study Abroad programs begin
1973 Warner Palaestra Sculpture is dedicated
1974 Completion and Opening of Student Campus Center (The Loft)/Academic Services Building (ASB)
1974 Dr. Beverly Miller becomes the ninth president of CSB
1974 First class graduates from CSB Nursing Program
1974-77 Katherine Howard, OSB serves as CSB's Vice President of Academic Affairs
1974 The Jerusalem Studies Program is launched by the School of Theology
1974 First Swayed Pines Fiddle contest
1975 Busch Center (HMML) construction
1975 Establishment of Bahamian Continuing Education Program at CSB
1975 O. W. Perlmutter, SJU Academic Vice President, dies
1975 Completion of East Apartments (Zierden, Wirth, McDonald, Luetmer) and removal of trailers
1975 The International House is established at CSB
1976 Bush Center (HMML) is dedicated
1976 I-94 Footbridge
1976 Minnesota's legal drinking age raises from 18 to 19
1976 Newly formed athletic program named "Blazers"
1976 Wild flower reserve
1976 First issue of Studio One is published
1977 Beginning of "Sisters Across Campus" program
1977 Introduction of the General Education Program
1977-85 Linda Kulzer, OSB serves as CSB's Vice President of Academic Affairs
1977 Robert Witte becomes the first lay president of the CSB Board of Trustees
1977 Service Garage
1977 Volunteer in Service to Others (VISTO) begins
1978 Appointment of Roger Klassen, OSB as first director of CSB/SJU Study Abroad Programs
1978 Establishment of first Elderhostel at CSB
1978 Renovation of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors of Quadrangle
1978 Renovation of Quadrangle, Angel Tower
1979 Emmanuel Renner, OSB becomes tenth president of CSB
1979 Fr. Jerome Theisen, OSB, is elected eighth abbot of Saint John's Abbey
1979 Master potter Richard Bresnahan '76, begins studio at SJU; later builds largest wood-burning kiln in North America
1979 Quadrangle is renovated; new infirmary complete
1979 Seventeen Saint John's buildings are placed on the National Register of Historic Places
1979 Fr. Bob Koopmann elected joint chair of CSB/SJU music department
1979 Pinestock is held for the first time
1980 Dining Services storage
1980 Jon Hassler '55 becomes writer-in-residence at Saint John's
1980 Merger of libraries, Michael Kathman becomes director
1980 Saint John's celebrates 1,500-year anniversary of Benedictine Order
1980 Der Keller is converted into food storage
1980 Completion and Dedication of Dominica Borgerding Hall (addition to the West Apartments)
1981-85 Dr. Charles Villette serves as CSB's academic dean
1981 Election of Katherine Howard, OSB as twelfth prioress
1981 Introduction of Student Development Program
1981 Sacred Heart Chapel renovations begin
1981 Seton (earth-sheltered student residence) Apartments are constructed
1981 The "President's House" becomes college property
1981 Water Tower
1981 Students living in Flynntown housing no longer allowed to have dogs
1981 Completion of Evin Hall
1982 Fr. Hilary Thimmesh, OSB is appointed tenth president of SJU
1982 Introduction of Gender and Women's Studies
1982 Saint Mary Hall is renovated
1983 St. Francis (Frank) House is renovated
1983 CSB holds first national symposium
1983 Closing of Horsemanship Program
1983 Completion of Sacred Heart Chapel renovation
1983 CSB fan club "the burn unit" is formed
1984 Auditorium and Music Hall is renovated
1984 CSB/Convent property declares nuclear free zone
1984 Saint Gregory (Greg) Hall is renovated
1985 Completion of the Claire Lynch Gymnasium
1985-94 Dr. Charles Villette serves as CSB's Vice President of Academic Affairs
1985 Installation of Novak organ in Sacred Heart Chapel
1985 Membership of CSB Athletic Program in MN Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on Division III Level
1986 Campus Master Plan
1986 Colman O'Connell, OSB becomes eleventh president of CSB
1986-94 Dolores Super, OSB serves as CSB's academic dean
1986 Ground breaking for Richarda Hall addition
1986 Science Center Annex (housing)
1986 Completion of Clemens Library
1986 Minnesota's legal drinking age raises from 19 to 21
1986 Abbey Purchases property on south end of Lake Sagatagan to Safeguard Shoreline Access
1987 China study abroad program opens
1987 Virgil Michael House (student residence) is constructed
1987 CSB Blazers win MIAC Volleyball Tournament
1988 75th Anniversary of CSB
1988 Alumnae Reaches almost 11,000
1988 Completion of Margretta Hall
1988 Entrance Plaza (Great Hall, Auditorium)
1988 Infrastructure tunnels reconstruction
1988 Renovation of first library into Teresa Reception Center
1988-1989 Renovation of St. Teresa Hall
1988 Wetlands project and dam
1988 CSB/SJU implements Core Curriculum
1988 Construction of the Lake Wobegon Trail begins
1989 Art Building
1989 Campus cooling system
1989 Episcopal House of Prayer is constructed
1989 Mary Reuter, OSB becomes 13th prioress
1989 Official listing of college/convent buildings as historic sites
1989 Simons Hall (Old Science Hall) is renovated
1989 Stella Maris Chapel is renovated
1989 Student Green (Breuer Dorms)
1989 The Alice R. Rogers Art Center is dedicated
1989 Blazer Basketball team qualifies for NCAA tournament for the first time
1990 Beginning of Benedictine Values program
1990 Funding of Leadership Initiative Program by W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grant
1990 Dedication of the St. John's Art Center Building on Sept. 25, 1990
1991 Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB is appointed eleventh president of SJU
1991 Metten Court Apartments
1992 Abbot Jerome Theisen, OSB is elected abbot primate of all Benedictines and Fr. Timothy Kelly, OSB is elected ninth abbot of Saint John's Abbey
1992 Awarding of first Rhodes Scholarship to a CSB grad, Laura McGrane '91
1992 College records (1961-1992) transferred from convent archives to college archives
1992 Construction of Sexton Commons (student center) begins and St. Joseph Hall is removed
1992 Establishment of CSB Monastery Joint Administrative Council (JAC)
1992 Johanna Becker Kiln
1992 Metten Court Apartments (student residence) are constructed
1992 Saint Francis (Frank) House is renovated
1992 Saint Joseph Hall moved and renovated
1992 Saint Mary Hall is renovated
1992 Sexton Commons construction begins
1992 Studium Founded
1992 Completion of Ardolf Science Center
1992 Metten Court Apartments are dedicated
1993 Emmaus Hall Renovated
1993 Sexton Commons is dedicated
1994 Activation of Voice Mails
1994-95 Joseph Friedrich serves as Joint Vice President of Academic Affairs
1994-2003 Rita Knuesel serves as CSB's Academic Dean
1994 Completion of Lottie Hall
1994 Official opening of Lottie Ardolf Boulevard entrance to CSB campus
1994 Johanna Becker Kiln is dedicated
1994 The Joint Faculty Assembly is formed
1995 Approval of joint mission and values for CSB and SJU
1995 CSB and SJU invest $10 million to upgrade computer technology; the colleges are recognized among the top "wired" campuses in the nation
1995 Ephrem Hollermann, OSB elected 14th prioress
1995 First discussion of the Saint John's Bible occurs
1995 Saint Joseph Hall moved to prepare ground for Sexton Commons; Seidenbusch apartment building is moved to Flynntown to make room for Joe Hall
1995 Susan Mundale becomes the first lay woman to chair CSB Board of Trustees
1996 Approval of coordinate governing structures
1996 Clark Henley becomes first CSB/SJU Provost
1996 Completion of Brian Hall
1996 Management of food service goes to college
1996 Mary Lyons becomes 12th president of CSB
1996 Name changes from convent to monastery
1996 Ownership of Henrita and Richarda Hall given to College
1996-1997 Renovation of Second Gym into Murray Hall
1996 Vincent Court Apartments
1996 Weber Center, Prep School
1996 Completion of Haehn Campus Center (HCC)
1997 All-Weather Track
1997 Clemens Stadium
1997 McNeely Spectrum, McKendrick Hall
1997 Saint John's designates its land as an arboretum
1997 Science Center addition
1997 Warner Palaestra construction and renovation
1997 Warner Palaestra renovation begins, McNeely Spectrum field-house is constructed, and upgrade of natural bowl (Clemens Stadium) is undertaken
1997 St. John's Prep Middle School opens
1998 Ann Ford Nelson becomes first alumna to chair the CSB Board of Trustees
1998 Calligrapher Donald Jackson is commissioned to create the Saint John's Bible
1998 Holy Trinity Monastery, Fujimi, Japan
1998 New Science Building is dedicated/ renovation of 1960s science hall completed
1998 New Science Building opens
1998 Opening of CSB/SJU Fine Arts Education Series (K-12)
1998-1999 Renovation of Mary Hall Commons and the Addition of the Grace Donovan Center for Student Development
1998 Warner Palaestra renovation is completed, McNeely Spectrum (fieldhouse) is dedicated; construction includes upgrade and naming of the natural bowl to Clemens Stadium
1998 Arboretum Prairie Kiosk is dedicated
1999 Monastery South Walks and Garden Gate
1999-2001 Neil Thornburn serves as CSB/SJU Provost
1999 Prep School Science addition
1999 Renovation of Benet Hall is completed
1999 St. Luke Hall is renovated
1999 The last printed Saint John’s University Alumni Directory is published
1999 Wimmer Hall (Old Library) is renovated
1996-99 Saint Benet Hall and archway are renovated
1999 Last CSB-only student newspaper issue is published
2000 101 students from abroad in CSB/SJU International Student Program
2000 Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB announces that he will not seek another term as abbot. Fr. John Klassen, OSB is elected tenth abbot of Saint John's Abbey
2000 Completion of Academic Services Building
2000 Completion of Arts and Heritage Place (Whitby Gift Shop, Gallery, and Haehn Museum)
2000 CSB Athletic Department offers 11 varsity sports
2000 SOT receives Lilly Endowment Grants
2000 St. Maur and St. Placid student housing apartments are constructed
2000 January Term is eliminated
2000 Saint John's begins project to create a handwritten bible
2000 Dedication of refurbished Mary Commons and new bookstore
2000 CSB buys land east of College Avenue from the Sisters
2001 Basement of Saint Mary Hall is renovated
2001-2006 Henry Smorynski serves as CSB/SJU Provost
2001 Last January Term courses offered
2001 Peter Engel Science Center Plaza
2001 Quadrangle first floor renovation
2001 Renovation of Clemens Library to incorporate the Clemens Computing Center
2001 Saints Maur and Placid Apartment buildings are dedicated
2001 Completion of new Luetmer Apartments
2002 CSB/SJU ranked first in study abroad program student participation
2002 Quadrangle first floor renovation
2002 Auditorium and Music Hall is renovated
2003 Football coach John Gagliardi becomes winningest football coach with 409 wins
2003 SJU receives $5 million gift from Dane and Katharine Whalen, largest in school history
2004 Sister Nancy Hynes Center for Women opens
2004 Dr. MaryAnn Baenninger becomes the 14th president of CSB
2005 Groundbreaking for the new Abbey Guesthouse on May 12
2005 Completion of the Renner House
2006 Rita Knuesel becomes the Provost
2006 Seidenbusch apartment building in Flynntown is demolished; used by the St. John's Fire Department as a practice burn
2006 Several long-term administrators retire
2006 Saint John's Prep commencement made available live on the internet
2006 Completion of the newest addition to the Benedicta Arts Center
2006 Abbey Guesthouse is dedicated
2007 Cemetery is renovated
2007 Stella Maris Chapel is renovated
2007 Petters Pavilion is dedicated
2007 Completion of the Gorecki Dining and Conference Center
2007 Events Office at CSB relocates to Gorecki Conference Center
2007 Employees get paperless pay stubs
2007 St. John's Prep Middle School adds a fourth homeroom
2007 Moodle Course Management software is implemented
2007 Nancy Hynes Women's Center is dedicated
2007 Collegeville Weather Station Upgraded
2007 Podcasting Comes to CSB/SJU
2007 The Institute of International Education ranked CSB/SJU number 1 in semester-long study abroad participation
2008 International Education/Study Abroad is relocated and renamed the Office for Education Abroad
2008 Pope Benedict XVI presented with Heritage Edition, Prophets Edition of The Saint John's Bible
2008 First Faculty Senate Meeting
2008 446 Students Graduate from CSB
2008 458 Students Graduate from SJU
2008 IT Services Launches Intranet (SharePoint)
2008 Groundbreaking for the Flynntown Community Center
2008 First non-monastic becomes Acting President of SJU
2008 Bro. Dietrich Reinhart, 11th SJU President, dies on December 29th
2009 McGlynn's closes
2009 Kay's Kitchen reopens
2009 Alcuin Library card catalog is dismantled
2009 Johnnie Java Coffeeshop opens in Sexton Commons
2009 Brother Willie, namesake of the Sexton Pub, dies
2009 First Benedictine Heritage Tour
2009 Quite Light Opera closes
2009 Refectory is renovated
2009 Sister Nancy Hynes Center for Women changes name
2009 CSB/SJU Bookstore begins selling electronic textbooks
2009 SJP adds a sixth grade class to its middle school
2009 CSB Health Services opens for appointments
2009 Removal of student residence phones
2009 CSB/SJU Implement Mass Notification Service
2009 McKeown Center dedicated
2009 Groundbreaking for Solar Project
2009 CSB Health Center opens in Lottie Hall
2009 Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict launch an online blog
2010 CSB/SJU Bookstore begins renting electronic books
2010 Office for Education Abroad moves
2010 CSB/SJU newsletter Community becomes a web publication
2010 CSB/SJU website design changes
2010 The Asian Studies major is approved by the CSB Board of Trustees and SJU Board of Regents
2010 Meals To-Go at the Refectory!
2010 Great Hall Plaza is renovated
2010 Quadrangle 2nd Floor “House of Jonah” construction
2010 More campus documentation begins to migrate to an intranet, "SharePoint"
2010 Videoconferencing between the campuses is tested by Media Services
2010 Meyer House is removed
2011 Nature Conservancy begins
2011 Website for mobile devices is launched
2011 Benedictine Institute relocates to 2nd floor of Quad
2011 Completion of Saint John's Bible
2011 Gorecki Dining Center goes trayless
2011 CSB changes policies for recycling and parking
2011 CSB outlaws sales of bottled water
2011 CSB/SJU change policies on printing and ID use
2011 St. John's monks vote to incorporate separately from the University
2011 Completion of the Saint John's Bible is announced
2012 New Clemens Stadium lights are installed
2012 Installation of a statue of St. Benedict
2012 Michael Hemesath begins duties as first lay President of St. John's University
2012 The St. John's Abbey and SJU are seperately incorporated
2012 Centennial Commons are completed
2012 Sister Nancy Hynes Institute for Women's Leadership moved to Mary Commons
2012 CSB and SJU rank No. 1 for Study Abroad
2012 Coach John Gagliardi retires after 60 years
2012 A new Christmas tradition
2013 Coal burners are removed from the SJU Power House
2013 Saint John’s Arboretum Announces New Name
2014 SJU switches to a single sort recycling program
2014 CSB names Mary Hinton as 15th President